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  1. I really agree with this. Cyberdemon in doom 3 was too easy to defeat while you had the soul cube. And fighting with it wasn't even a little similar with the classic doom. Doom 3 was not a good DOOM game in general. It was more a horror game than a DOOM game.
  2. Icon of Sin. I would turn it into the Real Icon of Sin made by Sergeant Mark IV. All Right the boss was a nice idea but it gets boring after a few times.
  3. 1. Common Ammo : Let's just think a second , you are firing with a chaingun and you depete ammo , you go for pistol and it is empty too ! Same for BFG & Plasma Rifle. 2. Pistol & Chaingun : Pistol is almost useless after passing 2 or 3 levels from a game. Unlike even the fist. Chaingun has a not satisfying shooting sound and it has a slow shooting speed.
  4. PB has more features than BD , so PB is the best.
  5. And CyberDemons. They are a good infight creator alongside SpiderMasterminds.
  6. Shouldn't ZDL have a website for itself ? I know it had one , but why the developers don't create a new one ?
  7. Although they seem to be from the same timeline but did the great war caused them to invade earth ? Makes no sense really. And how UAC is active while the world is destroyed by Nuclear Bombs ? So putting Doom 2016 & Fallout in the same timeline may not work...
  8. Hi , I visited ZDL wiki page but even the latest download link returns 404. Since ZDL has no official page anymore , is there any site that contains the latest version ?
  9. If you mean playing classic doom & it's mapping , maybe a really cool & hi-res remastered version of The Ultimate Doom & Doom II with custom map design. This could happen in Doom 2016 but Doom 2016 wasn't the Classic Doom (I personally haven't played the game yet for a reason but I heard from the others that Doom 2016 wasn't like Classic Dooms) Yet I don't know I leave them forever really , since Half-Life is still played even with the Black Mesa remake almost-available.
  10. With this project we may be able to make a remastered version of the Ultimate Doom & Doom II. That would be cool ! Keep it up !
  11. Hi , the thread isn't that simple as it looks. I know why HOM occurs and how to fix it , but let's talk about solving it inside the engines. Like replacing the missing texture with a simple texture or a smart AI to guess the missing texture (won't always result well but could be possible with a lot of coding.) Any Ideas ? We can even discuss other errors and bugs fix which are not fixed in Doom 1.9 and are possible to be fixed.
  12. Replaying RAGE and starting Assassin's Creed : Rogue for the first time
  13. Boom & Chocolate Doom seem to have the very vanilla functionally.
  14. Well it seems right. There was some IWADs inside GZDoom folder and actually I didn't noticed them. Well , sorry for taking everyone's time. That's the only thing I can mention for not getting a warning or offensive comments... EDIT : Just for proving the whole thread wasn't a joke or sth I need to say that Zandronum isn't even showing the doombfg.wad and doom2bfg.wad this proves that the detection in Zandronum is based on name.