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  1. MattFright

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    Ah i'm aware, i just feel like this wad is a good reason for me to install Zandronum
  2. MattFright

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    I don't ever play co-op, but i'm gonna try to convince some of my buddies to play this with. Congrats to all mappers on the launch! I've been excited to play this for a while now
  3. MattFright

    Did id really add Nightmare difficulty as a joke?

    Huh, i just looked through some pages i'd expect to see something like that listed but i couldn't find anything.
  4. MattFright

    Did id really add Nightmare difficulty as a joke?

    It's a good rule of thumb to always use doomwiki.org instead of the fandom one, as it's not only more extensive and informative, but much better fact checked.
  5. I've been playing the ultra randomized mode with a few maps out of curiosity (even though i've had mixed experiences with randomizers in the past), and while i did enjoy it, i've got two small pieces of criticism: First off, i've noticed that the diabolist sometimes replacing the draugr breaks the flow of combat for many maps, and since it being an archvile variant it doesn't get targetted for infighting (but still gets aggroed at other demons), it makes some maps way too easy or way too tricky, so i'm not quite sure it fits as an replacement for those. Also, i've noticed how much the scrap gun shreds and becomes a bit too powerful when it shows up early on, which reminds me: For all that i dislike about Project Brutality, it does have the best randomizer i've seen out of any out there, and one of its options is to introduce more of its monsters and/or weapons as you get further into a wad, and i think an option like that could maybe be a great addition to your randomizer
  6. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Nope, just using one portal, linking the rooftops (which will be explorable), and everything on the lower level
  7. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    It's something i've been working on for a while to better learn UMDF (and to hopefully finally release something playable)
  8. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Vanilla sector mode is criminally undervalued in GZDoom/UMDF maps. It makes things look so much moodier. I prefer it tenfold over things looking all modern, smooth and clean.
  9. MattFright

    Form or function - what is your approach?

    I've never had to choose one over the other to be honest, my decorative progress just kind of goes hand in hand with my gameplay planning, since every bit of decoration i add makes me think "how does this affect gameplay? if it doesn't, is there any way to incorporate it into gameplay?" and similar thought processes, which i feel is a development process that helps the map just flow, both for the mapper and the player, though a few friends told me they can't quite follow that process themselves so i'm unsure how easy/hard that habit would be for someone else to build up in themselves while mapping.
  10. I'm glad you liked it! And either way good luck with the development of the mod, looking forward to seeing it grow!
  11. I'm very excited for the future development of this mod then :) And another thing i've been thinking about while mapping for Supercharge (and playing maps with it), though i'm not sure whether that's the direction you'd want to develop it (in which case i might just try to learn doom modding and give it a try myself), but i feel like the simple addition of a slow, chargeable melee weapon (a power glove of sorts maybe?) could add a lot of depth to what in vanilla is some pretty boring melee combat, i feel like it could allow combo-ing with both berserk fists or the chainsaw, and even short-ranged weapons like the super shotgun or scrap gun. I never made a doom mod so i might be totally off on this, but i feel like using it in resource scarce areas of a map or just making for a melee-focused start (such as the start of hurt.wad) would be extremely fun with a weapon like this.
  12. Agreed! I also feel like it adds a lot to the mod's unique look. Also, if you don't mind me asking, how is the development on the rocket launcher going?
  13. Oh man, i LOVE the reduced spread on the scrapgun now, and the less sparkly shots seem like they make it feel more punchy. I'm about 10x more excited to use it in the map i'm working on, now :)
  14. MattFright

    [WIP] Going To Hell Megawad / Testing

    Sorry this took so long (though it helped me think of what criticism to give tenfold over if i had just given my thoughts immediately after playing each map), but i've now finished the first episode (about 3 times, in ultra-violence) and here's all of the feedback i can give on it, hopefully it helps with further polishing things out: MAP01: MAP02: MAP03: MAP04: MAP05: MAP06: MAP07: MAP08: MAP09: MAP10: Now, sorry for the overwhelming amount of text! I can't record playthroughs with commentary since OBS ruins my framerate in any game i play, so this was the closest i could get to conveying all of the criticism i had over a large period of examining this wad. If you didn't hate this amount of text, i'll do the same once the hell chapter is full (and for now i'll just say that the first map of that is perfect and probably my favorite map of the whole wad, one of my favorite depictions of hell and an incredible introduction with the song you chose for it). As for the compatibility thing i mentioned earlier, couldn't you consider working on compatibility for other sourceports for the final release? Wads like Lunatic or Valiant don't even sacrifice anything (such as taller skies) to make themselves more compatible, and from what i've seen (and tested in the Eternity engine), it'd only take minimal effort. I could try to help too if you think you don't have the time to do it, since the main reason i'd want this is so more people can enjoy this amazing wad! Even people who want to stick to prboom+, with demos, no freelook and such. Oh yeah, you should also remove the requirement of freelook from the topic, i did all of my playthroughs without freelook and it was 100% playable, even if MAP09 made it a bit difficult (mind you, with enemies that didn't serve much purpose being so high up anyways). Either way, i've really enjoyed all of this so far! Good luck with the rest of the development, this is by far my most anticipated doom project now :)
  15. Supercharge (and its dehacked counterpart, mini-charged) has some amazing recolors/reskins, too