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  1. HadleyFlame

    how old is your computer?

    MSI GE60 2PE APACHE PRO 8 years almost I think. It's a laptopssaurus :)!
  2. HadleyFlame

    What's your new years resolution for 2023?

    Start a Pharmacy course Want to get very good at all the DOOM games ♡ Want Health
  3. HadleyFlame

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    Hate that I get so addicted to it, that I can only think about playing doom games and nothing else.
  4. HadleyFlame

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    First one! It's my first time playing hehe
  5. HadleyFlame

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Bioshock Collection ! Enjoying it so far ! ♡
  6. HadleyFlame

    Silent protagonist: yes or no?

    Feels more badass when it doesnt speak but acts... I love the slayer because of that.
  7. Portuguese (native), english, french, spanish, some german, japanese, a bit of italian.
  8. God of war !! And mortal kombat ♡ nice gift that your friend also got from you
  9. This sounds super cool, I wish I was good with these type of things !
  10. That hoodie is amazing I love it!! Would use it too, love ac dc
  11. Garfield ♡ love that ! I'm a fan of Garfield haha
  12. I dont think it did actually but the last one made me sad though...
  13. Thats super cool havent played it yet
  14. Ah ok then I wont I trust you haha