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  1. watto3699


    Screen shots look awesome, can't wait to give it a crack
  2. watto3699

    Very goofy ahh map - circle strafin.wad

    Cheers bro, i hate it
  3. watto3699

    Trouble getting ideas for maps

    Mood. You won't find a single person on this website who hasn't felt the same way at some point. I remember when I first started mapping, I seemed to believe everything had to be an arena with a gimmick and that straight hallways and corridors were the worst thing I could put in a level, but I eventually figured as long as the map serves the game play well, it doesn't matter. I can suggest 2 (two) things; first, depending on your mapping ability, I'd say go off and figure out everything the editor and your mapping format of choice has to offer. I switched to using UDMF primarily because of your exact problem, things like 3D floor and the added linedef actions have inspired me to create maps I never thought were possible with my skill level. Second would be to go back and play some other people's wads with a different perspective. Don't analyse specifically the layout of the map, but more subjectively, the parts of the map you find fun. If you find different enemy combinations fun to fight against, then it doesn't matter too much what the area you're fighting in looks like. As long as the layout serves the game play well, it'll remain just as fun. I hope this helps, I've been through many similar mapper's blocks in the past.
  4. watto3699

    doom 1, but hard(er)

    Beat it. took me 5 minuets of attempts
  5. watto3699

    Pro Hac Vice - My first published map - Vanilla compatible

    That was a surprisingly interesting idea for a map. Felt like I was on the clock to prevent too many monsters from spawning. I played on GZDoom and didn't any of the bugs you mentioned.
  6. Screens are working now, must've needed time to process how nice they look. good job!
  7. watto3699

    Zombie Base: 5 map DOOM2 WAD

    Great work! Classic key hunting doom never gets old. Cool switch puzzle in map 3 (I think) with the bridge into the courtyard. Played on UV and there was definitely too much ammo and maybe a little short on armour in the first 2 levels, but good weapon and enemy progression. I don't mind too much about texture mis-alignments, but if you do want to fix them quickly in the editor, highlight a correctly aligned texture, that's adjacent to the mis-aligned ones and hit shift+A. Appreciate the demon head in the last room, very handsome.
  8. watto3699

    Scarcity W.I.P (CANCELLED)

    Good to see you have a handle of the editor, even some of the more advanced stuff like 3d floors and slopes. Try with your next map to tighten the map up, most enemies become trivial when in an open area.
  9. I think I had the lost soul spawn limit off, I had meant to ask, in my previous post, if that was meant to be on or off.
  10. You and your mates are a bunch of devious bastards, you know that? Don't even remember the first 2 levels, 3rd took me over an hour. Less revenants plz
  11. watto3699

    Running The Gauntlet

    Grammatically, "Gauntlet" and "Gantlet" have the same meaning but the former can also refer to gloves. Think of it as an upgraded version over the original. :)
  12. watto3699

    Running The Gauntlet

    Cheers brother, The progression is something that really stumps me. Being my first multi-map wad, I struggled to ramp up the enemies, weapons and health without it feeling jarring. I think I've gotten it to a spot where I happy. There are numerous little bugs throughout the map set, which I'm sure you'll notice (Texture alignment, Non damaging toxic floors, ect), but I've got to let it go at some point. Appreciate you giving it a go, I hope you enjoy the rest of it.
  13. watto3699

    Running The Gauntlet

    Appreciate you taking the time to play and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Just wondering if you noticed the supply platforms on the final level? I've seen other play through that level and either haven't noticed the platforms or didn't think they needed the ammo/health/weapons.
  14. watto3699

    Running The Gauntlet

    Thanks for the quality video man! Shame my monitor is only 1440p. Do you plan to upload others? Would love to give them a watch. Edit: Never mind, found the playlist on your YouTube, watching it all now :)
  15. watto3699

    Running The Gauntlet

    Hi lads, Final release of my first map pack named: Running The Gauntlet! Took me a little over 12 months to complete and includes 9 new maps to play through. They're not the hardest you've ever played but it isn't a milk run either. I'd appreciate any feedback you have but from this moment on, this is it's final release barring any bug fixes. This was will run without issue on GZDoom, Map format in UDMF Jumping and crouching are not required and have been disabled in the MAPINFO file. I highly recommend disabling infinitely tall actors in the compatibility section of GZDoom as these maps have 3d floors acting as bridges. Hardware Accelerated rendering with the DOOM2 iwad for the best results. These maps use slots 01-09 These maps are rather linear in comparison to the original doom maps and are short in length, with the longest taking only 6 minuets to beat 100%. I believe I've struck a very nice balance with the difficulty through out these maps. I lost count how many times I've been through this set of maps to nail down the ammo, health and enemy distribution. If you find the difficulty too high, then you can knock it down to HMP for less enemies. Early versions of this wad that were tested only ran for roughly an hour on UV. For an experienced player, saves wont be necessary. It's been a real pleasure refining my map making skill but I think I'll give it a break for a while Let me know what you think. <3 xoxo gauntlet.rar