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  1. FDA for Needhealth's map. The map is pretty solid, but I don't really have any specific comments. needhealthfda.zip
  2. Oh yes, please. That looks really cool.
  3. I'm dumb. Just a second. e: added to original post
  4. Alrighty then! Title: Tek Gone Bad Time: 3 hours Music: Title Theme from Journey to Silius (Lunatic intermission music) Theme: No keys (I ended up using way more than 10 tags) The floor was originally supposed to lower twice, but I ran into some serious issues with that. Instead I did something a little different. Only tested with iddqd because I suck at Doom today. Hope you enjoy anyway! tekgnbad.zip
  5. I, too, have unfortunately played JOW.wad It's sort of like the ancient versions of OBLIGE (0.8.1) but the maps are even worse and it doesn't have any of the charm that comes from being randomly generated.
  6. Well, if you're into harder maps, Valiant, which is what I'm currently playing, after finishing Vanguard and Lunatic. Currently about halfway through the first episode.
  7. Can't play UDMF maps on my DOS PC.
  8. I'm not really an OPL sort of person, but this sounds great!
    There are no bad maps to be found here. Excellent work, everyone! However, there are over 1000 unused patches that weren't removed from the WAD, almost tripling the file size. Fixed. No real complaints anymore.
  9. Yeah, the three main Plutonia-styled wads would be Plutonia 2, Plutonia Revisited, and Urania and in the general order I'd recommend them. There's also Plutonia 1024, which is a bit different (extra small maps) As for wads that aren't directly inspired by Plutonia, but have that same sort of gameplay style, I don't really know any off the top of my head. Edit: Scythe, of course. Silly me.
  10. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Sprite I'm no expert, but since we have a full set of IWAD sprites, I think we are allowed to add in our own.
  11. There's no measure of how many WADs I've played, given how many I have played. However, right now there are 138 WADs in my Doom folders right now (16 in my IWAD folder, 89 in my PWAD folder, and then 33 more in my Temporary WADs folder)
  12. I'm not sure about the first one, but the second one was taken near the starting area of D2TWID Map22 edit: oh yeah D2TWID replaces the pinkish colors with pure cyan so that explains that.
  13. GLBoom+ - UV Pistol Start - Saves map08 'Storm Warning' The start of this level has you running for your preferred weapon before you get mowed down by the rather large number of hitscanners. Once you get past the beginning section it becomes much easier. The yellow key area was the most interesting to me with its several traps. map09 'Entrepot' Haha my map08 thing could've totally worked for this one too. Except for the getting easier part, this one gets harder, including several arch viles to cause some panic. Also introducing a new enemy! (I think). After the initial "What on Earth is that!?" I realized that they are basically SS guards. Anyway, the exit fight was probably my favorite part for whatever reason.