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  1. SP_FACE1

    Graphically beautiful wads or eye candies

    Brigandine is such a beautiful map. And it uses just vanilla textures which makes it even more admirable.
  2. SP_FACE1

    Wyrmwood: Episode I

    Played this trough on HMP. I liked the short Scythe-like level sizes. Difficulty was fair on HMP, enjoyable fights that got harder on the later levels. Didn't get lost, not even in the dark areas that didn't show up in the map. Overall nice levels with good flow. I managed to relieve some stress with this WAD by killing as many Wyrmwood folks as I could.
  3. SP_FACE1

    4 Seasons of DOOM (beta boom wad)

    Run into this on map02: Lovely set of maps... Well, I just had time to play the first two but will definitely play all of them! Nice to see the hobo imps that live in trash cans have returned!
  4. You're my favorite texture.

  5. Just finished this on UV. Phew, I'm quite exhausted! Perhaps the first third of the map I was running out of ammo and had to use all the infighting I could set up. But it eased up after that. Because the map is so huge and explorative I'd say the resource balance depends on the path you choose. I didn't encounter any huge issues. But I think I found a typo? I think I got 40 something secrets so still a lot of replay value. I loved the force fields that compelled to make the decision if you want to exchange a rocket for the items you saw. The writings on the floors were quite helpful as the map is so huge it's easy to get lost. You have clearly poured a piece of your soul into this WAD!
  6. I played on an 3 year old i3 laptop. I didn't have much lag on single player with GZDooM but on multiplayer Zandronum there was considerable lag. My friends played on more powerful computers than mine and they said they experienced a lot of lag too. I'm not that familiar on the limits in DooM. One of the friends I played with works in the game industry and he just pointed out that there are not enough lines that block the view and you can see too much which causes the lag. The bridge bug happened only on multiplayer. We were running simultaneously on a bridge and the players that were running behind the first player got stuck in the bridge. I guess this is an issue in general with this kind of bridge type? I remember encountering it before on other maps with coop but never got stuck inside the bridge. So to summarize, all my feedback was for coop. The single player experience was great even on the betas I tested last year.
  7. Some feedback after playing on coop, 3 players, UV, using Zandronum: quite laggy, too much stuff visible on the screen some levels (especially at the beginning) have too few enemies every level has lack of ammo possible to get stuck in the bridges in Mountain Pass In Lost in the Forest this area (screenshot) didn't have any enemies: And to end on a more positive note: Everyone was extremely impressed with the level design and visual style and we stopped at multiple spots to admire the views and to discuss how some parts were done.
  8. SP_FACE1

    Bifrost - single map with rainbow bridges (Boom+)

    Beautiful style. I always forgot which rainbow areas I had already done and ended up visiting old places multiple times. I would be pleased to see some way for the level to mark where player has already gone.
  9. I don't know. In any case, due to the name of the map I thought getting lost (without getting stuck) was the purpose of the level. And it did exactly that. Maybe without the automap I might have got frustrated but with the map it was not an issue. TL;DR I liked the cave-section and the whole level a lot.
  10. Hmm... the download has 9 maps? Anyway map05 and map06 were new to me. Map05, Lost in the Forest, truly lives up to it's name (as @HAK3180 also mentioned). I got lost in the cave-forest section but with the help of the automap it wasn't hard to find new unexplored areas. So I got lost but not stuck. In other words, I did not have a clear sense of where I was but despite that I always progressed in the map. After the cave-forest (or when getting to the upper area of the cave) the level design guided nicely where to go next. It was done with nice subtlety and possibly goes unnoticed on the first play giving the player a feeling of "I know where I'm going! I'm not lost!"
  11. Boxes All The Way Down by bonnie
  12. SP_FACE1

    Favorite Source Port?

    Zandronum (because I mainly play coop with friends) GZDooM (for my single player needs – I wish I could say prboom+ but can't because it has such bad mouse control support, in fact it's so bad I'd like to give prboom+ a negative vote :)
  13. SP_FACE1

    H.P. Lovecraft themed wads

  14. SP_FACE1

    [PRBoom+, Cl9] Crimson Wood [IDGAMES link available]

    Great map! I think I got stuck somewhere, couldn't figure out how the red and yellow bars opened? Otherwise it had a nice flow, the map pushed you to the right place at the right times. Loved the style and use of textures even though it's not my favorite theme. Couldn't figure out all the secrets on the first run so have to play again. The fights were well thought out, had to use a little bit of brain to survive them. (I'll put this on my coop list, I hope it has at least coop starts... didn't check :) Sweet! The first travmoon is high on my list!