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  1. SP_FACE1

    Cydonia - RC1 - map32 & co-op added!

    Does this contain some maps from your previous releases? I could swear I've played MAP03 before...
  2. SP_FACE1

    Lost Labs (3 Doom II format map)

    Thanks for releasing these. I first downloaded the WAD without looking closely at this thread. The styling of the hideouts for the chaingunners looked familiar, also the vine textures in the corners looked like something I've run across before, and the overall compact layout felt also familiar. So I took another look of the thread while playing... and yes I knew it was an elio.exe map. You might get bored at making Doom maps every now and then but I never get tired of playing them :)
  3. SP_FACE1

    DBP40: Funnelcake Apparitions

    Tested this on GZDooM. What a lovely theme! One more texture bug in MAP02: flying grass
  4. SP_FACE1

    Verdant Hollow - a single map wad

    I encountered a small issue on my playthrough: sector #736 renders damage but it shouldn't: Very impressive for a first map.
  5. Played through all the levels on HMP using GZDooM. Good-looking, straightforward and fun maps. Perfect size for a quick ceremony of demon slaughtering. It took one can of beer (slowly sipping while my double-barreled was reloading) to finish the maps.
  6. GZDooM - 6 Zandronum - 2 Eternity - 1
  7. SP_FACE1

    (RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

    Just played through the first episode. Wavy & Doomkid's E1M4 was quite impressive, it seemed more accurate than the original!
  8. SP_FACE1

    Onn Uake.Wad

    I was unable to get out from here (door would not open)
  9. SP_FACE1

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Nice to see a couple of people already streaming the new episode: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Wolfenstein%203D
  10. SP_FACE1

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Fantastic! Congratulations on the release! I played a beta version a few months ago and it was marvelous. Now I'll play it again because I could not find all the secrets on the first play through and I want to see if there's something new!
  11. Damn this was good. And by good I mean really good.
  12. I had played Waste Abandonment and the Ledge before. Delighted to see a whole bunch levels in the same style!
  13. SP_FACE1

    Primordial Chaos [VANILLA]

    Whoa, what a trip. After the first 10 minutes, I got the impression that this is a large abstract hellish non-linear map. The fights were tough but fun, flow was good because all the areas were interconnected well. Then I fell into a pit and landed in the area with the blue skull key and all hell broke loose. I barely got out alive. Soon after that I started to discover those areas with background noise textures, teleports to slaughterish areas with teleports to more slaughterish areas and all the all around weirdness that came with that culminating in to the final fight. I'd say the subtle progression from a "normal" map to a "you're going to lose your mind" map was a very pleasant experience. At the end all I could think was "Did I really kill all these 1000+ monsters?" And by that I mean it felt such fun that didn't notice killing so many. I did experience ammo shortages in the beginning quite a lot. But I guess it depends which areas you go first. And yes, I died a lot too when the map started to go insane.
  14. SP_FACE1

    Old Storage One (A limit-removing Doom II map)

    Played on GZDooM and HMP. Very enjoyable and good-looking map with elio.exe'esque detailing. Ammo scarcity was very real on this one but it was done well and made the experience more fun. I didn't take the invulnerability on my first play through which made the yellow keycard fight pretty hard but manageable. Speaking of that trap, it's possible to close yourself behind the bars two times if the other linedef surrounding the keycard didn't get triggered before the bars opened: Also I'm getting this notification at startup: Line 1947 has no first side.
  15. SP_FACE1

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    On MAP05 you can get locked in here: