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  1. It's a nice piece of trivia, but that's not the reason. I saw this WAD mentioned in Not Jabba's "Roots: The evolution of Doom level design" article as one of the notable early Plutonia-influenced releases and had it on my list of stuff to max since it lacked a good max demo. Thought that since you already had experience with this map, you could produce something of decent quality yourself. Your movement clearly suffers from being keyboard-only, especially in the more cramped sections, but you still managed to beat my makeshift demonstration with a much better route, so job well done. I could revisit it and beat your demo in the future, but I have more important runs to get (when I have time...) If you want to tackle something similar, I'd suggest DemoniZed MAP01 (02 already has a decent demo by Veinen). I watched Yonatan Donner's UV-Max TAS (which misses one random Imp btw) and it seems to be a decent starting point, though with a few possible improvements such as more aggressive ending and maybe also running past some of the fatter stuff and backtracking from the ending with some rockets and/or BFG to clean them up faster (would need testing if it's worth it).
  2. I think that every "old" release is overrated to varying degree. When I put aside any sort of historical notability and compare classics like Alien Vendetta or Scythe 2 with modern megaWADs like BTSX, Valiant, Sunlust or Eviternity, the visual detailing and gameplay polish are several levels apart. This doesn't mean that these classics aren't good - they got their cult status for a reason. But the progress in average quality is there and I personally think it's bigger than most people give it credit.
  3. I tried MAP06 in ZDoom v2.8.1 and the cacos can't teleport out either. But the closets work fine in vanilla engines. I suspect it must be fault of ZDoom engine handling either monster movement or linedef walk-though actions slightly differently. Extending the closet by a few units seems to be an easy fix, so we'll get it done in the next update.
  4. tchkb

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Two problems with my recent submissions for this: - the port used was GZDoom v1.8.2, not ZDoom v1.8.2 - the levelset in question was completely different: de-ep1.pk3 (2014, for GZDoom), not de-ep1.wad (2005, for Doom 2 / complevel 2)
  5. tchkb

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    I went through MAP09 and found a bunch of linedefs at walkway edges that don't block monsters and can lead to failed max attempts - the ones at the intro teleporting monsters being the worst offenders. But much more importantly, I found a huge skip that can potentially save a lot of time - it's possible to grab Blue Key through the grate on the opposite side if you get pushed into it hard enough. I found that this can be done when assisted by rocket from one of the two nearby Cyberdemons (obviously requires taking the nearby invulnerability). Perhaps it can also be done without help from those guys (boosting with your own rocket? or just sr50 at correct angle?), but I haven't bothered spending a lot of time looking for alternative ways. I've managed to do a savescummed run through old Sunder MAP09 with this method, coupled with yolo rushing past almost every single fight to get the most out of relatively early BFG, and managed to save nearly 8 minutes compared to 32:56 UV-Max record by j4rio. Even more time could potentially be saved with a more optimal cleanup than what I did. Problem is, the odds of actually reaching BFG alive while running past everything seem ridiculously low, so the most aggressive form of this strategy would probably be TAS-only... unless someone has a crapton of free time on their hands. Dunno if that skip is something I_G would want removed from final version or not. At least it will always be there in old Sunder for someone to eventually exploit.
  6. tchkb

    39 UV Maxes

    I just did a savescummed run of Eventide and got 6:30. I don't know when I'll be able to speedrun it myself, so you'll save me a bunch of work if you manage to get something around that time. EDIT here's a multisegment demo with a route example. I was supposed to BFG the AV at the end, but I left this ending in for the lolz. One thing that I bet is going to kill a lot of runs are the late teleports in RK fight. You can't use remaining monster counter to tell whether you got all of them since an AV teleports at the bottom of stairs and can resurrect a random number of enemies. eventideTEST.zip
  7. tchkb

    PrBoom+ 2.6.66 (Jun 20, 2023)

    More specifically, your demos will have broken sync if you press esc before the %s and timer finish counting down. If you press use/fire to instantly end the countdown and then bring the menu up, everything will be fine. I've done this numerous times in my multimap runs to shorten the breaks I take between maps on demo playback (the time you spend in menu doesn't get recorded), but my demos are fine because I've always done it in fire->esc order, not the other way around.
  8. tchkb

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    https://dsdarchive.com/wads/ksutra MAP13 Maxes in 5:04 and 5:55 by TendaMonsta are actually SoloNet maxes, but they lack the SN tag/icon.
  9. Nevermind, I found just enough time to upload the remaining four Demon Eclipse maps today. de-ep1_M5UVMax-831.zip de-ep1_M6UVMax-1714.zip de-ep1_M7UVMax-1350.zip de-ep1_M8UVMax-428.zip
  10. Demon Eclipse: Doorway to Abaddon (Episode 1) UV-Max demos (5 maps), GZDoom v1.8.2 Played in old GZDoom version because that's what I played it on back when it was released and I'm too lazy to check whether nothing breaks in this mapset in the newer versions. Links to Youtube videos in textfiles. I'll upload the remaining 4 demos (and videos) on Tuesday. de-ep1_M1UVMax-314.zip de-ep1_M2UVMax-710.zip de-ep1_M3UVMax-935.zip de-ep1_MSUVMax-815.zip de-ep1_M4UVMax-1043.zip
  11. This was already reported, it's present in idgames version and affects all sourceports. Just a silly teleporter destination screwup we made while doing quick last-minute changes while rushing the release and forgot to test it.
  12. tchkb

    Criticality [/idgames]

    Another problem I've noticed during UV playthrough - one of Arachnotrons from eastern optional fight teleported into Sector 508 and got permanently stuck there. I don't know if he got stuck there while infighting something or if that destination area is simply not wide enough for arachs.
  13. tchkb

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Found a bug in MAP08 that's been around since the very beginning. The following sector (unlike the three on the left, which are also linked together) doesn't have a tag and doesn't lower. This renders Tag 34 / Sector 738 teleport destination unworkable. I don't know how much harder (or easier?) the restored intended setup will make the final fight since it would mean half of the blocker Revs/HKs at the northern edge of the area will now teleport to southeastern edge instead. The closet will also be emptying faster since at the moment the monsters only have that first small wedge strip of area to move into.
  14. tchkb

    Criticality [/idgames]

    Proof-of-concept HNTR-Max route (using a lot of recordfromto). Misses 3 random imps: thing 1615, thing 1979 and one from sector 1051 that teleported very late. I'll definitely do a proper HNTR speedrun once the final version comes out. I think Thing 993 Cyberdemon is too noob-unfriendly - he has a very high chance to catch a blind player by surprise and blow him up immediately after teleporting. On the flipside, the player gets a crapton of cells from Thing 131 BFG pickup onward and not much to use them on, so I'd personally prefer a bit more meat in later parts. A few examples I can immediately think of that shouldn't increase the difficulty too much: restored sector 1051/1052 Arachnotrons, restored sector 2279/2280 Cacodemons (from the closets that teleport to these sectors), a beefier sector 981 opposition (but small enough that you're more or less guaranteed to keep a healthy amount of cells for the final fight) and a beefy horde to replace the final zombiemen so you can put those 11 cellpacks at the end to use. Speaking of the ending, I don't know how it works on HMP/UV since I haven't tried it yet, but I've noticed that it takes those warped-out revs a while to get crushed. Unless that crushing time can get significantly shortened somehow, that's yet another reason to put a meatier army guarding the exit so the maxers don't have to wait aimlessly in front of the exit while the crushers are still trying to do their job. Also, Thing 3508 and 3511 HNTR-exclusive Imps are stuck on top of each other. criticalityBETA1-skill2test.zip
  15. That's an unmarked super secret / easter egg area. There is a "simple" way to get there - keep looking if you want to find it yourself or use a map editor to find out. :) That's an actual issue - apparently we broke that closet while reworking the intro section's geometry (they're supposed to teleport right as BK becomes accessible). Will be fixed in the next update.