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  1. There's a showstopper bug in MAP03. If you enter the lift (sector #223) without lowering the bar first you'll get stuck there. Also in MAP03 you can walk around the pillars (#507, #508, #509) in the south-west area and avoid the fights needed to lower them. But maybe this is something speed runners like. I took a demo of this. Dunno if I did this right, I haven't recorded demos in DooM for ages. Used PrBoom-Plus v2.5.1.5. map03_pillars.lmp.zip
  2. MAP05 is too tough. At this point I'm starting to think it's intentional to lure the enemy on the teleporters and get them telefragged en masse
  3. God damn it, I was supposed to just quickly test this before going to bed but I couldn't stop playing it. Too much fun. Enemy placement was top notch... well until I died on the three Cyberdemons on MAP04 :) that was a pretty tough spot. (I played on HMP.) Hmm... I was able to beat MAP02. That's the blue door isn't it? I didn't encounter anything weird there. Lol, happened to me too. Btw, I couldn't find a way to the button that opens the first wall to Romero's head? Am I just stupid or is there a bug?
    A four level mapset utilizing heavily all the green textures and floors from the original IWADs plus an additional green tinted sky. The second level adds the black rock texture to the mix. All levels have some basetech parts here and there too but the mapset is predominantly green. I like maps that have their own visual style and consistently follow it. Flow is pretty good, I always knew where to go and didn't have to wander around. The medium size maps helped this too. There were some nice traps and monster fights were tough but fun. I liked the area in the first map where you got to choose which pillars to lower and see which monster were inside them. It was a bit like Monty Hall except none of the pillars had a car!
  4. MAP04 and MAP05 seem to lack multiplayer starts. The previous maps do have them. In cooperative a player can get permanently stuck in the start area of MAP04 after the doors get blocked. (Something to do with the blue key? Can't remember exactly what but I was around there when it happened). These are quality Plutonia like levels both visually and in gameplay. Can we get this uploaded to idgames so it's easier to find? Maybe in time for the next birthday? ;)
  5. The new maps look magnificent, wish there was a button I could press to get to play them immediately! Have you considered releasing this in two parts? Ten maps or so feels like a nice chunk of maps for a WAD.
  6. Finished today. MAP08 was a pleasant city map that continued the realistic style well. Much fun in coop. Keys were well placed, enemy waves nicely timed. MAP09 was also fun in coop because we could enter the mansion from different areas. I could drop in the water fall to the catacombs and someone could come from the stairs to the wine cellar and then we would meet in the tunnels. Adding the second red card was a good idea too. Are you going to add more maps or is 9 the final amount?
    I remember when I first tested this. The opening level was really promising: a sweet-looking cliffside techbase with a distinct visual style and fun game play (I'm weak for some well placed barrels). Second was almost as good. Then it started to get heavier and visual style changed to temples and stone which is my least favorite so I put the WAD on hold for a second testing. And I'm glad I tested this again now because the remaining levels are also really well made and good-looking. Some of the temple levels get a bit too switch-hunty but at least most of the buttons did something within the same area and you didn't have to wonder if something opened at the other side of the level. The library level had some nice puzzles with switches that opened other switches that lead to secrets within secrets. There was usually at least one thing in most of the levels that made them stand out. Like in MAP09 the caged circle with the toxic moat and sequentially raising platforms was a neat trick. The last map was a great finale for this disjunction of levels, a beautiful and icy outdoor map with a sky high tower you had to climb to beat the mapset. And there's always something pleasing in killing hundreds of Cacodemons in vast open areas. Seeing them dropping from the sky one by one like overripe tomatoes makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like another reviewer said there's one showstopper bug in MAP09. Red skull key is not in the map for skill 0 and 1. And I know this level is not designed for coop but on MAP10 you can make the middle area inaccessible in coop because of bars that raise to block entrance to the area. My rating: 4.1/5
  7. Played this WAD with two people coop using Zandronum 3.0. Though we only had time to play the first seven maps. Red key is missing in MAP01 when skill is set to 0 or 1. Outdoor levels look gorgeous. Really like all the new textures, items and other little realistic details. And the way you use plants, especially to create the hills/mountains looks nice. The laboratory level was my least favorite but can't name exactly what I didn't like about it. On MAP04 I liked that the pillars show up on the switches. Much more concrete than reading and forgetting status messages like "A pillar has risen somewhere..." :) We also felt more than once that we are completely out of ammo.
  8. I play the original levels (mainly episode 1 and doom2) quite often and I like them. But I think it's largely because of nostalgia. The way I came to the conclusion that the originals are not really that good was after playing many classical style PWADS. I thought if I had never played the original levels, would I be able to distinguish e.g. which one was the original episode 1 and which one was a reenaction of it? And if I'm not giving great ratings to any of the classical style PWADs why would I think the originals are great (except nostalgia)?
  9. ...and this is a great point. Is it, "OKAY" to do this? I'm doing it mainly for convenience. I'm rating the levels I play and I had to make the choice between taking into account the release date or just comparing them as is. I chose the latter which means I'll have to adjust my older ratings as more levels come out and my taste evolves. But if I had chosen the other way, I'd have hard time comparing by numerical ratings. It's a trade off.
  10. I'm not @everennui but I agree with him that the original levels are bad. And by bad I mean by today's standards. And yes I have heavily downgraded my ratings for some legendary PWADs because the state of level making has got so much better. E.g. Scythe was a 5 star wad for me when it was released. Now it's less than four.
    I shouldn't like levels like these. Basic Doom textures, 90% of the level is cramped dark corridors that lead to cramped dark corridors, ceilings are so low that my Doom marine barely fits in, lots of switches, released in 2003? All this should hint of a not so good-looking map with a dull gameplay. But it wasn't. I enjoyed it. I couldn't stop playing it. I think it's because despite the claustrophic design the flow was good. Enemy fights were tough but fair. Almost all swithces opened something in the near vicinity. And often there was a window where you could see a button which you should reach next. When I got the yellow key (after 40 minutes) the layout of the map lead me straight to the yellow button and door. Same with the blue key – I didn't have to search for the button after I found the key. (Can't remember how it was with the red key but I do remember that I did not feel frustrated at any point.) So clearly some thought went into guiding the player to the right place at the right time. I often get lost in maps that are an order of magnitude more open than this and I have a bad sense of direction but I didn't get lost here. More than once there was a line of candles that lead to the next area. Also the level opened up nicely the more you progressed. You started to see places you visited before: "Wasn't I there just an hour ago? Or was it a different level?". Yes, the map is so enormous that you forget you are still playing the same level. It took me one and a half hour to finish. It has 23 secrets and I only found half of them. My rating: 3.8/5
  11. Keeping a list of what you've played or tried is a very recommendable idea. Otherwise you'll forget what you have played and lose time testing levels again an again. I started keeping track of WADs in around 2010. So far I've reviewed 287 WADs. Half of those were so bad that I didn't play them through. So even though there's a vast amount of WADs ever made at least half of them should be not worth playing for me. Probably more because I'm mainly checking out "good" WADs that others have recommended or mentioned here and there. I hope some day I can dump my reviews on the new beta review page here at Doomworld so I don't have to keep a list myself. But there's no way to change the score yet which is important for me because I'm constantly adjusting the ratings the more I play.
  12. I would say Scythe 2 gets too slaughtery. But if that's OK Plutonium Winds is a good candidate too. It has the visual style, smallish levels but game play gets too heavy.