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  1. masterhassan

    Why am I always running?

    Moron post deleted - Ling
  2. masterhassan

    sup homies

    remind me to never say that ever again.i haven't posted on here in a while, im always reading the posts and shite though, i was wondering if anyone's working on a doom project right now that needs an original sound track, one that could be in .wav/.mp3 format. im always recording crap on my pc, and i would love to do a soundtrack. anyone?
  3. masterhassan

    Bored? Again?

    no believe me, it's there, its just hidden, in fact i think you should go find it ....now.....RUN.... ill betcha ill find some before you (i live right in central jersey and theres a fucking forest behind my house) ill bet you a big box of nothing that ill beat you
  4. masterhassan


    im pretty certain there are programs for that, ive tried to find some before but i never could, im pretty sure there are ones to convert mp3 to .wav anyway, and ones that convert .wav to midi.....i think
  5. masterhassan

    How old are you really?

    16 years of age in human years, i suspect i may turn 17 sooner or later...possibly on my birthday.
  6. masterhassan

    Small DOS Games

    you're not talking about "Snake Rattle and Roll" for NES are you? that game kicked ass, what you described sounds alot like it
  7. masterhassan

    What's this???

    yeah i saw it last night, my god that kicked ass, i've been waiting 3 whole years now for that movie, i nearly blew my friggin' load when i saw that trailor....not really.....that would be pretty funny though right? ive been waiting even longer to learn more about Boba Fett's past, so this is gonna kick some serious buttox
  8. masterhassan

    What's this???

    7 deadly sins 7 ways to win 7 holy paths to hell and your trip begins 7 downward slopes 7 bloodied hopes 7 are your burning fires 7 your desires... ...sorry im bored, and i was wondering the same thing, but haven't been here or posted in a while, so.........cheeze
  9. masterhassan

    Iron Maiden

    and maiden are playing 2 shows this year (only 2) and the proceeds are going to their new cliff burr multiple sclerosis (sp?) fund. wait no, 2 shows, the frist 2 sold out really fast so they made a new date, and they are rereleasing the "run to the hills" single and donating allt he money from that to the fund as well.
  10. masterhassan

    Music to doom to

    my personal favorites are stained class, and painkiller by judas priest. both powerful and moody as hell,
  11. masterhassan


    ....thems is fightin' wurds, you takes them thar wurds back, mmmkay?
  12. masterhassan

    Me Is Back

    no you isn't back
  13. masterhassan

    Lord of the Rings (not Doom related)

    dude, i feel exactly the same, but star wars still rules though (return of the jedi forever baby)
  14. masterhassan


    LOL daedalus getting finished, now THATS comedy (no offense ty)
  15. masterhassan

    I think I have lost my love for doom!

    i played through knee deep in the dead and half of the shores of hell yesterday on my friends laptop while we watched happy gilmore, i play doom regularly, i remember in 8th grade i played it every day in civics, then i installed it in my deadhead teachers pc and he played it over the tv screen, it was cool