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  1. beast

    Eureka v2.0.2 released

    Just popping into the forums to say thanks for all the good work on Eureka. These quality of life improvements are great!
  2. beast

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    So I have completed Sigil II, yes I know I am late to the party, believe me I know. My favorite level so far is E6M2 "Violent Hatred", its flow just draws me in. I am replaying the episode on low difficulty to take time walking through and observing all the details, and of course finding all the secrets.
  3. beast

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    Not obscure enough I would imagine? Great game though!
  4. beast

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    You can try Visplane Explorer, or for more options see thread: Also I have to say kudos for trying to get it working on DOS! I also prefer playing DooM in DOS, but I'm resorting to Woof for Sigil II. Edit: Link to Chocorenderlimits on the wiki, which allows much more detailed analysis at the cost of time since you still have to move through the level. Use Visplane Explorer to narrow down the potential problem areas, then CRL to test them in-game.
  5. beast

    What are you currently reading?

    Since my last post, September, I read After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall by Nancy Kress, The Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts and started, and am still reading The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games by Matt Barton I so enjoy Watts's writing. Dark and despairing, just how I like it. Palwick's short stories offer appreciable twists. My love for classic CRPG's took hold (again) when I saw "the history of" on offer. As an aside, my interest in interactive fiction has taken hold of my attention lately (sorry Doom!)
  6. beast

    What are you currently reading?

    Recently I finished Treasure Island, by R.L. Stevenson, and I loved it. It got me on a Pirate kick. Now I am busy with The Pirates of Panama, by A. O. Exquemelin, In tandem, I am also reading The Lost World, by Arthur Conan Doyle. All of these are available on The Project Gutenberg.
  7. beast

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I'm going to weigh in with one of the grand-daddies of roguelikes, The Dungeons of Moria (1983). I spent countless hours trying, but never succeeding, to destroy the Balrog, which lives deep in the dungeon. The original creator has sadly passed away, July 2022 (via rec.games.roguelike.moria). Rest in Peace and Glory, "RAK" Robert.
  8. beast

    What are you listening to?

    Hey pretty good discovery! As an ex grunger from the 90s the drumwork really grabs me. I like this track. Never heard of them before. ----- Me, I am listening to the new Suicide Commando album (speaking of the human condition!) They have been a staple of mine for two decades; undertones of misanthropy and love hidden by meaty-beats. true <3
  9. I dig this map! UV monsters and health pickups feel balanced just right. The Decent track suits it well. This is the first game of Doom I have played since March, my dodge skill is a lot rusty and I had a blast scraping through. Will replay this one for sure 🤘
  10. Great post @VisionThing, it really resonated with me. I am in that same boat, having completed 3 out of 6 maps in a set I am working on, I lost steam around February and need to pick it up to fruition. I will break out the old DosBox later, after some weekend chores, and do some UV runs of your Pumping Station :)
  11. beast

    "Play-to-Earn" Games

    The Metaverse was a fictional construct in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash (1992) Novel, it was a play on the term "cyberspace" which first appeared in Gibson's Neuromancer (1984) Novel. That is what I think of when I hear Metaverse. Not sure how accurate the fb-appropriated-terminology relates to the original meaning.
  12. beast

    What's your way of making maps?

    The question of the ages! I used to detail-as-you-go but found that ends up more work when you need to restructure the layout. Then I tried drawing roughs on paper, which had some success, but it did not stick. Most recently I took a new approach of setting the default texture/flats, closing the texture browser and just laying down geometry in huge swaths. Then I begin slicing, dicing, connecting and opening up areas between each other. I have to resist the urge to add detail, but I persist. This includes no height or light variation. The most detail at this point is setting SKY, but that is it. Only once I have a decent feeling layout, with all areas connected and a general flow to each corner of the map, do I go through adding height variation. All the while I resist thinking in terms of "this is the start, and this is the end". Instead I think to myself, "so this base has a good sized storage area, maybe the armory is a section within it, obviously the armaments would be a secure area, so let's wall that off. Perhaps there is a small training ground in the outside area, as this base receives new recruits, and the Colonel is a hard-ass and insists they keep in shape." So far I have nearly completed three maps, six more to go.