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  1. Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/TeamTNT/ed4_rfo/ed4_rfo1 Especially map 27. Everyone should try that one at least once
  2. Abyssal Speedmapping Session 33 - ph33r

    Damnit, I need to force myself to do more stuff. Working and sleeping is no way to go through life. Someone come to my house on the 20th and force me to try to make something for this
  3. Post a picture of yourself!

    I really wanted my stupid human to let me go here. Also, he needs to do something with that dumb beard
  4. Ugliest Monster

  5. Relyctum.wad

    yes i am currently fine thank you for asking :)
  6. Relyctum.wad

    "Relyctum, damn near killed 'em!" But yeah, these are fun. Like the vertical scale, makes it more... Forbidding? Atmospheric? Something
  7. Chinese food and whisky sh'yeah
  8. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yeah the main problem with 1-unit "slopes" is the headache of manually aligning the textures on the sides. Usually worth it though
  9. It is my hope that this thread will inspire some maps that use Darkening 2's textures because they are just wonderful to look at and run around in ...among? Whatever, you know what I mean. Definitely one of my personal favorite level sets out there.
  10. New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

    Ok, the eye texture with the light that follows you even in no-clipping mode is cool as hell. I need to learn to map in ZDoom format...
  11. Tekgren Tension 2 [Playtest]

    Fun map, as expected from Dutch Devil. It really is great to see more stuff from you! ...I got lost because I'm stupid and didn't see a switch. Somewhat high pressure using limited space and low-tier monsters, real bueno.
  12. Doomed in SPACE (old development thread)

    hey, stop 'im First 3 maps. Small part of 4 before saying fudge it for now. Yeah, so didn't find any bugs. Probably not an overly helpful video but hey, we do what we can here at ye olde Doomworld, yeah?
  13. Doomed in SPACE (old development thread)

    I'm not really that good at feedback as far as gameplay goes because I like a wide variety of level types, and am kind of a pansy as I don't like to step on anyone's creative toes. I do like to look for bugs though! So would youtube videos with (most likely) not much text posted in here help in any way or would it just be annoying?
  14. Painful Cave (Remastered)

    Solid map, though looking back through the comments it seems it was originally a chaingun-centric map? Because that would make it a lot more "painful." As it is now, it's a bit toothless; not that that is necessarily a problem, run-and-gun stuff is always fun for a quick play. Maybe I'll go back and try it with just a chaingun at some point...
  15. Is your home and Doom life separated?

    Yes, I just get made fun of for it so I gave up trying to get my friends into it; used to get called autistic for focusing on the same game for years. It's a dirty Doomy "secret".