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  1. Weird, obscure and good:
  2. Yo @Dantosking, have you had the change to fix the issues yet? :) I was planning to play this in cooperative but maybe I should wait for the fixes
  3. Played the rest. Much fun! Some issues:
  4. I enjoyed! Took a small break from my daily chores and played the first five maps! Nice looking maps with good flow. Reminded me of the best maps of Plutonia. The title of the WAD is accurate.
  5. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards I was not yet in school so I learned a lot about English (not a native speaker) and sex (lost my sex-in-a-game virginity in Larry) while playing it. Very educational. I still remember that you should always use a condom or you die. You should also remove your condom after having sex or the cops arrest you on the street. Good times.
    A large city map for GZDooM that aims to transfer a real life location to DooM with an occult twist. The author has crafted a number of high resolution textures and sprites to create a credible realistic feeling. There are also many smaller details, such as everyday utensils, furniture, paintings etc. This all makes the city feel more concrete and believable. The theme is Lovecraftian horror and it's done with great taste. I especially liked the way the author used those flashback cut scenes to create the atmosphere. The background ambient/soundtrack was a crucial part of the theme too. When you enter the map the very first thing you hear is lightning piercing the sky. This perfectly instills the mood on the player right from the start. Gameplay is predominantly exploratory. Sometimes perhaps a bit too much. Although the level making is very admirable I found myself a bit frustrated at times. It felt like I had to try every single doorway in every wall (multiple times) to progress. One of the most annoying sticking points was the door that opened the barriers to the grocery store. That door closed too fast and I thought the button that opened it activated something completely different. Sure, I could have probably heard that the door opened but the cacophony of the nearby Arachnotrons walking suppressed the poor door trying to make its case. Well, eventually I did get past that. And it looks like the author did put in an effort to make the map not a Hexen-esque paingrimage. For example there were Duke Nukem 3D like video monitors that showed what the most important switches did.
  6. Quickly tested this. Played first level and a bit of the second. I agree that switches were hard to distinguish and the code system was a bit confusing at first. I liked the scarce ammo, low enemy count difficulty. And that you could fare better if you found the secrets. I'll try to finish the rest of the levels at a later time.
  7. I think Cacowards are a great way for not-so-active Doomers to find out new maps to try. Doesn't mean they are all great just like it is with other lists in other art forms. You love some, you hate some and some give you no feelings at all. I usually agree on ~20% of the WADs listed in Cacowards and I'm used to it. Only way to get a better match for your particular taste is to use some kind of a recommender system. That's the same method Amazon uses to recommend you products you might like based on other users who have similar taste as you. I wish the new review system here at Doomworld will get a feature like that some day.
  8. I want to bind an arbitrary action to a mouse button. Yet PrBoom+ only supports a handful of actions for the mouse: mouseb_fire mouseb_strafe mouseb_forward mouseb_backward mouseb_use You could bind your mouse to output a certain keyboard key that's bound to the action in Boom you want. For example there's Autohotkey for Windows users to accomplish this. But I'm running Ubuntu. I tried to handle this with xbindkeys but it only works in X not inside PrBoom+. Maybe this can be done by editing the source code? Is it possible to bind just one action to one mouse button with minor changes to the sources? (This post gives me a little hope)
  9. Status bar? You mean it's not normal to count all the ammo you pick, shots you make and damage you take in your head?
  10. Ok, it's hard enough to make good-looking maps these days with just basic textures. Then restrict to DOS DooM and you are almost shooting yourself on the foot. This is really good though. You manage to squeeze nice details even with these constrictions. There were some nice texturing details too such as using that startan to blend the gray and brown walls in the first map. The gameplay was also well designed. I liked all the running puzzles. And especially the choose your own adv... key puzzles. Like on the first map and especially on the sixth map! When can we expect the final release? :)
    Violence consists of four midsize level maps. It has a distinctive, beautiful and well crafted style which encompasses everything from visuals, sounds, music and gameplay to the name of the piece itself. For the visual part it uses the color violet and dark textures as it's main theme and gradually adds more bright neon colors to the mix. The first level has red as an additional color, second level introduces yellow. The theming is very consistent. Zombies greet you with their violet haircuts, barons shoot you with violet slime and all the plants (trees, vines, bushes, grasses, moss) are injected with violet instead of chlorophyll. Items and power-ups are either violet or use the other bright colors (red and yellow). Slime follows the same pattern, it's either violet, red or yellow depending on the level or setting. Textures are mainly dark grey or brown with occasional lighter variants and they are all decorated with the three bright colors, usually as scrolling light stripes. The weapon graphics have also been changed. I don't know if they are borrowed from somewhere else or made by the author. Either way I'm pretty neutral about them. Usually I heavily dislike visually diverting from the original weapons but here the new graphics suited well with the rest of the theme. The weapon sounds have also been altered. I'm generally against changing the sounds too but I found myself even liking some of the changes. Like the cool bass boost added to the double-barreled shotgun. It almost feels more powerful with that bass energy. And you can even use the weapon to add your own beat to that nicely fitting retrowave soundtrack. Yes, there's also a well selected soundtrack which feels integral part of the whole theme. Damn, sometimes I started to get a feeling I was in some weird synthwave night club dancing with the demons. This vision poured into my mind especially in the yellow keycard room in MAP04 which at first is well lit and all innocent. Then you hit the switch. And you know what happens in DooM when you hit a switch in a key room. Yes, lots of wild monsters appear! But this is no ordinary ambush. Lights go off and you find yourself in a disco ballroom decorated with neon yellow wireframes from Tron. Then you start shooting with your chaingun and the monsters react to your fire with a spastic seizure as they always do but here the effect looks as if they were dancing under strobe lights in some dark synthwave club. And then you probably die because there are just too many of them and they don't back off even though you scream and try with all your might (#metoo). Difficulty level is pretty fair. I've played this a few times in cooperative and now replayed in UV to write this review and I died only once (in the club room mentioned above). The author describes this WAD as "'sit back and play Doom' set" and I can't really disagree. This is one of the core reasons I like DooM. Give me flocks of monsters to kill in beautifully crafted levels at the right intervals and you'll keep me happy. Sometimes I might enjoy more exploration or even puzzles but it's always that fast paced yet laid back killing spree that pleases me the most. The gameplay flow broke only once. That was in MAP03 with the red bars. For the life of me I couldn't remember how to lower them. Turns out it works by stepping on the teleporter in the north-west island which takes you on top of a red pillar and when you step down from the pillar it lowers itself and the red bars. Not very intuitive beforehand. I would have placed at least an item on the teleporter to make the player go there in the first place. Now it was mostly luck that I went there. In coop there's a higher chance of someone activating it because more players running around the map. And when you compare the logic to how the yellow bars are lowered (with a button) it looks even more non-intuitive. Well, that's pretty much my only criticism to this otherwise brilliant piece of WAD artistry.
    Well okay, this is some weird shit. Thankfully in a good way. The text file description is pretty minimal but it does tell you that it's an episode 2 replacement. And that it is indeed. Textures are pure episode 2 and style is abstract hell which doesn't sit well with my taste buds. However this is an excellent example of how a visually not so good-looking level can be extremely fun and original. And the basic texturing is counterbalanced with some nice and uncommon detailing, peculiar puzzles and strange use of lighting. Next paragraph has spoilers. So if you don't want to get spoiled just play the WAD. The first level gives you berserk, a lot of them, so fight your way through those zombies and demons with your fists. At the entrance of the second map the writing on the floor tells you to "RUN". Run where? Who cares, just run or you get chewed out alive. When you reach the chainsaw you get your answer. There are similar nice traps and puzzles dropped here and there throughout the WAD. Some are more unconventional, some more traditional. E.g. I got trapped under a crusher more than once and every time I did I felt I deserved it. Maybe I've played the wrong WADs but usually the crushers I encounter are ones I can see or hear miles away and then easily avoid them. These crushers didn't give a lot of time to react, especially if you have the mind of an innocent puppet: "Look, a backpack! Let me run to it immediately!" The coolest puzzles in the WAD were with the Voodoo dolls. One of the puzzles could be bugged though or I just didn't understand how to solve it (I mean the secret exit). I tried to figure out what the title of the WAD means: "I can't see shit without my glasses". After the Voodoo dolls I thought it's a reference to the message you get in Quake when you accidentally kill your team mate: "Player checks his/her glasses". Well, maybe that's too far-fetched. Fights were designed well. Many levels were purposefully concentrated on using a certain weapon and fights were made around that. Despite the puzzle emphasis the flow of the levels was good. The small size of the levels might have also helped with that. I played on HMP. The text file says there's only UV, didn't check if that's really the case. Except the last level HMP was quite easy. There were too many items and too much health. The seventh map might have a showstopper bug. I was not able to return from the yellow skull key area. In short, this is a puzzle centered episode 2 replacement composed of small and weird levels that are fun to play.
  11. Is there a Doom port or modification that would support a map view that you could resize and move around the screen? GZDoom has on overlay automap but it's on the center. I would like to have a small transparent map on the bottom corner of my screen. An example of this is the HUD in System Shock. See the lower right corner in the screenshot below:
  12. Thank you for your in-depth review of my WAD! I really appreciate it.


    I got the feeling you didn't find most of the secrets in the maps. For example, it is possible to get the Plasma Gun in the Blue Key area. It even teases you in one of the corridors. That's alright though, I didn't design the maps in a way that secrets are mandatory. 


    As for the second map, when I designed it I thought it was interconnected but that was mainly due to the secret areas. I tried to make them quite different because the progression of most WADs these days is quite samey. I wanted to put in some surprises.


    If you want, maybe you could also post the review in the New Stuff section. I'd love more people to play my map.


    Finally, I also have an Egyptian-themed map that is almost ready to release. Would you like to playtest it before I release it?

    1. SP_FACE1


      I found about half of the secrets. I suspected it could be in a secret but didn't feel the absolute need for it until I was trapped in the Cyberdemon room. I had a peek at the map now and the Plasma Gun seems to be near the start. I guess I saw it at the beginning but forgot it because the map is so huge. I should have taken a look at the area map more to realize there are multiple blue doors and switches.


      I don't know how the New Stuff sections works but you can post my review there if you want.


      I'm afraid Egyptian theme is one of my least favorite themes. So even though a map is otherwise superb I might still not like it just because of the theme :) For example that Team Eternal's Egyptian themed megawad is something I wouldn't want to play again. But a counter example is Kristian Aro's Brotherhood of Ruin.

    2. DooM_RO


      The NewStuff section is a section of Doomworld where a bunch of periodical reviews. It is sort of like the front page of Doomworld and it can always use more reviewers. https://www.doomworld.com/php/topstory.php?id=3702


      People can claim maps in the Review center https://www.doomworld.com/newstuff/


      The section is a bit fiddly but if you would like to claim mine then just CTRL + F and type in the WAD name and claim it. I think the review you posted is quite good and would be useful for other people.

    3. SP_FACE1


      I copy pasted it there now, I don't know how it differs from the review area though :D

    4. DooM_RO


      It will appear on New Stuff, the front page of Doomworld. Basically, reviews that show up there are seen by a lot more people.

    5. SP_FACE1


      I remember seeing new stuff reviews before on the front page when going to https://www.doomworld.com/. It also contained Doom related news but all that changed some time ago. Now I only see the forum index on the front page. I never followed closely what exactly happened. Maybe it was related to the change to the new content platform? Or I'm just using this wrong. I liked the front page more when it was more Doom news centered.

    6. DooM_RO


      I like the new site a lot better but I agree that the New Stuff section should be the first thing you see. You can still get to it by pressing the News button.

    7. DooM_RO


      Did you put any screenshots in the review? If you want, you can use the one in the link I put in the description.


      Also, if you want to play more of my maps, I have a couple in Joy of Mapping 3 and 4.

    8. SP_FACE1


      Yeah, I pasted your imgur link to the separate notes/comment section of the review.

      I'll put Joy of Mapping in my list of wads to check.