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  1. Me too. It's not even like the posters are saying different things like the thread about Doom's plot. Everyone is basically saying the same thing here.
  2. Why would you even want to buy these games? Last I checked, these were pretty shit. (Says the guy who tried to get a perfectly working copy Deathtrap Dungeon)
  3. Either way, Doom still isn't abandonwa- Yes, Doom is 100% (times infinity) abandonware
  4. Though I do agree with what you said here, I don't think my mindset took away from the experience. I just enjoyed the game in a different way. Maybe because I was around 10-13 at the time and I played Lufia before X, when I got beaten up by Vile at the first stage to be saved by zero, I didn't think "I want to surpass Zero and Vile." I thought, "This is like that Gades fight I had no hope of beating from Lufia." But what I did think though "Man that level and the boss awesome. I bet the rest of the levels and their bosses are even more awesome." When I got the upgrades, it didn't occur to me that I was looking a bit more like Zero. I just thought X simply looked a lot cooler than before and he felt a lot better to play. The fact that the controls were pretty good helped immensely. Now did the story have no effect at all on me? Not at all. I sat through the story and knew what was going on. Would it enhance my experience if it was better? Definitely! If a game has an epic story on top of epic mechanics than that would make the game more epic as a whole. But if the story wasn't there would it take away from my experience? If you we're talking keeping everything the way it was and just removing the cutscenes and texts? It would but as I said, So if we were to remove the story, we'd have to replace vile with an actually beatable boss in the first stage and take zero out and then in the first Sigma stage, have a capsule to get the arm upgrade after beating vile. In that case, I personally don't think it would really take any of the fun of the game away. Anything beyond that is a nice bonus. In this case, the purpose of the story should not be to turn a mechanically unimpressive game into a good one (Does not apply to RPGs and VN) but to make an already good game even better. That's what I think anyway. As for making a good game that has NO story. I don't know of any games like that but I think it may be possible to do it.
  5. Well, I believe it varies from game to game. Not to say that a game can't have any plot at all, it's just that you can not pay even the slightest bit of attention to it and still enjoy it for what its worth. As for having played a game without one; no I did not. I do think it might be an interesting experiment to try and create a game with NO plot at all. But I digress. On one hand I can't imagine playing an RPG or something like Ace Attorney and not pay attention to every single bit of plot it has. But in case of some of the earlier Metroidvania games (I'm thinking of Circle of the Moon since it's the one that introduced me to this type of game) or the classic Megaman and Megaman X games, I really didn't think the plot mattered at all. I'm a dude; I have a whip; I kill monsters. In case of Megaman, I'm a robot; I shoot stuff. In these cases, I couldn't care less about who I am, who and why I'm fighting and what even is going on except me killing stuff, as long as the game-play holds up. Megaman could be killing aliens and chainsaw wielding serial killers and I wouldn't really care as long as the game is fun and enjoyable. But that's my opinion though. EDIT: Just for further clarification, the story and plot should be given importance based on what kind of game it is. Anything like the RPGs and Visual Novels should treat it's story with the highest priority. On the other hand, in games like Doom, the story can be super awesome but it doesn't need to do anything else other than set the theme of the game.
  6. Can someone please explain to me what's up with Lilith and why and how it runs on ZDoom but not GZDoom?
  7. I recommend Zandronum
  8. ^ Even though I haven't played Halo I can say this isn't a good way of going about it. Aliens are like an actual army with actual intelligence and equipment. Demons on the other hand seem to be inferior in terms of tactics (and possibly firepower) with their main strength being almost infinite numbers (If the IWADS are anything to go by and it's HELL)
  9. Now this is a topic I didn't think I'd see in 2018. I'll say Doomguy (classic) because I haven't played Halo (or Doom 2016) and I like Doomguy.
  10. If I could be myself and think like I usually do. I'd be a Pain Elemental in a big room near the middle or end of a map so I could start spitting lost souls the moment the map is loaded. Or I'd be an Archvile trying to hide from the Doomguy while resurrecting as many monsters as I can. Otherwise, I'd be a revenant...
  11. I found a new one! ID-AHO: Replaces all sounds with "Aho"
  12. Now that's more like it. Here's one idaaa = Turns you into a revenant idagit = Turns all monsters into revenants idsum = Causes the level music and Doomguy's grunt's to change places. idicup = Embarrasses Doomguy and every monster in the map.
  13. Barrels of Fun is kinda okay. It's not bad at all. Just ass to play through when using mods but it's pretty solid on vanilla. Chasm is pretty good too.
  14. I'm offended that you didn't put in idclip. That's hands down the most useful cheat code for play testing.
  15. If someone was completely new to doom, I'd tell them to play Doom 2 and then TNT. I'd also tell them to play brutal doom because in spite of all its flaws, I think it's a good way to get a guy into Doom. If they like Doom 2 and TNT, I'd tell them to play Empyrion or some 4-5 star rated single map wads from idgames.