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  1. Summer Deep

    Problem with downloads

    Thanks for the replies! Not great news that this issue is quite widespread, apparently, but it's kind of a relief to know I'm not the only one affected. As one or two posters have pointed out, the obvious solution is to use Firefox for this purpose. Interestingly though, about an hour ago I tried downloading some wads via Google Chrome on an MX Linux system as opposed to Windows (using a different PC), and it completed without any problem.
  2. Summer Deep

    Problem with downloads

    I've tried to download a number of wads from both the Downloads (Beta) pages and the Idgames Database (Legacy) section over the past couple of days, and on each occasion get the message that the wad 'cannot be downloaded securely'. This happens in the Google Chrome browser, where the 'doomworld.com/files/' title page is also marked as 'not secure' (with an exclamation mark within a triangle). Downloads from other sites appear to work fine. It also seems that it may be a browser-specific issue, as wads can be downloaded in Firefox without issues. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions as to a possible cause?
  3. Did 20 years in teaching, ended up crashing and burning, got out in order to avoid ending up in a cardiac ward, a psychiatric unit, or even a mortuary, LOL. Have been without a permanent job ever since, but don't regret it.
  4. Summer Deep

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Is this the 'challenge' that produced the 'Nanopineapple' megawad (pnano18.wad) by Mea Pineapple a couple of years ago? I remember the mapper saying that it was made in a month and that it came out at around this time of the year. Anyway, I've been playing it over the weekend, and have to say that so far it's been an excellent experience, and a lot more fun than some of the overhyped megawads by high profile mappers that I've encountered of late. If this year's event produces one or two wads as good, I'll very much look forward to playing them.
  5. Summer Deep

    EPIC 2

    I'd played some of this mapper's work previously (Hellground and two shorter wads incorporating the 'Epic' title), and had been favourably impressed. This one doesn't quite make the grade though. It's graphically imposing and has some interestingly put together maps, but the gameplay is mostly of a 'stop-go' ambush based sort, and can get pretty wearing. The traps seem very contrived in places, and can be cheap as well. What really put me off the wad however, and caused me to put it aside, was MAP21. This marks the start of the third episode, and you can easily wander around in it for an eternity (no pun intended) without meeting any monsters. Needless to say, it's an obtuse puzzle - there's an almost invisible 'switch' on a small bookcase which causes it to descend and gives you a 1% health bonus, but it also serves a dual purpose, revealing a shootable switch out of sight in another room for all of two or three seconds, which gives you access to the blue key and allows you to progress. Why do mappers do this sort of thing? Utterly pointless and simply designed to alienate the player, it seems. All the indications from the previous map were that the wad was going to become a silly slaughter-type affair in its final third anyway, so I don't really regret calling a halt at this point.
  6. Summer Deep

    Epic 2: Mystified by this!

    DELETED - issue solved!
  7. Water Spirit Guardian Both of these are pretty tough, but interesting. The latter is rather ancient, and very much an acquired taste.
  8. Summer Deep

    Issue With STRAIN

    Thanks. Some interesting observations and suggestions which I'll bear in mind for future reference. For the moment though, I'm happiest to continue by dragging the WAD file and the DEH file onto the ZDoom executable, as it's a tried and tested standby for me when the launcher fails. Come to think of it, I do seem to have encountered something similar before with Mordeth. Played that the whole way through from Rocket Launcher without realizing that it was supposed to have custom monsters.
  9. Summer Deep

    Issue With STRAIN

    Just curious about this. I've been taking a look at this megawad (it's the simplified, repackaged version) and have a problem when playing it from Rocket Launcher (my usual method). The wad features new enemies and weapons, but all I've been able to get is the conventional game. When I play it by dragging the WAD file and the DEH onto the ZDoom executable, everything works as intended, so it's clearly a Rocket Launcher issue. In all likelihood there's a simple explanation, but it's not one I can work out, so any enlightenment would be welcome. EDIT: In the interest of clarity, I should add that by 'the conventional game' I mean the STRAIN maps with the standard monsters and weapons, not the Doom 2 IWAD. Also, Rocket Launcher usually has no difficulty loading wads with Dehacked files. Unlike ZDL, which I stopped using because it seemed not to be able to handle them at all.
  10. The points made in the last couple of posts are good ones, I feel. Over time, I've imposed stricter and stricter rules on myself, such as the ones mentioned in my previous post, probably at the expense of having fun. It's got to the point where I consider that I've 'failed' a wad if I don't complete every level 'properly'. It's not too difficult getting through a shorter wad, but with megawads there tends more often than not to be at least one map with a ridiculously difficult puzzle or progression issue - do you spend hours or even days trying to work it out? In fact, I reckon I've only 'legitimately ' completed around ten of the fifty-plus megawads I've played, by these standards. I got stuck on MAP16 of this month's Megawad Club challenge, and initially saw no point in continuing with the wad. Since then, I've gone back to it and done a few more maps, but I've got to confess it doesn't feel the same - a lot of the tension and challenge has gone. But yes, enjoying the game should be the priority!
  11. I include the following in the 'cheating' definition: Using the obvious 'cheat codes' (idclip, IDDQD, etc) to complete a map. 2. Using these codes in a preliminary run through, to 'get a feel' for the layout and nature of a map, even if you don't use them in your final playthrough. 3. Consulting a walkthrough or YouTube video to pick up information or solve puzzles etc. Even reading a review of the WAD or a map within it could come under this heading, if it provides such information. Funnily enough, I don't regard saving within a level as cheating, though I suspect many do. There's no way I want to restart a tough level maybe a dozen times, getting bored out of my mind with replaying earlier stuff that I've already done and which no longer provides much of a challenge. Likewise I often don't want to spend an hour or more on a huge level in order to finish it in one sitting. Of course I do occasionally make multiple saves in a short space of playing time in exceptionally difficult circumstances, as I suspect many other people do. I've never seen the official definition of 'save scumming', but I assume it refers to that last situation.
  12. Summer Deep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    MAP16 Made several abortive attempts at this before resorting to reading the comments on it here. Was then able to complete it, but don't feel I've done so entirely 'legitimately' by looking up the solution. It's really the use of the 'damaging floor' as the main player in the level that ruins it for me. It's easily the worst element of the game in my view, and ought to be used as a subsidiary feature, if at all. I can only put up with that vile and disturbing retching noise in my headphones for a limited amount of time before feeling physically sick myself. It's really killed my appetite for the rest of the wad right now, see you all later in the year, I hope. :|
  13. Summer Deep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    MAP08 I initially thought the containing lines in the Berserk Pack area were unnecessary, but if you can pick up the key and squeeze your way out again, you can set up some decent infighting between the pink demons and the imps, which wouldn't be as effective if they were free to break out. Awkward little ambush in the yellow key room as well, but a couple of well directed SSG blasts give you room to manoeuvre. First time I played this was on UV continuous, and the final fight with the AVs and others was no big deal, as I had rockets and plasma. Different matter altogether from a UV pistol start, where I was reliant on the SSG (couldn't work out that plasma gun secret). Initially seemed impossible, but those rising walls do give good cover, and the invuln gives you a decent start. The wimp option of dashing for the end teleporter doesn't work, as it only seems to become active after the AVs have been dispatched. Very pleased to get 100% kills here on two attempts out of three! MAP09 Hated this one. Seems like a reasonably straightforward, semi-symmetrical map, but I just never managed to figure it out properly, and even on the second playthrough spent almost 45 minutes gradually losing the will to live, much of it making repeat visits to those huge wedge-shaped escalators. Once you find that teleporter, the path to the yellow and blue keys opens up, and it all looks so simple in retrospect....
  14. Summer Deep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    I'm guessing you're referring to MAP10. I was impressed by it anyway!
  15. Summer Deep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    MAP 06 As this is the final map of the opening episode, the scale and intensity of the encounters are correspondingly greater. I quite enjoyed this, and got through it in UV continuous without any saves, though it was a close call in the end. The best battle is the one in the great hall at the end: the Spider Mastermind died to infighting before I'd even entered the building, and there wasn't much mopping up to do. Then it was the Cyberdemons of course - thought I had cover from them in the 'armoury' room, but got the shock of my life when one of them walked in there and almost finished me off. Escaped out into the street with 6% health, and then somehow managed to kill both of them from there, while risking getting a rocket in my face every time I opened the door. Only got the invuln afterwards, I suppose it was of some use in getting over the damaging floor en route to the exit. MAP07 Had the impression that this must have been inspired, either consciously or subconsciously, by Romero's The Abandoned Mines from the IWAD. Not bad overall - I was a bit annoyed by the room with the Spectres and the Archviles. Sure you need a fair bit of skill to get out in one piece, but it's mainly down to luck - if the gaps don't open up pretty quickly in the right places, you're toast! The Cyberdemon fight wasn't as tough as it might have been: you get an escape route, but you might as well try to plasma it to death on the spot, as otherwise it remains a big threat after you leave its den. AV at the end, but it's not one of the more lethal ones.