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  1. ENEMY!!!

    why do people care about hitler and medkits so much?

    Agreed, a similar debate for example rages about George Lucas's changes to the Star Wars movies in his subsequent re-releases. That's a bigger deal to me as unlike the Doom games it's increasingly difficult to find releases of the unedited originals. As it stands I am fine with what's been done for the latest re-releases of Doom (especially as the changes made to this version strike me as improvements over those for the BFG edition), as long as we don't get clampdowns against the sale of or, worse still, ownership of copies of the original IWADs. The latter would bother me, but as yet there hasn't been any compelling evidence of that happening or being set to happen - indeed as was documented on another thread the opposite has happened in Germany, where the original DOOM2.WAD as well as Wolfenstein 3D were very recently removed from their ban list.
  2. ENEMY!!!

    doom shareware mods

    Yes, I ran into this a couple of times by accident when I tried to run mods with DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD and accidentally loaded DOOM1.WAD and GZDoom threw up an error saying, "You cannot -file with the shareware version. Register!" I remember that when I had a very old version of Doom back in the '90s (v1.1 or 1.2) there was a section somewhere specifically requesting that people don't mod the shareware version because id Software felt it would detract from sales of the registered version. Presumably this got officially clarified in the license for subsequent patches.
  3. ENEMY!!!

    Doom 3 vs Half Life 2

    I think they're both good games, but disappointing relative to their predecessors. Half-Life 2 was technically superb for its time but I just couldn't get into it to anywhere near the same extent as I did with the original Half-Life - perhaps the increased focus on realism and realistic-looking locations broke the sense of exploring abstract environments, or maybe it's because the original Half-Life was more ground-breaking and some of the aspects of the original that I experienced for the first time and thought "wow" had lost their "wow" factor by the time I played HL2. Also, I felt certain sections dragged on too long for their own good such as the boat section. Doom 3 to my mind was excellent early and late in the campaign (the Mars levels, and then from Hell onwards) but got repetitive in between, both in terms of gameplay and environments - and whereas I felt that scattered bits of Half-Life 2 dragged, in the case of Doom 3 it was a sizeable chunk of the game. Although I have more of a soft spot for Doom 3, overall I voted for Half-Life 2 because of the more consistent quality through the campaign.
  4. ENEMY!!!

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Until three weeks ago this would have been a major objection, but not any longer, as the US Doom II IWADs have been taken off the ban list since 30 December 2019. But my guess is that Bethesda (a) are playing it safe and/or (b) may well have decided upon the edits to the current re-releases before the US version of Doom II got taken off the Germany ban list. There is also the possibility (c) that the Nazi stuff may be legally prohibited in certain countries other than Germany. Regardless, I think that Germany's change to its laws will make waves and set precedents and that there's a good chance that the next time we see a re-release of the original Doom games it will feature the Nazi stuff unedited - although the changes to the red cross on the health are almost certain to remain for well-documented reasons.
  5. ENEMY!!!

    Half-Life Or Duke Nukem 3D?

    Half-Life, easily - alongside the first Doom I'd say that Half-Life was the equal most rewarding FPS game that I have completed. Its emphasis on storytelling was innovative for the time and immersive. I haven't gone back to it as much subsequently, but that's mainly because I wanted to create mods in the Doom universe and although Half-Life's Xen comes fairly close, it wasn't as good a match for my creative visions (and I say this as someone who did quite a lot of Half-Life modding between 1999 and 2004). The Xen levels are generally criticised as the weakest, and I did find those to be more variable in quality than the others, with a few jumping puzzles too many, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of Xen. As for Duke3D, I found episodes 1 and 4 to be right up there with Half-Life, but Eps 2 and 3 dragged a bit in places for me, but overall it was still one of the next-best FPS games of the 1990s for me. In terms of ratings I'd be giving Doom and Half-Life around 95%, and Duke3D around 90%.
  6. ENEMY!!!

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Germany has recently reclassified video games into the same category as films rather than dismissing them as toys, meaning that Nazi imagery in games such as Wolfenstein and Doom can potentially pass if there is an artistic case for them or if the game takes an anti-Nazi stance (which helps the cause of Wolfenstein and Doom as in both cases you shoot the Nazis): https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45142651 This addresses what I saw as the main bone of contention with the German laws on the matter back when video games were classified as toys. So it's quite possible that Bethesda could release the game with all of the Nazi imagery intact, but they'd be less likely to be able to by-pass the red cross issue. Most likely they just played it safe in both cases. As for the censorship issue, I'd see the loss of the Nazi/Wolfenstein references as a big deal if it was difficult to get the original IWADS (as is the case with censorship of some of the old cartoons and not being able to get uncensored versions of them) but for as long as you can easily get the original games off Steam or GOG.com it isn't a big issue. A bigger beef of mine would be the out-of-the-box disabling of cheat codes, which I am guessing is related to Steam Achievements, but it's not hard to do a system where cheat codes disable achievements.
  7. ENEMY!!!

    Doom Wad Making

    Yes, my old laptop (from 2011) doesn't run Ultimate Doom Builder, because its graphics aren't new enough to support OpenGL v3.3, and so on that machine I've had to stick with GZDoom Builder-Bugfix. My desktop runs Ultimate Doom Builder fine, though. These advanced editors are mostly tailored to the GZDoom source port and its advanced features, so if you're looking for editing for vanilla Doom, or Boom or limit-removing capabilities, you will probably be fine with Doom Builder 2 or Doom Builder X which will run on almost anything.
  8. ENEMY!!!

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Those stunning screenshots make it pretty clear that it is very possible to create Ancient Aliens-style maps using OTEX. The first couple of shots look like they involve stacked sector portals or perhaps intricate use of 3D floors. Certainly looking forward to trying out the next Mapwich on this evidence!
  9. Mainly Steam or gog.com these days. I was no stranger to so-called "casual copying" back in the 1990s but these days it is much harder to put forward a strong moral argument for pirating PC games, especially in the case of the indie titles that are selling on the usual digital distribution sites for under £10 and sometimes even under £5 - also bear in mind that PC games typically are roughly the same price as they were in the 1990s, meaning that in real terms they have gone down somewhat when accounting for inflation. Usually if you find games on Steam or gog to be overpriced you can just wait around for the next sale and find a good offer - sometimes you can even get several games for the price of one in a bundle. As for the indie developers, the main danger is that if their games don't sell well enough, they may be more likely to decide that it's not worth continuing to develop indie games. While many aren't necessarily in it primarily for the money, the money tends to be one of several factors that gives them more of an incentive to keep going.
  10. 28/12/2019 - the 25 year anniversary of me installing Doom for the first time.  I didn't expect that I would still be playing and modding it regularly some 25 years later.

  11. ENEMY!!!

    What's the BEST decade in history?

    Hard to say, I think society generally improved on the whole up until the 1990s, but since then the trends have been mixed. In my native Britain (and I get a sense that it's a similar story in the USA) there has been a shift towards a more risk averse society since then, with a growing tendency to be tied down by tightening arrays of rules and regulations and bureaucracy that are mostly brought in to legislate for the actions of a minority of offenders. For example, children have far less scope for unstructured play today than was the case in the 1990s. On the other hand, a lot of prejudices against minority groups that were still rife in the 1990s have declined somewhat since then. For example, there are quite a few openly transgender people in the Doom community who would probably find it far more difficult to gain peer acceptance if we were still living in the 1990s. So it's one of the three most recent decades, if I had to say one the 2000s might just shave it but the 1990s and 2010s run them pretty close.
  12. I am currently starting on a Doom II episode using OTEX and resources from Eriguns as a base, and composing background music for the maps (mostly original compositions but with some nods to the original Doom music), which will probably take me several years to fully complete, but I am planning to release it episodically. My objective for 2020 is to release the first five maps of the project and to get some of my music tracks out there on Soundcloud and YouTube.
  13. ENEMY!!!

    Changing "sv_cheats must be set to true"?

    Project Brutality also sets it to 0 if I remember rightly.
  14. ENEMY!!!

    Mapping regrets?

    I have a lot of regrets relating to perfectionism, doing half-finished projects that get trapped in Duke Nukem Forever-esque development hell and never releasing them, sharing them only with friends, and only publishing 3 maps in total. I have mapped for Doom, Quake 1, Half-Life 1, Doom 3, DOOM 2016, and have then gone back to Doom 1/2.
  15. ENEMY!!!

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Nah, if anything I think it's most likely to be a slight improvement on Doom 2016 (which in itself was pretty good). They've had their first crack at this type of Doom game and it looks from the trailers etc. as if Doom Eternity is going to be a case of fine-tuning the Doom 2016 formula and addressing some of the criticisms that people had of Doom 2016. For example, although there will be lockdowns I've seen a fair bit of evidence that the emphasis on them may be turned down. The "extra life" system also has potential to address my issues with the checkpoint-only save system of Doom 2016. I doubt it will be perfect - the new changes will probably contain some flaws of their own. The main negative of Doom Eternal will be no modding (at least not to begin with) but SnapMap proved to be too limited.