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  1. bloodshot

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    Nothing wrong with locking the player in, you just gotta mix things up. In fact some of the best Quake custom maps do this and they use really neat encounters and environmental changes to keep each one fresh. I'm not saying doom is quake but the increased lethality of the monsters and their speed, as well as the arena verticality and combat style definitely evoke quake somewhat
  2. bloodshot

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    You do realize them adding new enemy types is not just "here's x problem, lets fix it with y!" This is not at all how a big developer works. Unless they specifically say the problem and that they added double the enemy types to "fix" a specific problem I can guarantee it you are vastly oversimplifying their thought process
  3. bloodshot

    Blood decals and disappearing bodies

    I actually think decals might be broken right now because there were flat out no blood decals to be found from gibbing at all.
  4. bloodshot

    Is it just me or is the speed slower?

    Honestly looked about as slow as 2016 was until i cranked the FOV up
  5. bloodshot

    Gameplay reveal August 10th

    I mean it could very well be the case but I don't really see anything about his statement that implies they are forcing the reveal? Doom 2016's behind closed doors reveal was controlled and used to build hype after the development woes, making it public could simply be the result of" Hey Doom 2016 was surprisingly popular" or it could even be id is confident to show what they have. I mean it's possible they are forcing it, but do you really think they would be willing to show something disappointing and have so many people see it? I mean the Doom Eternal reveal has 12 million views. I doubt beth/zeni would be willing to show off something early when they are expecting such a big turnout
  6. bloodshot

    Eternal Snapmaps ?

    It would suck ass if they dropped it because of the lukewarm reception snapmap had They should redesign it, do something like Far Cry 5's editor, not ditch it because the lack of players for it centered around ease of use and capability, not because people don't like making content
  7. bloodshot

    Further E3 Teaser Breakdown

    To add onto this analysis, while rewatching this for the 20th time (lol) I noticed something interesting Look at doomguy's left glove, there's a rather large metal looking shape going over it (near the pain elemental). Could this be brass knuckles on his left hand like in OG dooms?
  8. bloodshot

    We got the demons!

    Maybe the archvile will have mapper defined respawnable enemies that will have their corpses stay while the rest evaporate?
  9. bloodshot

    We got the demons!

    Wolf TNC had permanent corpses which means machinegames fixed that issue or id helped them fix it, which could also mean corpse rezzing for archviles in nu doom 2
  10. bloodshot

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Diablo 1 is 500 megs, but it runs off the CD. If you install the HD mod source port thingy you have to grab the files from the CD and it's much bigger
  11. bloodshot

    DOOM Update 6.66 (Multiplayer Only)

    Forgive the audio but it seems id fixed pathing for most (excluding pinkies) AI on blocking volumes so we can make 3d maps now and not be restricted to ranged enemies
  12. bloodshot

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    You have to use the same integer, renaming is just for your side. So if its pi 0 on one map it must be pi0 on the other. Also give the loadout ON MAP STARTED. Then remove the weapon you want to swap out and give a new weapon with a 0.1 delay ON PLAYER SPAWNED. It's important to drop the weapon first or the new one will just be on the floor. But most of all the loadout must be done once on map load so it doesn't override the new weapons you bring over
  13. bloodshot

    Decals break Multiplayability of SnapMaps .

    Yeah i did, but i added new interactibles, the arm dude and the jump boots. I wonder if that broke it again
  14. bloodshot

    Decals break Multiplayability of SnapMaps .

    I'm not sure if Quantum Hazard works, but I enabled "use campaign models" on them when i republished them yesterday. It adds the first person deaths and falling animation from SP and makes you play as doomguy, but it seems like it breaks multiplayer because the second level always worked in coop no problem and now it doesn't. If you wanna try it again I'll post here once I reupdate it with that off
  15. bloodshot

    Tormented Souls - 4 level campaign

    Just fyi guys I updated the campaign to carry over weapons found in secrets between levels as well as made some other changes with the additions from the new update