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  1. Very nice map! I didn't get spooked but I enjoyed this a lot. The rocket launcher secret was quite tricky to find. Afterwards I had to check other maps you've made and found out I've already played them! Maybe next time I'll recognize immediately: "Oh, this is a TravyB map!"
  2. SP_FACE1

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    When the level is not at MAP01 slot.
  3. SP_FACE1

    DBP29: Morbid Autumn

    Tested first two levels with GZDooM HMP. Very impressive. This looks visually quite different from the previous DBP releases. I mean previously I could tell just from the looks if a WAD was a DBP project. Now I couldn't tell... they just look awesome without the distinctive DBP raw feeling :) Some issues I encountered: MAP01: It's possible to get to the outer limits from here and get stuck there Not sure if this was MAP01 or MAP02 but I had some issues with this non-standard key. I think it somehow disappeared before I could take it and it did not show up in the inventory. I was able to open the door though. This happened with GZDooM 4.5.0
  4. Not sure if suggesting new maps is currently on going but in case it is I'll suggest a ZDoom map called Dawn of Reality https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dor It's a horror map based on real life town surroundings. Because of the theme this month would have been more fitting but maybe it can be played next Halloween :)
  5. SP_FACE1

    Trihard - A compact brick and metal map

    Impressive work. Secrets were fun to figure out. Though I only got 8 so far but managed to get 100% kills. This Hell Knight refused to enter the crusher... is that line monster blocking intentionally?
  6. Very nice. Played with GZDooM and HMP. I feared there would not be enough backpacks but I can tell you that there were enough backpacks for your whole family and friends. I think I chose the easy way: first plasma, then rocket launcher, double-barreled shotgun, chaingun, BFG9k and shotgun. My only issue was that there was no Cheez-It nor chicken wings in my backpacks. Where can I file an official complaint?
  7. These are some illegally good-looking maps. Tested with GZDooM (4.4.2). Some issues I encountered: MAP03: I lost quite a bit of time finding this switch: MAP03: This sector does damage even though it's not lava: MAP03: I pressed this switch and it teleported me like it's supposed to do, but when I came back to the switch and tried to press it again I got this message:
  8. SP_FACE1

    Is Blade of agony episode 3 being worked on?

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/71736-blade-of-agony-road-to-wolfenstein-news-1062020-p8/ My current understanding is that episode 3 is almost ready – the secret mission map is not yet completed.
  9. SP_FACE1

    Cold Front Now on /idgames

    Beautiful maps, loved the theme. I was supposed to just quickly test but 45 minutes later found out that I had played through all of them. I played on HMP and the last map was a bit too slaughterfest like for my tastes. But nothing impossible.
  10. Waist-High in the Damned (GZDooM, UV) This vanilla themed map had some interesting use of repetitive elements with different visual styles. The forced choice between the BFG and the Plasma Gun was also a nice touch. Progression of the level was quite linear. At the final scene I was a bit worried because I had run out of rockets and thought I couldn't kill the Icon of Sin but it turned out the exit was different after all.
  11. Blue, yellow, red. If I recall correctly.
  12. It's a very pretty map in the classical style. Because it's so huge there was room to play with different visual styles and I think you did well with all of them. The map felt like a megawad condensed into a single map. But I think you went exactly for that kind of experience. Though I got all the three keys I wasn't able to finish it and quit after 20 minutes. I think I died too many times in that blue blue electric blue that's the color of my room, which was a very nice looking place to die at :)
  13. ChordG (GZDoom, HMP) I had never heard of the Chord series before and only afterwards realized the map was released 1999. It looks admirable for a nineties map. The progression is pretty linear but the layout doesn't look like it. The map opens up gradually and connects to the old areas. I had only one sticking point finding the teleport. I played this on HMP and the difficulty level was spot on for my skills. The monsters were introduced gradually and in appropriate amounts. If this map was hard in 99, it's probably just normal in modern standards.
  14. Pumpkin Hell I played this with GZDooM and upscaled textures which means I missed most of the pumpkin related little details. Well that just gave me an excuse to play it again! The map is indeed fun and the theme is coherent and good-looking. Very consistent use of those brown and orange textures throughout the level. The map has also lovely little secrets that were fun to catch. This map made me happy - twice. CABIN: A Post-Doom II Apocalyptic Apocalypse The beginning of the first level was quite off-putting. It looks very doom2ishly plain and not in a good way. And the first rooms where you have to hunt switches to get out got frustrating fast. I wanted to quit right there and would have probably done so unless this mapset was a pick in this thread. I knew there had to be some reason rd has picked this, so I continued. After getting out of the room (wasn't that bad after all) and encountering the first modified Revenant I realized that they must be one of the reasons this was picked. I think the balance between the low hp and massive speed increase hits some sweet spot of mine. The speed Revenant is quite challenging but not too much. The narrow spacing of the levels helped quite a bit of getting rid of them one by one. The second level must be a joke.