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  1. IDSPISPOPD Turns on Brutal Doom executions for pinkies only, so you can Smash Pinkies Into Putrid Piles of Pink Demon IDCLEVBABEL Warps your physical identity to an infinite library containing every single possible book, in all languages and all scripts. While in that level: IDBEHOLD Behold a glimpse of the elder ones. IDBEHOLD Behold their children, endlessly covering the vast emptiness of all. IDBEHOLD Behold the death of a thousand worlds in a single tic for the rest of eternity. IDBEHOLD the pain of all souls dying in an instant. IDBEHOLD their minds fusing into a single one, where infinite souls fight for control. IDBEHOLD the screams of the children as their flesh is seared off their bodies, ready to be eaten. IDBEHOLD the suffering of consciences forced to accept the truth that wasn't meant to be. IDBEHOLD as cockroaches eat the rotting flesh, nibble by nibble, bite by bite. IDBEHOLD the bone cages rattling the souls of the ones kept living for the amusement of ẗ̹͍̪̠̱́ͫ͢h̛̺̞̺̞̦͖͔͂ͯ̅ͧ͌͆ḙ̱ ̺͚̫͓̎͐e̶̳̭̞̗̭͍̐̈́l̙͔͙̞̺̠͔ͯ̓ͬ́d͔͋̃ȇ̪̹̈ͭͫ͡r̝ ̖̤̮͇̳ͨ̈́̌̓͑o͍̺̪̣̍̍̄͑ͣ̌̔͢ń̸͍͔̼̬͈̻̬ͭe̡͙̻̫̹ͬ͌ṡ͚̘̰̙̭̼̔ͨ̂ͅ. IDBEHOLD the psalmist singing hymns all the way to his living grave. IDBEHOLD maggots eating the flesh of slaves as ẗ̹͍̪̠̱́ͫ͢h̛̺̞̺̞̦͖͔͂ͯ̅ͧ͌͆ḙ̱ ̺͚̫͓̎͐e̶̳̭̞̗̭͍̐̈́l̙͔͙̞̺̠͔ͯ̓ͬ́d͔͋̃ȇ̪̹̈ͭͫ͡r̝ ̖̤̮͇̳ͨ̈́̌̓͑o͍̺̪̣̍̍̄͑ͣ̌̔͢ń̸͍͔̼̬͈̻̬ͭe̡͙̻̫̹ͬ͌ṡ͚̘̰̙̭̼̔ͨ̂ͅ watch in bliss. IDBEHOLD IDBEHOLD IDBEHOLD I͒̐ͧ͐̑͛҉̪͇̠̥͔D̳̱ͬB̜͇̫̼̣̙̆ͣ͛͆̒ͅE̮̖̲̯̔̍̃ͅH̭͖͔̒͗͐̏͝Ŏ̷͛ͦL̻͌͊͊̐̚Ḑ̮͔̣͈ͅ I҉͈͇̦̤̼D͉͈͚̏ͧ͂̂̈́ͯͅB̗͔͍̼̯̆̊͢E̗͕̝̠̲̜̤͋̆ͯ̇ͫ͊̀H̅̾ͧͮ̆̓̚҉͍̝̳͚ͅO͍͙͎̬̯̮ͯ̀ͦ̉͆͆L̜̤̠̿̉ͦ̓ͥ̽ͅḒ͚̮ Ǐ͆ͧ̈͑͐D̸͙̣̲͚̲̰̺̓̊̇̄̔ͧB̘͈̰̆Ḛ͓̫̩̖ͪ͟H̙̹̳̜̮̔̃͜O̴̬Ļ̓̓̎̐͋ͥ͆D̔͏̙̤̪̤͕̖̳ IDBEHOLD. He comes. Fair warning, all those codes only work for Doom 2, version 1.667. They were removed from later releases.
  2. Spawn thing at a random point. Every 35 tics, everyone who's too far away takes damage (literally use Pythagoras' theorem for the distance calculation). Make a quick function to spawn things at the edge of the circle too (angle w/ fixed radius to x,y coordinates, again Pythagoras' with some sine / cosine thrown in), so people can see it. In other words, geometry.
  3. Why exactly? Don't get me wrong, but it seems like you've been faced with a problem, found something that might work and are trying to do that; Meanwhile someone with more experience can give you a better way of accomplishing what you want.
  4. Just post the .wad file. Upload it to Mediafire, Mega, Google Drive or Dropbox. I'm interested in how you're transitioning between the areas. I don't remember Boom having anything that allowed you to teleport during an elevator ride, and this kind of hackery interests me.
  5. Just a little post so I can keep track of how this develops. Thanks for your good work, guys / gals. Might end up making a third map since everything is so slow, but no promises.
  6. That should explain it pretty well. You might have to enter the thing number by hand though. This should work in Boom format and ZDoom: Set the damage normally. Make a linedef somewhere that points in the direction you want the floor to scroll. (Think of it as drawing a vector, if you've learned that in math/physics) Set the line to have action 253:Scroll Tagged Floor, Carry Objects, tag it and the sector with the same tag. Optional, but highly recommended: Scream in anger, as drawing the line is just like plugging in an USB cable, it always goes the wrong way the first time. Alternatively, if you're using (G)ZDoom:
  7. You want someone to play your map exactly as intended, you have the tools. It's a question of how much effort you're willing to put in, so the player will have the exact experience you want them to have. I agree with you though, never seen anyone use it lol
  8. "The most important compatibility flags can be set or cleared in MAPINFO as well. This allows to create special map definitions that set the needed parameters to play the map properly. If a compatibility flag is set in MAPINFO this setting will override any change through the menu or by altering the console variable's value." Blame the authors who don't read the manual before making maps. :P Though yes, sure, can't blame a 2004 map for not doing this and so on, but nowadays your only excuse not to use these is not knowing about it.
  9. Got a full-time job, time for enjoying myself severely cut down on. Still, sure, I can probably arrange an evening or two for this... Oh, wait, megawad, holy jeeziz beeziz. I'll do my best, really, but being a sane and healthy person takes priority. And the way my job is set up is taking away most of my sanity away. Anyway, yeah sure, I'll give this a playthrough as soon as possible. But with like 2, maybe 3 hours free per evening, and me having bought The Witcher 3 recently... I might be done with this by the end of the year. Hope that's good enough. I just expect you to return the favor when I release my next project. Don't worry, it won't be more than a pair of maps, not counting the intro map. :)
  10. Not inside Doom Builder, or even GZDoom Builder. You have to run the game to see the cameras working. Same with portals.
  11. Oh jeez, I got a little mention for Idle Doom? Neat, but I'm not sure if I should be sad or proud. It was just a "lolololol let's make this silly thing happen in a weekend" and it just blew up. Articles in mainstream media, let's plays and so on. Feels a bit meh to be in the limelight because of a one-off joke. Still, I guess sometimes you can get successful with 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. Thanks, everyone. I love you too. <3 Now, back to work. pillars.wad won't make itself. Good to know its main inspiration, dobu, got the mapper of the year award, I'm drinking his kool-aid straight from the tap for this.
  12. Same about Strife. Guess it's because they weren't published by id.
  13. My guess would be legal teams for a huge corporation hearing a tiny comment and making a storm in a cup of water. Then they make Mark do that little change, pat each other on the back, get to show to their bosses that they 1- took down a risk to the profits of the corporation and 2- Made some buzz so people won't try that shit again. Besides, I'm not a lawyer but BD's sprites are so edited, Mark has a good chance at getting a fair use verdict. Yes, they're the same characters and sprites at first, but the transformative nature is all over the project.
  14. Truly, verily abandoned, only one level. A look at the screenshot should be enough to tell why. Though I have this level that's stuck in development hell and texturing hell for so long, that I might as well call it abandoned. Worst part is, it started as a weekend-long speedmap.
  15. I'll deeply agree with Nine Inch Heels' post, but at the same time, the Flesh Wizard: It warps around, appears, fires a Hell Knight shot and disappears. Very annoying, very creepy, very tense monster. Can be as dangerous as an imp or an arch-vile in the right places.