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  1. You commented out some cvars while still using tango_monster_rocket_fly_sound in monsterrocket.zs If someone desperately want to try Paradise ATM, just open MonsterRocket.zs file and replace "tango_monster_rocket_fly_sound" with "0"
  2. Mere_Duke

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Hello! In Decorate files, Obituary "OB_UNMAKER" should be Obituary "$OB_UNMAKER" Nothing found besides that :)
  3. Mere_Duke

    Arachnotron Doom Launcher 1.1.4

    Play @Darsycho's mods/addons, there are plenty of such crazy and cool stuff :D
  4. Mere_Duke

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    I appreciate your efforts, but the problem was not in that bracket. There's actually a comma before the last "}" that should be deleted to get it to work. I don't know how the hell it works if you add a redundant "}" at the end, lol :D The fixed version has already been posted a few messages above. By me, or NightFright (identical, it's a @NightFright's fixed version with not only this particular fix).
  5. Hi, @krizu89, I was trying to play your game, but it has bugs with weapon switching (I can't switch back to Rifle if i select Pistol). You mentioned a patch, where is the download link?
  6. Oh I remember how I got teleported to the island where dev team lives in the first chapter :D Looking forward to this!
  7. Mere_Duke

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    Oh man I'm sorry... I got busy and stopped playing for a week, and thus forgot about txt where I have stored some bugs I've found. I think I should post it now but it's incomplete - I'm at the half way thru the game. Thryas Reservoir - There are many invisible "boxes" in water, they are just like not-yet-spawned lurkers. When they all spawn, and I deal with them, the "boxes" disappear letting me to roam free there. Journal - FIXED Libraryan Stryker - FIXED Found the place looking exactly like a E1M1 from Heretic :) [Forgot where it was... some port of some city, nice homage tho.] Five-Legged Centaur Inn: There is an Exotic Dancer, which I can speak to, and if I do so, the dialog have only one option, "give 1 crown", and there's no chance to leave the dialog. There are two kinds of exotic dancers: Maulotaurs and Ettins, the one with that problem is the Ettin one. The flamethrower spell uses mana strangely: if I keep pressing fire, it will "shoot" for some seconds w/o wasting my ammo and then takes out 100 at once, but if I press & immediately release fire, it will take out 100 as well. Tower of Ianabec: There's an option to say to the wizard "I met a grumpy old fellow downstairs", but there were no one old & grumpy enough down the tower, did I miss something?
  8. Mere_Duke

    Tidus Titan Triumverate

    I'm not sure there is no other way, but see how it could work: 1) Create a counter (int c). 2) Override Tick(). This func procs every tic; in other words, 35 times a second. 3) In Tick(), increment counter: c++. 4) In desired function (where you need to set delay), write code like that: do { } while (c / 35 < DelayValue); ... where DelayValue is the amount of seconds to pause. (It's basically a loop that ends once counter reaches the desired value (in tics). After that the execution passes to the next operator.) I hope I gave you the understanding of the idea. If you need more help, I can try and help.
  9. Mere_Duke

    Rescue of Earth

    Of course, you make it as you want to, but there are many ways you can improve in. I'm not a mapper to help here, but definetely if you will start considering about changes, if you will take tutorials & advices into account, you will evolve into something noticeable. Speaking serious, your levels are quite worse than many others, in any aspect, but no one wants you to stop; in contrast, everyone wants to see you becoming better and better at level designing.
  10. Mere_Duke

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Ah, redirects & pop-ups... yea, that could be the case, I really should consider using Mega.nz for sharing files since I store most of my data there.
  11. Mere_Duke

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Why don't you want to add a GAMEINFO lump to autoload Hexen WAD? (I'm struggling to start playing this game even tho I have waited for a long time for it to be fully completed. :D It charms me from the starting location.)
  12. Mere_Duke

    Rescue of Earth

    One more proof for this to be the best mod ever cause I didn't even notice. That means a high level of replayability.
  13. Mere_Duke

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Just download? Idk, it's pk3, and mediafire... I don't see a way to get a virus or malware like that.
  14. Sometimes it's hard to tell if Darkmaster releases a map or just wants to discuss something :)
  15. Mere_Duke

    Tidus Titan Triumverate

    Provide an example of what you are trying to achieve (or explain more widely). Basically, AFAIK, you need to override a Tick() function for you class (pretty much like you'd do this in C++), create class-based variables, and decrease/increase them in Tick() (every tick is 1/35 of a second). And into other functions you should put the code to check for those variables (or reset them), and make something happen when their values has changed from the "delay value" to zero (that will mean the timer has expired). In A Few Words: Use Tick() func to count portions of time (via a variables), use other functions to check for those variables and make something when the requirements are met. Of course, those vars should be internal & private for the class.