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  1. SP_FACE1

    Emerald Ambush (one small map for Doom II)

    Just played through Sucker Punch 1 & 2. I hope this is a trailer for the third part!
  2. SP_FACE1

    One Map for Plutonia: Fort Neuro

    Sorry for the bump but the download link is broken (404).
  3. SP_FACE1

    Emerald Ambush (one small map for Doom II)

    Such a pretty map... Great color choices and texture combinations. One small issue I encountered. You can pass through this part of the fence here:
  4. SP_FACE1

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    On MAP16 you can squeeze through the yellow bars without taking the yellow key.
  5. SP_FACE1

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    Fantastic maps. Enjoyed all the levels so far and after MAP09 I just had to take a short pause, log in to the forum and write Fantastic maps... and how MAP09 was so especially fantastic that I had to stop playing to log in to the forum and tell how especially fantastic that particular map is.
  6. Played on GZDooM, HMP. Beautiful, short, action-packed maps. I loved it! In MAP05 there was some trouble with the bridges. If I ran onto them diagonally, they did not raise and I fell down. This can also be seen on @Biodegradable's playthrough video at timestamps 28:10, 38:11 and 39:25.
  7. SP_FACE1

    25 year old map of mine

    Had to check what you meant by the secret behind the bed and launched the map again. Yeah, I missed it. I didn't realize the button had two actions. :)
  8. SP_FACE1

    25 year old map of mine

    Played with GZDooM, HMP. Even though the map was quite big and seemed complex at first it was well interconnected such that I was able to open all the final doors except one without any extra effort. The last one required scanning through the map and after a couple of minutes I remembered one place that I had deliberately skipped with the intention of coming back later. I found 13/15 secrets. A couple of bugs I encountered: Teleport destination (#72) is half inside a wall and player got stuck. I was unable to get out of sector #473 (the secret with the radiation suit).
  9. SP_FACE1

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    163 MB. 99% of that are the IWADs of the various DooM based games. 1% is a couple of multiplayer MODs which are not hosted on the /idgames Archive
  10. What a lovely little map! The hint for all the secrets was a nice touch and it encouraged me to find all of them!
  11. SP_FACE1

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    I tested Heartland with two player coop. Promising start on MAP01. I could not find anything resembling friendly fire in Eternity but otherwise it worked surprisingly good. No issues until we ran into a door that closes and leaves the other player permanently on the other side. Tried to noclip but turns out it's not available in netgame. After a quick look at the source code I just disabled the netgame check for "cheats" and recompiled. Game works but as soon as I step into a wall with noclip on, the other player quits due to an inconsistency with the game state. I guess the netgame checks are in place for a reason :) We managed to come around this issue when we found out that it's possible to save in a multiplayer game. So we save ever so often and if we run into a deadlock, we just load from a saved state. This approach worked until MAP03 which only has a start for player 1. Eternity refuses to start the map for this reason. (In ZDoom based ports the other players start from the same position if there's only player 1 start.)
  12. SP_FACE1

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    Does this contain some maps from your previous releases? I could swear I've played MAP03 before...
  13. SP_FACE1

    Lost Labs (3 Doom II format map)

    Thanks for releasing these. I first downloaded the WAD without looking closely at this thread. The styling of the hideouts for the chaingunners looked familiar, also the vine textures in the corners looked like something I've run across before, and the overall compact layout felt also familiar. So I took another look of the thread while playing... and yes I knew it was an elio.exe map. You might get bored at making Doom maps every now and then but I never get tired of playing them :)
  14. SP_FACE1

    DBP40: Funnelcake Apparitions

    Tested this on GZDooM. What a lovely theme! One more texture bug in MAP02: flying grass