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  1. Hey, I cleared the bump, thanks for noticing.


    Though that discussion is dead and nobody's likely to port Mac-Wolf to ZDoom, you can still visit the main site that's hosting the download you were asking about: http://www.brlowe.co.uk/


    There's an email address at the bottom of the page - that's probably the guy who's best able to answer your question regarding the graphics display on Win 7, so try asking him first.

  2. The Doommer

    The Cyberdemon

    I really agree with this. Cyberdemon in doom 3 was too easy to defeat while you had the soul cube. And fighting with it wasn't even a little similar with the classic doom. Doom 3 was not a good DOOM game in general. It was more a horror game than a DOOM game.
  3. The Doommer

    If you could rebalance Doom 2, what would you change?

    Icon of Sin. I would turn it into the Real Icon of Sin made by Sergeant Mark IV. All Right the boss was a nice idea but it gets boring after a few times.
  4. The Doommer

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    1. Common Ammo : Let's just think a second , you are firing with a chaingun and you depete ammo , you go for pistol and it is empty too ! Same for BFG & Plasma Rifle. 2. Pistol & Chaingun : Pistol is almost useless after passing 2 or 3 levels from a game. Unlike even the fist. Chaingun has a not satisfying shooting sound and it has a slow shooting speed.
  5. The Doommer

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    PB has more features than BD , so PB is the best.
  6. The Doommer

    Whats your favorite monster on Doom?

    And CyberDemons. They are a good infight creator alongside SpiderMasterminds.
  7. The Doommer

    ZDL - where to find ?

    Shouldn't ZDL have a website for itself ? I know it had one , but why the developers don't create a new one ?
  8. The Doommer

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Although they seem to be from the same timeline but did the great war caused them to invade earth ? Makes no sense really. And how UAC is active while the world is destroyed by Nuclear Bombs ? So putting Doom 2016 & Fallout in the same timeline may not work...
  9. The Doommer

    ZDL - where to find ?

    Hi , I visited ZDL wiki page but even the latest download link returns 404. Since ZDL has no official page anymore , is there any site that contains the latest version ?
  10. The Doommer

    What could force you to give up Dooming forever?

    If you mean playing classic doom & it's mapping , maybe a really cool & hi-res remastered version of The Ultimate Doom & Doom II with custom map design. This could happen in Doom 2016 but Doom 2016 wasn't the Classic Doom (I personally haven't played the game yet for a reason but I heard from the others that Doom 2016 wasn't like Classic Dooms) Yet I don't know I leave them forever really , since Half-Life is still played even with the Black Mesa remake almost-available.
  11. The Doommer

    DOOM HD Project

    With this project we may be able to make a remastered version of the Ultimate Doom & Doom II. That would be cool ! Keep it up !
  12. The Doommer

    HOM bug fix solutions

    Hi , the thread isn't that simple as it looks. I know why HOM occurs and how to fix it , but let's talk about solving it inside the engines. Like replacing the missing texture with a simple texture or a smart AI to guess the missing texture (won't always result well but could be possible with a lot of coding.) Any Ideas ? We can even discuss other errors and bugs fix which are not fixed in Doom 1.9 and are possible to be fixed.
  13. The Doommer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Replaying RAGE and starting Assassin's Creed : Rogue for the first time
  14. The Doommer

    Doom2.exe equivalent source ports

    Boom & Chocolate Doom seem to have the very vanilla functionally.
  15. Well it seems right. There was some IWADs inside GZDoom folder and actually I didn't noticed them. Well , sorry for taking everyone's time. That's the only thing I can mention for not getting a warning or offensive comments... EDIT : Just for proving the whole thread wasn't a joke or sth I need to say that Zandronum isn't even showing the doombfg.wad and doom2bfg.wad this proves that the detection in Zandronum is based on name.