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  1. Mere_Duke

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hello! I want to find this wad shown in the video (11:00) (It's probably Slaughterfest 2012 but can't find that exact map.)
  2. Mere_Duke

    Pre-Blood ⁽ᶜᵃⁿᶜᵉˡˡᵉᵈ⁾

    Does anyone have this mod? Link is dead...
  3. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    In the video it is clear I strafe-walked trying to catch the moment of teleportation, but failed to. I've seen some silent teleports, but this one have perfectly aligned in and out points. This reminds me of the Unloved mod, there were a lot of such "crazy" things.
  4. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    @YukiRaven Almost forgot: What's with the first corridor? When I walk out of my room and go straight forward, the doors in front don't open; instead, I should turn back and open the door where I've just come. Bug? Or intent? (video below shows that moment) Another good thing is the intermission screens. It's a kind of stories I like, so please add smth similar to your new map!
  5. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    @VorpalHmm, I used GZDoom to play as well and never had those problems with doors. Even have been playing with Smooth Doom mod. If you want, check my playthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHhxxrkV9TQ&list=PLLReBcIVwTUAQ3tiJzm5uFntQY3ECwe7s I played at hard and didn't found this to be that hard as you did. I just like hard maps. Have you played the secret map? I think you would like it and can chill there. But as Dew mentioned, the icon ambush is the hardest part of the game. Also at final boss fight I thought I should kill a huge wave of monsters to destroy the barrier, and just accidentally walk to the teleporter to get to the icon; without that, I would've been killing monsters for a long time there at the arena :D Hehe :) Everytime I see Corax it reminds me of Hexen's Korax, the one of serpent riders and the final boss.
  6. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    @Gez Hmm. That seems to work and better than patching all mods for SmoothDoom. Would you mind if I report this bug with you solution in SmoothDoom thread then? From now I think it won't break anything though I know very little about deep doom mechanics.
  7. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    @Bauul From SmoothDoom.pk3/DECO/Items.txt ACTOR SmoothSkullYel : yellowskull replaces yellowskull It means that the new SmoothSkullYel replacing YellowSkull will act like the default key when applied to doors etc., but when you check YellowSkull availability (CheckActorInventory() for example), it fails as skullkey actor's name is changed.
  8. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    But as I said, by this I make it compatible only for SmoothDoom. The Key issue was the only I've found playing it through with SD.
  9. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    @YukiRaven I did a research. Yes, the skull is the problem, exactly the CheckActorInventory() check. For the compatibility, you should change line 656 in corax03.wad's script from if(CheckActorInventory(PlayerTID, "YellowSkull") == 0) { to if(!(CheckActorInventory(PlayerTID, "YellowSkull") || CheckActorInventory(PlayerTID, "SmoothSkullYel"))) { Besides that, everything seems to be compatible with SmoothDoom (and those spawners on the last level too). I tested it. Do you need a recompiled pk3? By the way, I've found that you Alexa Jones-Gonzales, definetely I remember you and played your maps before, but I can't remember titles :) Also thx for the super readable code with indentations etc)
  10. Mere_Duke

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    I've completed this awesome pack :) it's very well-made and, as I like, it's not easy one. Here's the video I recorded: playlist, 4 videos, first run, almost 3 hrs of gameplay in total Problems: 1) Level 03: It seems that I broke the elevator here. 2) Level 03 as well: Yellow Skull Key isn't working (exact moment in the video, note that I've already picked the Yellow Skull). I played this mod with Smooth Doom, dunno if it matters, but other keys at another levels just fine, all but this single one. Unfortunately, I found not all the secrets, but at least I found the secret level. :D Though, at that moment I was searching for another secret, and finding secret level was completely by surprise for me. But hey, if was the first run, everything was completely unfamiliar! It seems that I realized at least by the end the way you have secrets there :D Anyway, this mod is great, with solid gameplay and a little story, like all good doom mods should be. Thank you for that! And yes, while some cacoward winners may be questionable, this one is a 100% deserved one. :)
  11. Mere_Duke

    ☯ Solace Dreams ☯ - (Version 1.6.4)

    Oh, that's nice! Thank you.
  12. Mere_Duke

    ☯ Solace Dreams ☯ - (Version 1.6.4)

    Look at the time, that message has been posted like a year ago, and he posted the message titled "v1.5 released" with a download link at Novemnber 12; moreover, I've downloaded Solace Dreams a couple of weeks ago for my laptop (link was active), and now wanted to try it on the desktop - w/o success.
  13. Mere_Duke

    ☯ Solace Dreams ☯ - (Version 1.6.4)

    Man, what's happened to the mod, should I wait for a re-release? I wanted to play but have found it deleted from moddb...
  14. Mere_Duke

    Serious Sidhe:The full encounter! 1.0 version

    Played through your wad, awesome work man! I always wanted to play Egyptian-styled wads like this. I used somewhat different approach and loaded it with High Noon Drifter mod, I recorded a video if you wish to see the result. :) I am waiting for it too. If you're in search of textures, there is Duke Nukem 3D mod SOTA with nice Greek tiles:
  15. Mere_Duke

    My first map (for Doom 2) + Dropbox download link

    I mean this thing at the very beginning: the "gates", then the door; they shouldn't be opened together, it's a gateway thing right? The rest of the map done well, I found no mistakes (even looked at the shadow at the beginning and compared it with the ship's actual size :D)