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  1. Dealing with materials, I'm trying to rewrite the gui/hell/stamina material to scroll only a single TGA but getting it to do 3 things simultaneously, that is, scroll, have translucency, and exist within the box for stamina is proving to be difficult. Currently I have it written: gui/hell/stamina { { blend blend map guis/assets/hud/mp/lstafill2.tga // colored } { maskcolor map guis/assets/hud/mp/lstafill2.tga scroll time * -1, 0 // colored } This reuses the top part of the original code where lstafill2.tga has an alpha channel the shape of the stamina bar. Since I don't want all the effects that the original material had which combined more than one image together, this has been a challenging material to figure out so I'm sort of lost at this point.
  2. I'm replacing the wheels on the tablecart but trying to use deform sprite to get the 2D image of the wheels I'm not understanding. If I write it like this: models/mapobjects/tablecart1ball { deform sprite bumpmap addnormals(models/mapobjects/lab/labcart_wheel/poppawheely_local.tga, heightmap(models/mapobjects/lab/labcart_wheel/poppawheely_h.tga, 4 ) ) specularmap models/mapobjects/lab/labcart_wheel/poppawheely_s.tga { map models/mapobjects/lab/labcart_wheel/poppawheely_d.tga blend diffusemap alphatest .9 } } The result is wheels that show up totally black in-game. If there's some limitation to deform sprite, I rewrote it to just: models/mapobjects/tablecart1ball { deform sprite { blend blend map models/mapobjects/lab/labcart_wheel/poppawheely_d.tga } } With this, it appears the same brightness no matter what. Does anyone know what is wrong with the first material that causes it to draw black or why the second ignores the light in the room?
  3. Alright I figured it out. I had to write a new GUI for it, make a new material for it, make changes to changing to the new GUI, and altering the delay on one of the triggers from 36.5 to fit the length of the new video (in case anyone else ever tries this). I replaced it because I play with the marine wearing his helmet and I wanted the outro in the game to reflect that.
  4. I've encoded a new video to replace the ROQ played in place of the current one on hellhole, but the way that the current video is tied to rescue.gui and the has me lost. All the stuff the GUI adds is nothing I want on the replacement, which I would like played as-is and at the new length that is longer than rescue.roq. Trying to write a new GUI for the new video and swap the GUI name in the map results in the game saying the GUI ended unexpectedly. I could use some help with this replacement.
  5. As far as I know it largely just reuses content from the base game and ROE.
  6. Extracting out the RESOURCES file for it, they do look to be text formats, but they're laid out differently from what vanilla DOOM 3 has. For example, I'm not sure where the CM and PROC files are that belong with each map.
  7. I've been looking through Google trying to find a sprite sheet of all of the full sprites for the HUD weapons but I haven't been successful. The sheets I keep finding have the sprites cropped off, sometimes even moreso than the final game, discarding what happens to be below the screen, but pre-release versions of DOOM had the full uncropped sprites for all of the weapons. Would anyone happen to have these?
  8. Is it possible once the files are extracted out of a RESOURCES file to use the maps in normal DOOM 3? Perhaps someone already tried to do this, but le_hell and le_hell_post of the Lost Mission would be neat to play in normal DOOM 3.
  9. It's definitely the player shadow being cast on the plasmagun viewmesh, but no other weapon has this behavior. I've noticed that on, say, a dead monster corpse, the plasma gun will cast a shadow on them but the other weapons won't, so there is something different about the plasma gun but I can't seem to find it.
  10. I do have another question: The soulcube viewmesh has a light on the front of it... Where is that light defined so I can make changes to it?
  11. I figured it out. It was an issue with how the images were being blended. Replacing blend add with blend blend prevents the green from being transparent to varying degrees on top of the red.
  12. I've changed the color of the lights on doors for locked/unlocked but I'm noticing that, while the red image appears correctly, the green image seems to be a combination of both the "locked" and "unlocked" images. Looking through the material files, I found textures/base_door/doorlight { //noShadows qer_editorimage textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga bumpmap textures/base_door/doorlight_local.tga diffusemap textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga { if ( parm7 == 0 ) blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga colored } { if ( parm7 == 1 ) blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga colored } } textures/base_door/doorlight_red_to_green { qer_editorimage textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga bumpmap textures/base_door/doorlight_local.tga diffusemap textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga { if ( parm7 == 1 ) blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_red.tga rgb 5 } { if ( parm7 == 0 ) blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga rgb 5 } } textures/base_door/doorlight_grn { //noShadows qer_editorimage textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga bumpmap textures/base_door/doorlight_local.tga diffusemap textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga { blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga colored } } Does anyone know enough about the material files who knows what needs changed to get green to appear fully opaque rather than a mixture?
  13. I can import and export from Blender. It's the rest of the process.
  14. There is a mod I added to the game that changes the rocket launcher mesh and comes with the changed viewmesh and the lwo for the pickup, but doesn't include a worldmesh to appear in the hands of the player in 3rd person. I've done a tiny little bit using Blender 2.49 that can import and export the MD5 mesh/anim but I haven't swapped out part of a mesh before, particularly while leaving the bones intact. Since the animation would be identical along with the bones (I'm pretty sure the worldmesh only has 1 animation with a single frame as a file for the articulated figure anyway), the only real change needed is of the visible mesh. I'm wondering if anyone could coach me through doing this or assist in some way as I have not done this before? I've included a 7zip file with the worldmesh and the LWO. Thanks. RL.7z
  15. Basically, I adjusted the position of the plasmagun viewmesh and sometimes the player casts shadows on the gun. I'm wondering how to disable this for this viewmesh?