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  1. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Here's an update to Mansion of Madness: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CeClfpos4PA7T9K9OfnB36-kXphxD-xw Detailing is mostly done, though I still think more could be done to make the map better; I'm just not sure how yet. The main flaw currently is that 3DGE doesn't currently support conveyor belts. I've been told there's a build in the works that will bring full Boom compatibility to 3DGE, however, so unless that build doesn't materialize in time, I'm not too worried about it. Proper sky will by SKY3; that will be added in via DDF come compilation. Feedback and demos are greatly appreciated.
  2. To be fair, he's apparently nursing some broken ribs right now. Not a whole lot that can be done there, even with the volume turned up.
  3. What if ID started working on a DOOM3.wad?

    Regardless of any other sort of monster/weapon addons, we'd probably see something taking advantage of the features Raven added for Hexen: jumping and freelook would be in as a feature, ACS to expand what the engine was capable of, probably some multi-level hub maps. At least, that's how I'd see it if we were talking iD from circa 1996/97 or so. Modern iD, who knows. I'd suspect they'd stick to their own custom engine, rather than fork GZDoom or something, so as to make it more readily available for console purchase. In that case, I'd suspect we'd see more of a throwback release, ala No Rest for the Living. maybe with one new weapon and a couple new monsters. Maybe split into 3 episodes, to mirror a callback to the original Doom (and for another 3 reference).
  4. I think I'll be able to make this, but I might need a 15-30 minute head start on things, since I'll be going to meet up with friends around under an hour after the maps are due.
  5. I don’t know if I’d consider Daytime Drama to be Cacoaward-winning material. I do think that it needs to be recognized in some way though, just for being so...it. Mods like this come only once in a blue moon, and it’s something that needs to be treasured and remembered, just for being so out there.
  6. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    This isn't quite done yet, but it's complete enough that I feel comfortable posting this here, since there's still a fix-up date to go. Name: Mansion of Madness Port: Boom Build time: On and off over the course of 3 weeks; probably around 15-20 hours overall. Music: Sinister, by Bobby Prince Tested in: PRBoom+ Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IJQqYsuBaCevwmJelZALtq_2Yq0r8lrg Feedback and criticism, as ever, is greatly appreciated.
  7. I've found a minor bug in my map with a sector that's not raising properly after walking over it. I'll have a bugfixed version here in about a day or two.
  8. Because Obsidian spent about 45 minutes last time trying to find the 3 textures the last person to use that set chose for their map out of a list of god knows how much. Too much work for a set that's more throwaway than most projects around here. (Not to say that the maps we make for this are throwaway maps or anything! Just that this is a very off-the-cuff kinda thing, and not really a project where we wanna spend a lot of time trying to compile shit). ((Swear to gawd, I'm gonna make a real attempt to get my ass up at 4 this morning to get in on the EU session)). (((Boy howdy, I'm gonna get my "ass" privileges revoked if I keep trying to shoehorn the word into every sentence I write in this thread, aren't I? I blame the St. Patty's Day booze I've had))).
  9. Seems like I won't be making the main session either; have an aunt's birthday dinner that afternoon. I might try staying up for the early morning session, but uh, that's a pretty brutal time for my NA ass to get up to speedmap.
  10. What are you playing now?

    Was bored this morning when I realized I've never tried to pistol-start Doom on UV before. So I blew through KDitD doing just that. Go figure, KDitD is still super fun, all these years later.
  11. Oh ass, hope I can make this one!
  12. Moonblood X [WIP]

    Loved the shit out of Moonblood, love the shit out of ruins levels. No way I'm not on board for this one.
  13. How do YOU speedmap?

    Mostly what I've been doing as of late for speedmaps is start out with a 2048x2048 square, and proceed to hack it apart from there. The biggest flaw with how I'm doing with this so far is that my layouts have tended towards being very square. Hopefully I'll improve on this as I go on, and make more interesting shapes with this the more I do things.
  14. Ultimate Doom Secrets fix?

    To be more specific, both maps have areas that were marked with the secret tag, but are inaccessible without no-clipping into them. E4M3 has a couple torches marked that way, and the invulnerability sphere in E4M7 has some misplaced secret tags.
  15. Should be there for IT, in theory anyway.