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  1. The release date in the text file "1/7/2018" is incorrect, or am I mistaken?
  2. Ditto, my community project cherry is now popped!
  3. @ZeMystic Here is an update for MAP26 (Download Link) * Added EXIT sign * Changed Linedef 1380 to stay open I opted not marking it as a secret because the radsuit closet is already within a secret area and the line is lit and textured as a door.
  4. I'll fix these up, thanks for the detailed feedback @Caleb13!
  5. Bump. Was the release date for this project extended?
  6. Archviles. I fear them more than Cyberdemons. Their attack is over-powered, then they have to go and resurrect corpses that act as meat shields.
  7. @DASI-I Doom Zero is fantastic, I am doing a paced play-through (1-2 maps a day) and it keeps blowing me away. I love the puzzles, and the difficulty is just hard enough on UV. It is clear you spent a lot of time on this, congrats!
  8. beast

    My Doom pixelart

    Your work is superb! I really like theme cross-over of two iconic games blended so seamlessly. Please make more. 💀
  9. @ZeMystic Can you change the title of MAP26 to "Small Arms Depot". Yes it took me until now to come up with that. Thanks!
  10. I eff'ing love this remake 🤘
  11. beast

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP03: HMP K100/I84/S100, 11:45 I really enjoyed this map. I thought the dimension-jump is neat, the RL secret was a nice surprise, the berserk pack came in very handy (until you get the shotgun), and there is a good variety of texture use with my favourite part being the mucky tunnels.
  12. beast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Discovered SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #14: Halloween Edition! on idarchive (link).
  13. Another update for MAP26 (Old link removed)
  14. Oops! I will place them back.
  15. I ran through your map (HMP 98/100/100) and it was a a pleasant experience. The end-room looks great, and I particularly enjoyed the monster combinations to spur in-fighting.