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  1. Sharpie

    How did you guys learn how to map?

    I first started mapping YEARS ago, making terrible maps in SRB2 Doom Builder (and not knowing how to make a MAPINFO lump), and then I got back into mapping when I saw Jimmy's "The Joy of Mapping" series. It reminded me that mapping was simple, and mapping for Doom wouldn't involve weird, out of map "control sectors" for special effects. I downloaded Zone Builder (A fork of GZDoom builder that works for Doom games and SRB2) and got to work. I then released my first map in several builds, getting different people to test each one for me. When I finished it, I submitted it to the Doomworld 2016 Mega Project. it's map49 if you wanna play it by the way
  2. Sharpie

    Plutonia MIDI Pack: OPL Synth cover

    Thanks! And don't worry, I always have the chips at max. Because I figure, might as well have the chips there in case something needs them.
  3. Sharpie

    Plutonia MIDI Pack: OPL Synth cover

    Personally, I'd love the GENMIDI lump. Gives a feel more akin to some Genesis games with their raw, harsh FM instruments.
  4. Sharpie

    Unofficial Expansions for Doom

    I find it funny that a lot of people are comparing Perdition's Gate to TNT, since it was originally going to be a third episode for Final DOOM. Shawn Green even loved it.
  5. It does. I was still in pull-ups when it originally came out, but I tested it on my scrappy laptop and it runs fine. No frame drops at all. Still ugly with all the detailing though.
  6. Sharpie

    Wikipedia calls Freedoom a game, is that correct?

    Actually, HacX is an IWAD now, so it's a game too. It's also a game in the sense that started this topic, if you look on the iOS app store.
  7. So far, I've been loving the maps I've been playing. One little thing, though. The lack of music in the hub map bothered me, so I edited the MAPINFO to give it the warp room music from Crash 3. Just a little nitpick.
  8. Sharpie

    The end of ZDoom

    Really. This is a bad thread title. ZDoom isn't DEAD dead. It's just been reborn. The original ZDoom was old, and failing. It died, and from the ashes, it was reborn as QZDoom!
  9. Sharpie

    Is it still possible to buy DOOM RPG (for mobiles)?

    D-GLES and D-Touch are good. Though I've heard that D-Touch is better. I'm on an android that has the Google Play store, so I can't get it normally.
  10. Sharpie

    The /newstuff Chronicles #524

    Personally, I loved Shrooms when I was going to review it. Though that's probably because I'm a big fan of mindfuck type maps. Due to that bias, I probably shouldn't have reviewed it anyways.
  11. Sharpie

    Trouble running Invasion maps w/ Brutal Doom

    No idea what it could be, but try changing the load order. Also, do you have any other WADs loaded? Perhaps one of them is causing some kind of conflict.
  12. Sharpie

    What's your prefered Midi Device?

    MAME OPL2. If anyone knows how to get Emu De Midi in GZDoom, I'd really like it.
  13. Sharpie

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I have no idea where this is, but I saw a video of a mod of Plutonia, where EVERY enemy is a revenant. There are even Spectre Revenants. I swear it was something like "Final Doom: The Skeleton Experiment". If it's any help, the video was using The Living Tombstone's remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons.
  14. Sharpie

    Specific Things in Doom that Amuse You Greatly

    Any time Lost Souls infight, I tend to just stand there and watch as they charge into each other around 10 times before one dies.
  15. Updated my map. Link is the same as in my original post, but I'll post it here for convenience. Changes: Removed an exit linedef that was leftover from an earlier version of the map. Changed music to the Final Egg midi because more people preferred it.