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  1. Albertoni

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    I'd just like to remind y'all are discussion the story of a game series where Carmack said "Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but its not that important." I really don't think nobody really thought about anything else but the game they were making and it's direct prequel in deciding the story, and if they did, they abandoned that line. Doom 2 clearly follows Doom 1. RoE clearly follows Doom 3. Eternal follows 2016. Everything else is speculation at best, other than the multiverse thingy mentioned in Eternal, which helps explain things but doesn't really make a timeline possible. "Oh but this game references this thing so that must mean-" No it doesn't. I'd be willing to wager money that all instances of those were people trying to reference something as fan-service instead of creating story connections. Because if we take those things to mean story connections, then Max Payne, Hitman and Red Faction also are in the Doom universe, because Doom Eternal has a Dopefish and those games also have one. I mean, that'd be quite cool, don't get me wrong, but you also see what I'm getting at.
  2. Albertoni

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    Both Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D's names have a small joke, in that they're the third games in their series. A bit iffy for Wolfenstein, but definitely true for Duke.
  3. Albertoni

    Getting married Tuesday

  4. It's a long story, but the main point as far as I know was that her (admittedly successful) attempts at controlling inflation led to interest rates going through the roof, which destroyed Britain's industry, caused mass unemployment, and led to many lower-class people losing their homes to the banks. She was also very conservative in social regards, fighting divorce laws, trying to suppress LGBT rights, etc. I did not check the numbers, but a few years back I've heard that she lowered the education budget so much that even after, what, four decades, it is still lower than before she was elected.
  5. Albertoni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    All the data is in the wiki, but it's per-level.
  6. Albertoni

    Who is this guy?

    John McBald O'Badass. He's Irish, his family had ginger hair, but he lost it from a young age.
  7. Albertoni

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    BTW, two pieces of advice: Make something like RAMP did, a hub with a bunch of rooms already pre-made, with spaces where you can add extra corridors as appropriate. And if someone isn't happy with the default room size and really wants to super-size it, GZDoom portals can help a lot with that. Not to mention that UDMF and its vertices-not-locked-to-the-grid thingy could help a lot as well.
  8. Albertoni

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Yeah. I might have a bias towards non-conventional wads, but it sounds great.
  9. Albertoni

    what whould a sequel to (one of) the worst wad ever made be like

    one could always add more illusio-pits
  10. Albertoni

    Least favourite mechanic?

    The tiny chance for 20% damage floors to leak through a radsuit. I've died way too many times to that little quirk.
  11. Albertoni

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    If it was up to me, leather all the way. You also get bonus points for looking badass, and it's not as hot as fake fur.
  12. Albertoni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    They were nearly invisible at 320x200
  13. Albertoni

    What’s the go with fur suits / cosplay

    Considering I've seen dragon suits before made of leather / resin, I'd be willing to wager it's completely fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Albertoni

    Free Game Deals

    If I remember correctly, you can just drop the files from the whole campaign into the RTX port and play the whole game.
  15. Albertoni

    What’s the go with fur suits / cosplay

    My wife has two fursuits. For her it's about escapism, in a way. She can act more freely if she's just incorporating a character and not having to worry about herself. It's a way for her to enjoy a completely worry-free moment and just be happy. I guess this spells it out better than I ever could, hah.