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  1. Poncho1

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Since this is a thread concerning maps, can someone tell me: what are control sectors for? I enter iddt to see everything in the level, and I look around and see two small squares, both different textures, sitting outside the map. Sometimes these sectors flash, sometimes they don't. I seriously don't get it. Oh yeah, and some look like they have moving floors.
  2. Poncho1

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    I think this one perfectly describes Doom:
  3. Poncho1

    Most recent movie you saw

    Just finished watching Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. This is an epic British gangster film: a lot of colourful, memorable characters (Barry the Baptist, Hatchet Harry, Bacon, Big Chris, Dog, [yes, those are their names], etc.). There's a lot of good humour, the music is fitting, the language is foul (though mercifully not on overload) and the story is complex, yet not too tough to figure out once you watch it a couple of times. The different character stories intertwine very well. Recommended for those who like British crime films.
  4. Poncho1

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Oh, something's come to my attention: my DVII Map29 UV-Speed is NOT for the secret exit. It's the normal exit.
  5. Poncho1

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    How about putting "Self-Harm" in the difficulty 3 slot, then replacing difficulty 4 with "Sadomasochism".
  6. Poncho1

    Exomoon Demos [-complevel 11]

    Here's a random, easy Map21 UV-Speed in 0:31 ex21-031.zip
  7. Poncho1

    Exomoon Demos [-complevel 11]

    Here's a shite Map07 UV-Max in 1:41 ex07-141.zip
  8. The SBC Cannon from Serious Sam. It's simply… glorious.
  9. Poncho1

    How the hell is The Simpsons STILL making new episodes?

    Answer to your topic-question: $$$
  10. Poncho1

    Deus Vult and Deus Vult 2 demos

    Dunno if anyone will actually reply, but... Is there actually any point in UV-maxing Map29 of DVII? It's just a rehash of the entirety of the original, with a few more monsters and one new chainsaw-like weapon.
  11. Poncho1

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Complevel SEVENTEEN??? I thought you could only go up to 11. Or is it a ZDoom thing?
  12. Poncho1

    Most recent movie you saw

    I've been on a bit of a movie binge lately. The Mirror (1975) - this is, technically speaking, the first Tarkovsky picture I've seen (I've watched his student film from 1956 called The Killers). It's brilliant. The visuals, the "structure", the poetic dialogue… this is a true art film. Paths of Glory (1957) - rewatched this Kubrick film, mostly because of a university midterm test, but nonetheless, this is one of the finest anti-war films I've seen. Definitely in my personal Top 3 Kubrick movies. Great acting, non-sentimental and emotional. French Connection II (1975) - following up the epic first movie would be tough, but this sequel - while inferior to the original - does offer its own ideas (an American rozzer in France, and unable to communicate, which creates a stark cultural contrast). The drug (and cold turkey) scenes are a neat touch too. Good sequel, all-in-all. Blood Simple (1984) - this is only the second Coen Brothers film I've seen (after No Country For Old Men). This is a sweet neo-noir: colourful characters, great use of colours (and cool lighting, too) and is also dripping with suspense.
  13. Poncho1

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Currently on Map09: I just want to say that it's more or less awesome. However, I personally feel that, for example, in Map02 there be a [secret] Berserk somewhere, since single-shotgunning Hell Knights can get a little tiring. Don't take this as nasty criticism or whatever, but I thought it might be a suggestion? Regardless, as I mentioned before, it is nevertheless awesome what you guys have created.
  14. Poncho1

    Deus Vult and Deus Vult 2 demos

    Deus Vult II Map01 UV-Max in 1:34. dv201-134.zip
  15. Poncho1

    Most recent movie you saw

    Just finished watching Extreme Prejudice (1987). Pretty bad-ass flick. I liked it.