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  1. I just finished playing this and loved it! My personal favorite was MAP22, I really liked the spooky atmosphere. MAP26 was pretty cool too. As for levels (or level, I should say) I didn't like, I thought MAP15 was a nightmare to navigate, but most of the fights were fun at least. Oh yeah, that Archvile-centric level a la Plutonia was fantastic (and I don't like those enemies at all!) and the hub map was incredibly atmospheric. I'll stop now before I start a borderline uncomprehensible rambling about how much fun I had. EDIT: I don't want to double post, so I'll just say here something I remembered: I spent like 20 minutes running around MAP25 without knowing what to do beacuse I missed the fact that these are, in fact, doors! They should definitely have some light on them or something. When I saw them I just assumed they were decorated walls. I did have the Computer Area Map, but it's still easy to miss stuff like that in big maps.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ...I had to go to the ZDoom wiki and look at the code for both classes to see for myself. I can't believe I never noticed this.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'd say that's partly because of how easy it is to end up going through the maps by memory, without really knowing what switches do or where keys are. It just becomes second nature. I remember that the first (and last) time I played the original games on Nightmare, I realised how I didn't know most of the crucial points necessary for progression in a lot of maps, which really made getting to the exit as quickly as possible quite hard. I distinctily remember being shocked when I got to E2M6 and couldn't remember where any of the keys were, despite having played the games for like 15 years at that point.
  4. I think it's cool as a concept, but in practice whoever's playing would probably go "THIS IS BULLSHIT!" and stop playing before long. Maybe it could work in a (G)ZDoom map with some scripting after player death to really convey that dying was the intention, rather than the result of a horribly unbalanced map.

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Just some pixel art I made of Hitori Bocchi, from the anime Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu. I had to after a friend of mine recommended it to me and got me a tad obsessed with moe anime lol. Those shows absorbed my soul. I am now nothing but a shadow of my former self.
  6. That is true. The overwhelming majority of the people who are protesting over here are from the middle class. Yeah, but that's not very useful. He's the one who needs to gtfo. Besides, the interior minister we have now is even worse than the previous one! He apparently supports the military wholeheartedly, which led to them behaving even worse last night. I don't know any details though. And here's a fun fact for everyone: a math teacher who damaged a subway tollbooth was identified and imprisoned in a maximum security jail. On the other hand, a policeman confessed having raped a woman and he's free. His only punishment is having to go sign a document every fifteen days.
  7. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of countries where the authorities don't give a damn about the commonfolk. The difference is how obvious it is at first glance. There's no need to use lethal force if the cattle are calm. That sucks :/ I don't understand how some people can be so damn stupid when voting. It's the same with us. Our president is a moron, but everyone knew that well before the elections (he had already been the president once), yet he still got elected a second time. "If we don't vote for him, we'll be like in Venezuela!" some said, because of course, we're in paradise right now.
  8. Where do I start... ok, first of all, this is going to be a rant. This is a goddamn mess, and I'm still hearing gunshots outside, so don't expect me to write something with a good structure. So, about a week ago, the price for a subway ticket in the capital was raised by 30 CLP (about 0.04 USD). It's a pretty small amount for sure, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. People are VERY fucking pissed off, to the point where riots and protests started to occur all over the country, not because of a low rise on a stupid subway ticket, but because of the bullshit we, as citizens, have been enduring for decades. Chile went through a military dictatorship from 1973 to 1989. After it stopped, we supposedly entered democracy, but that was bullshit. It seems like every time there's a problem and people go to the streets and speak up, politicians either ignore everyone altogether, or make changes that, while seemingly good on first glance, end up being worse than what we already had. The minimum legal salary is so low that it's just barely enough for someone to scrap by (maybe not even that), and the average salary isn't much higher. Old people's pensions are often about a third of the miminum salary, literally not enough to survive. Public health care is shit. Pretty much all of the country has been sold to international companies, I mean, they even started to export fucking water. You know, that resource that's incredibly valuable and we should probably save for later? All of this while politicians with absurdly high salaries sell everything that isn't nailed down while avoiding taxes (and jail, like it's the case with our president). This is why people are really angry. So angry in fact, that many people started burning down buildings from big corporations (McDonalds, Coca Cola, a bunch of banks, etc). "Oh, people are so violent! They should protest in a pacific manner!" the news reporters say. Yeah, just like people have been doing for three fucking decades to no avail. For fuck's sake, just open a history book and check whether or not you can get good results without resorting to violence. When you have a bunch of soulless assholes as your opponents, good faith ain't gonna cut it. With that said, some of the fires were not, in fact, caused by citizens, but by either the police or the military in an attempt to justify their presence (I'm assuming). Hey actually, let's talk about the police and the military, the meat and potatos of this whole situation (and the reason I'm writing this in the first place). A few days ago, our great, very smart and beloved president (jk he's a fucking idiot) had the wonderful idea of literally saying "WE ARE AT WAR" and releasing the goddamn military onto the streets - something we hadn't seen since the 1973 dictatorship - with the excuse of "protecting the citizens and their freedom". Bullshit. They're on the streets to protect the goverment and their interests, nothing more. There's also another problem. They're fucking psychopaths, just like the cops. In the best case scenario, people are pummeled, captured and, in some cases, tortured by the police, and in the worst case scenario they're just straight up gunned down by the military. Of course, this doesn't happen to everyone, not by a long shot, but the body count isn't low and I'm sure we can't trust the official numbers. There are videos on social media where you can see those guys just shooting at people without a care in the world, and in at least one you can see them piling up bodies like they're nothing of value. This still feels like a dream. It's surreal. I know it's happening, but... somehow... It doesn't feel real. It's just absurd. The only thing I can do is hope. Hope that the guys in charge give in once and for all, and we can move on with a better country. But in the meantime, the more foreign eyes on us, the better. We need international pressure. I doubt a post on a forum about some videogame will make a big impact, but it's all I can do.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's probably just a coincidence, but the ceiling in MAP30's main room pulsates in sync with the music. It's not perfect though.
  10. This is a version of Smooth Doom which includes brightmaps for enemies, weapons, items and textures. It also has some minor changes detailed below. At this point in time, it only includes brightmaps for the vanilla content (i.e. no support for Doom 64 stuff and variants), but this might change in the future. Improvements: All weapons now have the appropriate icon for the alternate HUD. Weapons now leave the appropriate decals. Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer drop red blood upon gibbing. Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer bleed in two different shades of the same color. Added support for stealth monsters. Got rid of some translucent pixels in a few sprites. Misc changes (which you might or might not like): Gibs will no longer spawn during gibbing animations. The shower of blood is still there. The color saturation of most dynamic lights has been lowered to match the values in GZDoom's lights.pk3. The Berserk powerup will no longer make the player auto switch to the fist on pickup. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD Credits: Gifty for Smooth Doom (see full list in Credits.txt) NightFright for Brightmaps Plus TheUnbeholden for the texture brightmaps (if anyone has direct contact with him, please tell him someone (me) is bundling his brightmaps with something else. I PM'd him to ask for permission, but he is unlikely to respond if his "last visited" date is any indication.)

    little shitty re-design of imp

    It kind of reminds me of the Imp from the movie.

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    @Agent Strange That kind of thing is a good candidate for the Random Image Thread.
  13. I had a lot of fun playing this! MAP05 was a chore for me though. It overstays it's welcome IMO. Also, I have a suggestion: There's this area in MAP07 where you have to go through one of the hallways at the sides of the blue keycard switch, and I just kept running past them time and time again. I think the area is way too gray, so the entrances end up blending with the environment. Maybe a red stripe like the ones you can see on the left could signal that the player can go through there.

    Some Doom 64 Upscaled Smooth Weapon Sprites

    When I read the title I rolled my eyes, expecting to see yet another oily mess, but holy shit these look fantastic! My only complaint is that some of the sprites have a fairly noticeable black outline.

    How to get Doom running on your NES.

    I'd love to have a full playlist with those awesome NES renditions of the game's music.