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  1. I love Reinchard's HD Doomguy faces. They are of excellent quality. He really knows his stuff.
  2. The aspect ratio of the image used does indeed matter, when using a 16:9 image as it gets crushed into a 4:3 space and has it's aspect ruined, as my screenshot in the OP shows.
  3. I never had the pleasure of meeting Kate, but am heartbroken upon reading about this loss. Words can not express how I feel, so the best I can I say is. "You were a valued member of the Doom community. You will be sorely missed, and the world will not be the same again". Life can be so cruel and unpredictable. I have learned that many times myself with my own experiences, which I won't go into. Rest in Peace Kate. You will be missed. :'(
  4. Sorry, I haven't yet had a chance to create a thread there yet. Yesterday I ended up in the ER in very bad shape, and spent the night there and got out today and have spent the whole day resting. I will make a thread on the ZDoom forum when I recover and link it here. EDIT: It may be a couple of months before I get a detailed thread up on Zdoom forums. I won't go into specifics, but my health has declined and I will be going into a private hospital (to avoid the waiting list, have reasonable food and a private secured room I can set up my rig in to keep up on my gaming/texture work). I will maybe make the thread if the hospital's free wifi works or I will have to wait until I heal and get discharged.
  5. I will send a post to the Zdoom forums tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up I actually forgot about there (Even though I'm like there ALL THE TIME) #Hoover1979_Brain_Fart.
  6. I hope either I can find an elusive setting to fix the aspect issue or the GZDoom Devs fix this in a future update. I went all out this morning and spent the whole morning and some of the afternoon making a brand new panoramic ending to Episode 3. But it is being let down by GZDoom's scaling issue. Original Size: 7680x2160 (5760x1620 for Risen3D, to avoid Memory Allocation crash). DISCLAIMER: No Bunnies were harmed in the production of this image.
  7. I made a new panoramic ending for episode 3 from scratch and spent many hours doing it. Original Size: 7680x2160 DISCLAIMER: No Bunnies were harmed in the production of this image.
  8. Hi. I formatted the endgame screens from Risen3D to the correct 16:9 ratio (they were originally out of aspect and stretched to fill the screen), and filtered them up to 2160p (but using 1620p versions for risen3D as any higher causes memory allocation crash) using the "Preserve Details 2.0" resize filter in Photoshop CC2018 and then applied HDR lighting via Filter Forge. Then made from scratch the "The End" text for episode 3 with all bullet hole frames (as Risen3D used resized original files), and in risen 3D it looks amazing! So I ported them into GZDOom (using the 3840x2160 endgame screens) but they are squished into 4:3 in the game with black bars to the left and right of the image, and the only way I could get them to fill the screen was to force the whole game into 4:3 which then resulted in the entire game running as 4:3 stretched out into 16:9 ruining the aspect. Is there any way in GZDoom 3.2.5 (x64) to get the title/intermission/endgame screens (including the bullet-riddled "The End" text) to fill the entire 16:9 screen and keep the game itself in the correct aspect for 16:9 too. If not is there a chance of this being implemented in an update? The only workaround I can think of is to letterbox the images into 2880x2160 but that would mean the screens would have a huge black border and I would then need to do something about the "The End" text or it would still be squashed in. If there is no setting I can change to get the title/intermission/endgame screens to fully utilize the 16:9 screen without stretching out the aspect of the entire game, would it be possible for GZDOom to get this changed in an update (if a GZDoom Dev reads this thread)? Below is an example. The upper image is from Risen3D and uses the correct aspect for 16:9, the lower image is from GZDoom 3.2.5 (x64) showing it squashed into a 4:3 area of the 16:9 screen with black bars to the left and right. Assistance would be vastly appreciated. Edit: I think it's GZDoom 3.0.5, it is the latest version and I made that screenie with 72 hours of no sleep.
  9. I found an 800x600 title screen for Doom, used in HD packs. and then decided to revamp it into a 4k title screen for The Ultimate Doom. I think my extension of the 800x600 Doom title screen was a success (plus it took several hours of hard work to do)
  10. I spent nearly 6 hours today on a new Tech Wall.
  11. I had to order online the new HDD on the 22nd, luckily it arrived the next afternoon. Until then I had nothing to back up 8Tb to. It took a 24 hour run of CHKDSK to get the drive working again after I kept getting "the volume data is corrupt and unreadable" errors left right and center, I then left my rig off until the new HDD arrived. Then I used AOMEI Backupper to clone the two partitions that made up the 8Tb drive onto 2 partitions of the 10Tb one. I don't trust Microsoft products to work properly (Their Operating Systems barely work) so I use external programs. For example, Windows 7's search is ineffective and when enabling indexing a file is generated that keeps getting bigger and bigger until it eats my SSD, and Windows Search NEVER finds anything anyway, it just takes hours of slow searching (with indexing on, days probably with indexing off) only to say no results were found. I use UltraSearch to find my files in my now total of 19.5Tb storage (Yes I'm a data Hoarder), so I wasn't going to trust Microsoft's inbuilt backup program with my valuable data. I wish gaming rigs didn't require Microsoft Windows, Linux has hardly anything in comparison. I wish games weren't so dependant on Microsoft's proprietary DirectX, Why not OpenGL and Vulkan? The lesson I learned is AVOID SEAGATE HDD/SSD'S! This is the 3rd one I lost in a year and all died just after the warranty expired (even if I could RMA it, Seagate would only replace it with another faulty HDD) so I paid up big time and got a DataCenter grade WD Gold Enterprise 10TB. I already noticed loading times on my Steam games are much quicker than the Seagate Drive was (the Seagate drive claimed to be 5,900RPM, but performed like 2,400RPM), so 7,200RPM seems to be a good speed for a spinning HDD with a 10Tb capacity. Hopefully, this one lasts the text of time. I don't think I could ever afford a 10Tb SSD (if one even yet exists).
  12. Xmas Damage report: Untold Liver and Kidney damage (Xmas Day). Killed an undetermined amount of Brain Cells (Xmas Day). Emptied out all of my Electrolytes (Xmas Day). Lost one Seagate Archive 8Tb HDD, and the third drive from Seagate that died prematurely. (luckily, this time, I was able to back the data up). Lost a lot of money on one unplanned, emergency and rather expensive 10Tb WD Gold Enterprise 7,200RPM HDD (Never buying Seagate again!). Lost all of Xmas Eve cloning nearly 8Tb's of data to a new and expensive HDD (All day and night). Lost 5 hours of my life fixing my rig after it got damaged by NVIDIA's woeful 388.71 Display driver (Xmas Day). Had to deal with the extended family. *Ugh! Boxing Day Hangover (Today). Overall, not the merriest Xmas I've had (For me or my wallet).
  13. I have been working on redoing some of the earlier Wood textures. The first one I shared in post 8 was a bit dark, so I didn't just brighten it up, I worked on adding more variety and depth to the wood. It pops out more and some planks are brighter, some are darker to add variety to the texture.
  14. I will look into it. I finally and begrudgingly migrated to Photoshop CC. I still want to build a large gallery of professional graphics programs to meddle with for modding (and maybe one day working for a game dev?).
  15. That looks very interesting. What is the cost of this program compared with the cost of Photoshop (non-subscription version), and is the latest version a buy once own forever? I refuse to update to Photoshop CC as paying by the month, for all eternity is never a good idea.