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  1. AH! So you mean rooms/segments of the map. Got it.
  2. Quick question: What difficulty settings should be implemented?
  3. Short map update (No screenshots):
  4. I have a question: By reversing the maps, do I need to reverse the order in which the player visits the rooms too? Like change things about the map to add access points to parts of the map that normally wouldn't be access until later and lock off earlier sections of the map?
  5. This sounds interesting. Give me MAP04
  6. Zulk RS

    Brutal Doom: Black Edition

    I recommend Complex Doom (without the insane addons) and Doom Hack :D
  7. Zulk RS

    Brutal Doom: Black Edition

    Uh... What's Brutal Doom Black Edition?
  8. Okay so I just played @thiccyosh's map and it feels like we went in two opposite directions in recreating the map. Yours was a lot more cramped and small while mine was more oversized. Out of curiosity though, did you implement other game modes and difficulty settings? I know I just went "fuck it" and put whatever I thought might be in the other game modes (especially Deathmatch and Co-op) in because I've never played Deathmatch or Co-op on that map ever and I remember next to nothing about the monsters and items in other difficulty modes.
  9. Zulk RS

    Cursed Doom Images

    *Leans past the megaspheres* What wad is that? Is it a terry wad or one of those weird wads (like Sky May Be) or is it a joke wad.
  10. Oh man I gotta to play that now. I haven't really played it yet. No worries man. I kinda don't feel like remaking any of the other maps. I don't really have any strong feelings toward MAP11. A few maps just caught the attention of younger me when I played Doom and even though MAP08 is nowhere near the map I remember the most or my favorite map, it was one that did grab the attention of younger me and one that I enjoyed playing a lot.
  11. Nah it's not you're fault. Probably should have been a bit more clear that I was working on a MAP08. Regardless, I'm done now and I posted here for what it's worth.
  12. I just now noticed that Thiccyosh's map 08 was accepted. Ah well. Anyway I finished mine as well. I'll put it here in case anyone wants to play it. I did this from scratch. The first few rooms looked pretty not cursed imo but the more time passed, the more cursed things got. Tested it with Crispy Doom. https://www.mediafire.com/file/vy4wt7rv0hi3lz4/Tricks.wad/file
  13. Zulk RS

    what is the worst Doom port in your opinion?

    Why... are you trying to run Doom on a Quake Source port?
  14. I wasn't intending on this happening but somehow I think my MAP08 is going to end up messed up. I blew both of my "Look at Map" cards right on Day 1 and now whenever I'm getting stuck, I'm fumbling my way through it. With every day that passes, my fresh memory of MAP08 is getting less fresh.