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  1. GBA Doom 1's are, but GBA Doom 2's are almost identical to the PC version except for a few places.
  2. I find that some of the most memorable level names to me are those weird things people name their speedmaps. Take, for example, "Alfonzo's Romerian Romp through the Caves of Jongoloth" (from ASS 2)
    This wad does something that very few others do: something different. The only way to know that you like what the authors did is to try it yourself. In my opinion, the concept is very well pulled off. Every level is different and has its own method to solve the puzzles given. Overall, an excellent and creative mapset that everyone should at least try. My only complaint with the wad is that some of the late levels (Map21 and Map26 most notably) can be pretty luck-based and frustrated.
  3. I always thought that there should be a "pistol start" option in the menus somewhere which would make every map have a pistol start. It's hardly necessary since idclev works just fine for that, but it would be nice to have the option. Maybe it could be defined in MAPINFO as well. e: you can do it in MAPINFO with a combination of the "ResetHealth" and "ResetInventory" properties. I'd still like to be able to do it on the player's side though.
  4. crispy - uv pistol starts - saves map12 You crash your spaceship or something conveniently next to a mineshaft. What follows next is a whole bunch of claustrophobic tunnels. The level is short enough that it hadn't started irritating me by the time I finished. The level does have an open area near the end if that counts for anything.
  5. Crispy Doom - UV Pistol Start - Saves map11 Another short little romp in the vein of map09 that serves as a breather (i guess) between the longer maps. Given the title of the level, I expected the cyberdemons to play a more important role in the level. Instead, there's just two at the very end and you get a BFG beforehand, making the cyberdemons trivial. The rest of the level is pretty good, but nothing really noteworthy.
  6. Crispy Doom - UV Pistol Starts - Saves map09 Fun little level, a bit shorter than the last one. There's quite a few enemies that you don't really have the resources to fight when they show up, but the level is interconnected enough that you can still get to where you need to go (which will eventually get you better armed). Most of the battles aren't too interesting, with the one in the central room being what sticks in my mind. At the end, after killing a bunch of zombiemen, I was like "...and now for an arch vile exit." I was rather surprised when it turned out to actually be one, proving that being predictable is sometimes the least predictable thing you can do (or maybe I'm just dumb). map10 I actually bumped the super shotgun before I even tried hitting the switch. I guess that makes me a cheater doesn't it? This level is one that constantly breaks expectations. First you think it'll be a techbase map, then you realise it's actually a city map, then you realise that it isn't really a city map at all but almost all of the action takes place indoors. The biggest surprise of all however, is stepping through the yellow teleporter and immediately being greeted from an area wildly different from the rest of the level. Overall, my favorite part of the map was the part leading to the red key with the raising bridges and the maze.
  7. Crispy Doom - UV Pistol Starts - Saves Map07 Pretty normal dead simple map. It's not bad as far as dead simple maps go but it's not really notable. Map08 More interesting map here. The map's primarily divided into three different wings each with a different thing or puzzle to solve. I liked the yellow key area the best out of the three, and got a little irritated at the blue key part because for some reason I just sucked at it. Also, we get a rockin' e1m1 remix too!
  8. Map06 'Sledgehammer' Crispy Doom - UV Pistol Start - Saves To start off, I like the little puzzles that are scattered around the map. They aren't difficult (not that I'd want them to be), but they're pretty fun. I also like the metal theme which is pretty hard to go wrong with, and this map pulls it off nicely. One thing that I noticed was that there were quite a few monster blocking lines in weird places. This is probably most noticeable with the revenants after the red key. I'm not really sure why that's there but it makes the revenants pretty much useless.
  9. It seems like my SPISKY didn't make it into the compilation so I end up with the skulls instead. ...also, I'm listed in the text file as using the 'bullets only' theme but the rocket launcher plays a rather large role in the level.
  10. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate this time. However, I hope this session has a better turnout than the last one.
  11. Map03 "Cup of Wrath" Crispy Doom - UV Pistol Start - Saves (none used) Another short and not too difficult techbase map, although I had a little bit of ammo trouble (nothing too serious). I liked the first view of the fort and the bridges too. The blue key room was my favorite area of the map. Man it's hard to say things about early maps.
  12. Oh yeah I've actually been wanting to play this so maybe this month I won't lose interest after like 4 days! Crispy Doom - UV pistol starts - Saves (none used) Map01 "Stratos Gate" A short punchy map in the Doom II techbase style, which has rather strong echoes of both Doom II Map01 and TNT Map01. The start can be a bit iffy with the shotgunners there but it's at the very beginning of the level so if I get hurt too badly I can just start over. There are quite a few secrets packed into this map, one of which uses the 30-second closing door. It's rather irritating to have a secret that you can miss permanently. Other than that, this level was a great opener. Intermission: What in the heck is that INTERPIC? Map02 "Soldier's Stand" Another fine and rather small techbase map, pretty similar in looks to the first map. The level itself, however, is quite different. The blue key area was probably the most interesting area of the map, with the floor and whatnot. Generally, I don't have many specific things to say about this map. It's just good.