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  1. Summer Deep


    An old mid-1990s map, based around a large main arena which contains some interesting structures. For a while it's tough going, and you may die a handful of times (as I did), before getting the hang of the layout and formulating a strategy. Once you get the yellow key though, and access to the BFG, it should be game over for the baddies. Your calculations can be thrown off track however if the Archvile decides to emerge from the movie theatre at an early stage, and take a stroll out in the open. Another thing to watch for is the Cyberdemon entering the said building while you're in one of the auditoriums, and blocking your escape. I experienced both of these events, with fatal consequences...
  2. Summer Deep


    This is fairly straightforward, and most players should be able to complete it on UV in not much more than about 15 minutes. That's not to say it's a pushover - ammo is fairly tight for a good part of the map, and you could fall foul of some distant chaingunners if you're unlucky.
  3. I'd replace Doom II MAP30 with a proper level. Something like the existing MAP29 would have been a good basis for a final level, if it had been around twice as long, with maybe two or three Cyberdemons. A real bonus of this would have been that generations of subsequent PWAD mappers wouldn't have felt obliged to end their megawads with an IoS.
  4. Summer Deep

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Here's another one that gets me: I'm playing a particularly tough map, and I've decided to make a save at 100 kills, as I hate having to redo sections. It's been surprisingly plain sailing, when. with 97 or 98 kills, I come to a sinisterly lit room with a key in the middle and large amounts of plasma and rockets scattered around. Do I do the sensible thing and save before picking up the key? No - I go ahead and get annihilated by twenty Revenants and Barons who hem me in within a couple of seconds. This seems to happen to me quite a lot!
  5. Summer Deep

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Getting mauled by Imps, Barons or whatever that are a hundred feet below you at the foot of a cliff when playing in PrBoom-plus or GLBoom-plus, and you didn't even know they were there. Any death from a damaging floor or a crusher makes me mad as well.
  6. Summer Deep

    need tips for killing archviles

    The AV zips around really quickly, so he can be very tricky to hit with rockets. However, just when he goes into his crouching position prior to launching his spell, he's immobile, and a rocket fired at him just then is pretty much guaranteed to hit, provided your aiming is on target. You need then to get out of his line of sight very quickly, as you only have a second or so. It's surprising also how frequently the AV doesn't bother to close in on you when fighting at fairly close quarters - in such situations you can often down him with four SSG shots, provided you take cover after each one of course. When you've played a section before, and know where and when the AV will appear, it's usually very straightforward to take him out with a single BFG blast, provided you're reasonably close to him and react quickly. You can occasionally just dispose of him when you're straight in front of him with no cover, by stunning him with your SSG blasts just before he launches his attack, causing him to delay it and let you follow up with further blasts. Your timing needs to be spot on with this though, it usually doesn't work (for me at least), and when it does, it's largely a matter of luck.
  7. Summer Deep

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    Plenty of nominations here, including chaingunners and revenants, but I can't hate either of them, no matter how much I try.... I've played and completed well over 30 Doom II megawads over the last couple of years, and the one thing that stands out to me is that around 80%-90% of Classic Doom, when it comes down to the 'business end', can be summed up in three words, namely 'The Archvile Show'. The mid-tier monsters, and the Cybers and Spider Masterminds for that matter, all have their particular destructive capabilities, but a half-decent player, even on UV difficulty, can almost always work out a reliable strategy to deal with them in any circumstances, albeit after one or two failures. But those sodding AVs - I reckon that well over half my deaths on 'heavyweight' maps are at the hands of these bastards. To add insult to injury, that 'reviving' capability they possess just seems positively over the top, and just 'not cricket', as we say (or used to say, lol) in the UK. I get quite annoyed sometimes when mappers, who spring endless contrived, choreographed setpiece ambushes in certain maps, just lazily and regularly lob into the mix two or three AVs, who completely dominate the encounter to the virtual exclusion of all the other participants. For a monster that's often far more lethal than a Cyberdemon, they're massively overused, in my view!
  8. Summer Deep

    Windows Vista

    Yep, the main issue with Windows 8 seems to have been the default desktop interface with all those tiles, or whatever they're called. Install Classic Shell to create a proper start menu, and it's problemo soluto, or at least it is if you're using Windows 8.1 I've used Win 8.1 as the preferred OS on my desktop and my main laptop since 2014, and it's by far the best ever version of Windows in my view, and streets ahead of Windows 10 in terms of reliability, straightforwardness and general capability. I'll be very sorry when Microsoft withdraws support in early 2023. Might then use Windows 10 for a year or two, but almost certainly won't adopt Win 11.
  9. Summer Deep

    What is your Specs?

    I only really play classic Doom gaming-wise these days, and this setup runs it fine: Acer E1-572 Windows 8.1 64 bit (an awesome OS, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) Intel i3 4th gen processor (Haswell), with integrated HD graphics 8 GB DDR3 1600 RAM 1TB mechanical HDD I've got 38 other laptops, but have only used one of them for gaming, namely a T60 IBM Thinkpad, running Windows 7 32 bit, and with an ATI Radeon x1400 graphics chip, 3 GB RAM. It's the only machine that will run Call of Duty 1 & 2, maybe thanks to the Radeon chip.
  10. Summer Deep

    Demon Plague for Doom 2

    Very worthwhile map, starts out pretty tough, then becomes more manageable, but always challenging enough. Plenty of chaingunners, Barons, Revenants etc, but the big two are absent. All it really needs is a bit more of a 'big bang' ending.
  11. Summer Deep


    Not bad. I played it on UV continuous, and in that format it should produce a very decent challenge for averagely good players. Supposed to be a good example of the 'incidental' style of combat, but there is no shortage of popup ambushes to get you groaning with dismay! Some pretty gruelling levels in the later stages, none more so than MAP30, where the Icon of Sin section took me well over 30 attempts to overcome, and is comparable to the one in Hell Revealed. Four stars is possibly a touch on the generous side, 3.5 probably nearer the mark.
  12. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished DMINATOR.WAD, one of those things you can find on mid-1990s compilations like 1001 Nights Of Doom or DZone Collectors Edition, etc. At first I thought it was just another of those crazy E1M1 variants, but it turned out to be an entire Episode 1. It's got most of the faults typical of that era, and many people on this site would probably hate it (see also these hostile posts on a ZDoom forum thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19222), but I found it very playable and mostly enjoyable!
  13. I'm giving this a go, and have done 15 levels on UV continuous in a day. Excellent straightforward stuff, with none of the infuriating progression issues that plague some megawads. I particularly like the Hexen vibe in the third episode. Only irritation so far is the use of teleporting enemies: I don't mind being annihilated by three Cyberdemons in a small room (well, I do actually), but having a Hell Knight teleport into a lift I'm riding or a chaingunner pop up right behind me is another matter entirely.... EDIT: I've even just this minute found the first secret level, howzat!
  14. Summer Deep

    I love Cacodemons

    Deadly Standards E2 M6 I seem to recall not finding it such a 'lark' when I was in the reactor room there....
  15. Summer Deep

    I love Cacodemons

    I think the deflating noise is more of a negative - it turns them into a bit of a joke, somehow. The daft wimpish squeals that the Pain Elementals make when hit come into the same category, in my opinion.