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  1. MadGuy

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    If it has also no ui modifications then it might be able to run on BFG/BFA
  2. MadGuy

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    But will it run with BFG/BFA (aka no gui or sdk modifications)?
  3. MadGuy

    Two questions

    After a quick look on DOOM wiki, for the levels 1 on DOOM 3 (later levels are still on Mars but may carry similar design) 1 on ROE (plus final boss) and 2 on Lost Mission. As for the BFG, I only have the Steam version and the re-release on the Bethesda launcher. I usually use my source port DOOM BFA to play them.
  4. So does that mean now that DOOM will start using Direct3D on PC?
  5. MadGuy

    Good Doom SourcePorts i could try?

    That is something I am not gonna do. The current name "Doom Big Freaking Anniversary(BFA)" is perfect for the source port itself
  6. MadGuy

    Good Doom SourcePorts i could try?

    Again ?
  7. MadGuy

    Good Doom SourcePorts i could try?

    No love for BFA Classic :,(
  8. MadGuy

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    Maybe you have used a source port (if we are talking about the BFG/2019 Editions)
  9. MadGuy

    Your opinion on sound pitching?

    It is funny. Even through I have added an option in my source port to disable it, I still keeping it on
  10. MadGuy

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    Yes, and now and from the unity port.
  11. MadGuy

    Is Doom 3 on Steam adapted to be played in 320x240?

    And on BFG the lowest is 1280x720
  12. - Greek (native) - English I used to know some German too but the a papagei hit me in the knee xP
  13. Regarding the midi, they actually use timidity. Which means that you can modify the GUS patches and make the music sound differently (There was a post here on doomworld but it's links are dead :( )
  14. MadGuy

    Mods That Make Doom 3 More Like Classic Doom?

    For BFG & (2019) you can use DOOM BFA which gives you the options to disable the crosshair and set the weapons in centered view
  15. MadGuy

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Just a small tutorial I made for a new feature about my Source port: