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    Played on UV, continuous, ZDoom, took just over 2.5 hours to complete. Quite enjoyable, difficulty varies but never excessive. I particularly liked map 2, which had an interesting layout, good use of revenants, pain elementals, damaging floors and was tight on health (if you didn't discover one of the soul spheres). The final level is a bit slaughterish in a sort of fun, unstressful kind of way, unless the player opts to go into a series of small side rooms towards the end, where things hot up considerably..... Overall just short of four stars, 3.8 let's say.
  1. Taking out a revenant at close range with the SSG. I also quite like sniping them with the shotgun from a relatively safe position.
    This megawad seems to have a fearsome reputation, but I was surprised by how playable and straightforward it was. Maybe the main reason I found it so manageable was that, being just an averagely good doomer, I played on HMP difficulty with the odd save within the levels. The maps are generally well constructed, and even the handful of 'slaughterish' ones are hard but fair: though the fact that even on HMP the wad contains over 30 Cyberdemons means that it's still a decent challenge..... My only complaint would be with level 30, an IoS affair which, like quite a few others I've encountered, is unworthy of the wad as a whole. If playing 'by the book', one is forced to attempt SR50 strafe runs along a lengthy section of wall, which soon becomes infested with all sorts of monsters. I suspect that the vast majority of players, and even quite a few seasoned campaigners, will have no chance with this, though they'll be able to avoid this issue by aiming with mouselook. I'd also recommend acquiring the original version of the game from the AV official website, as it contains the famous (notorious?) Valley of Echoes level 25, which didn't make it into the final version of the game, but is well worth a look. Overall, 4+ out of 5.
  2. Unforgiving timed lift or door gimmicks which don't have even half a second of 'slack' built into them. Trying thirty times to negotiate four right-angled turns in 3.5 seconds is not my idea of fun....
  3. Thanks, that makes perfect sense to me, though I've no experience or knowledge of deathmatch levels and the like. Didn't see any ammo or pickups in there, by the way.
  4. Giving Alien Vendetta a try, playing in HMP difficulty with weapon carryovers and saves, so some might argue that I'm ducking the challenge of this wad. In actual fact it's been very manageable so far (15 levels), and I've found the overall standard of maps to be mixed, but generally above average. 'Toxic Touch' seemed somewhat overhyped, but 'Nemesis' and a good few others have been excellent. I did notice when playing level 14 'Overwhelming Odds' that in the Northernmost room, as well as an apparent 'fake exit' with a non-opening door, there's also another small locked door. Out of curiosity I noclipped through this and found myself in a large circular corridor which leads to a central hall with an alternative level exit. This doesn't seem to be a secret exit, as it is followed by the standard map 15 'Bulls On Parade'. Weird. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  5. Those Barons looked more like stunted yetis to me.
  6. Working my way through parts of DTWID Lost Episodes. The E4 maps were mainly of very pleasing quality and were a decent challenge on UV with pistol starts. I then had a go at the same episode's first level using Project Brutality and was quickly brought back down to earth as I couldn't manage to get more than about 10% of the map done.... Also used E1 to try out Complex Doom. Good fun doing it this way, I can't really summon much enthusiasm for unmodded Knee Deep In The Dead levels these days.
  7. Haven't played Freedoom for more than a year, but from what I remember I'm pretty sure the 'blob things' are supposed to be Mancubuses.
  8. Just finished Doom 2 The Way Id Did. Played in UV difficulty, weapon carry overs, around 15 hours in total. Very solid and enjoyable gameplay overall, but the Icon Of Sin level left a bad taste in the mouth - this was the silliest one I've yet seen, and that's saying something. Can anyone recommend a decent Doom 2 megawad without an IoS finale, as this is something which is beginning to alienate me from these wads?
  9. Twilight Warrior. Don't be fooled by the fact that the first two levels are half-decent. The rest of it's abysmal.
    The first episode of this was dire - I completed it, playing pretty much in autopilot mode, in around 2 hours on UV without even coming close to dying once. The levels seemed almost interchangeable in their sameness and maziness, and I'd have taken even less time but for getting lost searching for a couple of yellow keys, which turned out not to be needed to reach the exits anyway. Episode Two was a good deal better with all levels at least serviceable and two or three being quite impressive. The third episode maintained the improving trend and presented an excellent and enjoyable combat challenge, with some nice puzzles and secrets thrown into the mix. 2 stars out of five for Episode 1, 4++ for the rest of the game. So around 3.5 overall.
  10. Played the Serenity/Eternity/Infinity 'trilogy' over a six day period on UV difficulty. I actually found the first of these to be the most enjoyable, for all its failings. Infinity seemed to me a very half-hearted effort by its creators, who couldn't be bothered to put a single Cyberdemon or Spider Mastermind in any of the eight levels.
  11. For me grenade launchers are in principle a welcome part of the armoury in FPS games if they're well executed, as for example in Quake. Unfortunately the ones I recall in Doom wads, such as in Scientist 2 and Batman Doom (lol), were absolutely useless, and far more likely to blow up the user than any baddies.
  12. Thanks, but actually I should have made clear that I'm in fact playing the Scourge of Viscerus Hexen wad. Completed the original game many years ago, but do remember the very well concealed cave key....