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  1. Spie812

    What's the best Quake source port?

    I'd like to sort of throw out the same question, but with Quake 2. I've been using Yamagi but I really don't know about any other options. To the OP: If you are looking for fancy effects and looks, go for Darkplaces. If you are looking for a more vanilla experience, use Quakespasm.
  2. Spie812

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    This thread has a criminal lack of dead.wire and dead.air, certainly having some of the more unsettling atmospheres that I've played.
  3. Spie812

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Absolutely. You can open up just about any map in Gzdoom builder and go into the nodes viewer mode. Almost any place with a small gap in the nodes will have a slime trail if viewed from the correct angle. Didn't MBF do something similar to this? e: Looks like it tries to with P_RemoveSlimeTrails() but it doesn't seem to do a good job, as all the slime trails in E1M1 are still there.
  4. Spie812

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    I don't think a PUBG-styled battle royale would work very well. I could see a large scale last man standing game with lots of players being pretty fun if you could get enough people, but Doom is definitely not made for the format most battle royale games are built around.
  5. They need a full giant-texture-on-a-wall Icon of Sin. Seriously though, the Icon of Sin should appear in some form or another. If they could also work in Romero's head somehow that would be pretty awesome.
  6. Spie812

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    I was gonna go with former humans since they are kinda boring and only really serve as filler most of the time, but on second thought I'm pretty sure I've never put even a single lost soul in anything I've made.
  7. Spie812

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    -Make the pistol not useless, like in Valiant. -Infinite height gets in the way far more often than it should. -Crispy Doom's randomly mirrored corpses and colored blood.
  8. Spie812

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    I'm not sure Doom would help me very much if I am angry at something. However, playing the game after a long day is very relaxing, especially if it's a WAD I'm familiar with and I can just sort of go through the motions required.
  9. Spie812

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    Can we get this soundtrack on YouTube?
  10. Spie812

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    Awesome to see it finally come out. Currently downloading it while writing this post. This will definitely be one of the coolest releases this year.
  11. Spie812

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    Just dropping in to say that yeah, I have basically nothing done since my last update in December (I think) so you can expect nothing from me.
  12. Spie812

    Rush 2 (4 maps so far)

    I'll take seven.
  13. Spie812

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Trying to maybe get into making stuff again with a quick 3-hour map or two.
  14. Bulleted list because I can't organize my thoughts into something coherent right now. Been playing both episodes in small doses over the past couple days and have been loving it. I'm currently somewhere in E2A4. New E1A2 is neat. At first I was a bit concerned about platforming (Doom engine platforming being what it is) but so far I've had no problems save for a couple jumps I've misjudged. New enemies are cool. Hoping to see the strongman in a more interesting/hectic combat situation soon. I'm pretty bad at finding secrets. Overall, E2 is at least as good as E1 (not judging till I finish both) and I am looking forward to playing more whenever I have free time again.