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  1. Awesome. So I just need to indicate the lifts the room and change the music from MAP04. That's cool. I've already got some some ideas about that. As for the music... I'll have to think about which one to use. Hope you're enjoying the (slightly tweaked) Realm 667 Minigun. Thanks for the feedback I'll get right on it.
  2. Not counting Other M, I think Samus is pretty similar to Doomguy.
  3. The weapons are clearly for the pistol starters who play the map. If I may add some more Doom logic, 6.Revenant fires both rocket launchers but only one rocket comes out 7.Cyber-demon fires his arm-mounted rocket launcher. Rockets fly at you from his crotch. 8.Cacodemon flies really high over your head but you still can't walk under him.
  4. I'm not sure but with GZDoom, I think you can place that many enemies in a single map. If you could place that many enemies in a map, the problem would be getting the thing to actually run on a computer.
  5. Hell Invasion version 0.6 is out. Download link has been updated. I probably say all these things separately in past posts but here's a list of what's different in version 0.6: What MAP06 contains:
  6. I actually like door camping and floor trap cheesing. Guess that's why I the ST Grenade Launcher lol.
  7. When I enter a darker room in any map, I find that some modes let you see clearly while others make it to dark to see. "Standard" makes most rooms bright enough so that you can see what you're doing while "Doom" and "Dark" make it too dark to see. Because of this, I sometimes feel like I'm cheating and more importantly, make me feel like I'm making areas in my maps too dark because I use the same sector mode when I test the map.
  8. You know how there is a option to change the sector light mode in the preferences menu under the OpenGL options in Zandronum and GZdoom? Is there a widely accepted light mode in the community? Is there a light mode I should be using as a standard when mapping? Personally I prefer the "Standard" sector light mode. Which one do you prefer?
  9. I personally prefer Complex Doom over other mods. I wish it had more monsters and weapons though. I tried LCA to solve that problem but it destroyed the balance so much (even by Complex Doom standards) that 50% of the game was just walking through the maps with "Legendary" weapons and power-ups that killed all challenge (and not in a fun way like Russian Overkill) while the other 50% of the game was hiding from obscenely over powered and unfair "Legendary" Monsters. Then I encountered a green Archvile that was a borderline Terry wad monster and that was truly the last straw. What I saw it do:
  10. This is more a meaning less bump than an update but... I'm currently working on a custom skin to replace the normal skin (based on the HUD face) along with MAP06, which is nearing completion. This map's theme: Square rooms and simple design. But mostly just square rooms. I want to make this shorter than maps 4 and 5 and make it similar to MAP03. It will have a ton of optional areas but a basically short map if you ignore them. A new update will come out when either the Map is finished or if the skin is finished. Hopefully both.
  11. I'd want a massive cyberpunk open-world type mod with a ton of missions and RPG elements. I have some ideas as to how to get the open-world feel in zdoom and I know it's possible to have RPG elements thanks to ProDoomer. But I have no idea how to make missions and side missions work. Basically it's Cyberpunk Morrowind in Doom. This also counts as a dream wad because I was playing it with 3 of my friends (who aren't into Doom in reality) in a dream I had. It's like Kdizd but for all 32 Doom 2 Maps. It also had monsters and weapons from Complex Doom along with a few more custom monsters, bosses, weapons and power-ups.
  12. Gonna hijack this thread for a second to ask how the heck did this guy make this many maps alone. And how the heck is anyone supposed to finish playing either of these wads?
  13. My favorite PWAD is still Empyrion
  14. I used to prefer software (Probably still do) but I can't record any gameplay footage with it. Now I've gotten used to playing without it.
  15. I'm not an old doomer at all but as far as FPS games go, I've only ever played Doom and Ice Nine (GBA). I don't remember if Ice Nine had reloading. Probably no. Brutal Doom actually introduced me to reloading and I got used to it when I played a lot of Doom Multiplayer with Complex Doom. Reloading never felt weird to me. I pretty much got used to it in a few hours.