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  1. updated my map -added crushers for the 4 cyberdemons and a bunch of ammo at the end so you dont run out if you wanna do cleanup -made the sky look way less JPEGy -tried to make the midi sound a bit better dreamer.zip
  2. alright i'll add something that kills them when they're no longer a threat, thanks for playing!
  3. eltiolavara9


    this really reminds me of a really old TC i saw that had a similar combination of bizarre graphics, don't remember the name im amazed stuff like this still exists, this is amazing
  4. updated it to make one part less unfair and the penultimate part way less annoying only if you're not playing on UV i'll update it again if 100% kills being possible without basically having to do the whole map melee-only is needed :p dreamer.zip
  5. eltiolavara9

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this looks really nice
  6. eltiolavara9

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    THE MACHINE im planning on compiling a ton of random maps ive made into a DUMP-like wad with a hub where you go play levels from and such (pictured: this will be in there somewhere)
  7. i played it immediately when i saw it was anotak and wasnt dissapointed, nominating this one as well
  8. eltiolavara9

    DEFY THE OMPHALOS - /idgames release

    really like everything about this wad (i suck at it though)
  9. eltiolavara9

    [Boom2UDMF] Convert vanilla maps to UDMF online (v1.2.0)

    sorry for the double-post but when i open the udmf map in ultimate doom builder the editor straight up crashes for some reason, it just goes completely frozen
  10. eltiolavara9

    [Boom2UDMF] Convert vanilla maps to UDMF online (v1.2.0)

    this breaks with mbf21, maybe put a heads up about that somewhere but otherwise really great tool and exactly what i needed, thank you
  11. eltiolavara9


    the magic of sourceports
  12. eltiolavara9

    Sensory Deprivation Chamber 2.0 (5 maps, UDMF)

    ahh sorry, that was near the ending of the map anyways one of the columns raises to reveal a green hole you can fall into, i guess i made it too hard to see or something. but i'm glad you enjoyed the rest! :)