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  1. Volerm

    Your wads, hand em over.

    I like what you did with the music, but if I were you I would make the area in level 1 where you need to open the doors with the demons in it to get to the ending more obvious that it's a set of doors.
  2. Volerm

    Your wads, hand em over.

    I really like what you're doing with the detail for the map and the included storytelling. It's one of the best things about this WAD.' I'm not a big fan of massive traps though, especially when you start out with so little, and even moreso when the trap has like an army of different demons coming at you.
  3. Volerm

    Your wads, hand em over.

    If it's a WAD or a mod it counts
  4. Volerm

    Your wads, hand em over.

    I've relapsed on my crippling addiction to DOOM WADs and I need a dose now. Send me your WADs and I'll play them, if they're your own I'll give feedback
  5. There seems to be some weird collision happening in Groovy Grotto. Some of the plants and stalactites have invisible walls around them making platforming much more difficult. Please tell me that this is just an option in GZDoom I can fix and that I'm just an idiot.
  6. Volerm

    How old is everyone here?

    21 my dude
  7. Some of you have already seen the footage of Markiplier playing Eternal and have seen the Marauder in action. Considering that, I worry that the Marauder might become too overpowered once it releases. The Marauder just has too much in it's toolbelt compared to the other demons. It can summon a shield that negates all damage (even plasma), and an infernal wolf to attack for it, use a shotgun, attack with a massively damaging axe, and can move as fast as the Slayer. ID is going to have to seriously nerf the Marauder for multiplayer if they want him to be balanced, because if they don't we might see Battlemode just become Slayer VS two Marauders. How do you guys think they will balance him?
  8. Volerm

    Can i run it ?

    Ironically I built my gaming rig for DOOM 2016, now I'm upgrading it for Eternal.
  9. Ah yes, finally a robot that will help clean after our carnage. Keep up the good work lil guy.
  10. Bruh, Hugo was the concept artist for Pacific Rim. What do you think? We piloting a doomguy gundam now.
  11. Volerm


    As much as you don't want him to, the cutscenes we've seen so far from gameplay footage and the lore lining up suggests that he is in fact the same one, just with upgraded armor given to him from the night sentinals.
  12. Volerm

    What's your favourite demon in Doom?

    Honestly, Revenant. It's challenging without being "holyshitfuckoff" levels of annoying like the Archvile. Plus I find it's design very neat. Second place for me would be Cacodemon.
  13. Volerm

    Best doom game

    I'm stuck in a three-way with Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 2016. Doom 2 is Doom but with more stuff and is the base of the modding community, Doom 1 has overall better level design than Doom 2, and Doom 2016 is great in its own right. I might replace that with Eternal though with the amount of stuff they add. I'm voting on Doom 2, because without it I doubt I'd be on Doomworld.
  14. Volerm

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    Ok boomer. The game looks fun and that's that. It isn't like this is replacing the original doom games. If anything people could argue that Doom and Doom 2 are and will outlive Eternal. If you want a "new simple doom game" literally go play SIGIL or Eviternity. Or hell, any new WAD for that matter.
  15. Volerm


    It's like the Doom equivelant of vaporwave, but instead of sounding somewhat pleasing it's just a fucking eyesore and I have to take xanax afterwards.