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  1. Why "no haters"? If you're asking for an opinion, shouldn't the "haters" be included? Seems like a loaded question to me....I dunno ::shrugs::
  2. Good to see another fellow vegetarian, especially one who plays Doom.
  3. My bad
  4. So you're not a fan of the level The Chasm I take it? lol jk Neither am I...
  5. THIS. So much this. You're my idol. lol
  6. Guns
  7. Off topic here, but Destruction Derby was awesome. RIP Psygnosis...
  8. I HATED those pieces of shit in Duke Nukem. Uggh. But your idea is so nefarious, I had to give it a like.
  9. I can attest to this. Sometimes mindless, dogged determination is the only way to net the best time/speed run of a level.
  10. Kinda like trying to speedrun The Chasm in Doom 2.... goddamn that level....
  11. YESSSS!!! This. So much this.
  12. ^^^I believe this to be from the Dune mini-series that was on the Sci-Fi channel (before it became the Sy-Fy channel, but I digress) back in 2000-ish. I believe this to be the homeworld, Giedi Prime. I just watched the Blu-Ray fairly recently and I think this is it. And yes, it looks amazing as a hell scene/area/level.
  13. LOVED the chaingun in Valiant; made me feel like Jesse Ventura in Predator. Or Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2, if you prefer.
  14. ^^^You said here what I was thinking but couldn't put into words. 2 thumbs up.
  15. So sorry for that.... my condolences...for being among the Mormons.