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  1. That's why we imagine those things ;) I think it'd be cool if you could turn enemies into ashes just by looking at them, or summon meteorite rains.
  2. I mean... you have us. Sure, we're just some randos on the internet, but worse is nothing right? Besides, I'm sure a lot of people here are willing to help you however they can (as you've seen already).
  3. They were pretty good in BF2 though. They're very unpredictable and are able to kill you really easily if you don't pay attention. And even if playing with bots isn't the best thing ever, IMO it's certainly better than the "cinematic" campaigns of most modern military shooters.
  4. In which way did they nerf them?
  5. After two failed attempts at getting into Diablo, I tried again, and apparently I succeeded. I finally managed to get the hang of it, and I'm having fun! The combat still pisses me off a little, but then again, I've always thought that the combat in RPGs is utter garbage. It makes me feel like I don't have enough control over my character. Despite me not liking the combat all that much, the sound design and the overall atmosphere are just wonderful (especially in the catacombs, where I'm currently in). The voice acting might be some of the best I've heard on a game as well, giving each of the characters a distinct feeling. It might run at a low resolution, but it still looks really good, actually. The sprites and the animations are top notch. If there's something to crtiticize IMO, it's the procedurally generated levels. I rather have 10 levels that are well designed than 30 that look all the same. Sure, you have more replayability value, but it's still just a bunch of mazes.
  6. I actually started playing again today and managed to kill him with the warrior. I didn't do anything special, besides making sure that I was the one to deal the first blow so he didn't stunlock me to death.
  7. 2007 wanted its joke back.
  8. So last time I played Diablo I got obliterated after a while using the barbarian, and what do you know? The barbarian wasn't even a class in the original game, and I had no idea. It was an addition made by the Belzebub mod, which I thought just allowed you to play with a higher resolution, but nope. It adds extra items, spells and other things.


    I don't care if I have to mess around a bit more to get the original game running, I just don't want to play it with mods without finishing it at least once on its original form.

    1. ShotgunDemolition


      Yes, finishing a game, first without mods, is also something I always like to do.

      About the Barb, I just knew that Diablo 1 had only 3 classes, yet this status update made me search on the wiki and I saw that the Barb was also available in Hellfire (I still don't know much about Hellfire.


      Anyways, here is the thing I found I lacked with my first Warrior playthrough (I too got my ass kicked and I don't know if I can save that playthrough anymore, though I might make a new one sometime):

      When I would up my Strength, I could do damage, but I was slow.

      When I would up my Dexterity, I could hit faster, but I was weak.

      Plus, Dexterity is supposed to be prioritized, because for some reason, it is more effective in a Warrior and I didn't know.


      So, I needed to find the perfect balance between the two and that was something that a first timer couldn't have known without research, which means that it got ugly really fast (I think I got to level 3 or 4 and I managed to kill the Butcher with luck, but I haven't played the game ever since, because of getting stomped).



      Meanwhile in Diablo 2, it is a whole lot easier (you just have to take care of the spells and follow a certain build). Last time I played, I was kicking the enemies' asses in Act 2 and if I ever decide to continue playing, I can definitely do more progress, without trying as hard as in the first game.

      And the Paladin is great fun.

  9. In my case it was because I was butchered by the Butcher and rage quit lol. I have to try again with another class.
  10. I need to try to get into Diablo again. I wasn't able to do so before, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing out.
  11. @dmg_64 That poor Lamborghini.
  12. Can I ask how does that work?