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  1. Doomdude89

    Another Generic Tech Base

    Good enemy placement & loved the use of textures in the outside are. Like mentioned before the door locks. But overall great level.
  2. With pistol start fighting archfiend and numerous revenants could be improved by adding at least the double barrel shotgun (perhaps giving the ssg in the yellow key room?) I like the 05 map itself ,good layout and fair traps.
  3. Doomdude89

    Help me test my new map! (Doom 2, limit removing)

    Nice level, the exit is a bit annoying to combat the archfiend at the end because of the height. But overall good one.
  4. Doomdude89

    Thought I might post one of my maps here.

    Trial and error like doom usually is :P
  5. Doomdude89

    Thought I might post one of my maps here.

    Im no beginner but even i died, since the area has lava floors your instinct is not to do battle in that area and getting swarmed even while having the plasma rifle isnt something i would also rather laber as beginner friendly.
  6. Pretty awesome work i got legit scared for some reason and ended it there lol
  7. Doomdude89

    Old Still Life .wad

    No problem dude you are talented ,dont get me wrong by no means were your levels bad. I can relate when it becomes to playtesting :) best of luck!
  8. Doomdude89


    At 10:00 i did encounter missing textures. Overall an fun wad.
  9. Doomdude89

    My second wad

    Whats with the random deep random pit lol thats my only gripe with the wad. Overall I enjoyed the simplistic run & gun action is always welcomed in my book. Fun.
  10. Doomdude89

    Old Still Life .wad

    First of all amazing scenery and level design in general in the first map. Gameplay wise i would nitpick that you put way too much monsters in tiny spaces to fight. The first time i died was simply because of the lack of ammunition when encountering the archfiends. I also never figured out how you get the BFG. Thus main progression seemed a bit too harsh. Second map i wasted numerous minutes before understanding that some already pressed switches must be re activated to progress which made the experience quite tedious. I would give more ammo in the first map considering you spawn with nothing in the next map anyways.
  11. Very solid levels. I would give more health after the Hell Knight trap but overall loved the experience.
  12. Have no idea what u ment with one key. (Oh ppl jumping over thanks to the archfiend heh) What an shortcut lol
  13. I challange you to beat my 2 maps in UV
  14. Blind Run, was first confused (took me 14 minutes to realize i had actually an full weapon loadout (because im slightly r3tard3d "probably") The version you are supposed to see Overall fun one that the pussycat kills you at the end made me giggle. Good challange.