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  1. So your saying that John Romero wants to make The Ultimate Doom his bitch?
  2. BlueThunder

    Favorite flavor of soda

    Anybody drink Surge? Nintendo 64 went well with it in the late 90's
  3. BlueThunder

    YouTube ads are amazing

    Only time I ever pay attention to them is on the rare occasion its a movie trailer I haven't seen which is like 3 times ever.
  4. BlueThunder

    DOOM64EX RELOADED Episode 1

    Nice, I wanna give the new panic a go tonight.
  5. BlueThunder

    PsyDoom 0.8.0 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Just got around to trying out the vulkan renderer and I have to say its really awesome!
  6. BlueThunder

    Am I the only guy who likes Freedoom?

    Freedom is great.
  7. The blood fix would be nice to match crispy
  8. BlueThunder

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    I'm not sure if which was worse 3DO or 32x. Close call