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  1. What was your first ever video game?

    Probably Super Mario World or Mario Advance 4 (Mario 3). I'm still bad at both of them.
  2. Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    I agree, doom isn't a political issue. (I hope it stays that way)
  3. Any Good slaughtermap Megawads?

    Thanks! will be sure to check all these out
  4. TNT: Revilution

    A midi version of Parabola by tool was playing on the first level. PARABOLA. I applaud the creator for having an absolutely amazing taste in music
  5. I seem to not be able to find wads that can be compared to sunlust or valiant, any suggestions?
  6. Vanguard

    absolutely amazing to play, i especially loved Map 13 because it is amazingly designed and for some reason i just really like hell themed levels. A must play