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  1. I eff'ing love this remake 🤘
  2. beast

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    MAP03: HMP K100/I84/S100, 11:45 I really enjoyed this map. I thought the dimension-jump is neat, the RL secret was a nice surprise, the berserk pack came in very handy (until you get the shotgun), and there is a good variety of texture use with my favourite part being the mucky tunnels.
  3. beast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Discovered SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #14: Halloween Edition! on idarchive (link).
  4. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Another update for MAP26 Oops! map26 download
  5. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Oops! I will place them back.
  6. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    I ran through your map (HMP 98/100/100) and it was a a pleasant experience. The end-room looks great, and I particularly enjoyed the monster combinations to spur in-fighting.
  7. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Hi everybody Here is the next version of map26 ready for play-testing. I took all the feedback from the last round and made these changes. - medium size ~15 minutes playtime (link updated in recent post)
  8. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Just popping in to say I have not forgotten about this project. I have done a bunch of changes and have a few more to go before the next iteration of MAP26. Thanks all for the helpful feedback.
  9. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    The first playable version of MAP26 is ready for testing. Would someone assist me by running through, pointing out the obvious flaws or issues please. It is a medium sized map and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Skills are implemented, I can finish the map on UV (which says a lot since I am not the greatest player). I checked the map in visplane explorer and fixed all game-breaking problems, tested in Chocolate and Crispy. I believe all that remains is balancing monsters and items. If anything there is too much health/armor bonuses, but I will wait after some feedback if anyone thinks this is a problem. Let me know if you think the map is too small, I can always add new areas to explore.
  10. beast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like to listen to Liquid Doom Radio while mapping.
  11. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    @ZeMystic can you put @Mike_C down for slot 07 (since they asked for that slot first), and drop me down to slot 26 please. Sorry about that Mike, that will teach me to search the topic properly next time.
  12. beast

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    I see the MAP07 slot is open, would anyone mind if I take a stab at a submission for MAP07? Is it mandatory to use the new textures? I have min experience using custom textures and had mixed results attempting to put custom textures into my wads. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks @Matias for those two good runs - you nailed it both times. I added the SS guys on a lark only because it is a speed-map, I won't be doing that every time. You are right about the infighting being the key to the second map. I tried making the centre stage a bit more interesting with the raising and lowering pillars, but the player can get trapped in the middle. I was glad to see you did not get trapped. I should have added more variety of monsters to make the infighting more brief.
  14. beast

    Saltwater: A single-map Boom WAD

    What did my eyeballs just see? This map is visually impressive, wow. The structure of the building is stunning and detailed, extensive use of shadow makes me very jumpy, and it is fun to explore all the nooks and crannies. My only gripe is about the Archviles - horrible horrible things that annihilate my soul and burn my flesh. Otherwise I loved it!
  15. beast

    [WAD/MAP, DOOM 2, VANILLA] My first map

    This is a fun map to play, short but fun. Make more tech bases please! The entrance hall looks good. I like those support columns in the flanks, and the TEKWALL4 behind the grating. Very techbasey. Simple yet effective teleport trap with the imps, and good mix of meaty monsters and hitscanners. I can suggest one hint - adjusting the light levels in the rooms to create some suspense. Rooms inside are darker than outside, and you can make the zone around light sources lit for extra pop. Nice work!