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  1. Ramiel

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Man, I just wanted them to have in-air control as part of the default movement. It just feels bad to play without it once you get used to it.
  2. Ramiel

    Female Slayer

    you were what?
  3. Ramiel

    Female Slayer

    Anyone else hate when they get pre-battle wood? Anyway, I think a new character at all could be interesting as a way to experiment with new abilities and maybe even brand new weapon sets without being “held back,” so to speak, by expectations of what Doomguy’s abilities/arsenal should be (ex. Always have to have weapons slots for the classics like SSG, chaingun, etc.).
  4. The Wraiths are mentioned multiple times in the Sentinel Codex entries. And that’s just the beginning paragraph of the first entry. They are further referenced in Parts IX, XII, XIII, and XIV.
  5. The image of Satan failing a Fallout-style speech check is bizarrely hilarious to me.
  6. Ramiel

    The Seraphim's Goals and Identity

    I’m sure this was obvious to everyone else, but I just realized that Samur/Samuel going to Kadingir Sanctum in his robot body is a clever way to circumvent the Maykrs-Can’t-Physically-Go-To-Hell rule which may or may not have been conceived prior to Eternal. Reminds me of the end of Earthbound, where the character’s souls must be transferred into robotic bodies because the effects of time travel would kill them. This could mean Samur (assuming he somehow became the human Samuel Hayden) was planning to transfer himself into a robot body all along as a means to personally go to Hell and retrieve the Slayer himself.
  7. Ramiel

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    The quote in question at 1:42 So yeah, Doom 2016, Eternal, and the Ancient Gods 1&2 will Apparently act as a trilogy of sorts, meaning that whatever id plans for future installments will be a whole new story from the beginning, but most likely still with the Slayer as the protagonist.
  8. Ramiel

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    TLDR: DAC to be removed in the next PC update, or, at least restricted to Battlemode id was not "forced" by Bethesda or Zenimax to include DAC Performance issues in Update 1 and DAC are "not related.", suspected to be caused by "VRAM allocation"
  9. Ramiel

    Doom Eternal - News

    Well, that’s some good news. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’m still iffy about them using Denuvo, even when I have no intention of playing battlemode.
  10. I could see the argument being made that having to load in an entire separate minigame just to get a passive ability slows the pacing down to a halt. And while I didn't personally mind the challenges, I also don't mind just being able to simply equip runes in a level and getting right back to it. EDIT: Nevermind, thought you meant the challenges you need to complete to unlock in the first place. Otherwise, I agree that rune mastery is a strange omission in Eternal. A couple extra seconds in Chrono Strike would be fantastic.
  11. I remember playing the original Bioshock on Xbox 360, my favorite parts being when I would just run through an area as fast as I could, unloading into any enemies I came across. Tried searching for more games that captured that feeling and came across a gamefaqs thread that recommended Doom. I picked up the XBLA version shortly after and fell in love with it, the speed and visceral action was exactly what I wanted. I eventually moved over to PC and figured out source ports, custom .wads, mods, etc. as well as playing Doom 3 and Final Doom. It was particularly interesting being a relatively new fan of the series when Doom 2016 was announced, and being exposed to so many different iterations and experiences almost at once.
  12. Ramiel

    Doom Eternal - News

    Those locations look amazing. I believe I remember the ARC having some sort of ocean-based outpost, maybe that's the oil rig-looking place. Hopefully we're going back to Urdak to recover VEGA.
  13. I can only assume that it will be covered in the DLC, since there’s literally no reason to have such a big time skip.
  14. That’s only after the Holy Seal is broken when Doomguy interrupts the procession and awakens the Icon inside of Urdak. The Khan Maykr says as much right before she dies.
  15. Ramiel

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    I spent about 5 minutes running around that one arena in Taras Nebad looking for the buff totem before I noticed the Archvile