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  1. As someone who did it before, get ready for someone playing it with paletted graphics and complaining it looks like this:
  2. Too late. Though mine spawn some bullet puffs on the ground, like wind lifting some dust. Definitely not an idea stolen from Galaxy Fight's secret boss, Rouwe. :P
  3. Crazy Taxi for Android ran smooth in a phone so ancient it was stuck with Jelly Bean, and even that was a CyanogenMod release.
  4. I believe you want the following instead: script 02 (void) { SetFont("BOSSBACK"); HudMessage(s:"A"; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, 0, 0.1, 0.8, 3.7); }
  5. @SArais Definitely sounds like you're where I was a pair of years back, suffering of heavy featuritis, focusing more on figuring out how to use things than how to make levels, heh. Love those last two screenshots in particular, and awwww at copying me <3
  6. An identifier hasn't been declared. Declare it. Post the script, let us look at it. Also, check if the first line of the script is #include "zcommon.acs"
  7. Sigh, I guess. Other than the first one, I wouldn't call any of these sane though.
  8. Teach me how to make this work on a round pillar, where the textures need to be aligned horizontally.
  9. and also pretty much anything in the idgames archive. shogotex.wad is awesome, but while compatible, not everything in it fits with the normal Doom textures.
  10. There is no sane way to scroll textures in a direction that isn't just left or right without using ZDoom. So instead of blood flowing upwards, you get an insane blood geyser spiraling around itself. Net gain, I guess. This map for Nova 3 definitely made me love 254 - Scroll wall according to line vector.
  11. Second option on the left bar of GZDoom Builder is "draw curve." That might help, if you want smooth instead of jaggy.
  12. I'm assuming ZDoom because you can't do that in Vanilla. Just follow this:
  13. Not a sample (though it does sample Darkstalkers, another game) but this song mentions Doom in the lyrics: I'm on the next level I got a double barrel shotgun in the Doomworld Waiting on the next devil Armor's low-check the arsenal
  14. I meant "you go and make one." Just try adding both sets as resources, put one animated texture of each on a wall and see what happens.
  15. I'd assume yes, as long as they don't provide conflicting info. I'd make a quick test to be sure though. Depending on how the ceiling is set up in that area, this might be of use: Or this: