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  1. Definitely Michael Jackson.
  2. Betelgeuse

    post some weapon/monster ideas!

    How will you do that? Last time I checked you need to ask a mod to do that. That is if you mean you will ask an admin to delete it then it's fine.
  3. Betelgeuse

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    The mucus flow used it right?
  4. Betelgeuse

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    How dare you say useless, All the doom textures are great.
  5. Don't get what you are trying to do here, making people risk their pc for you or?
  6. Betelgeuse

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    The adblockers skip the entire ad but doesn't skip 1 second of it so it bypasses the anti adblock.
  7. Betelgeuse

    How do I make the demo preview not appear in my wad?

    Thanks, That worked.
  8. I want the demo to be skipped. So that the title music gets continuously.
  9. Betelgeuse

    Who are some of the greatest mappers in dooms history?

    Yeah, tbh erik alm is my favorite. Others are great too but scythe 2 has a special place in my heart.
  10. Betelgeuse

    How do I add custom sprites into my wad ?

    Well, this question has seemingly been questioned and answered countless times here. If you want custom weapon sprites, Just rename the weapon sprites to their doom counterpart, For example the rocket launcher sprite name is "MISGA0" and so on, for custom monsters basically the same thing. As for music, just add the midi you want and then rename to "D_RUNNIN" for level 1 music. NOTE: make sure to place your custom sprites for weapons or monsters in between "SS_START and S_END" for compatibility sake.
  11. Betelgeuse

    Killing Cyberdemons ends MAP08 in VANILLA DOOM

    Doom kid has an excellent tutorial
  12. Betelgeuse

    Can anyone find me the most disturbing doom mod imaginable?m

    This guy definitely is on a moderators watch list.
  13. I'll start by sharing my list. Insane_Gazebo, A true legend. Since 2009, He had made so many amazing maps and wads, Most notably Sunder. Sunder is a masterpiece and an excellent example of what someone can with the limitations of boom. He has made a lot of memorable levels, And I also have a list of favorite levels that he had made for sunder. Some of them include: Map 6 : Grinder. This level is truly amazing, the midi rocks with the atmosphere and action of this level, Short, tight, and close up gameplay really makes this level something, I've heard people saying this level is "infamous" for being too tight. But to be honest, its really not that bad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map 15 : Babylon's Chimera. After almost a decade, Gazebo returned with a single screenshot to share his progress on a new map for sunder. Everyone was so excited, this map is another prime example of gazebos ability to generate a masterpiece. Aside from the framerate problem, This level is a true spectacle that satisfies the eyes just by looking at the architecture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map 31: House of Corrosion. Oh boy, where do I begin. This has to be my most favorite map of all time, The sky, The midi, The Atmosphere, The color, everything about this map is amazing, lets not forget that glassy stairway, The first time I saw this map, My mind was blown away. This level really has a special place in my heart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind the list will be updated sooner or later, Just count on it.
  14. Betelgeuse

    How to get a better mapping schedule?

    Try befriending doomworld members. Slowly over time you will have a lot of friends.