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  1. Come on modern id, you're the ones who called your game "Doom" rather than something sensible like "Doom 4." Why is it the original that has to be branded with a date in parentheses? I guess it doesn't really matter. Besides, I got the BFG edition for free, which is pretty sweet.
  2. I'd recommend Mushihimesama. Now, it is 1000% a bullet hell game, but the Steam release does an excellent job with difficulty. You have three difficulties: original, maniac, and ultra, roughly corresponding to a hard standard shmup, a bullet hell, then a Cave game, but then there's Novice mode, which provides easier versions of each. This totals six difficulty levels ranging from "my first shmup" to, well, a Cave game. There's also several alternate modes that provide their own difficulty spreads. Aside from all that, Mushihimesama is a fantastic game with a great setting, great music, great levels, memorable bosses, etc. One of my favorite games.
  3. Eh, sed allows me to be case insensitive for .MID files. $() does look nicer though.
  4. The best option on Windows is probably to use the VirtualMidiSynth GUI. On my system I use this beautiful horrible midi conversion bash script. #!/bin/sh out=$(echo "$1" | sed 's/\.mid$/.mp3/i') timidity -EFreverb=d --quiet=3 -Ow -o - "$1" | lame --quiet -b 192k - "$out"
  5. Spie812

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I'll join the Atari 2600 crew here. Space Invaders on the 2600 was released in 1978 and is still a good time, especially if you can bring along a second player who tolerates your old video game bullshit.
  6. Spie812

    older cyberdemon sprites

    I don't see them in the attic but you can always grab an older version of Freedoom and extract the sprites with SLADE. It seems 0.8 is the last release with the old versions.
  7. Spie812

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    I think, of all WADs, I'd like to see Aliens TC get a musical makeover. The atmosphere of those maps really helps carry the 1994 level design, and it always felt a bit off to start the famously empty opening level with "I Sawed the Demons" rocking in the background. 9 maps would keep it a relatively short project as well.
  8. Spie812

    Doomworld Desktop Thread!

    My desktop background is a screenshot of SpaceEngine. I've used it far too long to ever consider changing it to something else. My desktop computer. A comfortable home for one who stayed on Win7 probably a lot longer than I should have. GNOME + Dash to Panel + Arc Menu My laptop uses an entirely different, more minimal, and more Mac-like (I guess) layout. Openbox + XFCE Panel + Plank.
  9. Spie812

    How would you rate Wolfenstein 3D's episodes?

    Episode 5 is my favorite Wolfenstein 3D episode, as it has just the right style to make for challenging yet fun run and gun action with quite the body count to boot. It's noticeably more action packed than the other episodes, that's for sure. Following that is Episode 1 for fairly obvious reasons. Beyond that, I don't have any serious opinion on the other episodes, except that Episode 6 kinda sucks. I never played Spear of Destiny since after 60 levels of Wolf3D, the idea of continuing filled me with a profound sense of dread. I still haven't got back around to playing it now that I'm probably not burnt out anymore.
  10. I've finished playing through the four new maps. In short, everything I said in my last post still applies. I still really like the atmosphere and more punishing combat. There are enough new gimmicks in the new levels to keep the episode from starting to drag, though the novelty of the theme begins to wear off by the end. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see some cool stuff in the final few maps. As before, I will drop my notes.
  11. Spie812

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    I use the negative player health option since it's fun to see how horribly you just died. The other two don't matter to me.
  12. Spie812

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    Prboom-plus: 4 Crispy Doom: 3 Eternity: 2 I also use Gzdoom sometimes if the situation demands it.
  13. My first playthrough of the map was a blind run on UV. I completely missed the BFG until after I had cleared a path to the exit. That's completely on me though, since that secret is pretty easy to find. This made the underground fight pretty brutal and it was difficult to get the crowd to cooperate in the final fight, but things were ultimately manageable. A second run went predictably a bit more smoothly. I also checked out HNTR and everything felt appropriate there. The level's aesthetics are great; the architecture and texture work is fantastic. It's not much like Crater, loose remake indeed. That's not a problem at all though. I found the combat to be quite fun both with and without the BFG. The underground fight leading up to the red key is of course the highlight of the level for me. I love multi-wave battles like that. It's difficult to say much, this is really good work.
  14. tl;dr: This mapset has a unique use of gimmicks and lots of creative ideas. The first episode isn't very fun, but it rapidly and steadily gets better from there. Alright, so I played through this set. It's pretty cool, but we'll get to that. The goal of this WAD, as I understand it, was the creation of a megawad with usage of obscure Boom features, unique level design, and a more meaningful story than most. I think that this is mostly successful. Boom extras such as jump pads and silent teleports are mostly used pretty well to help make these maps unique. Even smaller things like sliding doors are a nice touch. The level design is pretty weird and often abstract, but motifs such as the black and white areas, red messages, and the wires/machinery connected to jump pads help to make the set cohesive throughout. I'll admit to not paying too much attention to the story, but things certainly seem to be coming to a head in the final maps. So I think that this WAD is thematically a success. Now to move into the levels themselves. To put it bluntly, I hated the first episode. The combat consisted of so many rooms of monsters spread randomly across a room seemingly without thought and with so much slow grinding of mid-tier enemies which made each map a slog to play through. The hellish theme was mostly okay, I guess, but compared to the later levels they felt almost incoherent even given the sort of abstract theme of the WAD. However, nothing that I saw felt really irredeemable and I think that the episode could be vastly improved with a proper balancing pass to keep progression moving. As it stands though, I think that the first episode really drags the whole experience down and may turn people away from the later levels, which would be a shame. Now, moving into the second episode, it's like a goddamn switch was flipped. I swear the quality instantly doubled. Immediately we have a more pleasing theme (or maybe I just like snow), more coherent level design while keeping the weirdness intact, more creative gimmicks and level ideas, and of course far better combat. The introduction of new enemies and the buffed plasma gun along with the creative level ideas keeps things fresh and interesting throughout. Map14 and Map19 in particular stand as two of my favorite maps in this WAD. There's still some parts that aren't very good (the end of Map15 comes to mind), but it's still a significant improvement over the opening act and a damn good romp overall. The final episode, at least what is done so far, is something completely different. This is quite possibly the best execution of a spooky atmosphere in Doom that I have seen in quite some time. The darkness, the music, the blood and impaled corpses, the messages burned into the floor, the clever use of invisible monsters, the scarce health, and the noticably more vicious firefights help make these maps really stand out. The execution is, I think, masterful. If you can keep things interesting for the final maps of the WAD and prevent fatigue with this awesome theme, then I think you're golden. Here's a big text dump of my notes. Here you'll find map-by-map comments, observations, complaints, and suggestions in a mostly unorganized fashion.
  15. Spie812

    Doomguy’s Face, Big HUD - Yay or nay?

    Never personally been a big fan of the big grey bar. I'm partial to the alternate HUD options in Crispy and Prboom-plus.