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  1. Shapeless

    Cacodemon Fan Art

    Looks amazing one of the best cacodemons I've seen in a while
  2. I bought a new gaming rig

    Intel core 15 6600k
    EVGA GTX 1070 SC

    I'm kicking myself for not grabbing the i7 6700k when it was on sale
    but for a 144hz gaming is the i7 a better choice as I still have a few days left to return the i5

    1. Sporku


      The difference in FPS you'd get between an i5 6600K and the i7 6700K would be negligible in most cases, and would most certainly not be worth the extra cost. The ability to run games at a steady 144Hz would really come down to your choice of GPU, the resolution you're running your games at, and how you have your in-game graphical settings configured. I wouldn't expect a GTX 1070 to be able to run most AAA games from 2016 at 1440P/144Hz at max settings, for example.

    2. Shapeless


      I'm thinking of 1080p 144hz gaming although I have to catch up on alot of older games like dead space and the bioshocks seies
      got the GTX 1070 from EVGA

    3. Sick Bow

      Sick Bow

      AgentSpork said:

      The difference in FPS you'd get between an i5 6600K and the i7 6700K would be negligible in most cases, and would most certainly not be worth the extra cost.

      Someone doesn't play Dwarf Fortress!

  3. Going to buy a new gaming Rig and was wondering if I should get a deal on boxing day or hold out for AMD's new ZEN chip. I still have a few ps3 games such as condemned 2, the last of us and uncharted to get me by. but I am getting real eager to play some hardcore FPS on my PC. some people say that mid Jan is the best time to get a deal on stuff I dunno. also I am in Toronto
  4. Shapeless

    My creature designs

    Digging the last image of the caco and Manc also reminds me a bit of Quake's scraag
  5. Shapeless

    How can I run Romero's new maps in GZ doom

    got it working. could have sworn I tried dragging the e1m4 map into the launcher before and nothing, but it's working now. thanks
  6. Shapeless

    How can I run Romero's new maps in GZ doom

    yes I place that in my GZ doom folder and select the WAD of the game I want to play
  7. I play doom thru GZ Doom. but don't know how to run these custom maps.
  8. Shapeless

    Hardcore Henry FPS movie

    seems like most of the movie is shot from a first person point of view. it's like watching a playthrough with amazing graphics. parts of the trailer remind me of that stroggification sequence from quake 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96EChBYVFhU
  9. Shapeless

    Redneck Rampage help

    Just purchased this game collection on GOG. and it's unplayable, can't customize the controls to use wasd basically making me a cripple the source port erampage is garbage. the textures are misaligned the truck in the first level doesn't kill the chickens. can't push the shelf in the first level to reveal the secret area. using beer activates the hologram of Lenard. using booze to heal you makes you pertinently drunk by screwing up the controls for the rest of the game.
  10. Shapeless

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    Great Baron. I think he should be more cut, but a great start
  11. Shapeless

    Doom art

    it's good but he should be looking to the left. I can tell your were using the reaper mini as reference.
  12. Shapeless

    Doom redesigns v2

    I like what you've got going with the arch vile- I would make the skin behind her hips stretch out to give her a more feminine look complementing the hood she's got made from her own flesh.
  13. Shapeless

    Doom redesigns v2

    your baron design looks awesome reminds me of a boss from dante's inferno game. but it also feels out of place imho your pinky demon looks cool but the body seems too long former humans have natural poses and look great.
  14. Shapeless

    My lill Crackodemons

    Jason Hite's new cacodemon gives his first attempt a run for it's money https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206738898293756&set=a.3238588126262.159528.1313536382&type=1&theater
  15. Shapeless

    Terminator Genisys poster DooM 2 style

    Well I didn't win free tickets to the movie so I guess I'll just have to pay money like a normal person to watch this film. Teh Penis is hidden under a veil of mysterious fog. just like in the movie. don't really feel like adding a title, but if I do it will be DooM style. I've started a new Doom 2 inspired poster that's a bit different. it won't be better but I think you'll like it.