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  1. Octavarium

    Who can recommend a complex and immersive map?

    Just seconding Jade Earth and Tourniquet maps. Ah, maybe if I hit myself in the head hard enough, I’ll forget about them and can experience them all over again... Also, I really liked Knee Deep in Zdoom, don’t listen to any smelly haters out there
  2. Octavarium

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    I’ve always figured Eternal/Alexander S. was, in fact, a supercomputer designed for the sole purpose of creating doomy goodness. Kind of like Deepblue, but for a game that’s good (jk I like chess). Anyway, I think someone tripped over his power cable and unplugged him a while back. We need to plug it back in ...nevermind that I think about Eternal in the shower sometimes... his maps are just that groovy!
  3. Memorial is all of doom 2 mushed into one bigass map with a few extra connecty spots mapped in, I think OP wants it to change to each original maps music upon entering that map section. ...which is weird when he could just play doom II like Scotty said but
  4. Octavarium

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Iron Maiden’s mascot was really doom guy all along?!?!
  5. 3 vids: ...side note, not really playing doom for almost a year means I fuckin' suck now. Not that I was good to begin with, but doing more dumbass things than I used to is frustrating. Not your fault, of course, but anyway... Good solid stuff, like Speedy Shit. Shame about map 08 being unfinished, that was shaping up to be my favorite one so far! I can certainly understand about lack of motivation though, so thanks for making what you could here.
  6. Actually trimmed the first attempt out because it ended abruptly and I only saw about half the map, so yeah on the exit signs probably
  7. Octavarium

    Big man.

    If you pay me enough I will dress up like that and stand in your house
  8. Octavarium

    Busted Monitor

    So a few days ago, I managed to fudge my monitor up by basically tipping it forward onto ye olde keyboard. The screen itself doesn't appear to be damaged, as in when it's off there are no cracks or marks or anything of the sort. However! There are now multicolored vertical and horizontal lines as well as a uh, "starburst" crack-like thing coming from the impact site. As far as I can tell from internet searches, it's probably fucked, but I wanted to check with the Official Doomworld Geek Squad to make sure.
  9. good ol' anime tiddies, man
  10. Octavarium

    What did you remember from Toys 'Я' Us?

    The more important question is how did you type the backwards R ...a letter in a different language subbed in? Perhaps Cyrillic? Anyway, never been there so eh
  11. Octavarium

    Any bad games/mods you want to put in defense?

    Quest 64 was oddly awesome, I don't give a hoot what nobody says
  12. Octavarium

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My first thought was of the nucleus/Golgi apparatus/endoplasmic reticulum structures in most animal cells... With a microscopic doomguy thrown in to fuck shit up. I should probably go to bed
  13. Octavarium

    So where does your username come from?

    Better than The Dark Tower? Dang! How does it compare to The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan? Regardless, I'll have to check it out, I love long epic series like these. Thanks. We now return to your regularly scheduled thread