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  1. One thing in here isn't a total work in progress. 14 3D sectors, whew.
  2. I might steal this for the next April Fools. Also, vaguely related:
  3. One of the puzzles requires wallhumping or a GREAT eye. The others go from pretty easy to "mess around for 15 minutes then suddenly get it" to find and solve. Don't think it'll take more than a pair of hours, heh.
  4. As beautiful as it is laggy. My single complaint would be that one switchhunt. All other puzzles were either obvious, or like the 4 pillars one, more or less obvious. Sorry, no demo, I always forget those >_>
  6. You had me at monsterless.
  7. I'll just point out that Win 10's multiple desktops feature is perhaps the best one I've used, and I've gone through dozens of Linux interfaces. Along with the Windows Ink Workspace to quickly draw over screenshots, I really feel incapacitated when using Win 7 now.
  8. They're ok. I like the first picture, might end up using it.
  9. Diablo 2; and probably not, at least default Diablo 2 didn't have it.
  10. Another World / Out of This World. Sonic 1, F-Zero, Street Fighter 2, Sunset Riders, Metroid II and PuLiRuLa. Take your pick, mine is definitely the first though. 1991 wasn't too bad, heh.
  11. Sorry for it being a video, but it needs to be seen in movement: A tiny WIP of something for my Walking Simulator community project.
  12. The one with the NIN reference. I kinda have to play E4 again, as you can see.
  13. Favourite map setting? Any but techbase. Favourite map difficulty? On the easier side, but I also love hard maps. Chaingunners? Gainchunners? Long or short? Both have their place, both are good. No preference. Something I really enjoy are gimmicky maps. Puzzle maps without monsters, maps that make you jump around, weird colors, lots of ACS, and so on.
  14. It's fine, if it adds something to the discussion. If you cared enough to dig and find something about that, chances are someone else will. Kinda related, when Martin came out of the dead here I had a nice chuckle.
  15. BUZZ! Wrong answer! The correct answer is the bit bucket!