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  1. StoneMason

    Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV announced

    Overwatch 2 looks like it could've been an expansion to me. I do like that it'll have a permanent coop mode, though.
  2. StoneMason

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Simpsons Doom takes the very first spot. The 95 era version. There are many Simpsons quotes that are stuck in my head thanks to that wad alone. Bermuda and Doomsday were among the first single map wads I played (Or at least, the first ones that stick out in mind) Dark Covenant, Beyond Doom and Artifact being some of the first mapsets I played Icarus and Memento Mori were my first megawads.
  3. StoneMason

    Is BTSX the best vanilla-compatible megawad so far?

    I do love me some BTSX. Episode 2 especially is impressive to me, with large detailed maps like Speedtraps, Unstable Journey, and Fireking being vanilla compatible. Looking forward to when it gets a final release (and Episode 3 releasing, too!). I still have a soft spot for the Memento Moris though.
  4. StoneMason

    What are the must play levels of BTSX Ep 1

    Only maps I'd skip are 26-30.
  5. StoneMason

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Yeah, I remember using MJ Doom Page when I was 6-8 years old. How I found Icarus and Memento Mori as my first megawads, and all those old school TCs.
  6. StoneMason

    WADs with great music

    Icarus had a pretty neat soundtrack. Varied in styles, too. Also anything that has Jimmy, Stewboy or Esselfortium midis get my vote.
  7. StoneMason

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    I loved Plutonia 2 and Revisited, so this is amazing news!
  8. StoneMason

    Favorite midis?

    I absolutely adore these.
  9. StoneMason

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    That first one is definitely giving me PL2/PRCP vibes. I prefer the second one.
  10. I was more a fan of Tangled. Though I will admit, that trailer doesn't look too bad.
  11. StoneMason

    Favorite Source Port?

    I've been finding myself almost exclusively using Eternity nowadays. Very underrated source port, IMO.
  12. StoneMason

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I think its an EE issue, cause I went with an earlier devbuild from January, and it works fine. Edit: Just tried the feb 11 release, and it works fine for me, too. Might be fixed?
  13. StoneMason

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    The one wad I've been looking forward to for years, after I was majorly impressed with the first two episodes (especially episode 2's atmosphere). Loving those screenshots!
  14. I disable map totals from automap/hud in any source port that has it as a feature, so I don't actively try to get 100% secrets for the sake of it. I only search if I've noticed something that hints towards one, otherwise I tend to just find them accidentally.
  15. StoneMason

    How i can find the official wads of Doom?

    You can purchase them on GOG and Steam.