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  1. Zulk RS

    what is your playstyle

    Not sure what I said in one of the previous threads but I'd like to think my style has changed slightly. Firstly, I savescum though I've been trying to cut down on it a bit. I still savescum a lot, especially on harder maps but I don't do it as much as I used to. Then I take this slow and methodically. I don't care it's cheating but I always play with freelook and crouching (not jumping though). So I end up usually cheesing most fights by aiming at enemies that would be impossible to hit without freelook. I also take every chance I get to cheese a fight. Like many times, a fight was supposed to have me go past a door, it closes and then I'm stuck with monsters. Half the time, I find a way to get back before the door closes and clear the arena from the safety of the other room. I also use the pistol to snipe enemies from half-way across the map (includes anything smaller than a SM or Cyberdemon). I try to alert as little of the enemy as possible at once. So I'd usually find ways to cheese the hell out of "Block sound" lines. Also I abuse cover and doors and corners. I try to find a position on a arena where I am not going to get hit easily and then proceed to slowly kill enemies via chip damage.
  2. Zulk RS

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    Doom 2 for purely subjective reasons. And then Zulk goes on a nostalgia trip and spoilers the next section of this post only after realizing he wrote 3 paragraphs worth of stuff. Read on at your own risk. tl;dr: I like Doom 2 because Nostalgia. Also though the levels of Doom 2 is really abstract and sometimes incoherent, I think game-play wise, they are as good as Doom 1 levels.
  3. Zulk RS

    You guys need to see this

    Thanks... I hate it.
  4. Zulk RS


    Well it's true that a bottle of water generally doesn't stop a rocket but then again... Doom itself doesn't really make sense so it might make sense in that context? Like the Cybie fires his rockets and you see his arm glow but actually the way the rocket flies, it's being fired from the Cybie's crotch and not his arm. The Revenant fires both shoulder cannons but only one fire ball comes out for whatever reason. The zombies are well... possessed humans and zombies yet they can walk on lava and not burn to death. In fact, all demons can walk on lava indefinitely. Yet they still get hurt by imp fire. In fact, what kind of hazmat suit protects you from poison/radiation, demon blood (???) and lava yet can't protect you from fire balls. Speaking of demon blood why the hell does blood hurt in some places? What is in that blood. Then you have rockets and a BFG that can kill spider demons and cybies but can't break through wooden fences. The Chainsaw never breaks, dulls or runs out of fuel. It can also cut through metal (Spider Mastermind) yet can't cut through wood. The bullets put holes in the walls and blood splats on it but the ground and the ceiling is made of some super strong shit that doesn't even get scratched by the stuff. In fact, you can't even burn the grass with Plasma. In light of all this weirdness, I don't think holy water blocking a rocket to the face is too out there. I think the better question is, if it's holy water, why does it look like a green monster face with red eyes in a floating sphere? At least everything in doom looks like how it's supposed to... for the most part.
  5. Zulk RS

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Going off topic for a bit to ask a question. Why is that even a feature? Like what possible use could having a side-ways computer screen even have? I'm not be rhetorical here, I'm seriously curious as to why portrait mode is a feature that exists.
  6. Zulk RS

    Favorite Doom Boss

    The IoS needs more love imho.
  7. Zulk RS

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Funny. I thought it shot water. Yeah, I don't know why that made sense to 6-year-old Zulk.
  8. Zulk RS

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I call it both. I'm still voting for Plasma Gun because I think I call it that more. Also everyone saying that "Plasma Gun" is the official name, you're wrong. The TRUE official term for it is Palsma Gun.
  9. Zulk RS

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Realistically, no because unlike swords, chainsaws slowly remove matter out of the way instead of pushing through them. The chainsaw wouldn't get stuck, I don't think. However, that is irrelevant. Doom's chainsaw is made of who knows what because it: - Never runs out of fuel - Can hit walls and not have the teeth break - Can theoretically cut trough Spide-demons and judging by how tall the SM is, it's sawing through solid metal legs. - In spite of being able to saw through metal in the SM chasis, it can't cut trough walls. Some of the walls are made of stuff like rocks and WOOD. You would think that the one thing a chain saw would have 0 issues cutting would be wood but nope! Doom's chainsaw can cut through demons but not wood. In conclusion: It's Doom. It doesn't need to make sense.
  10. So, a few months back, I completed a Let's play series on Prodoomer (V2) on YouTube. Today I searched "Prodoomer Walkthrough" on YouTube and I didn't find anything that covered all maps of that megawad. So, I've decided to post the link to my own series. It just covers all maps but not 100%s any maps. I just used cheats to access the secret levels. So, for anyone who's playing the megawad and is stuck on any particular level, I present to you this shitty let's play.
  11. Zulk RS

    Favorite Doom Boss

    Voted for the IoS. Though it's technically just a wall with a monster spawner, I remember the first time I say it and I was like "HOLY SHIT". Then I realized it was a wall and the magic was gone but it was there for the first few minutes. Additionally, I think a lot of cool things can be done with it in PWADs so I voted for it since the method of defeating it can vary based on map set.
  12. Though I personally find the "power up" very annoying at times, I agree with this 100%. I'd still like it to actually be better though. Maybe while it is active, it will cause the enemies to fire away from the player 100% of the time instead of some of the time. That way, you can still get hit by things if you strafe around too much but standing still will cause enemies to miss all the time. However, the enemies will still move towards you so you can't really stand still all the time because you're going to get mauled then.
  13. Here are mine: - Greatly increase the damage of pistol and increase total ammo capacity (with backpack) from 400 to 600 or 800 (It's more for the chaingun rather than the pistol but they share ammo so I'm putting it here) - Greatly increase the rate of fire of the chaingun - Increase rate of fire of chainsaw. - Have the plasma rifle use a different ammo from the BFG. The PR kinda becomes redundant once you pick up the BFG. - Reduce Hitboxes of Arachnotrons and give them more HP. - Reduce Hitboxes of SM, give it more HP and have them move faster (not attack faster).
  14. Zulk RS

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Revenant Archvile Pain Elemental Lost Soul In that order. I have a love-hate relationship with the revenant so it keeps getting added and removed from the above list. Right now, it's on it.
  15. Zulk RS

    Hell Invasion [PLAY-TESTERS WELCOME]

    UPDATE: MAP11 was skipped and MAP12 is now done. MAP11 has a player start and an exit. I recommend playing it for the text screen between Map 11 and 12. MAP 12 feature: -Train Map -More Text -Me not caring Other Changes: -Mixed mapping errors in MAP10 -Removed Autoaim from Dtex Sniper -Fixed an oversight on MAP09 which would make it possible to spawn a bunch of imps and a subsequent soul sphere for an unlimited number of times, effectively giving the player unlimited healing. Here are some MAP12 screenshots: (New thread pic) Old Thread pic: