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  1. Is it possible to put a sound when destroying objects? Those wood planks disappearing without making a sound when hit really breaks my immersion :P
  2. guineu

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    + Hellebarde + An_mutt's 2017 Collection + Spoiled Waters
  3. Just finished the first map and wow that was fun. Basically what bioshockfan90 said, the fisting/RL gameplay and the layout were both great and complimented each other well. Eager to play the rest tomorrow.
  4. guineu

    Castle of pain.

    A few small things I didn't like, some are question of personal taste: Deserted areas, most notably the big room with the blue armor. Too much baron / hellknight in the first part of the map. It's possible to drop in the fissures in the room with the berserk on top of a thin column, and I couldn't find a way to get out. Many fights can be easily ignored, most notably the area where you get the plasma, RL, Chaingun & SSG together. Was there a chainsaw behind the exit? Maybe there's a reason, like MP or something, but it didn't seem very useful.
  5. I agree with what has been already said: gameplay seems a bit unbalanced towards the easy side because you get strong weapons (plasma) for mostly little threats. Not a fan of mandatory parts being marked as secrets, even if it's just a detail.
  6. guineu

    My first WAD - Spoiled waters

    Was trying some of the recent additions on idgames and from the 4-5 wads I tried, your "my first wad" turned out to be the best of the bunch. Nice map.
  7. guineu

    "Hide & Seek" My new Project

    Been playing a bit (GZDoom 3.1). Some thoughts, opinions and things I noticed: -The starting area doesn't allow you to get out of the map (invisible wall) but if you drop from the waterfall later on you can fall outside the map with no apparent way to get back in. -Some death messages have "%name" instead of the actual name. Later I noticed other death messages work fine. -Disable jump/crouch if it's not allowed? With the ZDoom-ish look of the map I'd assume jumping is allowed. (edit: I just saw that was already suggested before) -The scroll map is neat, but it seems weird that it can't be picked up. Wouldn't it be better if you could pick it up and pull out like a weapon to check it instead of having a map scroll lying around on random locations? -Finally my opinion on balance: strong enemies with hitscan weapons don't go well with respawn in my opinion. As you keep playing it becomes annoying and tedious. Things get worse because there isn't a lot of enemy variety.
  8. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Osiris

    @Roofi @DoomLover234 thanks for the explanation, I was really confused.
  9. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Osiris

    A map set that can be easily completed on a blind run? This is my time to shi-- oh fuck what's happening?? Not sure if I broke something and it was my fault or prboom+ glitched in some way. The recorded demo reproduces the problem so with my limited knowledge I assume it's something engine related? Anyway it was funny experiencing this, here's the full demo: guineu_ironman_osiris_prboom+_2.5.1.4.zip So yeah... Map03.
  10. Finally got to play this, I'm on map 6 and liking it a lot so far. Maybe it's too late for feedback, but here two thoughts related to balance: The rifle (slot 5) feels too unreliable, sometimes common enemies survive a hit and you are left open to enemy fire during the long reload animation so in the end I feel like the weapon is only useful for "fire & hide" tactics around corners. Had lots of problems defeating the first boss, probably because I'm bad, but still it felt like a huge difficulty spike to anything else up to that point. I'm playing on difficulty 3 ("Bring it on", I think). Personally I'd nerf it slightly, maybe a few more frames when he stops walking before firing.
  11. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Unholy Realms

    @RjY True, I shouldn't have worded it as "two attempts"; it would be more like 2 different categories with the option to make 1 attempt at each category, or just focus on one category depending on personal preference.
  12. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Unholy Realms

    Just throwing an idea for the time when those changes happen: Allow two entries each month; with & without preparation. I like going in blind but if a second attempt with previous preparation and knowledge of the maps was allowed I'd take the chance.
  13. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Unholy Realms

    demo lmp.zip Spoilers: It's 20 minutes of me carefully advancing only to jump in the pit at the end of map 3, panicking and going from 100 to 0 hp in an instant.
  14. guineu

    Wads with unique soundtrack

    He meant Hell Revealed 2, it's the first video on the OP ("Winds of the Destiny" by Petter Mårtensen).
  15. guineu

    Bad Religion - released

    Great map, not much feedback to provide to improve the map; maybe make more notorious the hole to access the area where you use the red/yellow keys, since it's a mandatory area, so the player remembers the place if the first time getting on that part you decide to not jump in and instead explore somewhere else. As for some impressions/thoughts: - Early on the map does a good job making the player not feel safe anywhere but without pushing it so far that becomes irritating. I think having those homing Imps instead of Revenants helps on this matter. - I was close to running out of ammo early on but using the chainsaw when possible was enough. Getting the rifle was a breath of fresh air: versatile, accurate and very powerful weapon for the amount of ammo it uses and allows you to snipe enemies from relative safety. Borderline OP but nerfing it would easily make it useless. - The red key area was hell but it was my fault; I pushed a couple of buttons before realizing what was happening and suddenly there were a couple archviles and a bunch of miniviles chasing me and resurrecting each other and the hitscanners. The horror. - The blue key area was a lot easier because infighting happens even without trying, it was like spectating a 2v2 match between Cyberdemons and their dark counterparts, and they cleared everything else in the process. When the party was over, a couple rockets were enough to finish the survivor. - The last fight probably changes a lot in difficulty depending if you used the invulnerability sphere beforehand or not. I feel sorry for whoever picks it up early by mistake.
  16. I died at the Cyberdemon, ate a rocket while trying to take out the pair of Revenants. Maybe there's some desync as Nine Inch Heels said, I used GZDoom 3.0.0 to record it. But don't bother with the demo, I did pretty much what you describe with the difference of pushing a bit further into the maze after getting the Chaingun to kill the pain elemental before rushing to the starting alcove as you mention to dispatch the cacos from relative safety. As for the Archviles/BFG; maybe it's me that I messed up there as I used most of my Cell ammo for the Mastermind just before them so I had to dispatch the archviles with rockets and barely managed to do it.
  17. Some thoughts: - The pain elemental; if you kill it when it appears things are much easier, but if it drifts away before you can kill it, you won't be able to kill it for a while from the maze and the lost souls become very annoying. - The clouds of cacos are lethal if you engage them in the maze, you can go back to the beginning and have an easier engagement but it slows down the flow of the game a lot in my opinion. - The first area was the hardest part for me, once you clear the pain elemental and the cacos things become much much easier. - The supercharge/armor in the blue key area seems too much. You suddenly get a ton of HP for little risk. I'd put smaller health packs there and more health in the early parts of the map. Maybe even move the pain elemental to this part. - The three archviles; not sure if it's intentional but from the maze to this point was pretty chill and unexpectedly you get three archviles on your face. I'd make the difficulty smoother. - After the archviles there's another bit with little challenge, like those pinkies: you have all the space of the world to move around and walk back, I don't think anyone will get hurt by them. - The cyberdemon corridor: I had a problem with the 2 skeletons on top of the columns, I couldn't hit them with the shotgun/chaingun, not sure if it was just me or something was actually blocking the shots. I had no problem hitting the Imps in the other columns. When I changed to the rocket launcher I could finally hit them. I recorded a demo: gzd30 deepsea.zip
  18. guineu

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    - Temple of the Lizardmen 4. TotLM3 had the problem of abusing the same layout all the time; linear path, find a locked door, go into a side path to find the key, back to the linear path, repeat. It got boring fast, but that's not the case with TotLM4; nice layouts and even different map paths. - Rise of the Wool-Ball. Already mentioned but whatever; I found Shadow of the Wool-Ball boring, too Wolfenstein3D-esque for me. But the sequel is really fun and much better. Enjoyed it a lot.
  19. guineu

    Noctambulist (released)

    Love the visuals and the music. As for the gameplay, I didn't find it annoying in particular ...until the sea of Imps, which seems to be the last part of the map. But I was playing on HMP, when I had a look at UV I saw a Pain Elemental right at the start so that skill is probably the one featuring the "annoying things". Will try the other two maps later. Recording of a bad player struggling in map 1: GZDoom3.0 NoctambulistRC1 skill-HMP guineu.lmp.zip
  20. guineu

    Just Another WAD

    Things I noticed: This flat ceiling and the sky being a cube. Here the ceiling has volume, but the unaligned textures look weird. Also this is just opinion but the secrets would probably be better with some kind of hint, all secret walls looked like normal walls.
  21. Last time in January I messed up and played with mouselook. Now I'm using PRboom+ for the first time and hopefully didn't mess anything. Did better than I expected, reached map 03 and then got fisted. Not surprising when you play Insertion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). insert_2016-12-31.zip
  22. guineu

    The Quest for Necronomicon

    Big boring maze without map. Maybe it was worth a try on 1997 but not today. If you still want to go for it, there's a repackaged version to avoid the tedious installation: https://www.doomworl d.com/idgames/levels /doom/p-r/quest12
  23. guineu

    D4D: Doom(4) for Doom [WIP]

    As far as I know D4D only works with 2.2 right now. Hopefully it will get updated to work with GZDoom 2.3 soon. You can download 2.2 here: https://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?t=7165
  24. guineu

    Gary Gritness - Doom RMX

  25. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jade Earth

    Oh how embarrassing I just realized everyone else wasn't using mouselook. You should remove my entry from the top post, it's not fair for other players. So, should I've turned mouselook off manually? If I set Boom(Strict) in Compatibility options mouselook is still enabled.