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  1. What are you playing now?

    Returned to Fall Of Triton and have very mixed feelings about this wad. One the one hand it recreates the looks, sounds and atmosphere of PSX Doom pretty well, although the rooms can be a bit boxy and the dark, creepy ambience of the original game is not as pronounced here. Of more concern however is the fact that it will be far too easy for many players. I doubt whether my own ability is much above average, certainly by Doomworld members' standards, but I've now played the first fifteen levels, plus maps 31 and 32, on UV difficulty (continuous, no saves) and haven't died ONCE!!! The main issue is that the rooms and outdoor areas tend to be too large, giving the player ample space and time to take countermeasures when under attack. Typically a group of enemies enters a room at the far end and can be chaingunned, shotgunned, rocketed or whatever, before they can do much damage. Added to this is the innate lower difficulty of PSX Doom - the Revenants move around as if they have rheumatoid arthritis and the Cyberdemon in map 8 looked ripe for a hip replacement. I think I'll put this on hold and get back to Vile Flesh, which was becoming seriously challenging when I left off playing it.
  2. What are you playing now?

    Playing Vile Flesh, a 32 map megawad which I was previously unaware of. Despite what the title might suggest, archviles don't seem to have had an unduly large presence so far (19 maps completed). The levels are pretty big and feature some imposing, if fairly plain, structures. There are typically 150-200 monsters per map, and it can be a bit of a chore getting through them at times. Symmetry is also a major factor in level design, but I don't object to that at all in large environments, as it helps one to become more easily orientated to one's surroundings. Much of the gameplay is switch-driven, but again that's not a bad thing here as the puzzles are straightforward and enable the player to proceed in a logical and almost clinical fashion. You couldn't get a much bigger contrast between this and Fall Of Triton, the newly released PSX based megawad which I sampled a couple of days ago, and which it will probably be a relief to get back to, despite the fact that Vile Flesh is undoubtedly an interesting and worthwhile experience. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/vile
  3. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Tried the first few levels of this and generally enjoyed it, though it seemed somewhat less challenging than most regular Doom megawads (which was true of the original PSX version too, I suppose). I think I'd want to play your version just for the sounds and atmosphere if nothing else... I also idcleved to map 32, and see what you mean about ammo provision and the role of infighting (playing on UV). Also amazed to see the Barons and Hell Knights tearing each other apart - I don't remember that from PSX Doom, but I suppose it must have been a feature of it. The Dark Cyberdemon (or whatever it's called) was an interesting addition too.
  4. Best ending?

    I've been impressed by endings which deal well with the Icon Of Sin idea, providing an interesting twist but not setting out to baffle the player or create a near impossible task. Examples are the conclusions to Perdition's Gate and Memento Mori 2. A mention also for Odyssey (https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/3846-odyssey/). Wads which in my opinion spectacularly fail in this department are Alien Vendetta and Doom 2 The Way Id Did.

    This has its faults, but I'd rate it as pretty much a 'hidden gem' amongst obscure early Doom 2 wads. The first map is slated in one of these reviews as irretrievably old-fashioned, but so what? Progression requires some hard thinking early on, then there's some tough combat in the second phase (those hidden chaingunners behind the wall can be lethal). Second map is more straightforward and good fun, though the decision to include a concealed exit might test your patience a little. Also I'd like to have seen the Revenants free to roam, rather than being penned into cages. The final level is imaginative and memorable, but is perhaps a bit too clever for its own good. The area with the Spider Mastermind and the Mancubus can be buggy, and the yellow key area seems a bit redundant, though it does contain a secret (and more chaingunners behind false walls). The maps are meant to be played continuously with weapon carryovers. They date from the mid 1990s and are packaged as individual wad files, just as they were on the 1995 DZone Gold CD. Not sure how they are or were supposed to be run, but I loaded them sequentially in the excellent Rocket Launcher, and that worked fine. Presumably the same could be done in ZDL. An excellent effort for 1994. I'd give it 4+ out of 5.
  6. Cuchillo

    What an absolutely bonkers map! I finished it in 11 minutes, and 80% of that was trying to find switches in the dark and work out how to open the door to the main part of the level. Still, a fairly dramatic finale, got to be worth a couple of stars for that.
  7. The Complete RAVEN SERIES Maps 1-11

    I can understand the reasons for some of the very polarized reviews of this wad, but feel that both sides of the argument miss the mark. True, there are plenty of weak points about it. It's very easy - you are more likely to die in an inescapable nukage pit, or from carelessly standing near exploding barrels, than by becoming a victim of any monsters. Far too much health and (especially) armour is provided, and whereas I'm not a fan of currently fashionable 'resource management' approaches to ammo provision, it's still probably too readily available here - it's possible to use the SSG for the majority of the game, even on zombies and the like, without running out of shells for very long. There are other annoyances too, like the baron pit in map 3, which doesn't seem to work properly, or the mind-numbingly tedious and pointless teleport puzzle at the end of map 6. On the plus side, it's fine for an hour or two of quick, unrestrained blasting fun. The environments can be a bit bland, but are generally better than those in many early Doom wads, and are occasionally quite impressive (eg map 11). While the difficulty level is, as mentioned, pretty low, this makes these levels ideal for beginners, if that doesn't sound too patronizing: and for more experienced players, the wad could be an interesting challenge if played with mods like Project Brutality or Project MSX. Played on UV difficulty, GZ Doom.
  8. Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Crushers which don't give the player any kind of chance to escape, even with massive health depletion, once the mechanism is activated. I just stepped unwittingly into one in an obscure 1990s map with 197% health and armour and, well, you know the rest....
  9. A Taste for Blood

    A decent mapset which is worth an evening or two of your time. Very challenging in places, with an occasional inclination in the direction of slaughterish gameplay. Map 4 features a lethal outdoor urban setting, in which you would be well advised to get into one of the buildings and secure it as quickly as possible. Map 5 has the memorable Cyberdemon plus Archviles encounter in narrow corridors, plus the yellow key fight which other reviews have referred to. Map 6 feels a bit half-hearted and anticlimactic, but it was a pleasant change to get 100% kills, items and secrets (though I'm not sure there actually were any of the latter). Played on UV, GLBoom-plus, continuous.
  10. Medal Of Honor Allied Assault 'Warchest' pack: the original game, plus Spearhead and Breakthrough expansion packs. £2 (around US$2.80) from a charity shop. Also original Medal Of Honor plus MoH Underground (PSX) for 20 pence (US$0.30) from a pawn shop.
  11. Forum Update?

    Are no new file reviews to be highlighted on the home page anymore? Last one is from three days ago.
  12. What are you playing now?

    Just completed level 29 of Moonblood from a pistol start on UV. This was the map which defeated me when trying to play through the wad in continuous format a few months ago, and I didn't think at that time that I'd ever be able to deal with those three Cyberdemons at once in that cramped, obstacle strewn arena. Still never managed to do the famous 'two shot' kill on any of these bastards though.....
  13. What are you playing now?

    That's interesting. I've just finished MAP 04 of that wad and what a horrible experience it was! I have to confess though that I'm not familiar with the workings of co-op play, and if anyone could explain how it impacts upon this map or makes it a different experience in single play, then I'd be most grateful. For me the real problem in this level was how to zap the baron in the room behind the yellow door, and thus get to the switch which gives access to the exit. I only had the ordinary shotgun and the chaingun, and simply couldn't fire off enough rounds before the monster closed me down in the very confined space and ripped me to shreds. It was only after searching through the map for ages that I eventually discovered a blursphere in a secret area, using which it was possible to disorientate the baron sufficiently to hold him at bay long enough to dispatch him, though it was still a perilously close call. Playing this section afterwards with the idkfa cheat, it became clear that using the SSG in this situation, even without a blursphere, enabled the player to deal with this enemy without too much drama. The SSG though was out of reach on a raised platform, and getting it must have required finding another secret. Altogether not a very satisfactory situation, as the original post states.
  14. What are you playing now?

    Yes, I'm a big fan of Scientist 2 as well. Only let down by some poor weapon replacement choices - I'm referring to the grenade launcher and the crossbow here.
  15. ASDOOM][: The Final Countdown

    This is okay for a 1995 Doom 2 mapset. The action and the environments vary between humdrum and pretty engaging. It's not particularly difficult, even on UV, if played in continuous (weapon carryover) format, as it was apparently designed to be. Nonetheless it could have been a tougher challenge but for an over-provision of health and armour at certain points (a recurring element in wads of this era), and also some bizarre game mechanics - for instance a Spider Mastermind decided to walk under a crushing ceiling in level 3, just when it had me in a bit of trouble. Then a Cyberdemon, which was occupying a threatening position at the beginning of level 5, suddenly disappeared and its remains later turned up in another part of the map: I can only assume it was telefragged or something. Still, this is a great improvement on this author's earlier ASDOOM.WAD for Doom 1, that's for sure.