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  1. Holy crap, Grats on the beta release!
  2. StoneMason

    What's your generally preferred monster count for a map?

    Anywhere between 0-1000 is fine by me. But I couldn't vote for more than one option, so I voted 251-500, as I see those the most.
  3. StoneMason

    TNTRevilution- Vanilla Doom- Save bug

    IIRC, Chocolate Doom has an option to disable the savegame limit in the setup.
  4. StoneMason

    Do you instinctively avoid nukage/blood/mud?

    Unless the map design makes it obvious that I should avoid it, either through the use of a texture to warn me, or layout design making it look undesirable to fall in, I prefer to dip my toes in to see if it hurts before deciding if it needs to be avoided.
  5. StoneMason

    What are your favorite MAP01/E1M1 MIDIs?

    BTSX E2's map01 midi is pretty good.
  6. StoneMason

    Hangar or Entryway?

    I reckon Entryway was a lot more tightly balanced. Also has a chainsaw at the start, which is a blast to use here.
  7. StoneMason

    What's your favorite boomer shooter/retro FPS game?

    Excluding classic Doom, I'd probably go with Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, and Blood for the classics. Modern stuff, Dusk and Amid Evil were great.
  8. StoneMason

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    Simpsons Doom 2 Icarus Memento Mori Though theres probably a lot of other stuff i can't quite remember that were downloaded by my brothers before any of these. But I clearly remember these being among my own earliest downloads.
  9. StoneMason

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    DSDA-Doom - 5 points Eternity Engine - 3 points GZDoom - 1 point I used to use Eternity more, but DSDA-Doom has been appealing to me more lately. Occasionally I'll load up GZDoom for mods that require it.
  10. StoneMason


    One of the most fun and creative challenge megawads I've ever played. Really pushes you out of your comfort zone, but in a way that never feels tedious.
  11. StoneMason

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    I think it depends largely on how a game is coded, and what kind of game it is, for a higher framerate to be a subjective or objective benefit. I personally play Doom uncapped most of the time, as I do prefer things to look smoother. But I never found capped in Doom to be unplayable, either.
  12. StoneMason

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    I like lost souls from Doom 64. Low enough health to be killed by a single shot from the shotgun, but are also slightly faster and more aggressive.
  13. StoneMason

    Favorite Metal subgenres?

    Black, Death, and Doom, along with their various subgenres and fusion genres for my main listening. Traditional, Thrash, Power, and Prog are pretty neat, too.
  14. StoneMason

    future ultimate doom project for all doomers and slayers

    I'm pretty sure I hadn't even played over 1000 maps from the community to completion until around 5-10 years after I first started playing pwads to begin with!