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  1. Darkrai

    Can anyone recommend any good Doom downloads?

    Try The Void of Hell by Zrrion the insect. It's really hard but also very fun.
  2. Darkrai

    What was your first ever video game?

    Probably Super Mario World or Mario Advance 4 (Mario 3). I'm still bad at both of them.
  3. Darkrai

    Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    I agree, doom isn't a political issue. (I hope it stays that way)
  4. Darkrai

    Any Good slaughtermap Megawads?

    Thanks! will be sure to check all these out
  5. Darkrai

    TNT: Revilution

    A midi version of Parabola by tool was playing on the first level. PARABOLA. I applaud the creator for having an absolutely amazing taste in music
  6. I seem to not be able to find wads that can be compared to sunlust or valiant, any suggestions?
  7. Darkrai


    absolutely amazing to play, i especially loved Map 13 because it is amazingly designed and for some reason i just really like hell themed levels. A must play