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  1. map03: Gzdoom - UV Pistol start - Saves I'm actually gonna try pistol starting all of these unless it gets to the point where I have to go back to my continuous save. This map I didn't like as much. It seemed to me that most of the encounters could be solved simply by running back through a doorway and spamming rockets. I guess I just don't really have very much to say about this map. It seems more like a filler map to me than the maps before (or after) it.
  2. Stardate was far too hard for me, but I'm jumping back in for Rush. map01: Gzdoom - UV Continuous (not that it matters at this point.) Thrown pretty quickly into the action here. This map is definitely a berserk focused map, facing way too many monsters than you really have ammo for. The enemies aren't really threatening, mostly imps and pinkes/spectres, but inevitably my health did slowly get chipped off. I didn't find any situation to be particularly threatening, but I still had a bit of fun, I guess. map02: We open with a rather claustrophobic battle with numerous imps and pinkies, in which the super shotgun played a pretty valuable role. Then it's pretty easy going until the room with the manc/rev snipers (which probably makes UV-Max runs annoying.) The cyberdemon room was the hardest part for me as I kept trying to run forward and would either get hit by a rocket or the arch-vile on the other side. The last room can be completely ignored if you just run to the switch.
  3. I've been playing The Darkening. Brown brick gets boring after a while but the gameplay is fun. I also beat Cyberdreams a few days ago. I found it fun, but the last maps were super luck-based.
  4. I refer to revenants as 'spooky skeletons' quite often. Cacodemons are (of course) "flying tomatoes" Demons are "pinkys" but that's a rather common nickname.
  5. map09 Gzdoom - UV Continuous Unless you know how to telefrag the spiderdemons, this map becomes a hitscan nightmare. Even when you do, there's still numerous chaingunners to deal with. The yellow key trap is rather exciting if you don't have a bfg with you. Given the red key trap, I just ran in and back out and then headed toward the exit. The exit trap puzzled me a bit, because I personally find it harder on HMP with the two archviles, than I do on UV with the pain elemental swarm. I also tried pistol starting this map, and it is considerably easier than the last few maps to get started. Overall, I feel like this is probably my favorite map in the set. All the encounters are memorable, it equips you rather well for the job, and the scenery in this map is super cool especially with the building in the background. map10 a little circle with the text "TY!" and some cool spinny walls.
  6. map08: Gzdoom - UV Continuous The opening fight in this level was really hard for me. I ended up just running to the blue armor area and shotgunning the numerous enemies from there. Save the soulsphere. I sure needed it by the end of that fight. Most of the other fights in the level are still tricky, but not quite to the same extent as the opening clusterfuck. However, definitely the most difficult part for me was the group of hell knights and arch-viles supported by a cyberdemon and revenant snipers for good measure. For one reason or another I kept getting distracted and then getting blasted to bits by either a rocket from the cyberdemon or a missile from a revenant. Pistol starting this level is a nightmare. i just cannot survive the beginning for the life of me. Overall, Once I managed to get a foothold I found this level to be super fun.
  7. I don't really like The Courtyard, which seems to be getting mentioned quite a few times. I just really find there to be little fun to be had in a map that can be finished in ~30 seconds. I could stay and fight the monsters, but why would I when I can just move on?
  8. Accidental double post again why does this happen to me
  9. map07 Gzdoom - UV Continuous Like the previous map, this starts off getting swarmed by numerous enemies. However, this time there's weaker enemies on the ground while the tougher enemies fire on you from above. The only requirement to beat the map is a battle with a swarm of revenants and arch-viles for the yellow key. However, the rest of the map provides weapons which are invaluable to surviving that fight. The visual theme of this map isn't really a surprise, but it still looks really good. I also enjoyed the music choice. The start of the level is a royal pain to pistol start (I did try) and some of the fights are straight up unfair if you don't grab the weapons laying around (I don't know why anyone wouldn't.) Overall, I don't think this will be my favorite map in the set, but It was still fun to play.
  10. I like The Spirit World and The Living End a lot, and also The Abandoned Mines and Catacombs. It's hard for me to pick a sure winner here. I don't like Nirvana or Monster Condo, which most people seem to like (Monster Condo, i mean.)
  11. Setting: I like techbases a lot and also gothic hell maos, Difficulty: I'm not really sure how to put it in a word or two. Basically the later maps in btsx e1. Chaingunners: As long as they're not used cheaply. Length: I tend to like larger maps, but not HUGE maps, as long as they flow well (i.e. I don't get lost.) detail/gameplay: Being super detailed doesn't matter if the level plays like shit.
  12. map06 Now this is fun. Being surrounded by various mid-tier enemies made the starting battle pretty exciting. The ambush before the red key gives you a nice little hiding place behind the teleporter to take cover from the arch-viles in. The demon/hell knight platform and the barons provide a place to use some of the rather plentiful rocket launcher ammo. There's also a decent supply of plasma cells which helped with the numerous arch-viles.
  13. Gzdoom - UV Continuous map04: After getting swarmed a couple of times in the opening fight, the rest of the level was pretty easy. The fight with the two arch-viles was the only other noteworthy fight. However, you can drop into that arch-vile pit while only alerting one of them. The BFG secret was pretty clever and provided a useful tool for getting rid of some of the more irritating enemies. map05: First off, this level looks super cool. I like the curved architecture and the lighting contrast. Continuous play definitely made the opening fight less irritating. The lower area with the revenant/mancubus mob was pretty fun, but the fight in the upper area was a little boring. I ended up using a save before the cyberdemon pit (which I had, after several fails there, decided to save until last.) The final fight was just a matter of BFG blasting the weaker enemies and then dodging around the tankier ones into the exit.
  14. Yay double post due to connection issues... I guess I'll say that I died one too many times at the berserk trap due to a stray revenant missile.
  15. map03 It took me way too long to figure out that I had raised a step into the rocket launcher pool and I feel stupid.