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  1. ENEMY!!!

    Would you?

    I was immediately reminded of the Monty Python argument sketch here, where someone pays to have a five minute argument. An equivalent exchange could run, "So are we here to discuss Doom?" "I told you once!" "No you haven't!" "Yes I have!" "When?" "Just now!" "No you didn't!" "Yes I did!", etc. The fact that I'm being reminded of Monty Python also reflects my feeling that Romero's offer is rather unusual. I certainly wouldn't pay nearly 100 Euros to talk to someone for 15 minutes, but he may indeed have publicity/press-related reasons that I don't know about, so I don't feel in a position to judge him negatively for it.
  2. ENEMY!!!

    Nonviolent Doom Wads

    After The Given, The Library is the example that second most sticks out for me.
  3. ENEMY!!!


    I'm sure it will get imitators, but I doubt that many of the imitators will come close to capturing the sort of atmosphere of Myhouse. It's so multi-faceted that while individual parts can easily be copied, the sum of its parts will be very difficult to replicate. It's not just the non-Euclidean space, there's a specific atmosphere that the WAD generates and it is enhanced somewhat for example by Esselfortium's accompanying music. As a fan of film music I'd draw an analogy with the way Thomas Newman's American Beauty sound became so iconic that many other composers tried to replicate it and most had very limited success.
  4. ENEMY!!!

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    This is a thought provoking question, as I can't currently think of any. I've always thought of Half-Life 2 as overrated, but to say that I dislike it would be a big exaggeration - I just haven't been able to get into it to the same kind of extent as with the original Half-Life. I still find it pretty good by most standards. In the late 1990s I might have answered Quake 1, when gaming outlets and magazines such as PC Zone UK kept laughing at gamers who still played Doom when Quake was available. But those days are long gone, and today I enjoy Quake as much as I enjoy Doom. Usually these days when I dislike a game, my arguments are at least shared by a minority of gamers, e.g. I'm not a fan of the Call of Duty series but it is quite common in gaming circles for people to bash Call of Duty, so it doesn't fall into the "everybody likes" category for me.
  5. ENEMY!!!


    You want Memento Mori 3? Well, this mapset could prove rather obliging.
  6. I find Duke Nukem 3D's soundtrack a mixed bag personally, mainly because, with just a few exceptions, Bobby Prince's tracks let the side down for me, often being repetitive and uninteresting. It might be a quirk of my personal taste or maybe Bobby wasn't as musically inspired by Duke3D as by Doom and some other games. But I can't fault Lee Jackson's contributions. Descent had slipped my mind, I certainly had a lot of good times with Descent 1 and 2 (especially 1), though I would still put it a little behind Doom. Again I find the soundtrack a bit mixed but there are certainly some highs for me. I appreciated it when I noticed that Descent 1 Level 8 cleverly mixes fully original music with sped-up remixes of Ase's Death from Grieg's Peer Gynt. I reckon Quake II will get more love in the near future thanks to the remaster. Again, I'm mixed on the soundtrack but really like Descent into Cerberon.
  7. Story: Half-Life. I don't think any other FPS of the 90s comes close. Gameplay: For single player, Doom 1, but for multiplayer, Unreal Tournament. If you include user mods and maps, then for single player Doom 2 overtakes Doom 1, and Quake 1 is increasingly up there. Quake 1 is also second only to UT for multiplayer. Soundtrack: That's a tough one, as I like the soundtracks of Doom 1 (PC and PSX versions equally), Hexen 1 and Quake 1, all for different reasons. On balance I'm going to go for Hexen as that's the soundtrack that I come back to most often. Others have mentioned Duke Nukem 3D, I think it's definitely in my top five for single player FPS experiences in the 90s, but just a bit behind the other games that I mentioned for me.
  8. ENEMY!!!

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I've avoided it so far because I hear that it's impossible to tame the algorithm. Social media algorithms are marketed as being there "to provide users with the best possible experience", but really, their aim is to get users addicted, keeping them there for as long as possible so as to be able to maximise their exposure to targeted ads. There have been studies done on TikTok's algorithm and it's no different. On many other platforms, you are able to tame the algorithms. Many companies, notably Google and Facebook/Meta, will provide the option to tame them, but will keep resetting your preferences back to the default of "algorithm fully in control of what you see" at every opportunity, which is far from ideal, but TikTok doesn't even provide the option as far as I know.
  9. ENEMY!!!


    As Gregor said, there is indeed a comment to one of the videos where the person claims they have permission from Veddge to share the information, but I have my doubts.
  10. ENEMY!!!


    I don't believe that all of the problems that we've been seeing are people blatantly engaging in doxxing. Such people certainly exist, but I reckon that there are much greater numbers who are very curious, who get deeply interested in the true origins of something like Myhouse, and who are naïve about how digging too deeply could undermine the author's privacy, potentially with ugly consequences, or who just don't think enough about the implications while they're digging. I reckon that the videos presenting it as some sort of ARG and (especially) the relevant TikTok content have allowed this to get far worse than it would otherwise have done. If the latter had been released with Veddge's express consent, I would feel okay with it being circulated, but I see no compelling evidence of this being the case, unfortunately, and until/unless this changes, I won't feel comfortable with it being circulated. Generally I'm one of those who tends to be very curious and to want to discover all there is to discover, and to know the truth, but as so often in life, this is only healthy in moderation, up to a certain point. Short of that point, there's been a lot of very interesting and rewarding discussion and detective work, but it is clear to me that Myhouse works much better in immersing the player and creating the right emotions if some details remain speculative and are left to the imagination. It's not just an author privacy issue, it's also a matter of ensuring that people who play Myhouse get the best experience. For these reasons, with each day, it's becoming more obvious to me why Veddge has gone to lengths to remain anonymous and very secretive.
  11. ENEMY!!!

    Question about music in custom levels

    My understanding of the situation is that you're unlikely to get into legal trouble for using a MIDI version of copyrighted music, and may well get your map accepted on idgames, but there's a fair chance that if you or others stream your map, video sharing sites will mute the sound and there's a chance they may take the videos down (this can happen automatically, e.g. via YouTube's Content ID system). If it's a straight copy of copyrighted music, e.g. in MP3 format, you're a lot more likely to get your map rejected on the spot for copyright infringement. But if it's just for personal use then you can use whatever music you like, copyrighted or not. If it's MIDI music you're after, there's no shortage of MIDI music out there created by the Doom community that is free to use and share as long as you credit the original author.
  12. One thought is that if texture filtering is such a big issue, people could share portable config files with gl_texture_filter set to 0 ("None") or 1 ("None (nearest mipmap)"). In my portable config file it is set to 1. What's wrong with GZDoom? To me, not a lot. It just has a different focus to many of the other source ports and sacrifices a bit of performance on enemy heavy maps for the sake of adding extra features.
  13. ENEMY!!!

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    I note that I posted in this thread back in 2020 and said that until around 2010-2015 I would definitely have answered Duke, but as of 2020 I was veering towards Quake. That process has accelerated quite a bit since the 2021 remaster. Quake's mapping and modding community has really gathered pace recently, to the point where I've recently been enjoying the Quake 1 community's maps as much as the Doom community's maps (and that's saying a lot). As well as Arcane Dimensions, there's Alkaline, progs_dump, Slayer's Testaments, Remobilize, etc. That said, if I had to choose between replaying Quake's shareware episode or Duke3D's, I would still give Duke's the nod.
  14. ENEMY!!!

    Your Final Wad

    In those circumstances I'd probably revisit Espi's Map27 from Eternal Doom IV.
  15. ENEMY!!!

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    I think that's the main problem - mapping specifically for Brutal Doom and/or Project Brutality requires a good understanding of how they work and the differences between them and vanilla Doom, and I reckon that once mappers have got into mapping for vanilla or near-vanilla Doom, it tends to be better use of one's limited time and effort to go for something that rather emphasises building on the original gameplay, like UDMF/GZDoom or a mod like Supercharge which doesn't replace the gameplay as much. It's not a failing of Brutal Doom or Project Brutality, rather an issue that generally arises re. mapping for a mod of a game that changes the gameplay substantially.