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    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Everyone hail to the power of voxels! (From UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot) And here's a bonus, unrelated image:

    Random Image Thread

    ...Excuse me?
  3. And it can only be hurt by enemy projectiles.
  4. Is it really necessary for the barracks to be that realistic? I doubt many people will actually stop to think about it (that's if they actually give a damn about the story in the first place).

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)

    I'm guessing lighting still needs to be finsihed right? Because it looks very "flat" in those screenshots.

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah, I guess I was misinformed, sorry about that. It's just that the whole "run away and hide" type of gameplay doesn't appeal to me, no matter how good the atmosphere can be. I played Silent Hill because you have means to defend yourself, even if sometimes it's still a better idea to avoid confrontations. No problem! I love talking and hearing (reading?) opinions about games :)

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    First of all, I have to point out that I haven't played Amnesia (and don't intend to). Now, Silent Hill didn't really scare me all that much, and I'm sure other games (hell, even Doom 3 at times) have more immediate scares and potentially stressful areas, but what SH did was get under my skin and torment me even when I wasn't playing. But anyway, that probably differs from person to person.
  8. If you really don't want to do that, I could do it for you.

    Doom vs Quake, how many frames of animation for monsters?

    So, are Quake 2's animations the same as Quake 1's when it comes to frames per second? They look smoother just because of model interpolation, right? I'm pretty sure GLQuake had the exact same amount of fps for animations, and it didn't have interpolation either. You can run GLQuake on modern hardware and animations are going to look just as choppy as they did back in the day.

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My family once had a high social status in France, and somewhere along the way we lost our money and ended up in Chile. In a somewhat related note, my great grandfather was a french deserter from World War I.
  11. The earlier game I can think of is Quake 2, from 1997. I'm not sure if it was exclusive to the OpenGL renderer or not, but there was a slider for adjusting texture quality on the video options.

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    If you like well done psychological horror, you're seriously missing out by not playing it.

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I... uh... had to stop playing Silent Hill. I quite literally started to feel sick when I was playing, and it just got worse the more I played it, to the point where I was stressing myself more than I was having fun. I'm... kind of embarrassed, heh. The game is too well done, more than what I'm able to handle, apparently.

    Return To Hell. (My first old school megawad)

    I don't think it's a good idea to think that way. There have been a lot of projects throughout history (not all of them Doom-related) that have had years and years of work and effort put into them, just to fail miserably at the end. That said, your work will speak for itself and become popular if it deserves it.

    A shorter and better Doom II

    No love for Industrial Zone? That's one of my favorite Doom 2 maps.