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  1. Autoswitch to Chaingun is something that I'm well aware of and there is usually one laying around right at teleport destination with the ~1:15 teleport timing I've settled on (this is usually the point Cybie is stuck fighting a couple Barons, open for backstabbing with BFG), but I've never tried the usual "switch to something else, then press 7 instantly upon picking up to avoid a second switch" approach to remedy this because there's an offchance you'll pick one a second later and have to do three weapon switches instead. But it's just an autoscroller so w/e, more importantly I forgot doing this on final Berserk pack and lost a second or two there. A less noticable nuance is me doing a little dance around Megasphere in elevator to take some free damage before healing myself to max.
  2. MAP31 UV-Max in 8:29, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.5 -complevel 2 I swear I've seen a video on Youtube sometime around 2010-2012 that used very similar strats to the ones I employed here and might've been even faster. I think the player took Megasphere and killed Arch-Viles without invulnerability, then later was pressing all switches while running through Cyberdemons and killed the last one unprotected just by hugging him. But the video seems to be gone and there's no corresponding demo on DSDA.
  3. Second half maxed on HNTR. Slacked off a lot when it comes to grinding better times on some of those, but got all benchmarks I aimed for and nothing looks too ugly. Comparison between my HNTR-MAX demos and UV-MAX world records: hr2final HNTR-MAX
  4. Doom has two skill ceilings: one whose reaching makes Plutonia-difficulty WADs trivial and very difficult WADs "playable" (probably by save scumming only), and one whose reaching makes said very difficult WADs manageable. The latter requires a degree of talent from the player, such as quick thinking, nerves of steel and fast reactions (but not aiming, unlike almost every post-Doom FPS), but the former does not. Reaching it is purely a matter of amassing the necessary know-how: how to efficiently move both defensively and offensively, how to exploit behaviors of each enemy against them and some general engine quirks, how to handle specific monster compositions in specific map geometries and the optimal use of your arsenal in doing so, in addition to learning routes of tricky maps you're about to tackle. Unless you really suck at first person shooters or are seriously mentally impaired (neither apply in your case), all you need to make Plutonia your bitch is accumulate the necessary game experience. Depending how quickly and efficiently you learn, how motivated you are and how much free time you can spend on Doom, you may take as little as a few months to get to that level. But if you grow to enjoy Dooming for the sake of Dooming, even a few years spent on learning may be worth it. For the record, I'm nowhere near close to reaching the second (true) skill ceiling and probably never will, but who knows.
  5. A little preface on my background as a Doomer: I played through the original Doom 1 and 2 as an elementary schooler and got decently good (for the era I've played in and my age) to the point I managed to pistol start every Doom 2 map with save scumming (less because I couldn't survive the fights and more because I sucked at ammo management and needed a ton of trial-and-error to figure out how to avoid running dry). Also played a few fanmade levels of the era I found on some old CD. It wasn't until high school that I revisited the game, derusted on both classic Dooms and decided to dive into Plutonia, because hey, official expansion pack. I only have fragmentary memories of what I suffered through on my first playthrough (featuring lots and lots of save scumming), but what I remember is repeated ragequits and returns to the game whenever I ran into something that was killing me repeatedly, which happened a lot, because the rudimentary movement and combat techniques I developed for Doom 1 & 2 were simply insufficient to survive even something as seemingly simple as the four Mancubi dropping on the pillars all around you at the beginning of MAP13. MAPs 13 to 23 was a near-continuous series of such ragequits, sometimes several times per map. I even ventured into the secret levels, somehow beat MAP31 with little problems and then noped the hell out of 32 and reloaded save game back to 15. And after finally beating Tombstone after several days of tearing my hair out, I saw the layout at the beginning of MAP24, said something to the effect of "nope, I'm not doing that" and quit Doom altogether for several years. I didn't notice any deficiencies in graphic design, music (it was objectively awful, thankfully we have Plutonia MIDI Pack these days), level layouts, monster placements, etc. All I could see while playing was the difficulty jump from Doom 2 that was too much for me back then. I wasn't patient enough to grind through it, knowledgeble enough to figure out optimal routes, or even just smart enough to adopt better combat techniques. Fast forward to now and I'm casually pistol starting every single level, including MAP32, in three attempts tops. Could probably UV-Max the entire thing if I wanted to, but I don't, because I don't find it challenging enough to bother. It didn't happen overnight, and didn't even happen by playing Plutonia itself. What I did was casually playing a bunch of WADs that were easier than Plutonia with lots, but then limited save scumming, mixed up with a few WADs harder than Plutonia with either overpowered weapon mods, difficulty easier than Ultra-Violence or just select few levels I happened to like a lot, while also watching videos of great players single segmenting difficult stuff to pick some techniques up. And then after returning to the levelset that made me quit Doom once, it went from "impossible" to "perfectly manageable". Bottom line: play a lot, learn levels you're new to on easier difficulty (usually HNTR), don't be afraid to mix up what you play to avoid frustration, adopt some elements from players better than you (but not all - a lot of high-level Dooming is banking on 1% good RNG, the remaining 99% being instant death) and keep striving to improve. Think of Plutonia as a rite of passage - what separates a boy from a man. Pistol starting every Plutonia level should be every aspiring Doomer's long term goal and something everyone will need to be capable of achieving one day (unless you don't like it but can pistol start equivalent maps, I guess). Plutonia set a difficulty standard the vast majority of acclaimed fanmade WADs either reach or blow well past, sometimes even on HNTR. Forget about playing them if you struggle with Plutonia of all things - even if you can save scum through them, your skill deficiencies will more likely lead to frustration than enjoyment of playing. As for Plutonia itself, it's straight up my favorite WAD from the 90s. The main reason, other than the balanced difficulty I'm well accustomed to at this point, being its generally consistent level quality across all 32 maps. I don't find any Plutonia level to be subpar. On the other hand, I don't find any Plutonia level to be particularly good either. Every map is just all around "okay". There are a few stray design flaws in some levels, some duller-than-average sections and conversely some pretty fun ones, but I never go into any map thinking "Why do I have to play this garbage? I'd rather play this or that", which is something very few WADs can claim. It's been dethroned by a ton of community submissions by now, but it remains as an important historical landmark and the only officially released WAD I still bother playing from time to time.
  6. Surprised you've managed to save so much time just by rocketing everything instead of going for a slower but way more reliable Plasma ending. Also that run through the ledge was perfect.
  7. First 16 maps maxed on HNTR instead of UV (isucklol). All of those runs are very improvable, but at least they all beat their respective UV-Max records to varying degree, except for 07 - I don't have enough patience to grind for surviving Mancubus intro, pulling the rocket jump off, banking on the two shotgunners in cages hitting two separate spiders to get themselves killed AND praying the damn zombies won't take a minute to crawl their asses through the teleporter, which happens more often than not. Will try to finish the second half by the end of January. hr2final HNTR-MAX 01-16.ZIP
  8. EP1 UV-Speed in 12:21 by 0xf00ba12 wasn't uploaded to Youtube.
  9. Map22 UV-Max in 5:59, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.5 VA22-559.ZIP
  10. 1. Why are 100% secrets required alongside 100% kills in UV-Max? I understand this is something the 90s Doom community decided back then and everyone has just rolled with it to avoid unnecessary revolutions and respect the older achievements, but it's still a little puzzling it happened in the first place. The point of UV-Max is to prevent players from avoiding Doom's core gameplay of shooting enemies while getting through the game as fast as possible and it does a great job in this regard. But secrets don't add anything to the gameplay by themselves. Sometimes their selection in maps is arbitrary, sometimes the loot they contain is of dubious or even nonexistent usefulness, sometimes they are a significant detour you would be hard pressed to take otherwise. You could make an argument about them being a rubber-banding mechanic that tends to give you some good healing items like Soulspheres and making them mandatory decreases grinding players have to go through by forcing them to take those heals, but you could just as well argue that it's discriminating against players who can get through the level using their resources efficiently. 2. Have there been any attempts at removing damage variance from the game to improve its competitiveness? Let's be honest here - damage randomization is something every speedrunner hates. Enemy behavior RNG is kind of necessary for Doom to function, but all damage RNG does is putting players through extra grind, especially once a level is optimised enough that all improvements come from praying enemies die from less shots than in the previous record. Enemy damage variance is a lesser factor, but still existent, letting you survive hits that would usually kill you or killing you with shots you'd expect to survive. There is a very simple fix one could implement as an optional setting in Boom-like source ports or as a mod in ZDoom - making all randomized damage constant and equal to average of min and max possible damage. The issue, other than breaking compatibility with past achievements and a revolution most people wouldn't want, is that it would not only make the game more competitive, but also significantly easier because bad RNG does more bad to the player than good RNG does good. Part because the optimal decisionmaking is assuming everything goes average and then correcting based on what goes wrong (you can't predict when you're going to get lucky and base your decisions around that, unless you keep grinding until everything you want to go well does), part because of the sheer amount of highly relevant damage ranges that rarely result in less shots than average, but frequently result in more shots. To give you some of the most glaring examples: 200*N HP enemies have 50% chance of dying to N perfect SSG shots, 20*N HP enemies have 50% chance of dying to N Chaingun taps or N Plasma shots, 400 HP enemies have 50% chance of dying to a BFG ball, 70 HP enemies have 50% chance of dying to a perfect Shotgun shot. If you face 100 of any of those enemies consecutively with those weapons and never manage to carry over some excess damage to another, then on average you're going to have to fire 100*(N+0.5) shots with Doom's damage variance, but 100*N without. In a 1v1 vacuum it makes the game fair, but in a level full of enemies it also makes it a lot easier. Deathmatch folks would definitely love it though.
  11. Map 06 UV-Max in 7:43, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.5 New route compared to an old 11:32 demo. Execution still leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm too busy IRL to grind it more.
  12. Knee Deep in ZDoom Z1M8 UV-Max in 14:49, done in ZDoom 2.7.1. Video Is it legible for submission to DSDA with gameplay modifications I've used, including no autoaim, no weapon switch on pickup and vertical mouselook? If so, how can I submit it there? The UV-Max demo currently posted there is nearly twice as long as mine.
  13. Got this after two days of grinding. Still improvable, but 35fps is awful when it comes to precise turning and I'll never be able to match my ZDoom performance in vanilla, plus the RNG I got here was ridiculous to the point almost none of my errors cost any time. Also my first Doom demo. Thanks for encouraging me to do this.
  14. I haven't played vanilla Doom in 8 years and my skill level without vertical mouselook is much lower than with. There's no point in me spending a few months relearning Doom followed by trying to recreate that run when there are a lot of players way better than me (pretty much everyone in this thread) that can get much better times than I ever could. Never implied I'm pretending to submit something, just posted footage of an improved strategy that should work unless Cacodemons climb up much slower in PrBoom than ZDoom. I'll tackle MAP06 next, the current route for 11:32* looks suboptimal.