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  1. kaleb.

    [WIP] Park Place

    MAP01 version 2 is up! lemme know how it is
  2. kaleb.

    [WIP] Park Place

    nah id love some guest maps! :)
  3. kaleb.

    [WIP] Park Place

    yeah in the text file i list that as one of the big inspirations. and thanks for showing me this, ill patch that out rn
  4. kaleb.

    [WIP] Park Place

    yeah actual difficulty and monster placement are my biggest downfalls i feel. which is the main reason i wanted to release one map at a time. and yeah i dont use zdoom very often so i know that it works in boom compatible ports ill definitely put your suggestions to use, thanks a lot dude :)
  5. kaleb.

    [WIP] Park Place

    Maps: Only 1 so far (going to be 4 (maybe more?)) Port: Boom compatible IWAD: Doom 2 No jumping/crouching Just a (soon-to-be) small series of maps using music from Westwood's 1995 Monopoly PC Game. Decided to release one map at a time in order to get some criticism and "perfect" the map as much as I can before really starting another, in hopes to make me wanna map more. So yeah, only one map so far, demos and criticism very much appreciated! DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5blnp19m38b5s3r/parkplace_a2.zip
  6. hey guys it took 6 years of constant lurking but i finally hit 100 posts lol

  7. kaleb.

    Forum Update?

    ^ i agree with pink/purple suggestion
  8. kaleb.

    Forum Update?

    personally i like this new new redesign a hell of a lot :)
  9. kaleb.

    Brutal Doom v19

    umm...thanks dude
  10. kaleb.

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    team fortress 2. lots and lots of team fortress 2. i also bought and started prey (2017) like 2 months ago but i keep forgetting to go back to it.
  11. kaleb.

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    i usually use glboom+ and chocolate/crispy, and sometimes gzdoom when i just quickly wanna drag a wad to the shortcut on my desktop
  12. kaleb.

    Jet Buster - $6.99 until November 1

    man i need to buy this whenever i get into some money, nice job man
  13. kaleb.

    what is your favorite doom port

    PrBoom+ or Eternity when i play a megawad, GZDoom when i play a mod or just some small thing
  14. kaleb.

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    fancy blinking light