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  1. beast

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    A nice idea on the bug list @Pegleg. If we can reproduce any crashes I could run it through gdb and perhaps get a more detailed trace of the problem. I have looked at the Eureka source somewhat, I am no C-programmer (mostly Lua) but I can investigate some. I have been incommunicado for the past month as I have been abroad in Australia for work. For what it's worth there is a shortcut to apply the next free tag to your selection, hit META-f (for fresh) and META-l (for last/highest used tag). Meta would be the ";" key.
  2. beast

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Never underestimate the power of contrasting light levels. Compare this hallway from DTWID (E2M4) with light variation:
  3. beast

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Video montage of episode I of the "Doom the Way id Did" megawad
  4. beast

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I love this series!
  5. Yes please @Arbars. The Libre Office open document spreadsheet is for download on the cheatsheet page. I am happy to add your translated work to the project if you feel generous. I have not come across this myself but I try keep my sector merges simple as possible. I would love to get a better idea of how to replicate this issue, perhaps we can find a solution that works.
  6. beast

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    In the beginning was the command line is an essay by Neal Stephenson that deftly addresses the metaphors of operating systems, hardware and users.
  7. beast

    Reverberation Station

    @HAK3180 that is how feel about it too. I tried a different process (creating a bunch of separate areas and link them together) instead of my usual way. Thanks for that. I also need to pay more attention to vanilla compatibility as @printz pointed out.
  8. beast

    Reverberation Station

    Try a Boom compatible port @printz, sorry about that.
  9. beast

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Looking forward to watching that @Bushpig2dope 🤘 I mapped another possessed techbase, @xvertigox, if you please. I'm in two minds if it's any good, but at least it's short. Doom2, UV recommended at around 10 minutes playtime. :)
  10. beast

    Time of Depression (wip attempt at mapping)

    I couldn't reach the yellow door but had hell of a fun time trying. beast_tod_fda.lmp.zip
  11. beast

    Reverberation Station

    Yet another techbase level, or is it? hell is closing in. shoot stuff and get out. reverbstat.wad.zip brutal feedback is welcomed edit: pertinent details: Port: Boom compatible Game: DOOM2, Map01 Coop: Starts only All Difficulty Settings
  12. beast

    Help: custom sky texture tiling

    So I split the sky image into 4 patches of 256x128 and updated wadinfo.txt to include these: [levels] MAP01 [patches] RSKY1 RSKY1B RSKY1C RSKY1D [textures] TEXTURE1 And updated textures1.txt to build the default SKY1 texture from multiple patches, with appropriate offsets: ;Format of textures: ;TextureName Width Height ;* PatchName Xoffset Yoffset SKY1 1024 128 * RSKY1 0 0 * RSKY1B 256 0 * RSKY1C 512 0 * RSKY1D 768 0 ;End But the sky still does not pan correctly, the engine only seems to recognize the first image and repeats it instead of using the other patches. I am putting this task on hold for now, I thought it would be interesting to try but am running a bit short on time. Anyway thanks all for the feedback everyone 🤘
  13. beast

    Help: custom sky texture tiling

    Ah I understand, I will try that in the textures file, thanks @Empyre. I did indeed, but might be a limitation of the engine as noted above. Thanks for the beautiful textures by the way :)
  14. I want to use this awesome blue sky texture by @Fuzzball that is posted here, so I followed these steps: 1. export the sky as rsky1.ppm 2. create wadinfo.txt with the relevant RSKY1 entry, and a textures entry [patches] RSKY1 [textures] TEXTURE1 3. create textures1.txt to define the texture size ;Format of textures: ;TextureName Width Height ;* PatchName Xoffset Yoffset SKY1 1024 200 * RSKY1 0 0 ;End 4. use deutex to compile the PWAD: deutex -make custombg.wad No errors so far, and loading the wad does show the new sky, but it does not seem to be wrapping very well. Can anyone offer some tips? I would prefer using deutex if possible. I compiled slade3 from source, but don't really know how to use it, and have been struggling to find a good tutorial on custom sky textures for it. custombg.wad.zip
  15. beast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Ditto. I made a remake of an old 1992 fishing game, called bass lover