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  1. None of my friends are really big Doom players, they don't really seem to quite understand the appeal. Which is perfectly fine; to each their own. I'm not really into their favorite games either. However, whenever we're together I can usually convince them to get a deathmatch going, which is always always a blast. Doom's prowess as an excellent multiplayer game is something we all agree on and my friends have come to enjoy that, even if they aren't very interested Doom's single player gameplay.
  2. Spie812

    unpopular retro opinions

    I'll jump onto the Quake 2 train here. Playing through it again, I'd say that Quake 2's campaign blows Quake's vanilla campaign out of the water in just about everything except atmosphere. Quake 2 has so much more variety in weapons and monsters which makes for a more entertaining and balanced experience, even if it's a bit on the easy side. However, if I were to compare any custom content then Quake quite cleanly destroys its sequel in just about every way. Mario Kart DS is the best Mario Kart game, change my mind.
  3. Spie812

    Texture Lump

    Yeah, I know little about getting that sort of stuff to work. I'm just guessing here. Screw around and see what works and what doesn't. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.
  4. Spie812

    Texture Lump

    I know little regarding that. SLADE's Graphic→Convert to... menu has some transparency options that might fix that problem. That's my only guess.
  5. Spie812

    Texture Lump

    If you are mapping in vanilla or boom format, the PNAMES and TEXTUREx lumps are still extremely important, as they define what exactly the textures are and how they should be assembled from the various patches that are contained in the WAD. If you are mapping for Gzdoom, you don't have to use those lumps. You can instead place your textures between TX_START and TX_END markers, or in the /textures folder if you are using the pk3 structure. Gzdoom also has the TEXTURES lump for more complex creations.
  6. Spie812

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    Someone needs to build a difficult WAD balanced around HNTR. Then we can have the other difficulties as challenge mode and fuck you mode. Because fuck you mode sounds both really fun and also really not fun.
  7. Spie812

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vanguard & Lunatic

    Category 2, though it's been a while. Lunatic - Was doing pretty well, but then a sneaky chaingunner perforated me from behind on map03. Really a shame, since I'm confident that otherwise I would have survived the whole set. Vanguard - Was also doing pretty okay, but on map04 some careless movement revealed me to an arch vile at the worst possible time. Whoops. spie812_ironman-VanAtic.zip
  8. Spie812

    Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

    There are so many talented mappers out there that ranking them is a goddamn impossible task, so I'm gonna throw out some (mostly older) mappers who I feel aren't getting enough love here: Adolf "Gusta" Vojta (Kama Sutra, Plutonia 2) Yonatan Donner (Hell Revealed) Denis and Thomas Möller (The Innocent Crew) Jens Nielsen (Memento Mori) Tom Mustaine (TNT, Perdition's Gate, Master Levels)
  9. Spie812


    This is a god-tier shitpost and is something we should all aspire towards.
  10. Spie812

    Doom Itemless Challenge!

    So most levels are either trivial to beat by simply walking around all the items or they are impossible due to items (usually health or armor bonuses) blocking your path. There are however a few levels that are impossible normally but beatable using tricks. I did my best tally of all of the impossible ones and the tricky ones. Someone else would have to check the E4 maps, as I was not familiar enough with them to plan anything. I might consider doing some demos, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
  11. Spie812

    UV Continuous Play vs HMP All Pistol Start

    Gotta pistol start on whatever difficulty is best, which can personally change even on a single map depending on if I'm looking for a challenge or not.
  12. Spie812

    Perception of Doom

    If you want to experience the fear that playing Doom the first time might have given you, play saveless, and play something you have never played before, preferably something atmospheric and focused on attrition rather than setpieces (Doom 1 sets like Double Impact or No End in Sight are perfect for this). There is no better way to put the fear of death into the player, when you don't know what is lurking in the room ahead, when you have no idea what will happen when you pick up that key, when you have 15 health and a single shotgunner can bring you to your knees if you're not vigilant, when you're so close to the exit but letting your guard down could mean it's all over. That is how you bring atmosphere and fear back into Doom.
  13. Spie812

    An Idea for the Coders

    Regarding randomized weapons and monsters, @andrewj's Populator might be of interest to you.
  14. Spie812

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    I love all of Plutonia's brick textures. There's lots of variety to their colors, they fit well in a lot of situations, and they can look good even if mass painted over an entire structure as long as a little bit of care is taken. One minor gripe is that they are divided into sixths by default, which makes them hard to align at heights other than 64 or 128, but "fixed" versions are pretty easy to find. Good shit right here: On the exact opposite hand, I am not a fan at all of most of TNT's custom textures. Many of them look very amateurish, they frequently clash with the rest of the environment around them, and many of them suffer from artifacts from their conversion to Doom's palette. Now to me this actually helps to add a bit to TNT's charm, but none of them could be used seriously in a modern mapset in my opinion (feel free to prove me wrong).
  15. I can't imagine playing hr24 without the lost soul limit on, wow. The cacodemon is more adorable of course, just look at their smile. The pain elemental just bares its teeth, and that's not cute at all.