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  1. I remember that someone said that he's left handed, but since some weapons like the Shotgun are harder to use that way, he uses them like a right handed person. Disclaimer: I'm just repeating what that guy said. I don't really know about this.
  2. The Steam version doesn't include the soundtrack. Copyright issues I think.
  3. I guess it would be, in a way. We do know that having an ambient soundtrack for Doom isn't a bad idea (as seen in Doom 64 and the PSX version) but I don't know if Halo's soundtrack would fit. It would be an interesting experiment though.
  4. You're not really comparing Quake's soundtrack to Halo's, are you?
  5. @CARRiON That's the most amazing thing I've read in a long while. You're my god now.
  6. Are we talking about ZDoom-based ports? If so, I always use it. It basically gives you the same info as the original HUD but in a much more efficient way.
  7. Well, we're talking about a 20+ year old game. I certainly wouldn't expect all people to talk about smart stuff for that long :P
  8. I just wanted to mention that I really love Doom maps (and other games) that focus on atmosphere and exploration, but I still prefer Plutonia over Evilution. While it has its moments, it doesn't seem to do anything right for too long IMO.
  9. If it's well designed I think it could be interesting, but more often than not it just becomes a nuisance during combat.
  10. That's really interesting, actually. That's because the Berserk powerup just multiplies the 2-20 damage by 10, right? So 2*10=20 and 20*10=200. They didn't think about that and the damage range ended up being really stupid lol.
  11. The other day I saw an archway and I thought "Wow, that sure has a lot of polygons!". Thankfully it just affected me for like half a second before I realized that stuff in real life is not, in fact, made out of polygons.


    I also saw some decorations in an "S" formation on a floor, and it made me wonder how many linedefs it had. Oh, and during a morning with a lot of fog I thought "The draw distance here sucks!".


    Don't ever give me a gun. My brain is so confused that I'd probably end up shooting someone during Halloween.

    1. R1ck


      if you are for real you need to get to local clinic for psychiatric evaluation or something like that :I

    2. KVELLER


      Yeah, I'm not doing that :D


      As I said, these things happen for like half a second, and I'm not going to go see a psychiatric just because of a bit of insanity that isn't affecting me at any important level.



      Don't ever give me a gun. My brain is so confused that I'd probably end up shooting someone during Halloween.

      I was just kidding here, though.

  12. DoomRL Arsenal is a great one. It adds a bunch of weapons and armors from Doom, The Roguelike (a fan game). It has four player classes for you to choose from, but the highlight here is the ludicrous amount of stuff you can find. There are just tons and tons of weapons and they all have different "rarity levels", so some of them won't spawn unless you get really lucky. If you're really lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you see it) you can find game-breaking equipement, like a self-reparing armor that has 100% resistance to all damage types, for instance. Also, yes, I mentioned damage types. There are four of them: melee, bullet, fire and plasma. This adds some strategy to te mix as well. Do you want an armor with a little bit of protection to all kinds of damage, or maybe something that'll just protect you from a specific damage type, but with great effectivity? TL;DR: A great mod with great variety. Highly recommended.
  13. HowToBasic reference?
  14. That's from one of the console ports.
  15. I've never had a crush on a fictional character, and I probably never will. One of the reasons why I avoid this is because I'm sure I'd just end up really sad because, you know, IT DOESN'T EXIST. That's why I don't play dating simulators either. I end up kinda depressed because I'm not nearly as good at that in real life hahaha... haha... ha... ha... ...