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  1. Spie812

    New Ways to Play Old Levels

    Recently I remembered that Memento Mori Map31 starts the players off in different parts of the level, and they meet up later. Switching the starting places around must change the experience a bit, right? Well, I did it and it's basically a whole new level. Only the ending stretch remains the same. There were dozens of new areas that I had never seen before! Everything was new and interesting again! I did have to noclip at one fairly obvious spot though, which didn't really sour the experience at all come to think of it. The same goes for Memento Mori Map29. Normally in single player, you are given the red key really early on and almost all of the level can be skipped because of that. Playing it in a multiplayer game completely changes the experience. It's another full level of areas I had never seen. Again, there are some pretty obvious spots where noclip is required since you only have one player, but it was a completely new experience in a level I had to have played a dozen times before. I just think that it's really cool that WADs older than I am that I have played more times than I'd care to admit still carry new experiences if you're willing to look for them a bit. Are there other maps like this, ones that I have probably played to death which have some sort of alternate path that completely changes the way the level is played?
  2. If the detail doesn't add anything to the level, especially if it interferes with the gameplay in any way, it's too much. Gothic99 is probably the most famous example of this. The excessive detail doesn't even look that good and most of it adds nothing to the levels. It is also almost completely unplayable as a deathmatch set due to getting caught on walls and trouble moving efficiently on the floors' 200 billion height changes.
  3. Spie812

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Save scumming. My general rule is one save per key segment usable whenever, or after a particularly difficult section if necessary. However, I end up saving much more often than that, to the point that I sometimes even get irritated with myself ("Come on, you barely even took damage!"). I could play easier stuff, I guess, but that's no fun. not saying easy is bad, just prefer hard.
  4. Yes it did. It seems to only use the gradient characters ( ░▒▓█) though so the colors are clearer but the number of total colors is lower. I can't seem to get the "high resolution" 80x50 mode working in DOSBox, which would help a lot. On Linux, most source ports should allow you to use the libcaca library to render Doom. I know Chocolate Doom does, but I haven't tested anything else.
  5. Spie812

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    It's a survivor bias of sorts. Music from the 80s and 90s seem so much better than what we hear today because nowadays we only hear the best of that era. There was lots and lots of trash music back then as well, but nobody listens to it anymore. Whatever is popular right now is still fresh so we get the crap mixed in with what's good. In 10 years or so, the music today will likely seem to be of much higher quality because by then only the best songs of today will be remembered. The same goes for games. Sure, the 90s gave us our Doom and our Duke Nukem and our Quake and whatnot, but keep in mind all of the stuff that didn't do so well. There are dozens of Doom and Wolfenstein clones that are never mentioned, and truly untold hordes of other shovelware games. Only the greatest games from that era are still played today. Today we get to hear about nearly every major release, whether the game will end up being legendary or something that nobody will want to play by next year. Therefore the perceived quality of games goes down when compared to the "greats" of the past.
  6. Spie812

    Serious Sam Vs Doomguy

    It really depends on the situation the fight is happening in. Serious Sam works well in large open areas, as is demonstrated numerous times in the games. Doomguy, on the other hand, has weapons that work best at very close range. The only "long range" weapon Doomguy really has is the chaingun. If you put the two in any sort of small area, like most Doom deathmatch maps, then Doomguy easily wins. If you put them in a large area like in most Serious Sam maps, then I'd say Sam has the upper hand.
  7. Spie812

    Speed: The Freestyle Enigma (/idgames)

    Update: The WAD has now been put on /idgames. link
  8. Spie812

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I've been looking for the Zdoom demo set mentioned in 5 Years of Doom. I want to see the cutting-edge features of 1998.
  9. I'll go for the easy answer and say that e3m9 has an awful music choice (Hiding the Secrets) Also, Dimensions of Time has an unironic use of CANYON.MID.
  10. This thread is for opinions, not facts (agree). Icarus is better than Evilution.
  11. Disagree. MS Wavetable Synth is the best option for midi playback.
  12. Spie812

    My Introduction To Doom

    Barely functional Snes Doom on a Snes emu for Xbox :D
  13. Spie812

    Speed: The Freestyle Enigma (/idgames)

    The sky I used is Plutonia's E1 sky; all other textures are from cc4-tex.
  14. Spie812

    Speed: The Freestyle Enigma (/idgames)

    Not quite, each map took three hours to make, not including minor edits later on.
  15. Hey. This is a set of nine Boom-compatible (-complevel 9) speedmaps that I made in roughly three hours each. I was originally hoping to release this once I hit ten maps, but I haven't really had the motivation and school is about to start again so I've decided to actually release it instead of just letting it just sit there as another unfinished project. Each of the nine maps has some sort of different idea or gimmick to it, so no two maps really feel the same. Generally speaking, the quality increases further on as I learn to speedmap better. All of the maps (except Map03) are on the small side and often feature some tricky close-quarters combat. I'd say that it's probably worth at least a try. Information stuff: IWAD: Doom 2 Source Port: Any Boom-compatible Levels: Map01-Map09 Single Player: Designed for Coop/Deathmatch: No Difficulty Settings: lol Build Time: 3 hours per map, not including any later balancing. Screenshots: Brief ramblings about each map: .txt file (not final): Download Link: Boop. /idgames link.