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  1. Summer Deep

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished the first mission of Perfect Dark. Took quite a while to acclimatize to the very different style of this game after playing nothing but Doom for more than six months. That Doctor Carroll business sure was weird....
  2. Summer Deep

    'The most overrated videogames you've played' thread

    A bit surprised to see no votes for Goldeneye. Almost every review I've read raves about its brilliance, but I suspect the vast majority are from Nintendo aficionados proclaiming their loyalty to the N64's flagship FPS. It doesn't help that I played it 20 years after it was released, and using a creaky controller that was no longer fully fit for purpose. Also tried it on a PC with the '1964' emulator and it was a better experience. Right now I'm playing Perfect Dark, also with the same emulator, and it's a very accomplished game, probably better than its predecessor, but still hasn't got my pulse racing.
  3. Summer Deep


    The two reviews submitted prior to this one are rather unfair on this map, I feel. Yes it's basic and cramped, but I found it pretty tough on UV with its limited health and ammo (couldn't find a Berserk or chainsaw either) and enjoyed the challenge. Approaching 7/10. Edit: the challenge is somewhat reduced if you find the invulnerability sphere - should really not have been available on UV.
  4. Summer Deep

    Monuments of Mars

    A very well put together mapset. Excellent layouts, spectacular graphics and testing gameplay (which includes five archviles in a lava pit at one point...). Level three is perhaps the standout, but really there are no duds. If I had to nitpick, I'd say the authors could have made a concession to exponents of continuous play by consistently placing a couple of 25% healthpacks and a green armour near the start of each level (try doing some of these if you finish the previous one with 20% health and no armour!). Also the ending of the game is a little weird and something of a letdown in my view. 9 out of 10.
  5. Summer Deep

    CHUD: The wadfile.

    Great advert for early Doom wads. The first map is good, the second even better. Try doing the latter from a pistol start on UV if you want a decent challenge - it took me 47 minutes, and I died three or four times. For its era, I'd give this wad 4.5 stars, ie 9/10.
  6. Summer Deep


    This had no reviews at the time of writing, so here goes.... It's a straightforward blasting mission in a fairly cramped indoor environment against lower tier enemies. Doesn't really get into its stride until the yellow key room, where the action hots up a bit. It's perfectly okay as a smallish, generic E1 map, and should take up no more than 10-15 minutes of your time, even on UV difficulty.
  7. Summer Deep

    My Doom II

    I suppose this is alright if you're at a loose end for an hour or so and are not expecting too much in terms of sophisticated gameplay, great architecture or tough challenges. It's decent fun, but not very engaging. A couple of levels end in death exits, but this seems pointless for continuous play as huge stocks of ammo and armour are available right at the start of the following levels. There are some severe HOM type effects if you play in GL Boom+, but it seems okay on other source ports. Doesn't quite merit the full three stars, closer to 5/10.
  8. Summer Deep

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I started in Linux with Ubuntu, but never managed to feel at home with the Unity desktop. Then tried Mint for a while, found it very user-friendly but after a few months the update system stopped working properly. Have since discovered MX and LXLE, both of which seem well designed, reliable and easy to handle. Still only use them out of curiosity and as a bit of a distraction though, and doubt whether they could ever replace Windows for many purposes.
  9. Summer Deep


    Not bad, but not as brilliant as one or two reviews here might suggest. It's a good enough challenge, with plenty of action and some tricky ambushes, and there don't seem to be any 'difficulty settings'. On the debit side, some of the teleporting tricks were a bit confusing, and part of the final arena seemed buggy. I felt rather sorry for the two forlorn-looking cacodemons, who could have done with more back-up.
  10. Summer Deep

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    It was the SNES version of the original Doom. It might easily have been my first and last experience of the game, as I was thoroughly disillusioned with its crudity, and the way one had to play through an entire episode in one session without the facility to save. Luckily PSX Doom, then PSX Final Doom came along the following year, which elevated the experience to a whole new level (still no proper save mechanism though). Never actually got into the PC version, plus mods 'n' wads until 2016, though I've been making up for it ever since.....
  11. Summer Deep

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Not a 'bug' or anything, but something went wrong with a post I made a few minutes ago, resulting in a duplication. I made a clumsy edit (along the lines of 'Duplicated post, please ignore') in order to retrieve the situation, but surely a simple 'Delete Post' facility would be a much better solution in such cases?
  12. Summer Deep

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    Quite a lot of stuff here about Halo 2. I don't actually remember much about its ending, but I do recall becoming more and more disillusioned with the way the rubbish 'story' and its complications unfolded during the course of the game, events which I couldn't bring myself to care about, much less to understand. As far as endings go, the first Half Life takes some beating for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  13. Summer Deep

    Laboratory of the devil

    This is okay if you want some practice at dealing with hitscanners, as these, along with a number of imps, are practically the only enemies in the map, except for a couple of barons and arachnotrons. Mind you, there are almost 300 of them, and health is fairly scarce, so it does provide some sort of challenge, at least on UV. The bland, featureless white wall textures suggest a mid 1990s origin for this, despite the 2005 upload date. I'd struggle to give this a full 3 stars, more like 5.5/10 at most.
  14. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished Laboratory of the Devil. The upload date in the Legacy Idgames site says 2005, but surely it's a good deal older than that (looks mid-90s)? Anyway, it's quite a large map, almost 300 monsters on UV, and is a bit tricky because of the large number of chaingunners and sergeants, combined with limited health availability. Could have done with more ambitious wall textures (almost all plain grey-white), and more variety in the bestiary (no Cacos, PEs, Lost Souls, Revenants or Mancubuses). Not available for review in the Idgames (Beta) section, but I'd award it around 6/10. Edit: just noticed that it is in that section. Oh well....
  15. Summer Deep

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I quoted another member in a recent post, and when I viewed it in 'Preview' format, that section was all whited out. Not a big issue, as the quote was properly displayed in the actual post, but a strange business nonetheless.