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  1. i usually use glboom+ and chocolate/crispy, and sometimes gzdoom when i just quickly wanna drag a wad to the shortcut on my desktop
  2. man i need to buy this whenever i get into some money, nice job man
  3. PrBoom+ or Eternity when i play a megawad, GZDoom when i play a mod or just some small thing
  4. fancy blinking light
  5. god damn lots of people liked my last post. y'all are gonna be disappointed when you guys find out im terrible at making maps gameplay wise lol
  6. some screenshots from a wad ive been working on for like 2 years (but i only have 2 small maps started so far lol)
  7. trying to change my pfp to an animated version but it keeps squishing the hell out of it for some reason
  8. comic sans on return to castle wolfenstein
  9. lol no but good idea
  10. a picture to a map that'll never be released, 1 revenant.wad (unless someone wants it for some reason)
  11. i love big sprawling nonlinear tech bases. like vela pax, and the first level of junko.
  12. desktop that i built OS: Windows 10, Linux Mint XFCE CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB RAM: 8GB DDR4 Hard Drive: 1TB Western Digital 7200RPM Monitor: i dont have one yet, so i have to use my 720p TV and having to look up while using it killls my neck lol
  13. Skulltag back in 2009/2010 was my first online multiplayer experience...well also i think club penguin back in like 2006 lol