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  1. I mean why else would we want a berserk like? I mean look at this post: The berserk like looks neat. Shouldn't that be reason enough?
  2. I agree with you but the urge to pick Invincibility, which is something I never pick ever (I only pick Soulsphere at all times) for the lolz was too great. Sorry. Also regarding the original post/question, I'm on the same boat as most others: No. I don't think that's necessary or even a good idea.
  3. Zulk RS

    Random Question I just thoguht of.

    Yeah, Doom 2 Reloaded was great and I agree that it has very TNT-esque feel to it. Though not entirely what I had in mind when I had the random question, I do love me some ZDoom so I'm definitely going to look into Resurrected more. Though looking at the screenshots for that it, feels like a KDiZD for Doom 2.
  4. Zulk RS

    Random Question I just thoguht of.

    I've played Doom 2 Reloaded. It didn't really feel like a Doom 2 2 for me though. Might check out the other wads like Doom 2 Redux and Doom 2 Resurrected though.
  5. So we have fan-made sequels to TNT and Plutonia in the form of TNT: Revilution and Plutonia 2. While thinking about these two megawads, this random thought popped into my head: What would a wad like that for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 look like? Are there any wads like that? So already, I think this question is weird because the official Ultimate Doom Sequel is, well, Doom 2 and Final Doom can be considered to be a sequel to Doom 2 of sorts. So really Ultimate Doom 2 is just Doom 2 and why would you want a Doom 2 2. But then I thought that maybe it can work? Like someone making a megawad using the themes and gameplay queues for Ultimate Doom and making 3 brand new 9 Map Episodes. Doom 2 had crappier looking textures in comparison to Ultimate Doom but it did seem to have more varied combat scenarios with the new monsters that were added. Also it had way more height variation than Ultimate Doom's first 3 episodes. So maybe a fan-made spiritual successor would lean more heavily into larger maps, strengths and weakness of the new monsters and incorporating height variation into the gameplay? I don't really know what I'm talking about. I just made this post after this idea popped into my head randomly. Then again, you could also argue every single 32MAP megawad ever took inspiration from Doom 2 to some extent. What do you guys think? Am I being dumb again like usual? Are there any megawads like this already that I don't know about?
  6. Zulk RS

    Doom 1 and 2 are ugly?

    I think it's more of a age thing than Doom thing. Because of reasons, I could never play the latest, or even more modern games growing up. While everyone was playing stuff like Call of Duty (Don't remember which one), GTA, Some PS2-era games that I don't quite remember, I showed them stuff like Doom, Lufia, Raptor etc. My friends lumped all of them into "Old and Ugly" and didn't want to play them. I don't remember how old we were exactly at the time but we were all somewhere in the 10-14 year range. It wasn't until years later when we were all in the 17-19 year range where they gave the older, more well-regarded games. I think younger people have a tendency to call whatever game that doesn't have the coolest 3D graphics as ugly and disregard them. Though all this is my own take based on my own anecdotes. Maybe younger people nowadays don't do that since when I was 10-14, we didn't have Minecraft. As for Doom itself, Vanilla Doom is not the prettiest thing to look at but I would hardly call it ugly. If we put some of the PWADs in the mix then Doom has awesome visuals. Just take a look at stuff like Swim with the Whales, Valiant, ZDCMP2, Stronghold or Ancient Aliens.
  7. No, a Haiku has like 17 syllables in the pattern 5,7,5. If it was a haiku, it would be: Doom Community, is like a glass that was dropped. Once whole, now shattered.
  8. Don't you mean... First Doomworld problems? :P
  9. Déjà Vu. I've Doomed in this place before... But seriously though, did we not have this same exact discussion a week ago? If people wants to spam Rip-and-tear and Shooting Mars memes on reddit, let them.
  10. Zulk RS

    Is final doom good?

    If by "Real Doom Game" you mean an official doom game released commercially by ID and NOT a bootleg, then yes, Final doom is real doom game. And it is also good. I personally don't like Plutonia and love TnT but that's just my preference. Both are good games.
  11. Zulk RS

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    In all seriousness, I agree very much with rampancy Also I took a look at it after reading this thread and yeah, it's a little cringe but hey, if people have fun let them. New Doom fans often post cringe. I remember back in 2014 when I first joined Doomworld and my first few thread posts were cringe. I look at those and cringe hard so can't really hate on the subreddit for posting cringe. They like the game, they're having fun. They aren't being obnoxious on Doomworld, no harm no foul.
  12. Yeah I gotta agree with Maes here. I always play on Zandronum so I don't have the advantage of the 20 Lost soul limit. Even so, I don't see how you think 2 Pains is as strong as 4 Archies. If you have the right weapons and enough movement space, 2 Pain Elementals are no where near as difficult to deal with as 4 Archies. Even 3 archies I would say is harder than 2 Pain Elementals. The reason being you have multiple options to deal with PE's easily. You can hit them a few times with the SSG at close range to drop them. I think 2-4 blasts should do the trick. One PE with no other monsters are criminally easy to deal with thanks to being able to get right in their face to stop them from spawning any Lost souls at all. If you have the Chaingun, you can stun-lock them and dispatch them with ease. If you have the BFG and enough ammo, 2 PE's are a joke where as 4 Archies, you still need to be careful. On an unrelated note, I remembered one big change I would make to Doom: I would have the Plasma Rifle use separate ammo from the BFG. The Plasma Gun is my favorite weapon from Doom and it becomes kinda obsolete when you pick up the BFG except for some very niche cases.
  13. Zulk RS

    If Doom II monsters had people names what would they be?

    IoS - Tagen Imp - Hot Demon - Tot Hell Knight - Jin Baron - Jod Caco - Fie PE - Fly Revenant - Zan Mancubus - Zod Lost Soul - Pik Specter - Snik Arachnotron - Lun Spider Demon - Lod Cybie - Dreaded Icabod