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  1. Der_Kaiser

    Popular vs obscure stuff on avatars

    Well I have a little girl smoking a cigarette. Edgy, I know.
  2. Der_Kaiser

    Hills & mountains in ZDOOM (and other questions)

    Actually, I'm not sure. I've played Doom since it came out, but I just recently got into creating maps. And by "recently" I mean no more than four months. So when I decided to finally learn how to make Doom maps and levels, a basic Internet research led me to DoomBuilder2. In fact, I never heard of GZDoomBuilder until I started lurking Doomworld. What I'm trying to say is that, for some reason, it seems that it's easier for beginners to bump into doombuilder.com, watch the tutorials on the site and download DoomBuilder2. Also, like scifista42 mentioned, it seems GZDB is more complex and takes longer to boot than DB2, which may be a turn off for some beginners. What I've learned now, however, is that GZDoomBuilder is essentially DoomBuilder3 (like you put it), which probably means I'll finish the map I'm working on and then move completely to GZDB!
  3. Der_Kaiser

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    I'm sure most of you are aware of the "it runs Doom" meme, but this one I had never seen: Doom running on a MacBook Pro touch bar
  4. Der_Kaiser

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched "The Founder" last night. Michael Keaton is great, and the story itself is quite interesting, but I somehow felt the film couldn't get away from the usual Hollywood corniness. I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of "Social Network", but I had a good time.
  5. Der_Kaiser

    Hills & mountains in ZDOOM (and other questions)

    Holy crap it looks great, thanks a lot!
  6. Der_Kaiser

    DOOM for the switch?

    I actually own a Nintendo Switch and it's pretty freaking fun. I was already considering getting a 3DS XL a few months ago, but I'm glad I waited. That would be awesome!! I could even see the joycons' motion controls being integrated with freelook somehow. EDIT: We should all tweet to Nintendo of America and come up with some hashtag like #DoomOnSwitch. Come on, Nintendo...
  7. Der_Kaiser

    Hills & mountains in ZDOOM (and other questions)

    Excellent, thank you both!
  8. I’m working on a map with an outdoor area where I want to have a few small hills or whatever you’d call them. I’m using DoomBuilder2 with the UMDF format. So I made a quick YouTube search and started learning how to do it by watching this video. Here’s where the problems arise: 1.- At first I thought I was doing everything wrong, until I realized that the slopes do not actually show up in DoomBuilder2 visual mode. It seems the only way to see if your hill is turning out alright is by actually testing/playing the map. Of course, in the author’s video the slopes do show up in visual mode. My question is: is this because of the format or the editor? Generally speaking, why would I keep using DoomBuilder when GZDoomBuilder looks much better? 2.- Even after I followed the instructions correctly, the result still sucks. Some slopes turned out fine, some turned out like some sort of impassable HOMish thing. I’m sure I’ve made a stupid mistake somewhere, but as I haven’t been able to find it, I’m starting to think it could be because of DoomBuilder2. Here’s a test wad and screenshot of the hill I made if anyone wants to check it out: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B96ojRRLfB0OVkdwRUkyX1ZvWFE/view?usp=sharing 3.- Should I forget all of this because there’s actually a better/easier way to get this done in ZDoom compatibility??
  9. Der_Kaiser

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    As a kid I never did. My brother was the one who knew all the cheats and he wouldn't give them to me. He did tell me about "ILM" in Wolfenstein though, and I overused it like any kid would. I did however feel bad when I saw the score go back to 0 every time I cheated...
  10. Der_Kaiser

    So where does your username come from?

    "Doomsfall" is pretty freaking cool though.
  11. Der_Kaiser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Indeed I amd using ZDoom, sorry for not mentioning that small fact earlier. And indeed, resizing the image to 256x256 solved the problem, thank you!
  12. Der_Kaiser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    264x264, 72kb, Doom Graphic... Hmm, I'm guessing way too big?
  13. Der_Kaiser

    New Forum

    I like it too, though I understand it'll take some getting used to. Best thing is, I didn't have to wait until I had X number of posts to change my avatar! KABOOM!
  14. Der_Kaiser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Hi, I'm working on a dumb Moon map and wanted to see what some real Moon textures would look like. Leaving aesthetics aside, why does the picture look like that as a flat (floor)? I'm using the exact same picture file for the walls and the floor, but somehow the floor looks corrupted/distorted. I just tried to use a different picture and it works fine as both texture and flat. Any idea what the problem could be?