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  1. BlueThunder


    I get that but I was under the impression that freedoom was already a part of 64doom.
  2. BlueThunder


    I think I confused it with the 64Doom
  3. BlueThunder


    Nice, I came across this at some point in time, good to see it here
  4. I played around with the Dos version of this a while back, pretty interesting, will have to check this out
  5. BlueThunder

    i really love crispy doom

    I also do this!!
  6. BlueThunder

    The SNES Doom Discussion and Oddities Thread

    Back then I subscribed monthly to EGM and leading all the way up until the release of the Nintendo 64 they where calling it the Ultra 64, There were even covers of some issues with Ultra 64 on it, and I do recall seeing them referring to Ultra Doom at some point but obviously they dropped the Ultra and went with the 64 on the game titles.
  7. Whether or not someone gets all the secrets or not, is based on someone's play style, and or how they are playing a specific map at that specific time. One of my favorite things about Doom is you can play it so many ways, most importantly your way.
  8. BlueThunder

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Nice Thanks, yeah I have Noticed they have changed
  9. BlueThunder

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Yeah I've been using the ones that you have uploaded here, Thanks for that. I was wondering myself if they would include it with future official bulids, that would be nice.
  10. This is worth checking out
  11. BlueThunder

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Is there a True color Binary of 6.0 Yet? Or do you have to compile it yourself?
  12. BlueThunder

    PsyDoom 1.1.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    @intacowetrust I expect you to say no to this but I thought I would ask anyways, Adding an option for colored blood much like Crispy doom offers. Blue blood for Caco's to match their death animations and green blood for Barons and Hell Knights. Ever since I experienced it in Vanilla Doom its hard to play without it.