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  1. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Playing Episode 2 of the original Doom, using Brutal Doom Black Edition (v3.36). This mod is impressive in some ways, but enjoyment is being severely curtailed by the unbalanced and overpowered melee attacks. The monsters can move ridiculously quickly and it's often impossible to recover from a mauling. Just try entering the crusher room in Halls Of The Damned for instance. I'd say that the difficulty level I'm playing on (only the third of eleven) is probably at least three times harder than Ultra Violence in the regular game. How on earth is one supposed to survive at level 11 (or even level 7), I wonder?
  2. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    A map called 'Remains.wad' from the Instant Doom mid-1990s compilation (it's probably on other similar compilations too). Typically uninspiring visuals, but it's a decent challenge even on HMP. Strafe jumping to the soulsphere was a particularly tricky bit.
  3. Summer Deep


    I was beginning to think that this might be the best Doom II megawad I'd played, certainly in the top five. Straightforward, but always challenging and hugely enjoyable. Then I got to MAP28, which features an IoS type finale that is almost incomprehensible and largely unplayable. No idea why mappers have to resort to such gimmickry, but on a scale of 1-10 this section had an enjoyment factor of zero. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, yet again. (Sigh).
  4. Summer Deep

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    Thanks for that! Yes, I was beginning to realize that the Barons and HKs were being used in that kind of way, but I'm not convinced that it always works too well. The Baron in MAP35 sometimes emerges from the gateway almost straightaway, then the gate closes very quickly behind him, leaving the player stranded. On another occasion, I waited several minutes for the Baron to open the gate, but he simply refused to do so, and I gave up. In MAP36, you can take a risk by rushing into the Baron/HK rooms to activate the switches at the start, but it's often just a way of committing suicide! As for that red key room in MAP36, I think the player really needs the plasma rifle in order to survive it - the mistake I made was going in there without it, as I hadn't yet visited the blue key rooms. I also played MAP31, and was dreading it being full of those awful blue-uniformed dumbkopfs when I saw the Wolfenstein environment at the start, but it turned out to be nothing of the sort, and a really good level. The only thing that annoyed me was that I finished with 204/204 kills, 200/200 health/armour and all the keys, but still couldn't access two of the blue key and two of the yellow key areas, and also never got past that room with the red arrow on the floor.
  5. Summer Deep

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    I'm sorry about the two oversized pictures here. I've tried everything to try to delete them, but they just keep coming back. Why doesn't this site make it easier to edit out stuff like this, or even delete the whole post and start again?
  6. Summer Deep

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    If these were your first maps, then they're very impressive indeed! On the first version I downloaded, maps 34-37 were (34) Mortvia Cove - (35) Ichthlarin - (36) Purgatorial Reception - (37) Doombound These were absolutely fine! Fairly short, straightforward and enjoyable! For some reason, you removed three of these and replaced them with others in the later version which I downloaded. At least you retained the excellent 'Mortvia Cove', but the other three seem to me to have issues. In MAP35 ('Village of Barons) there's an incomprehensible teleporting event in the second room, then the player arrives in a large star-shaped area. The gate out of here sometimes opens early on, sometimes not, but once it closes again, it's impossible to reopen it, and it seems to be 'game over'. The second 'red key' room with the Revenants and Barons seems to me to be just about impossible to survive without a BFG. There is virtually no room for manoeuvre, and the player is inevitably overwhelmed as the enemies close in. If the Megasphere were easily to pick up, it might give one a better chance, but even this seems to be some kind of puzzle. In MAP36 ('Baron Director's Cut') I seem to have killed all the Barons and Hell Knights in the second room, but only one of the side rooms can now be opened (the one which had the Berserk Pack in it). There seem to be skull switches inside two of the other rooms, which allow further progress, but I can't legitimately get to them. It seems that you can also be locked inside this room if you take more than a few seconds to leave it! On MAP37 ('Baron Assault') I managed to dispose of all 84 monsters reasonably quickly, then spent at least half an hour unsuccessfully trying to get the exit bars to come down. Very frustrating and alienating. Don't know whether this is due to a bug, or a very obscure puzzle, or just my own lack of perception.
  7. Summer Deep

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    I've just finished maps 1-20 and have mixed feelings about the megawad. On the one hand, the epic scale is impressive and it's certainly challenging enough, but on the other hand, the longer it goes on, the more it seems like an almost unending succession of locked-in ambush set pieces. Not sure whether all players would appreciate another ten levels on the same pattern, if you're planning to extend it to 30 regular maps. I have to add though that you do provide plenty of ammo and health, which makes it all doable, and there's some ingenious setups, like the switch and invuln sphere puzzle at the start of MAP15. I've also played the additional maps 34-37, and found them very different from the regular maps, much shorter and more varied, and in many ways more enjoyable. I've tried to idclev to maps 38-41, but this doesn't seem possible. Thought initially that downloading the latest version of the wad would solve this, but still no luck!
  8. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    I decided to give Urania a try. The combat and general atmosphere were excellent, and I had high hopes for this megawad, but issues soon arose. After taking maybe 35-40 minutes killing all the monsters and finding most of the secrets in MAP03, it took me another hour to locate the exit and work out how to access it. Not good at all - one really needs to be able to finish a map promptly in these circumstances, otherwise it turns into a massively alienating experience, not to mention an anticlimax. Next took about an hour to dispose of most of the opposition in MAP04, then spent about two hours searching for the blue key, which is needed to exit the map. Eventually had to look at a YouTube walkthrough. Enough is enough! What a waste - 90% of this megawad is top drawer, based on the stuff I played, but the progression issues have rendered it unplayable for me.
  9. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Heroes' Tales My first experience of the Russian community's maps, I'll be tactful and say my reactions are 'mixed'. Too many cramped maps, over-reliance on ambushes as the mainspring of the action, pop-up enemies, teleporting shenanigans, lazy overuse of Archviles. There are some impressive levels of course, and I'd rate MAP11 as a mini-masterpiece for example, but on the whole I'll be glad to get this out of the way (on MAP25 at the moment).
  10. Summer Deep

    My first map (version 1.2)

    This was very enjoyable! The area with the Mancubuses patrolling the walkways above the demon pit was challenging, and the Agathocacos gave quite a few problems. I played it with the standard Doom II IWAD, not realizing it was supposed to be a Plutonia wad, but didn't notice any issues. EDIT: A couple of questions. What was the black key for? What weapon are those dark green bullets/shells intended for?
  11. Summer Deep

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    I've just completed the four map version of this, playing in UV continuous with saves. MAP01 is solid and very playable, no complaints. MAP02 is dragged down a little in my view for having so great a surface area of damaging floors, but it's a pretty epic experience. MAP03 excellent, though essentially based around choreographed set piece fights: I wouldn't have believed it possible to survive that Cyberdemon spawning right behind the player in a confined space at the start, but it's surprising how often it's possible to get it infighting with the other monsters, which must be the intended way to play it. The opening section of MAP04 is one of the toughest I've ever come across, and it took at least 30 attempts to survive as far as the yellow key: on numerous occasions I killed 170-180 monsters (223 once), only to be greeted with yet another wave. Those Archviles lurking in the building are a very sadistic touch - they can even kill you in the starting room! I think there must have been around 35 AVs in this map on UV.
  12. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Finished Anomaly Report in four or five days (UV continuous). The only thing that really held me up was The IoS MAP30. God, this was tough on UV, and I had to do it from pistol starts on lower difficulty levels to familiarize myself with the map's mechanics. Finally got to grips with the UV version - you really have to do a thorough job of cleaning up the outdoor area if you're not to end up being telefragged on the rocket firing platform.
  13. Nice to see you posting again, Summer! Welcome back.

    1. Summer Deep

      Summer Deep

      Thanks! I might even return to the Megawad Club at some point.....

  14. Summer Deep

    Do you usually go for the secret levels?

    I often sort of half-heartedly look for the secret exit on MAP15 of a Doom II megawad, but even when I'm really trying, my success rate is probably no better than around 20%. I was delighted this evening however to find the exit to MAP31 on Anomaly Report - I had a feeling it might be in the vicinity of the area which hosted the last big fight, but was surprised when I fell over the side of said arena and into the watery area where the secret exit was situated. It looks as if it could be a pretty memorable one as well, with almost 400 monsters.
  15. Summer Deep

    Hydrosphere (6 level Boom mapset) RC4

    Is there a download of DSDA that works 'out of the box' for Windows so to speak? All the ones I've seen seem to be source code versions that need compiling. Also, I'm wondering why the exit bars operated normally for me when I played MAP06 of Hydrosphere in ZDoom (see my earlier post on this page). According to the DoomWiki, ZDoom is not one of the ports that supports UMAPINFO.