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  1. DoomLoader for Unity

    Nice, this looks good!
  2. DOOM HD Project

    Sounds really unoptimized. So each little voxel was actually being rendered as a six sided poly cube? Sounds disastrous. What I’m thinking is if an engine was designed to draw a voxel object in place of a texture, every surface in the world would be three demnsional and have loads of detail. You could then use algorithms to automatically fill gaps between certain surfaces, such as the gaps in hex floor tiles where they would meet a wall. Parallax occlusion mapping and tesselation can add depth to textures, but I think the retro look of Voxels would really work well with doom and allow for some nice dynamic effects for gore and damage. It sounds weird, but I’ve always thought that even with really high quality 3D models that are animated nicely, it would still look a bit “off”, because you would no longer have those quirky idle animations. Like Pinkies bouncy idle pose. You can see him from a mile away and unless you gave him a really exaggerated idle animation, it wouldn’t look the same. You could have each frame a separate voxel model and this would reproduce that look. Otherwise you could make Virtua Fighter type models with intersecting joints and animate them with a skeleton, but it usually looks pretty bad. When I get a chance I’ll play around with some voxel stuff and see how things look.
  3. DOOM HD Project

    Just curious how many people use Voxels? Whats the best Voxel mods and tools? What is the performance like?
  4. DOOM HD Project

    I just dont have much time lately. I have a 4 month old son now and whenever i do have time for stuff, its usually spent playing something. I'm planning to paint the pinky 3D print sometime soon as a test to see how the print responds. I'm curious if the paint will fill the print layers at all or will it need smoothing. Printing it in ABS and acetone smoothing would be the easiest option, but could lose a lot of detail. Talk about aspect rations in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..
  5. DOOM HD Project

    I dont want to hear about aspect ratios, furry imps, release dates or projects not being finished. I dont post here for a year and within 5 replies its back the same old bullshit. Or i could just render them on my computer in an hour or less..
  6. DOOM HD Project

    They are printed at .3 layer height, i can go to .05, so a pretty large increase in layer resolution, which should result in much smoother gradients. The best solution for smoothing is probably using ABS and then vapor smoothing. This removes the little ridges, but can also remove some fine details if overdone. I'm curious as to how the models will respond to a gentle amount of filler, or if the paint process itself will actually help filling after after a few coats.
  7. DOOM HD Project

    One day. These are not final prints, kind of test prints really. Layer height will half, doubling resolution, sizes will change and they will be posed with some of them getting base plates. Pinky for example will have a hex floor tile base stand. I'm still learning so improvements will be made.
  8. DOOM HD Project

    I'm arch viling this dead thread. Baron Of Hell 3D Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Baron Of Hell Head 3D Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Pinky Demon 3d Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Pinky Demon 3d Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Pinky Demon 3d Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Pinky Demon 3d Print by Doom HD, on Flickr Pinky Demon 3d Print by Doom HD, on Flickr
  9. DOOM HD Project

    Nah, no Zbrush. Mudbox ;-)
  10. DOOM HD Project

    I've thought about animations, but no plans to start anything soon. My focus right now is just models and textures. I'm working on all the E1M1 textures, so I can one day remake it, then move onto E1M2 and make whatever new textures it needs. Level design is not something I've nailed down just yet, I'll have to wait and see how things look, then I'll decide how to approach it. I have a lot of ideas for all aspects of a remake, but I don't concept anything, I like to just start and see where it takes me.
  11. DOOM HD Project

    I'll be reworking that Brown1 soon, as im not happy with it. BROWNGRN BROWNGRN by Doom HD, on Flickr BROWNGRN by Doom HD, on Flickr
  12. DOOM HD Project

    BROWN1 Be sure to follow the blog if you dont already! http://qdhd.tumblr.com/ BROWN1 by Doom HD, on Flickr BROWN1 by Doom HD, on Flickr
  13. DOOM HD Project

    Again, if someone who is a practising solicitor who specilises in copyright and intellectual property law would like to offer their advice, it would be great. I'd prefer all internet experts offering their 15 minutes of googling expertise to keep it to themselves. You clearly don't read anything i write. You have it in your head that what I'm doing is wrong and you feel the need to tell me why you think it's wrong. Your speculating about what "likely" happened with JP:O and again referencing the names of materials and character from doom, when I've said numerous times I won't be advertising my work for sale, with any names or brands associating them with doom. I've been following the JP:O project for a long time, I'm a backer of the project and have been in contact with them in the past. I know for a fact that: Julien Romero laser scanned models made by someone who has no connections to the original films production. He then took those scans, modified them in Max and is using them for his project. To help raise money for the film, he put a model for sale on TurboSquid for $500. There may be more now. If I laser scanned the gaming heads doom model, the reaper figures, or the latest Doom 4 revanent statue and sold them, or made resin copies. Yeah, obviously issues. Same goes for extracting any art directly from a game and selling it. I've made doom models, I'll be printing them. If someone emails me and wants me to print one for them, I'll do it for a price. That's all it is. There no online shopping with a catalogue of work. There's no advertising or pricing. People visit my site or see it somewhere and like it, want it, and email me. Done.
  14. DOOM HD Project

    And just to clarify, im primarily making these for myself. I'm getting a 3D printer to prototype a photography device i've designed, and as a bonus, i'm going to start printing my models. The only Doom related models you can get are the reaper miniatures and that $500-$600 Gaming Heads thing. I'm making what i would love to have that no one else currently makes. If someone sees what i make and wants one, they can contact me and ill sell them one. In much the same way you can contact an artist who will make you a highly detailed Jurassic Park dinosaur maquette. But unlike those JP maquettes that are almost all made from molds taken of official JP maquettes, this work is 100% all my own. If i was making prints of models ripped directly from id's games, then there would be obvious issues. My models wont be uploaded to places like thingiverse or shapeways. That's again, obviously a bad move and also an invitation for people to distribute them freely. If some people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a Brony model, i figure there are some people willing to have a cool 30cm high Pinky Demon. A little bit off topic here, but getting back to maquettes from Jurassic Park. The Jurassic Park: Origins project, the guy who actually started it, Julien Romero, laser scanned dinosaur maquettes made by an artist who made his from copies of original models. He then took the scans and modified them using 3DS Max and is now making his own Jurassic Park fan movie. He then went on to sell his 3D models on TurboSquid. I dont think what im doing will raise many eyebrows.
  15. DOOM HD Project

    As I said in previous posts, I won't be labelling them or officially associating them with Doom. Im selling my art to anyone who contacts me and expresses interest. If I had an online shop selling a range of named and branded models with the Doom logo everywhere, I'd be asking for trouble. I simply wouldn't do it, it's quite obviously a bad idea. Asking for a solicitor to offer their advice, Is basically my polite way of saying, "unless you actually know what you're talking about, don't comment". Everyone's an expert on the Internet. Anyway, here's another model. This will be a Desk Lamp. I'll be making mine as a USB powered lamp, but it's modelled with an internal structure allowing a battery. The textures here are just temporary. USB Desk Lamp by Doom HD, on Flickr