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  1. Hellbound has some very pretty cityscapes (and hellscapes, as the name would imply), so I'd recommend that first. Valiant's already been mentioned; you'll want the Vaccinated Edition if you're going to play that with gameplay mods. Shadows of the Nightmare Realm is neat as hell, but doesn't play well with gameplay mods at all.
  2. For a first map, this is real nice work! Mostly breezy to play through, with the exception of the RL room. The drop into there is not kind at all, especially with the Rev immediately waking up when you open the door, and the narrow confines of the room make it fairly hard to use the rocket launcher effectively without splattering yourself over the walls. As such, I'd probably have switched the placement of the RL with the Super Shotgun, but that's a minor quibble. Definitely interested in seeing more maps from you.
  3. I decided to play through this year's Cacoaward winners, so I blew through lillith.pk3 and Shadows of the Nightmare Realm the other day. Two very great showcases of the (G)ZDoom engine, for two very different reasons. Next on the list is No End in Sight, which I started playing back in March, but had to put on hold and never got back to. I was really enjoying it during that playthrough, so I'm excited to give it another shot.
  4. Planning to show up, assuming nothing gets in the way last minute.
  5. I have the dilemma where I have my map nearly in the bag, but not really fully realized the way I intended. This is in part due to my own laziness; I started the map in October for a set of Halloween maps, but the project fell through, and I didn't manage to touch it again until yesterday. The map is technically completable, but it feels like I could flesh the whole thing out better. I feel like this is gonna end up as the first submission for DWMP 2018; I'll need a couple more days to flesh this out to my satisfaction.
  6. Plenty, but all the feedback is being posted on Discord. This thread probably won't get a bump until the final project is released.
  7. I'm in. Been looking for a project to jumpstart my creativity lately; I mostly ran dry on inspiration after September or so.
  8. Nth's to lilith.pk3, Redemption of the Slain, and Moonblood (probably my personal favorite of the year) for the Cacos. Gameplay mods have some fairly stiff competition this year, but I'll give a nod to [url=]Final Doomer[/url] just for the idea of designing a weapon set around a level set in general, let alone tried and true sets like Plutonia and TNT.
  9. It's not as if the maps aren't suddenly going to break in ZDoom or anything; QZ/GZDoom are practically the same engine, just with more stuff. At most, the maps would just need some adjustment to look better in GL settings; all the ACS/DECORATE code would work with little to no issues.
  10. In about an hour and change from this post, I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday. So I'd figure I'd put my votes this month in for one of my favorite WADs, and a couple different WADs that I find interesting, and tell you my reason for voting on them. +++UAC Ultra, The Ultimate Torment and Torture, Equinox UAC Ultra: I just love this mapset to pieces. I just think it's very polished overall, and the rusty, grimy atmosphere that it invokes is perfect for Halloween overall. TUT&T: See my reasoning for voting on ZPack last month. In summary, ZDoom mapsets have often been neglected by the Megawad Club, which is a shame, as even the worst of them have something interesting to talk about. TUT&T is especially timely right now, since TerminusEst13 just released his edit of the maps, which removes the custom weapons and enemies, making the whole package gameplay mod-friendly. Equinox: I needed another 13 maps to round out the set for this month, and this absurdly large offering from Nuts.wad author BPRD seems to fit the mold nicely. If nothing else, it's rather impressive how playable these maps are for how large the spaces inside are, and I figure it's weird enough in spots to be in the spirit of the season.
  11. MAP11 - Logistics 88/99 kills, 1/4 secrets Never mind what I said about the previous map, this is my new favorite. :P The E2 closer has an insidious little trick up its sleeve compared to the previous maps: much of its difficulty comes from roaming hitscanners. The WAD has trained you to check blind corners so much that you kinda forget that enemies can wander around if heard, and this can fuck you if you aren't prepared for them here. I LOVE this. Once again, while the level is open ended, there's a path of least resistance that anyone pistol starting this will want to take (in this case, the path to the right, though said path also has an alcove with the map that actually killed me twice, so I kinda forgot to go that way in my final run :P). To get on that path though, you'll have to brave the opening firefight, which sets up the threat of wandering enemies nicely, what with the PE and hitscanners lurking behind the giant pillar that makes up the center of the map. The bulk of the map uses the new threat of roving hitscanners to distract from the blind corner ambushes that have worked so well up until this point, giving a new dimension to Moonblood's gameplay. Along with these comes plenty of nasty ambushes; the yellow key ambush throws plenty of midtier monsters at you in confined quarters, and even taking your eyes off of one type of enemy will allow them to punish you badly. The meanest ambush in the map goes to the final teleporter ambush; placing a Manc, two HK's and a Arachnotron in such a tiny room surrounding you is MEAN, and makes the optional Soulsphere tucked away in a corner of the map practically essential to survive.
  12. Oops, fell behind again. One of these days I'll manage to complete a MegaWAD club writeup in a timely manner. :P Thankfully this time it was because of school starting up; let's keep going from where I left off. MAP10 - Toxic Treatment Lab 95/99 kills, 1/4 secrets While the last level was probably my least favorite of the set so far, this one might be my favorite. Like the much maligned trap in Delta Labs, this level uses hurt floors extensively, the key difference here that makes for a fun level being that you have this wide open, deceptively non-linear level out in front of you (and no timed switches to make navigation a pain in the ass). It helps that there's a copious amount of rad suits spread out throughout the level to keep the chance of getting melted to death low, with the level preferring to let the enemies do that job. Once more, blind corners and monster closets are the weapon of choice for Deadwing's monsters to do their dirty work, with the latter being especially prevalent on this map. While the fights are intense throughout, the award for meanest trap on the map goes to the final encounter, where three monster closets open up in an enclosed space. The pinkies in the rear trap nearly killed me when I tried to make my escape; luckily I had left a few medkits behind in the level for retrieval. As for the map of choice for next month, I'm going to pull a wild card out of my ass and vote for +++ZPack. You're probably asking yourself, "Nuke, why on earth would you vote for ZPack? NOBODY wants to remember ZPack." I will tell you why. I decided to look through the list of WADs that have been done over the past 5 years or so, and while we have done all manner of maps, large to small, atmospheric to slaughtery, professional to amature, we have never, EVER, done a mapset that requires ZDoom to run in all that time. The closest the MegaWAD Club has done to that end is stuff like No End in Sight, which had a couple of ZDoom exclusive levels. No full ZDoom megaWADs, and certainly none that attempt to show off the tricks exclusive to ZDoom that ZPack tries to do. (Whether it does that well, of course, is a matter of discussion, which is the whole point of a club like this, I reckon). In addition, there's almost certainly a number of maps that could use some reassessment as to whether or not they're worthy of being remembered (Who remembers that Skillsaw did some maps for this?). But let's be honest, doing this is really the only way we'll ever get to talk about Thunderpeak, and that's a worthy enough reason in and of itself.
  13. I've been stalling out with my megawad playing. I'm still inching my way through AV HMP, finished MAP25 today and have officially entered the slaughter portion of the set. I'm also making progress through Moonblood for the DWMC (albeit a bit behind due to real life issues), and it's proving to be totally my jam, and what I really want out of a mapset. I figure once I've completed one of those, I'll get started on Hellcore 2.0, maybe go back to my BTSX E1 playthrough soon...
  14. I'm going to try and resume work on an E2 map; with luck I'll have something good to show by year's end.
  15. Had a bit of a depression attack the other week, so I'm quite a bit behind right now. Let's start fixing that! MAP08 - Sewers 99/99 kills, 1/2 secrets Something that's starting to stand out about these pistol starts is that for as non-linear as these levels can get, there's frequently a specific path you need to take to effectively clear the level out. That really stands out with this level, as you really need to take the path that leads to the rocket launcher first thing if you want enough ammo to clear things out (ironically, the rocket launcher itself isn't necessarily what was needed to clear the map out, it was the gentler difficulty on that path that allowed me to ammo up). While not as tough a nut as MAP07, this map has its share of frantic ambushes, like the area you teleport into before the blue key (which actually has two to its name, if you count teleporting in under fire). I continue to appreciate how Deadwing's paths merge back in on one another, with the central hub in this map undergoing interesting changes because of it. That said, this was the first map where I got a bit lost (I had a brainfart after getting the red key, and spent 5 minutes trying to remember where the red door was while passing it up constantly :P ). Also, on the subject of me, it's really weird how everytime in this set so far where I've broke down and started using saves, I managed to clear the level from that point, without the saves. Must be the added confidence boost helping out. MAP09 - Delta Labs Industrial Research 85/85 kills, 2/3 secrets So this level was kinda a grind, not gonna lie. Probably my least favorite level in the set so far. This was mostly due to one area near the end, a fairly painful jog across nukage to hit a timed switch to open a door. Said door had several hitscanners, a revenant, and a lost soul behind it in close quarters, making it difficult to begin with. Missing the door to enter just makes things worse, especially if the rad suit you get beforehand has worn out, as mine did trying to find my way back up. The area is also incredibly dark unless you found the hidden goggles and managed to keep them up until that section, making navigation that much more tricky. The rest of the level fares a bit better. It feels a bit more flexable in how to approach it from pistol start, though not by much due to the high amount of hitscanners pecking away at you from the start. It took me several tries before I managed to get a foothold in the level, eventually carving out the optional yellow key area at the start for a base. Let me tell you, the ammo and weapons behind the yellow doors are certainly not optional. Pain Elementals are annoyingly common in this level, along with a heavy dose of Arachnotrons and Revenants, and you'll want as much plasma and chaingun ammo as possible to deal with them all quick. For all my complaining about the back half of that section earlier, the PE and Spectre ambush around the nukage pit was actually my favorite encounter in the level, due to how frantic things got post ambush.