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  1. Albertoni

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Excuse you, prboom still runs that quite easily. ZDoom and its derivatives that added DECORATE and with it the insanely complex and slow monster state machine. Not saying that's a bad thing, just saying that if you want speed, do it in DEHACKED. Kinda like programming in assembly in the early 90s to squeeze those extra five FPS of your game, lol
  2. Albertoni

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Check out this map called 100,000 Revenants. It has what you're describing.
  3. Albertoni

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Thank you very much, @Paul977. I do not agree with your sentiment, as the map is quite toned down outside of UV, and I believe UV should be a challenge. Still, it's done for all I care, unless bugs are found. Sorry for the late reply, I've been giving the community a break while I work on my current project. Otherwise I'd be spending all the time talking about it instead of getting stuff done.
  4. Albertoni

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    [20000 years later] I don't quite mind. It's one of those "I would mind, but you have a strong point" things. Do what you think it's best. Hell, give me a week and I could even add a secret exit to it, if you think it'd be better as MAP31.
  5. I'm just really afraid you'll disappear before releasing any of the Doom RPG assets, personally.
  6. Albertoni

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    So, you know how Quake 1 has overbright support? As in, brightness can go up to 200%? So, a Quake port that uses an HDR TV to represent overbright as true HDR bloom blingbling. Hell, I'd do it myself if a decent HDR TV wasn't like, 3 months of my pay.
  7. Albertoni

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I'm pretty sure you can do that... At the very least with ZScript. The code would be hellish and for some levels it'd eat insane amounts of CPU (10sector.wad, I'm looking at you) but I think it's doable.
  8. Albertoni

    Interesting maps/wads made by young people

    I made a few maps when I was 14-16. Never posted them, lost them in an HD change, and they all sucked real hard from a gameplay point. That said, Shrooms referenced them a fair bit. The best map I made back then had quite a few windows that showed the sky and a little shrine, which ended up being the end-of-level building in Shrooms (That also makes me wonder how uncommon a WAD with the level exit looking almost the same in all levels is). The maze and the final battle in MAP02 of Shrooms were strongly based on the same map, and a few rooms in MAP03 of Shrooms were based on bits and pieces of these maps, specially the "fleshy whale mouth".
  9. Come all, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the tale of how Doomguy played hockey against hell and died over and over again for the amusement of the demons! Or just download and play it, I guess. Download (ZDoom required, but I'm lazy and only tested it on the latest GZDoom): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtay0vc2x7wa5us/puckdoom.wad?dl=1 https://mega.nz/#!FBsX1ABK!RD0Mp5z6UjQE_s2jF1hM7DUK1a2PNzzq6zDuSuaXvwg Screenshot (just one, they don't grow on trees) Story: Doomguy was hired by a company with a subdivision that makes mobile games. After playing a prototype of their most recent game, Angry Pucks, Doomguy laughed, sat down at his workstation and in 30 minutes made what took a group of 4 persons a pair of months to make. After the boss noticed his speed of development, he was given a few days to make it a real game. He was then kidnapped by demons, thrust into a hockey arena and forced to play Hell Hockey for their amusement. Doomguy's game was forever unfinished. (No, but seriously, all but the last paragraph is real, and if you guys wanna check out the game that originated this, that'd be really sweet of you: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babyowlstudios.angrypucks ) Reviews: "This is more fun than our game!" ~ Lead Developer of Angry Pucks "I'd actually play this if it ran on my phone." ~ Boss "You'll be giving a workshop on the Doom Engine the next month, if development turnout on it is really this fast." ~ Boss+1
  10. Did someone say experimental? No promises other than me downloading the pack and messing around with it, though. Got a busy job, got a literal game pitch for a game in the Doom engine approved today (though it's a 5-minute casual game to hype the release of a mobile game)... Not much time to fool around remaining. Eternity is Boom compatible, right? Specially the silent, invisible line teleporter effect? Been thinking on making a properly 4D map for quite a bit. And now I disappear until next Sunday so I can make my #666 post be worth it. See ya later.
  11. Albertoni


    IDSPISPOPD Turns on Brutal Doom executions for pinkies only, so you can Smash Pinkies Into Putrid Piles of Pink Demon IDCLEVBABEL Warps your physical identity to an infinite library containing every single possible book, in all languages and all scripts. While in that level: IDBEHOLD Behold a glimpse of the elder ones. IDBEHOLD Behold their children, endlessly covering the vast emptiness of all. IDBEHOLD Behold the death of a thousand worlds in a single tic for the rest of eternity. IDBEHOLD the pain of all souls dying in an instant. IDBEHOLD their minds fusing into a single one, where infinite souls fight for control. IDBEHOLD the screams of the children as their flesh is seared off their bodies, ready to be eaten. IDBEHOLD the suffering of consciences forced to accept the truth that wasn't meant to be. IDBEHOLD as cockroaches eat the rotting flesh, nibble by nibble, bite by bite. IDBEHOLD the bone cages rattling the souls of the ones kept living for the amusement of ẗ̹͍̪̠̱́ͫ͢h̛̺̞̺̞̦͖͔͂ͯ̅ͧ͌͆ḙ̱ ̺͚̫͓̎͐e̶̳̭̞̗̭͍̐̈́l̙͔͙̞̺̠͔ͯ̓ͬ́d͔͋̃ȇ̪̹̈ͭͫ͡r̝ ̖̤̮͇̳ͨ̈́̌̓͑o͍̺̪̣̍̍̄͑ͣ̌̔͢ń̸͍͔̼̬͈̻̬ͭe̡͙̻̫̹ͬ͌ṡ͚̘̰̙̭̼̔ͨ̂ͅ. IDBEHOLD the psalmist singing hymns all the way to his living grave. IDBEHOLD maggots eating the flesh of slaves as ẗ̹͍̪̠̱́ͫ͢h̛̺̞̺̞̦͖͔͂ͯ̅ͧ͌͆ḙ̱ ̺͚̫͓̎͐e̶̳̭̞̗̭͍̐̈́l̙͔͙̞̺̠͔ͯ̓ͬ́d͔͋̃ȇ̪̹̈ͭͫ͡r̝ ̖̤̮͇̳ͨ̈́̌̓͑o͍̺̪̣̍̍̄͑ͣ̌̔͢ń̸͍͔̼̬͈̻̬ͭe̡͙̻̫̹ͬ͌ṡ͚̘̰̙̭̼̔ͨ̂ͅ watch in bliss. IDBEHOLD IDBEHOLD IDBEHOLD I͒̐ͧ͐̑͛҉̪͇̠̥͔D̳̱ͬB̜͇̫̼̣̙̆ͣ͛͆̒ͅE̮̖̲̯̔̍̃ͅH̭͖͔̒͗͐̏͝Ŏ̷͛ͦL̻͌͊͊̐̚Ḑ̮͔̣͈ͅ I҉͈͇̦̤̼D͉͈͚̏ͧ͂̂̈́ͯͅB̗͔͍̼̯̆̊͢E̗͕̝̠̲̜̤͋̆ͯ̇ͫ͊̀H̅̾ͧͮ̆̓̚҉͍̝̳͚ͅO͍͙͎̬̯̮ͯ̀ͦ̉͆͆L̜̤̠̿̉ͦ̓ͥ̽ͅḒ͚̮ Ǐ͆ͧ̈͑͐D̸͙̣̲͚̲̰̺̓̊̇̄̔ͧB̘͈̰̆Ḛ͓̫̩̖ͪ͟H̙̹̳̜̮̔̃͜O̴̬Ļ̓̓̎̐͋ͥ͆D̔͏̙̤̪̤͕̖̳ IDBEHOLD. He comes. Fair warning, all those codes only work for Doom 2, version 1.667. They were removed from later releases.
  12. Albertoni

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    Spawn thing at a random point. Every 35 tics, everyone who's too far away takes damage (literally use Pythagoras' theorem for the distance calculation). Make a quick function to spawn things at the edge of the circle too (angle w/ fixed radius to x,y coordinates, again Pythagoras' with some sine / cosine thrown in), so people can see it. In other words, geometry.
  13. Why exactly? Don't get me wrong, but it seems like you've been faced with a problem, found something that might work and are trying to do that; Meanwhile someone with more experience can give you a better way of accomplishing what you want.
  14. Albertoni

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Just post the .wad file. Upload it to Mediafire, Mega, Google Drive or Dropbox. I'm interested in how you're transitioning between the areas. I don't remember Boom having anything that allowed you to teleport during an elevator ride, and this kind of hackery interests me.
  15. Albertoni

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Just a little post so I can keep track of how this develops. Thanks for your good work, guys / gals. Might end up making a third map since everything is so slow, but no promises.