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  1. The Doommer

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Doom 2016 was not a reboot tho
  2. The Doommer

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    I have core i7-7700HQ (yeah it's 7th gen ik) with TPM2 support and it still tells me it's not compatible I bought this laptop 3 years ago come on
  3. Windows 10 is pretty solid imo When you get the hang of annoying stuff, that is
  4. Why not Windows 11? I think your laptop can afford it
  5. The Doommer

    Castle Totenkopf

    The only reason I ask for a Doom version is that Wolf3D mods suck in terms of graphic quality compared to Doom tbh For example everything looking like pixels from a distance
  6. The Doommer

    Castle Totenkopf

    I mean. The level design is pretty solid imo And it has done some stuff that is only seen in later games (Doors being opened upon a death trigger, Resurrecting enemies, doors inaccessible from one side) I'd say pretty interesting stuff for an otherwise uninteresting engine
  7. The Doommer

    Castle Totenkopf

    It's a mod that was released for Wolf 3D, but is there like any project ongoing or in plans to make a TC for it? It's a cool mod, pretty well made
  8. The Doommer

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    Part 3:
  9. The Doommer

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    Yes, Also, it is indeed interesting that why Spider Mastermind was an easier boss than Cyberdemon. Also, I'm waiting to see his reaction to the Icon of Sin
  10. The Doommer

    DOOM HD Project

    Back in the day, before getting a real Half-Life 3 Confirmed in my face, I'd agree with you. But now, after all these years, I'm willing to wait even more years to see this game come to life.
  11. The Doommer

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    Part 2:
  12. The Doommer

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    That is not a Gatling gun, but a chaingun. These are different. Again. When you are not in a normal situation and try to survive, you don't care what you have as a weapon. Correct.
  13. The Doommer

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    A survivor who clings to any object that he can fight with?
  14. The Doommer

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    You see this and you realize this argument is pointless. Pure haters. These guys want OG Doom remake.