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  1. StoneMason

    Hell Revealed wad is dated so why is it still popular

    Eh, the iwad maps by John Romero and especially American McGee definitely had higher quality visuals on average than Hell Revealed, IMO. HR does have its moments, though, and I don't particularly think its an ugly wad overall, myself. I was more saying in comparison to the visuals of other popular wads, especially the more modern ones. And Scythe and Revolution were just better designed, IMO. I don't even hate all of the early levels in HR, but most of them definitely felt like they were some of the earliest maps the authors had made, and just aren't up to par with the rest of the megawad.
  2. StoneMason

    Hell Revealed wad is dated so why is it still popular

    Hell Revealed has some really good levels that were highly influential for the time. But the first third is also very weak, the level of detail in most of the megawad is fairly low, and the combat isn't nearly as tightly designed as what you'd expect from modern hard wads. So I can easily see why people might have difficulty getting into it nowadays.
  3. StoneMason

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    I always felt Map14 of Plutonia should've used Doom 1's E2M6 midi instead of the E2M8 midi, myself.
  4. StoneMason

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    Gusta's maps alone make it a pretty standout megawad IMO. Easily one of the best mappers of the 00's era for me.
  5. Interesting. Just downloaded the steam versions, and they already used my settings from the bethesda.net launcher versions, including the addons already installed. Noticed I can use the original cheats now, no longer having to rely on the cheats menu. Also noticed that BTSX E2 now in fact has some of its dehacked stuff working, such as the instant death exit in map16. Probably because it was changed for the bethesda port, but Map14 is still using the regular ammo dropping zombiemen for it's final fight instead of the dehacked versions that the public version has, though.
  6. StoneMason

    Mandatory map percentage before a secret exit.

    I kinda like it when a secret exit requires a key that is useless for the normal exit, but also allows you to skip a different key that is required for the normal exit, too.
  7. @Poncho1 That is likely happening because you're not playing with a vanilla complevel.
  8. I noticed that full sprite rotations, and various sprite fixes are not included in this new release, despite episode 1 including them.
  9. Surprised to see there's no new secret level this time around, like there was when episode 1 left beta. Ah well. Congrats on leaving beta! I shall do a replay soon. Can't wait to see the big changes to map20!
  10. I have level totals disabled from appearing on the automap/hud, so I don't really think about getting 100% most of the time.
  11. MAP03 of MM1 is also pretty similar in some parts. Tom Mustaine really liked Entryway.
  12. StoneMason

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    I like TNT, but I personally don't think it has aged that much better than MM1, if I'm going to be perfectly honest. I can give TNT that it was the more thematically consistent of the two. But TNT is just as guilty as MM1 for having plenty of maps and design elements that are products of their time. I also personally reckon MM1's best maps are a tad more fun compared to TNT's best, and has the better texture set for sure, too.
  13. ITYTD is basically the "I'm new to video games" mode. The double ammo and half damage helps people who aren't into gaming get a grip of the controls without being overwhelmed. In the context of the mapping community, it is also a useful mode for super hard maps that didn't implement difficulty settings. One thing I always found particularly interesting is that both ITYTD and HNTR have the boss shooter's rate of fire slower compared to HMP and above.
  14. Doom is just a constant thing in my life. I haven't stopped playing for well over 20+ years, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I can still feel nostalgia towards some 90's and early/mid 00's era pwads I haven't played in a while. But Doom as a whole isn't a case of Nostalgia for me.
  15. StoneMason

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    I've had my account for nearly 11 years, and only have 200-ish posts, so take that as you will. I'm kinda glad I wasn't posting anything besides idgames reviews in my account's earliest days, as I was still a dumb teenager when I made the account in 2009, and I remember already spamming the hell out of a few other non-doom related forums back then. Nowadays, I tend to spend more time interacting with my online friends I've met over the past decade or so from games like Team Fortress 2, than I do posting on forums. I still visit doomworld a lot, though, as I do like to keep up with whats happening in the community in regards to wads and source ports, and many discussions here are very fascinating to read.