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  1. Gregor

    [Released & updated] Infection

    Well, this is difficult to answer since what you consider the "right" balance for secrets is very subjective. I'd say most mapsets play fine without finding any secrets, but i always go for 100% in every map i play, so I'm probably the wrong person to properly assess the difference in balancing. But for me, the main issue wasn't the contents or placement of the secrets but the lack of consistent environmental telegraphing. The secrets don't have to be more rewarding if that's the balance you go for but i think there should be a consistent language of telegraphing their location for those searching for them. Otherwise it becomes a chore rather than a fun sidequest. Not that there weren't any hints, but they were often so subtle that they didn't really stick out as anything unusual, especially when a lot of the textures and detailing in the maps functioned as red herrings and simply out-competed them visually - after pressing so many walls where i was sure they hid a secret, i often simply gave up on relying on environmental hints at all to point me in the right direction. Maybe that was the biggest issue: there were too many conflicting visual messages . A lot of walls had textures on them that screamed "Secret!" (like the frequent use of the "stop sign" texture) only to be nothing more than decoration. MAP01 is a perfect example: for the first secret you come across, if you look around the hallway in that building, there are so many walls with texturing that suggest a secret: The hint to the actual secret in comparison is more subtle and, as a result, easily overlooked or simply ignored - the room quickly teaches the player that visual clues like asymmetrical detailing don't mark secrets - yet they very much do, and confusingly, later in the map the stop sign actually does mark a secret. Another issue is when secret areas require the player to backtrack when the level progression pushes them forward instead. For example, the rocket launcher is very tough to find because there is no reason for the player to backtrack to the hallway where the wall opens up. At this point the player has the red key, they've most likely seen the red door earlier, so they have a clear goal of heading back to the red door, which will lead them away from the corridor where the rocket launcher has been revealed. Since the rocket launcher isn't marked as a secret, only random backtracking will make them come across it. Another example from MAP01 would be the secret in the final corridor before the exit which reveals nothing but a medikit - i think this is a reward guaranteed to disappoint since the map isn't exactly stingy with health, and a soulsphere for example would have felt more appropriate, considering we are right before the end and this is a set made for continuous play.
  2. I tested Doom 2 with the newest build and i'm getting less than 500 fps in Map01: Entryway. From what i read here, shouldn't it be A LOT more? I have set maxfps to 2000 and turned off vsync.
  3. Gregor

    Should i quit modding?

    Then you weren't honest about the question you asked in the first place. If quitting wasn't an option from the beginning, then you are just fishing for compliments. Should have called the thread "Please motivate me to keep modding". That would've been honest.
  4. Gregor

    UMAPINFO Rev 2.2 and new home

    You forgot to add the author field under supported keys though. Did that for you.
  5. Gregor

    [Released & updated] Infection

    I played through the set for the first time a while ago but only now played the bonus Map03: cool set overall with the ambient sound effects and some nice, cozy techbase designs. Not too hard either, so it was a relaxed little playthrough for a change. Really dig the corruption theme at the end - only wished it would have been introduced earlier and used more prominently throughout the wad. I'm a pistolstarter so some of the ammo deprivation in the the earlier maps was frustrating at first, but it got a lot better for the rest of the set where it wasn't an issue anymore. The music selection is excellent throughout; i particularly like the opener and the explosive start it brings to the set - might be one my favorite beginnings to a wad ever. My only major complaint apart from the under utilization of the corruption theme is the obscurity of a lot the secrets. For most of them one has to resolve to pure random wall hugging since there are almost no hints to their location otherwise, and even then it often doesn't get you far because you are required to first flip a switch somewhere in a room halfway across the map with no clue as to what that switch does. At times it felt like you didn't want those secrets to be found. For a completionist like me it was quite the test of patience at times, and i often ended up opening the map up in UDB as a last resort because a wiki article didn't exist yet (since i was writing it). Also, quite a few of them didn't feel particularly rewarding once opened considering the effort that is required to finding them. Safe to say, i'm not huge fan of the secrets in this wad. I'm sure there were also quite a few them that were just fine, but of course, i only remember the bad. It wasn't a dealbreaker for me in the end though since i really enjoyed the fights and atmosphere in the maps, especially the last the two maps. It's a gorgeous little set and also one that grew on me over time. The added map03 looks and plays nicely but the layout seemed especially labyrinthine for this one, to the the point where it became difficult to orient myself. Also the secrets were once again "well hidden". ;) But i liked the flow of the map and the more non-linear nature of the layout. Overall, i give this set a big thumbs up. Thank you for making it. I had a blast!
  6. What's wrong with good ole A_SpawnItem and A_SpawnItemEx?
  7. Gregor

    Junkfood [Slaughter, Boom]

    Pepsiman, eh? Well, that reminds me of one of the better AVGN episodes of the last few years,,,
  8. Btw, is the title of the midi for MAP04 actually called "Undreground Lake" as listed in the tracklist above and the text file, or is that a typo?
  9. Finished the set over the holidays and had a really good time with it. Originally just tested it so i could write the Doomwiki article as i'm working myself through this year's list of recipients, but this was a very pleasant surprise all round. Really cool mapset! Love the themes in each map and how they riff off the Doom 2 originals. Some really creative ideas like the one with the two elevators at the beginning of map03 where you have to choose the rocket launcher or SSG as your main weapon for the level. Looking forward to a potential episode 2 & 3. Cheers!
  10. Gregor

    What I never understood about most WADS

    Eviternity, Heartland, 1000 Lines 3, Valiant, Epic 2, Auger;Zenith & Preacher.
  11. Gregor

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Congratulations on the release! Can't wait to try it out.
  12. Well. I don't really have a problem with dogs personally. I get along with them just fine. I respect them but i don't care very much about them. My mother has a dog, and although he's cute and gentle, and i often play with him in the garden when i visit, i just find it ridiculous how much she loves him, treating him like a real child. The love of a dog means very little to me since they don't really have a choice. Their just stupid animals that follow their genetic programming and think you're wolf. They can't reflect on their situation. As long as you don't mistreat it, your dog will love you. This might come across a bit strong, but whenever i see a dog i basically see a slave that is kept as a toy by their owner so they can feel good about themselves. I kinda look down on their obedience. And the idea of buying yourself a dog with the right look and characteristics you prefer just reeks to me of designer babies and the whole twisted dystopian morality attached to that. Again, i'm not denying they can be cute and fun, but in the end of the day they are just dogs, not children. In a way i pity them that they are so dependent on humans and were turned into these weird slave pets. Unsurprisingly, i like cats much better, just because they do their own thing and you kinda have to earn their love and respect. But i'm generally not a pet person.
  13. Gregor

    [Released & updated] Infection

    MBF21? But what exactly requires MBF21 specifically? Sure it's not just plain MBF?
  14. Gregor

    [Released & updated] Infection

    Could you give a list of the midis you used? i recognize some of them but not all.
  15. Gregor

    [Released & updated] Infection

    So it's MBF-compatible then, right? I'm just asking for the wiki article. Boom-compatible works but is not the intended experience with the lack of ambient sounds.