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  1. Same about Strife. Guess it's because they weren't published by id.
  2. My guess would be legal teams for a huge corporation hearing a tiny comment and making a storm in a cup of water. Then they make Mark do that little change, pat each other on the back, get to show to their bosses that they 1- took down a risk to the profits of the corporation and 2- Made some buzz so people won't try that shit again. Besides, I'm not a lawyer but BD's sprites are so edited, Mark has a good chance at getting a fair use verdict. Yes, they're the same characters and sprites at first, but the transformative nature is all over the project.
  3. Truly, verily abandoned, only one level. A look at the screenshot should be enough to tell why. Though I have this level that's stuck in development hell and texturing hell for so long, that I might as well call it abandoned. Worst part is, it started as a weekend-long speedmap.
  4. I'll deeply agree with Nine Inch Heels' post, but at the same time, the Flesh Wizard: It warps around, appears, fires a Hell Knight shot and disappears. Very annoying, very creepy, very tense monster. Can be as dangerous as an imp or an arch-vile in the right places.
  5. Adventures of Square and Delaweare too.
  6. You can run twice as fast with a joystick and a keyboard.
  7. Liquid oxygen: No. Other chemicals: Yep, lots of medical applications and stuff, but it's still quite dangerous stuff. Specially the adaptation phases as you switch between breathing gas and liquid, and cleaning your lungs.
  8. This better be a "eat your veggies" reference.
  9. I ran it with a GTS 450. 100% playable and somewhat smooth, too. Just follow the tips in these two videos and you should be golden.
  10. 1: 2: 3: Doesn't Hexen format only have 3 arguments instead of 5...? And PointLight needs the 3 RGB values + intensity, adding up to 4. Hm.
  11. "iam8bit is manufacturing its cartridges on an authentic SNES ROM chip that includes the original game code" "large 16-megabit, 5-volt memory chips which the original Street Fighter II cartridge uses are no longer readily available in today's market. Due to the progression of technology over the years, the majority of large memories have reduced to ~3 volts or less." "iam8bit is inserting voltage level translators into its cartridges "to prevent excessive wear and risk of damage," Gibson said. But the voltage difference also forced iam8bit to include a scary-sounding warning on its sales page, telling buyers that "use of this reproduction game cartridge... on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire." "This is one of those cases—where the idea that we'd be producing a cartridge designed to plug into a vintage console whose operational status is unknown to us—started to make our lawyers twitch." Source: Sorry for the late post, but this this article was only published yesterday and I thought it cleared up quite a lot of stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Idle Doom got two video reviews on Youtube, plus an article on Rock Paper Shotgun. I guess people liked it. I still love all my maps equally, though. From the Shrooms and my NOVA 3 contributions to the one that didn't get into WOOO3.
  13. This. I don't prefer particular colors other than pink, but rather their usage is what interests me.
  14. Sorry for double posting, but I'd rather have a problem in a separate post so people don't skim through it. Is there any way of making a script wait for a floor to stop moving? I wanted to raise a 3D floor and do something else when the floor reaches its destination. I could calculate the tics needed and just delay it, but you know, lazy guy looking for the easier way out.
  15. Ensure the wad with the sky is being loaded after the CC4-tex wad, the sky position within the lumps is correct and also that there's nothing in your wads that could be overwriting more than it should (TEXTURES lump, for example). If nothing works, Post-Your-WAD(TM)