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  1. Yeah I'd say Archviles are the easiest to mess up and mess up hard. PE too but only if there is no lost soul limit.
  2. Honestly I would probably go the route ID software went when making Doom II; same game but "More". I'd make Doom 4 but the gameplay would be very very close to the classic games. The engine though would be more modern and 3D. You still move and strafe faster than any human has any right to and I would add a jump and crouch button. Also free look to interact better with the new 3D levels. I would probably keep sprite-based enemies and weapon and item pickups though but add like more angels to view the sprites from other than just 8 to give them a "3D feel". This is because I kinda want bodies of fallen enemies to stay until level ends. I would add a bit more gore that would disappear after a while though. Like blood splats on the walls and floors when a monster dies and stuff like that. Maybe give each monster 2-3 different death animations. Finally add some new weapons or buff existing ones: Make the Chainsaw a melee ranged stun-lock weapon basically and make the Plasma Rifle use a different Ammo type than the BFG. Add a Sniper Rifle/Railgun for long range sniping. Also buff the pistol and the Chaingun because these weapons become underwhelming when you get the SSG normally. I would boost the damage of the chaingun and maybe make the pistol 100% accurate so it can snipe things too without going overkill and wasting ammo for smaller enemies like the Sniper Rifle would. Then add a few more monsters: Machine gun troops that are basically reskinned SS soldiers from Doom 2. Add a Cyber-Hell Knight which is like a smaller Cyberdemon but with Hell Knight HP. Add some boss monsters. So yeah. You still have most of the classic weapons that work pretty closely to how they are in Doom 2. You have a few new weapons to fill certain niches. You have more complex levels to explore and fight in. You have old monsters that, again, work very closely to how they do normally. Maybe slightly tweak their AI to work better in 3D environments but I'm thinking about mostly path-finding and not some new ability.
  3. Zulk RS

    Cursed Doom Images

    Finally. John Romero can make me his bitch.
  4. I mean technically he shut of the portal with extra steps. He shut it off from the other side.
  5. The military DID shut the portals off though. When the first portals opened, the demons flooded the base and killed everyone before they had any idea of what was happening. Then they sent in Doom Guy to the Phobos base to shut off the portal... which he did. Then the Demons just opened up more portals from Hell-side, which the military had no way of shutting off. So Doomguy went into Hell to kill the big boss behind this invasion, the IoS. Then the Military decided that they should make a device which can close portals opened by the demons from Hell-side. And it worked! But then the demons opened up like several at the same time and Doomguy needs to help shut it off.
  6. This is peak comedy. You win this thread my man.
  7. Zulk RS

    what do you think is the most creepy doom sprite

    A weird choice but the Doom sprite that creeps me out the most (even after playing for so long) is Doomguy smiling at very low health. Something about that entire mouth full of blood gets me. It's also probably one of, if not the rarest, hud face.
  8. So recently I had that Brutal Doom mood again and so I booted up Doom 2 in Spain Only with BD. Been actually enjoying it a lot. More than usual for BD (my enjoyment when playing with BD usually starts really high and then falls off pretty fast and I usually don't get past the first 6 maps before quitting) and have now gone up to MAP17. This got me thinking, what map/map set and weapon mod pairing did you personally enjoy? We already have had a bunch of "Which wads are good with Brutal Doom?" threads and this is not that. I'm not asking for wad suggestions/recommendations. I'm asking when have you decided to pair a mod with a mapset and it turned really fun for you? Any reason why? For me it's been: Doom 2 in Spain Only X Brutal Doom: As mentioned above. I think I'm just really enjoying the vibe this time. It's feeling like a Spanish Doom 2 rip-off made in the modern day and trying to be sold as Doom 2. Again this is the vibe Doom 2 in Spain Only was going for already but with BD is enhancing the illusion of playing a bootleg doom clone for me personally. Icarus: Alien Vanguard X Complex Doom: I played TNT with Complex Doom years ago and this just felt like a spiritual sequel to that. Again, I enjoyed it for personal reasons. Extermination Day (A.K.A Hell on Earth Starter Pack A.K.A that Sgt. Mark IV megawad that was made TO BE played with BD) X Complex Doom: Something about playing a megawad designed to be played with Brutal Doom with Complex Doom seemed just amusing to me. That amusement carried on through the whole megawad.
  9. Yes you're right. I was talking about technical competence. There's a bit more I want to add but... (see below) Also to everyone else who commented offering counter-points to my argument, I'm sorry I ignored them, I did not mean to. I just got really wrapped up in mapping and did not have the energy to respond. I'm not mapping today but I still don't feel like I have the energy to respond. Do not take it the wrong way, this is NOT to diminish what you were all saying. No you bring up some interesting points. I just don't usually like to ignore people's comments in debates and if I don't agree with what someone is arguing I say that I don't agree and I say why. I still don't agree completely with these counter-points and I would state why I disagree but I'm just really tired and I don't think I have the energy to continue this discussion. Sorry. I could have not commented anything at all but again, just ignoring all counter-points in a debate just feel bad to me. So that's really why I commented here again.
  10. Zulk RS

    Do you lie?

    Yes. Yes I do. I try to be honest but I do lie.
  11. I think you missed my point, which honestly is fair because the previous post I made wasn't worded the best. What I'm saying is that anything that has a standard set of guidelines and rules can be objectively good or bad. Art has these standard rules so they can be objectively good or bad. The thing with art though is that something being objectively good or bad has very little baring on whether it is an actually good piece of art or not. Whether something is a good piece of art or not is almost always subjective. Which is also why I said that most people who know what they're doing very rarely makes something that is objectively bad in terms of art. I'd say an objectively bad piece of literature would be if you gave a random monkey a type-writer (one monkey. Not an infinite number of monkeys). What you're going to get would be gibberish that conveys nothing. The monkey would have broken every single rule of story-telling and grammar, not because they wanted to make a statement or because there's some deeper symbolism, but because the monkey literally doesn't know what letters are.
  12. Doom music is good. Like it's quite good. But if we're talking best of the era, I think the SNES has it beat. So I actually think that art can be Objectively good or bad. In fact, I'd argue that anything that has any standard or rules of doing things can be objectively good or bad. The thing about art though is that I don't think Objectively good or bad means very much. When I see an art (music, painting, game), being objectively good is the bare minimum to me. If something is objectively bad, to me it means that something went seriously wrong in its making. Like if a kid drew a shitty house that's just a square and a triangle (that aren't even connected) and colored outside of the lines with every color under the sun (there by making it look painful), that is objectively bad. In my opinion, things made by people who know what they're doing is very rarely objectively bad.
  13. Zulk RS

    How many maps have you created and released?

    So... I've created a few maps. And 99% of them are for the same megawad. Original Hell Invasion: This was when I didn't even have a Doomworld account and I just got hold of Doom Builder 2. No, I had no idea how to use it. The Original Hell Invasion is never going to see the light of day because I don't have that file anymore. I wish I did though. I feel like it would be fun to release them as bad as they were. The maps also didn't have any custom names but I remember young teen me thinking up names for the maps in my head and though I don't remember what those names were, I think it might be fun to just make up new names for them based on my memory of them. -MAP01: The City. I made this map before I knew how skyboxes or doors worked. It took place in a big "City" which was just one big room with Startan walls and default floor and ceiling. There were "Buldings" which were just really thick pillars all over the place. The room was really tall. -MAP02: Run!. Tons of monsters that you can't kill + damaging floor. You need to run to the exit. -MAP03: The Maze. I wanted to create a maze but I didn't know exactly how walls worked. So what you had was a maze of textured linedefs with a Mancubus Boss at the end. -MAP04: Fortress. Hey look! Zulk figured out how to use Doors! It was a very basic, badly textured castle map. It was really short too. -MAP05: The Tightrope. You start off in a big open room. Now comes with sky because I finally figured out how skies work.It had small 32-unit wide catwalks over inescapable pits. There were much wider platforms connected by these walkways that had enemies and ammo on them. You were given a rocket launcher. -MAP06: The Complex. A very basic techbase map. It featured a sewer section that had very weird texture choices. It had an inescapable pit where a key was. You press a switch to raise the floor to get the key safely. -MAP07: The Rooftops. Swapped to Skulltag format mid-megawad. This is called "The Rooftops" but it was actually just like 4 outdoor rooms. It featured mancubi, Arachnotron and a too big arena boss fight vs 4 Belphegors. -MAP08: The Communications Base. Another generic techbase map that has a lot of that white STARTAN texture. I don't know texture names. The only note worthy thing about this map was one huge-ass staircase. -MAP09: City Dome. A second attempt at a City map. It honestly wasn't better than the first. At least it had actual doors and a sky now. Still had buildings that were unreasonably tall though. You press switches to lower whole-ass buildings to get the keys. Also you fight Belphegors. -MAP10: The Mall. I never actually finished this one. It had a lot of dark lighting effects. Probably was going to be the best map teen me would have made. Explorers: The Ruins: I wanted to make a multi-wad series revolving around a marine that was stuck in Hell after the events of Doom 2 and now just wanders hell, looking for a way out and visiting interesting locations in the process. In the first (and the only) installment of the Explorers series, the marine finds himself in a ruins. Too bad the execution was jank though. It was bad and noobish UDMF map. It's actually ON idgames and you can play it if you want. Hell Invasion (Retry): This is my current Megawad that I'm working on. As the name implies, this is actually a 2nd attempt at making Hell Invasion, the megawad I wanted to make ever since I downloaded Doom Builder 2. Many of the maps of this UDMF megawad are remakes and remixes of maps from the Original Hell Invasion. For better or for worse, I was remaking the maps based on memory because I don't have the original files anymore. Since this Hell Invasion is available, I don't need to describe the maps very much. -MAP01: Godspeed. -MAP02: Outer fort. -MAP03: Inner fort. -MAP04: Target Acquired (Remake of Fortress) -MAP05: Duped! (Based on a dream I had) -MAP06:The Complex (Remake of The Complex) -MAP07: This Again? (Remake of Rooftops) -MAP08: Communications Base (Actually not a remake of MAP08 of original Hell Invasion. Instead it's loosely based on a different dream I had) -MAP09: Among the Enemy (Remake of City Dome) -MAP10: Bad Lighting (Remake of The Mall) -MAP12: Round 2 -MAP13: Sinking Sanctuary Doom 2: The Way We Remember It: I made a map for this CP when it was still being made. -Tricks and Traps. It's in MAP34 or something. Wrongway: Another CP that hasn't been updated in a bit. The theme was that we remake the Doom 2 maps but reverse the entry and exits. -MAP04: Sucof Eht. Baron Door Triology: A submitted a bunch of maps for Baron Door. Only two of them were serious though and one of them I was half-serious. Ironically one of the serious maps is the best map I have made so far. -Baron Door MAP17: Oops! -Baron Door MAP32: Is the Sky A Door? (This is the best map I have made so far) -Bonus Door MAP06: Keydo.wad -Bonus Door MAP07: Purtel.wad -Bonus Door MAP16: Chase the Light; Barons Chase you Endlessly (The Semi-serious Map) -Bonus Door MAP28: Baronic Space Elevator (The second serious map) That's all for now.
  14. Wait what? I don't think OP is trying to manipulate Aquarious into not quitting? Also the dude's on Doomworld so I wonder if someone should tag him to this thread.
  15. Damn. I haven't watched his content in a while. It just wasn't something I enjoyed anymore but still feels weird that he's quitting. I mean his videos were what led me down the Sourceport/Doombuilder rabbit hole and indirectly brought me to Doomworld. Hope things go well for him.