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  1. That's such a refreshing take. Just don't forget about how the monsters interact with the level and the player, and you'll be making genuinely top tier levels in no time. Many mappers completely forget about how to design arenas around specific monsters and usually go for something that just accommodates the gameplay rather than directly influencing it. It's why so often the Archvile is misused.
  2. Good fun! Not usually a big fan of slaughter maps, most have very little room for error. Yours' wasn't like that, plenty of ammo and health. I have some feedback, the smaller side rooms to open yellow and blue doors were a little underwhelming. The Revenant room could be cheesed by backing out and spamming the door, but the Archvile room was pretty good. I'd say 4 out of 5 Archviles placed by this community are pure evil. The red key door was fun until killed the front layer of imps only to realize I had another 100 Revenants to go. Maybe create two more openings either side of the red door to make it little more fun. Also, there is a misaligned texture by the red door. Overall, pretty good! Keep it up <3
  3. watto3699

    Blood Deathmatch Maps VOLUME 1

    Don't think I've done Doom deathmatch in over a decade, is there a dedicated discord for setting up matches?
  4. watto3699

    Ossuary - 1 Level WAD

    Good fun, a bit rough design wise after the blue door, but not too bad. Main feedback would be to test the maps as if you were playing it for the first time. It can be hard to empathize with a first time player when you know every intricate detail of the map you're making, but it's important to not expect the poor fella playing your map to know every move necessary to escape a trap. Big fan of directional lighting, there were a few spots you did it to a good effect. Bloody door was cute. Good stuff, keep it up!
  5. Good map! I've played a few of your previous maps you're progressing quite well. You're best room was the red key room, something about corner walls that open into the larger room has always appealed to me. The other screenshot shows the teleported door with no door track texture and unpegged sides. I know you're already aware, but the map doesn't have enough ammo to kill everything. I'd make that a priority when testing your maps as people (me) like to be able to 100% levels. Other than nit-picky texture work, very well done.
  6. watto3699

    Share Your Sprites!

    Construction Worker - Pistol Zombieman
  7. It's inspired and well made. The starting room fight can feel very frustrating as a result of the limited space to manoeuvre. I liked the idea of multitasking the door switches to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, but it was poorly implemented. The custom textures and sounds are well done. Funnily enough, the wall textures fit very well into Doom's style Keep it up, I really enjoy these style of maps.
  8. watto3699

    Share Your Sprites!

    [Edit] Added attack frames
  9. watto3699

    Share Your Sprites!

    Pistol zombieman edits
  10. watto3699

    My First Map

    Post some screenshots, my friend
  11. watto3699

    Share Your Sprites!

    Another zombieman edit, construction worker
  12. watto3699

    Share Your Sprites!

    Two Zombieman edits
  13. Looks fantastic! I've added it to my wads to play this weekend
  14. watto3699

    My first wad ever! (single map wad for Doom 2)

    For a first map, it's very good. Basic, but you've got a solid grasp on the important aspects like scale and map flow. I have some feedback; the Cyberdemon arena felt under developed, for a lot of the level you have zero interaction with that room while the Cyberdemons beat the shit out of some poor Barons. The idea of using infighting as a necessity to progress is a good one, it's just not touched upon very well here. Aside from that, very well made keep it up!