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  1. Complex Doom has that too so It can probably be done by coding somehow
  2. Anyone else find it kinda ironic that Doom 3, a somewhat weaker game compared to other Doom games, caused a bigger growth spike than Doom 2016 which is considered by most as a much better Doom game?
  3. Can someone please explain what's up with the huge spike around 2004-2005?
  4. TNT Map 08: METAL Isn't this the one with the mandatory secret?
  5. Sometimes I just want to play bad mods and wads just for the sake of it. It's why I sat through the entirety of prodoomer even though I started hating it by map 04. Plus, the fact that I didn't experience all of its bullshit makes me want to find out. On a side note, this mod(s) doesn't make me angry. I'm sorry if I gave that impression in my previous posts though.
  6. I tried that but it doesn't do much when almost all "legendary" AKA Bullshit monsters can kill you in 1 clean hit. All it did do was make the non-bullshit sections too easy (which it becomes regardless of difficulty settings once you acquire a bullshit weapon or gear). This made stupidly steep spikes in difficulty even more spiky and apparent.
  7. So, I thought I'd try Complex Doom with some bullshit add-ons Legendary Complex Add-on and the like. But since from past experience, I know how bullshit these add-ons are, I was looking for something easy so that the wad doesn't become downright impossible when it is run with these add-ons. Is there anything that looks decent and is easy? I tried both Doom 2 and TNT IWADs with these add-ons but they became almost unbeatable due to the bullshit so I was looking for something easier than the IWADs.
  8. What kind of bad? I can think of two "worst" wads I have ever played. 1. Mattbratt's level pack (I may have misspelled the name): 2.Prodoomer: I wrote detailed reviews of both a few years back but if you're interested here's the link:
  9. I'd pick Archvile If I die in a car crash or something, he'll resurrect me. If we're going by Zdoom friendly rules where he can't resurrect me, I'll still go with the Archvile. I'd pick revenant but those rockets seem like a hassle to maintain. Hell, maybe I'd be able to have conversations with it.
  10. The easiest way to do this would be using the summonfriend command I think.
  11. Glad to here you liked it. I was really worried about this map 'cause it didn't get enough testing before release. Glad it all worked out. As for testing the wad, are you using Zandronum 3.0 or it's dev build? I tested it with Zandronum 3.0 and the guys weren't stuck. Also, I advise turning on OpenGL (Hardware render) if you haven't already. Playing this on software render can and will break the game. As for MAP08, it's going to be big one so it'll take quite a while before it's close to done.
  12. MAP07 is complete. This map is basically a series of arena battles. Kinda like GBA Serious Sam. Anyway, the link has been updated. Enjoy.
  13. Awesome! Glad this one was a success. How was the Dretex Energy Rifle? Hope it wasn't too OP or too weak. Did you find the Dark Armor? It was in the room with all the green sludge and dark imps. Was it too OP? Oddly enough, I checked the stuck gunner situation. They work fine on my end, Oddly enough. What source port are you using and which version? MAP 07 is almost done. Just need to finish one room and it's good to go. This one is really short though. As for the secrets you missed, they weren't all that amazing. One probably had a Megasphere while the other had a Grand Armor. Or you missed the the secret at the start that had a backpack.
  14. Awesome. So I just need to indicate the lifts the room and change the music from MAP04. That's cool. I've already got some some ideas about that. As for the music... I'll have to think about which one to use. Hope you're enjoying the (slightly tweaked) Realm 667 Minigun. Thanks for the feedback I'll get right on it.