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  1. Thanks. Why is it when i drew the door lines everything inside the black box activated?
  2. Thanks :) but even when i set the compatibility to Doom (Strict) The bridge never rose sadly.
  3. Map07 Once you kill everyone how do you lower the pathway to the BFG?
  4. Doomdude89

    10 Best Old-School FPS Games You Can Only Play On PC

    Different Versions... The console versions differ from the PC release. I remember they having actually more levels.
  5. Yeah i just smashed the use key every time i died there thus didnt ending the level. Threw me nuts that i couldnt figure it out. The key was simple "patience" :D
  6. Doomdude89

    Hey, can someone play my wad?

    Played it to level 25. Was allright most part. (My gripe losing all your weapons just to play peek a boo with the cyber so i ended it there in level 25) Gave myself a BFG when you needed to kill a Cyber to exit the level since using the Plasma rifle got tedious at that point for me. Also Labyrinth should definitely have more cells. The backpacks just arent cutting it. Got cornered way too often by Cybers and couldnt do anything. Overall liked the fast paced action.
  7. Great Episode. Good knowledge of grid sizes. Thats something ive always struggled with either my map is too large or too small. Your perfectly emulated the vanilla experience. Really impressed by the levels. E1M8 felt for me like an E4 episode though. Died several times. I think if the layout would be a bit larger it would be less unfair for the player ,then again its UV and if your designed it to be specifically hard well it does the job. But i sitll think its a bit overkill. Well made Episode 1 non the less.
  8. Doomdude89

    War in Ukraine

    Why locked? Maybe educate yourself before you start cutting tongues or better yet keep away from it when it scrapes you somehow. Why is this shit when its backed up by historic documents and events. Learn the sentence "freedom of expression" buddy you may not have it in the future where people can discuss openly but are simply silenced when snowflakes get offended.
  9. Doomdude89

    War in Ukraine

    The red revolution and funding of Bolschewists were all Western bankers doing. Communism itself was created by the west. in 1933 Judea declares war on Germany by boycotting its goods all over the world. The British got scared of Germanys rising power and influence across Europe (Remember Jugoslavia? Yup got also too rich and powerful so NATO needed to bring "democracy" basically destroying the country) Nowadays the Zionists laber every Patriot as an Nazi. Cause divide and conquer still applies. An nation with native roots is always a strong nation compared to an nation that has mixed culture flooded with migrants where conflicts are unavoidable. And Russians always make me laugh they pretend to be such big Nazi haters but had no problem sleeping with them in the same bed when they shared Europe (Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, ofc it was secret and they dispute it) Just like the Jews dispute that there never was an agenda for dominating the world (Biden himself is an Zionist and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is an document that can give insight why Germans actually wanted to exterminate them in the first place. While the Nazis main target were the Jews Russians themselves arent saints either. Lets not forget "Russification" in the baltic states. Where native population was swept to Russia siberia (force labor) while Russians themselves flooded those same countries with their own Russian people. Then suddenly now they can claim "they need to protect those people" they forcefully planted there to begin with. And as long as Bilderberg can make their private meetings the word "democracy" has no meaning to begin with. Its just theatre.
  10. Doomdude89

    [RELEASED!] The Bikini Bottom Massacre

    Hamburgers should give more than 1hp. Ended up with playing with cheats. Very ambitious. I think balance needs work. Other than that played it trough and laughed hard about the senseless story. Also some great gags from the show.
  11. Doomdude89

    Favorite DOOM Wads

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/nova One of my all time favorites