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  1. Pyrrhic

    I'm not really a big deathmatch player, but I played this with a couple friends a few weeks ago and had a blast. The maps are small (4 players best), fast paced, and have good flow and item placement. All of the maps were really fun, to the point where I can't pick a favorite or least favorite. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a good couple maps to kill their friends on.
  2. Awesome. Can't wait to hear the full thing.
  3. What are your favorite fish avatars?

    I like Mechadon's robo-fish
  4. Forum Update?

    Refresh the forums and I'm just like "Wait, what the heck?" Definitely liking the theme so far. It hasn't been up long, but my first impression is good.
  5. Retro FPS Polling Station

    The level time was the one that I had to put the most thought into. In the end, I voted for 10-30 minutes, but only on the first playthrough. Generally I think that any second/third/whatever playthroughs should be much shorter. I would not want to have a level take 20 minutes when you know exactly what you are doing. Episodic structure is pretty cool. Speaking about games in general, I don't really care whether a game has a strong and well defined protagonist or not. However, given the atmosphere of the game you are making, I would prefer a silent protagonist in this case.
  6. Well, it was the most obvious solution. My favorite solution is to have 9s wrap around to 0. That way, the final digits go 78, 89, 90, 01, 12, and the sequence repeats itself.
  7. x(n+1) = x(n) + 11 Therefore, the next item in the sequence is 100. It's the most "mathematical" solution, and I'm surprised it's not an option in the poll.
  8. Chainworm Kommando 2 [WIP]

    I did the /newstuff review for Chainworm Kommando a while back, and can say that I enjoyed it, and it's pretty cool to see a sequel. It looks pretty great so far, and I'll definitely be glad to see an eventual release.
  9. Referring to Jason Wainman's 30 Levels of Doom II After I passed through all twenty six levels, my life changed. I do not play Doom. I broke computer, sold my house to buy a maze. Now I live in it, and all day long I walk through rooms and corridors. For lunch, I often open the doors and kill useless monsters. I do the same for breakfast and dinner. P.S. Author, build for me more mazes.
  10. Best speedmaps you have played?

    For megaWADs, there's Unaligned and whatever the sequel was called. Eagle Speedmapping Session 5 is one of my all time favorite speedmap sets. Pigeon Speedmapping 1 and 2 were also good (I don't think I played 3). As for a quick search for Xaser, Rdwpa, and Obsidian speedmaps, this is what I got from my pile of relevant text files.
  11. The importance and use of skies in Doom

    Skies are definitely useful for setting the mood of a map, but can also be used to add some nice visual contrast into a map. A mapset with a good custom sky is definitely going to be more memorable than the same map with the default sky. No End in Sight's E1 sky is absolutely fantastic.
  12. "Gold Standard" Slaughtermaps?

    Jimmy got all the major ones I could think of (+1 to each of those). You can't go wrong with Rush also (especially the last few maps).
  13. Was playing through Requiem and was thinking, "Hey, I wonder if Tolwyn still does stuff." I come to Doomworld and find this. What are the odds. Absolutely fantastic to hear about this. Definitely looking forward to the real thing!
  14. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    How about something that is just a normal mapset, except it plays the DW notification sound at random intervals.
  15. Memento Mori II

    Absolutely fantastic in almost every regard. The map design is excellent, the music is excellent, the combat is excellent, etc. etc. Compared to its predecessor, I'd say that the overall quality and polish of the maps are higher this second time around. That's not to say there aren't a few down points. Map26 in particular was rather irritating and there was one too many sewer maps early on. However, the positives in this WAD vastly outweigh the negatives. Memento Mori II is simply a dose of quality which improves basically any WAD collection.