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  1. BlueThunder

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    This is a link to me doing a casual playthrough on UV, some of it is commentated
  2. BlueThunder

    My First Doom Was On Console

    Started on the Sega 32X version and went to the PC version after
  3. BlueThunder

    [PsyDoom] Doomsday of UAC Conversion

    I will have to check this out when I get get some time, Love Psydoom and new levels for it
  4. BlueThunder

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    I shall wait patiently 😊
  5. BlueThunder

    What was your first console?

    My first console was the NES, Super Mario Bros, Punchout, Legend of Zelda, and Contra were most Saturday mornings and evenings after school. 1989 at its best for me anyways.
  6. BlueThunder

    Doom RPG Port Reverse Engineering Update (version 0.2)

    This is awesome, looking forward to playing this, haven't played it since my old flip phone back when it came out
  7. BlueThunder

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    A little hackery, but it worked for me
  8. I enjoy lists like these
  9. BlueThunder


    I would allow my 11 year old son play Doom, however Fortnite seems to have his attention oh and there's Minecraft too.
  10. I have started my map, haven't had alot of time due to craziness in my life lately, plus I was late to the party already, but this week I hope to make alot of progress
  11. BlueThunder

    How often do you use the automap?

    Personally not really, I tend to memorize maps as I'm playing through them, Only if I really get lost or looking for a secret