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  1. kaleb.

    Have you never made a DOOM map before??

    i've been making maps for 15 years. you wouldn't know since i never ever ever release anything. but i easily have over like 2-3000+ hours of doom mapping under my belt...
  2. kaleb.

    Other Map Editors

    Yep, August 20 2023 is the latest stable release.
  3. kaleb.

    Other Map Editors

    A few I can think of Trenchbroom (Quake/Quake 2/Hexen 2/Daikatana), Mapster32 a part of EDuke32 package (Duke Nukem 3D/Blood/Shadow Warrior/etc.), GTKRadiant (Quake/Quake 2/Quake III Arena/QuakeLive/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force/Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy/Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory), Hammer for Source Engine games. I'm sure there plenty other I don't know about
  4. kaleb.

    What are you playing Doom on these days?

    i7 10700, MSI RTX 2060 12GB Edition, 16GB RAM DDR4 2933MHz Windows 11 & Fedora Linux HP X27q 1440p 165hz 27-inch, LG 24GN50W 1080p 144hz 24-inch good enough for most maps in software renderer...mostly... handles literally anything in DSDA-Doom tho
  5. kaleb.

    What did you miss

    Most TV shows and movies. I'm one of those freaks who almost exclusively watches YouTube or Twitch.
  6. kaleb.

    Favorite Sound In DOOM

    i agree with switches. i play around with going back and forth in menus because of it lol
  7. kaleb.

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    you can only have so much detail with 256 colors. the further you are from a texture in a dark room, the less colors itll have to use.
  8. kaleb.

    Unable to run mods in GzDoom

    Yeah just put all the pk3/wad/zips in there and it'll load it as long as theyre all compatible with another. (example: loading Project Brutality with Alien Vendetta + Widescreen assests + Alien Vendetta MIDI project.)
  9. kaleb.

    Unable to run mods in GzDoom

    You're probably better off just getting it from ModDB which has it already bundled into a pk3. Or you could manually zip it all back up into a PK3 file using SLADE.
  10. kaleb.

    Why doomwik.org than fandom doom?

    I mean... just LOOK at it, man. Multiple annoying ass ads. Outdated articles. And honestly it's just much uglier than the neat and organized DoomWiki.
  11. I know DSDA and Nugget/Woof lets you resurrect by doing IDDQD after you die
  12. how is typing "idclev 04" harder than "nextmap" lol
  13. - FOV slider / console command - Multiple resolutions (sometimes i want 4:3/200p/600p and sometimes i want 16:9/1080p) - Ability to take clean screenshots with no hud elements or viewmodel - Lets me use loopmidi + sc55emu for midi
  14. kaleb.

    Source Port of Choice

    Nugget Doom mainly. It's one of the very few software renderer ports that actually has an FOV slider. And the fully mouse driven UI is a big plus too since I have a 60% keyboard with no arrow keys.
  15. kaleb.

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    was searching thru my old wads. heres a level i made back in 2015. its not very good at all gameplay wise. but visually it was pretty damn good for 16 year old me. here it is, and as a bonus ONE WHOLE EMPTY ROOM on MAP02. don't say i never did anything for ya.