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  1. Okay so I found something that might be what I'm looking for. I found the Doom Core triology. Does it have any dehacked or custom enemies and weapons and stuff that might break mods? Also how difficult is it?
  2. Strain huh? I guess I'll have to look at that. EDIT: Gave Strain a good look. Is there any way to not have the modified monsters? I think it might mess with the mod I want to play Strain with. Definitely will give it a whirl when I want to play Doom without mods though (Which is norm. Current mood is the exception) Oh I actually know about Extermination Day/Hell on Earth Starter Pack. It would have worked great for what I was looking for but the problem is that I already played through it once before with Complex Doom (Because something about playing a Brutal Doom mappack with Complex Doom seemed endlessly amusing to me at the time) and I don't feel like playing it for a 2nd time just yet.
  3. I think I might actually go and read some of the stuff linked here. Also I wrote some Doom Creepypasta myself back in 2014-2015 on my old blog. I guess I'll share them here since they are still Doom Creepypasta. https://zulkrs.blogspot.com/2016/11/hom-world-im-huge-fan-of-doom.html https://zulkrs.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-military-masacre.html https://zulkrs.blogspot.com/2016/12/26112010wad-doom-creepypasta.html These are all mediocre at best. I wonder if I should try writing another Doom Creepypasta again.
  4. Okay so I'm not sure if I missed something but where are all these terrible doom creepypastas you guys are talking about? I remember I searched for Doom creepypastas sometime in 2015 and I couldn't find any, good or bad. Were all these written in recent years? I think there was only one Doom creepypasta that I found but I think it doesn't exist anymore. EDIT: The one Doom creepypasta I did remember was here. It's a Wayback Machine link and I don't know if this story is still up on Creepypasta wiki or not. http://web.archive.org/web/20130518152556/http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/DOOM_Lost_Wad
  5. I want to play some more Doom but with the RLArsenal mod. I personally feel like wads that have a more "Adventure" or sci-fi vibe to fit best with that mod so I'm looking for wads like it. Can anyone recommend me any megawads similar to Ancient Aliens, Solar Struggle or even Icarus: Alien Vanguard in their design? Also are there any magawads that give a "connected" feel like having the exit of one map be the starting room of the next map? I think megawads like that would also work well for my playthrough with the RLArsenal Mod.
  6. Same! For the Same reason too!
  7. Zulk RS

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    One time when I was a kid I was playing Doom and then something went in my eye and I was rubbing my eye to try and get it out and it made my eyes turn red and water.
  8. Zulk RS

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    Not a specific theme but more of a style. I'd like to see more wads that have a "Adventure Feel". By that I mean that all maps in a set are "Connected" by having the start of one map be the ending of the last one and the theme gradually changes as you journey from map location to map location. Extra bonus points if it allows you to actually go backwards to previous maps via UDMF cross-map teleports.
  9. Zulk RS

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDPARADOX - Activates Doom 2016 mode even though it is 1993 and Doom 2016 is still 23 years in the future.
  10. Zulk RS

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    Go to Horni Jail
  11. Zulk RS

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    OP asked for made up Cheat Codes in Doom, not HDoom.
  12. Zulk RS

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDBOUNCY - Makes all projectiles bounce of walls. IDBOOM - Makes player immune to splash damage and all enemies do one ore more barrel explosion on death IDKIDSTUFF - Replaces blood with sparkles and makes things bleed rainbow to make things kid-friendly. Also replaces gorey textures and things with kid friendly replacements. ID[Insert Celebrity/Character Here] - Changes Doomguy to a pixelized version of [elebrity/characater]. Purely cosmetic.
  13. Anyway, OP, hope you got your answer as to why the secrets in Doom are the way they are. 1. Devs are human and they make mistakes. Some secrets are super hard to get because they weren't supposed to be but the Devs didn't realize that the secret was like that. Id wasn't a big company at the time and it's easy to miss stuff like this, especially when you have more primitive mapping tools that you're working with. 2. They didn't patch it out later because they probably didn't realize the secrets were like that still. 3. Even if they did know that the secrets were broken, sending out a patch just wasn't worth it/ wasn't practical.
  14. Cool. Hope you like it. Be sure to play with jumping, crouching and freelook. Also turn infinitely-tall actors off. Many maps are literally impossible to complete (way to progress is unreachable/ some fights are impossible) without doing that.
  15. I mean it was kinda warranted. And yeah I have improved in my architecture and map design. Combat design though has gotten "Worse" (Worse because I have now started making maps that appeal to me and that tends to mean that combat is not that... "exciting")