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  1. Having listened to this a couple of times, other than the aforementioned "The End Of It All" my favourite tracks are "Larva Circuits" and "The Foulness Consumes". I particularly like that brooding C minor music over the top of the well-placed ambient sounds - for the same reason "Mt Erebus" is my favourite track from the PSX Doom soundtrack.
  2. With my critical inner voice I kind of feel that way at times, but I'm planning to be rather more pro-active in releasing stuff this year, if nothing else some music (both original compositions and remixes/reimaginings of Doom, Heretic and Hexen tunes) and screenshots of upcoming WADs. But objectively speaking even if you're only a consumer you're making very positive contributions by supporting other people's contributions (I see Bauul got there first with that point!).
  3. Yeah good points, come to think of it I remember the Doom 3 model presets having non-animated lava probably for the same reasons. On second thoughts, I can imagine an approach of using DD_Terrain for the land mass and then overlaying translucent water in DoomBuilder using a 3D floor working very well. I can also foresee this editor being useful for example for implementing realistic-looking lying snow (I remember in Eviternity a couple of maps simulated thawing snow in certain places using custom textures but blended snow/grass could look even better).
  4. Another thought, I tested it with both OTEX and the vanilla Doom 2 flats and the animated textures don't animate with it, so I wonder if it is possible either to integrate compatibility with animated textures for a future version or if there are workarounds at the user end (I know I got OTEX working). These comments are mainly suggestions for future improvements rather than criticisms, I've been very impressed with what I've been getting out of it so far.
  5. This looks very promising, having experimented with it and been particularly impressed by the texture blending, which even with the stock Doom 2 flats can generate convincing-looking rocks. My main feature request for the future is OTEX compatibility (I tried creating a WAD file with just the OTEX flats, but the colours come out in greyscale), in which case I am highly likely to make use of it. Edit: I have found a rather hacky way to get it working with the OTEX flats for the time being.
  6. ENEMY!!!

    Are Game Awards Pointless?

    I suppose the way to test this would be to give 100 people 100 seconds to name as many official awards as they can. If no-one says "Game Awards", then yes, they are indeed pointless.
  7. ENEMY!!!

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    I've been gathering assets and ideas for a mod but haven't really got around to doing much actual mapping in 2020. Hoping to get more in the way of mapping underway in 2021.
  8. ENEMY!!!

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    I was concerned for the future of Doom around 1997/98 when there were a lot of people saying that we needed to "move on" and that Doom was being superseded by better games like Quake, Quake II etc. Some people said to me that it wasn't worth creating Doom levels as not many people would play them. I very rarely see sentiments like that expressed nowadays and think Doom is in much better health today, helped no doubt by the rich variety of source ports we have, some of which bring many of the same capabilities as we get in modern games, some of which cater for those who appreciate a more vanilla experience. I see Doom getting a new lease of life from groundbreaking advances such as the Ancient Aliens and OTEX resources and Bridgeburner56's unique and hyper-detailed mapping style.
  9. ENEMY!!!

    The 2020 Cacowards

    27 is my favourite number and the Doom series is my favourite video game franchise, so happy 27th birthday to Doom! It wasn't surprising to see Ar Luminae or Faithless Trilogy among the Cacowards this year, but there are also a few other entries that passed me by and that look very interesting. Also I think Bridgeburner's "mapper of the year" award is very well deserved (Mapwich 2, Bastion of Chaos and the upcoming The Age of Hell).
  10. If you haven't tried this already, try right clicking on it and clicking "Save As". I don't know if Google Chrome's algorithm for blocking potentially insecure downloads without notifying the user has been tightened significantly in a recent update, but I've been finding that Chrome hasn't let me download quite a few files from Doomworld today unless I right click and go "Save As", including files that it was fine with a little while ago (and Paradise is one of them, I've just checked). I had no such problems when I tried with Firefox.
  11. Just ordered this off Bandcamp, I agree with some other comments about the pricing, I am used to paying between £7 and £10 for soundtracks in the UK, but these are typically between 1 and 1.5 hours long, whereas this Final Doom 20th anniversary one comes out at nearly 4.5 hours long, so £16.89 (which is what this soundtrack came out at including tax) is good value for the amount that we're getting. The Credits & Demo was one of my favourite tracks in the original version. I don't detect a lot of similarity with Ennio Morricone's theme for The Thing (as a big Morricone fan myself) - if anything I think the main PSX Doom theme has more in common with The Thing's theme. But I do note that Ennio Morricone is probably the starkest example of a mainstream film composer who has experimented with similar styles of music to the PSX Doom & Final Doom soundtracks, and the soundtrack album for The Thing is as good an example of this as any. I always had a preference for the PSX Doom over the PSX Final Doom soundtrack but it remains to be seen whether this expanded release for Final Doom will convince me otherwise. Having previewed a few of the tracks I particularly like the piano arrangement in the final track "The End Of It All".
  12. Recapping on the earlier comments about the annoyances with the new GZDoom update, I have had the screenshot key set to F12 for several years, which has survived successive updates until now, but installing GZDoom 4.5.0 changed the binding back to the default of "SysRq" and assigned F12 to some new feature, as I found this out the hard way when I went through a sizeable chunk of the map thinking that I had been taking screenshots by hitting F12, only to realise afterwards that it hadn't taken any because it was doing its own default instead. This update does have a lot of positive features as well, but it's the first time I've encountered such Microsoft-style annoyances with default settings with any GZDoom update (the aforementioned menu scaling and screen size of 10, and defaulting to simple menus were others). Not the fault of this map of course. I'll be very surprised if this map doesn't appear somewhere in the 2020 Cacowards despite the initial teething issues (which I think are inevitable in such a monstrosity of a map). It already looked really good when it was part of the Mapwich 2 (I downloaded one of the test builds before it became a standalone map). It's a strong candidate for the best uses of OTEX that I've seen so far, and a good sense of progression through the map. Also the new additions to the Supercharge roster of weapons are pretty satisfying.
  13. I too found some of the difficulty spikes a bit much on HMP, especially the early lava-filled section where there seems to be monsters everywhere (I quite often play WADs on HMP rather than UV, but rarely go lower than HMP), but have so far been finding it very enjoyable on HNTR.
  14. Yeah thanks, it works now - for some reason it had defaulted to 10!
  15. The HUD isn't appearing for me after I find guns either.