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  1. MattFright

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I didn't have that view of them before but, you have to admit, every other author and lots of their friends creating over two pages of argument over one or two things someone said in a 30 minute video doesn't exactly speak humility. This way of reacting to it is the definition of shooting yourself in the foot (i'm 99% sure nobody would even have paid any attention to those two phrases if it wasn't for all of them bringing up how offended they were by them).
  2. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    2nd map i'm working on for my community project! I wanted to make a 3rd but turns out vegetation alone makes my maps take twice as long to finish :p
  3. MattFright

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    Lost souls only count towards the kill count in GZDoom
  4. MattFright

    what is the worst censorship in doom

    I think you can explain the reason it's illegal to use that symbol nowadays and not defend the very obviously unfair and nonsensical application of a law never intended to affect videogames to, well, affect videogames. I don't even think it takes a lawyer to tell you that legal precedents matter a lot, and "why do you care so much about it?" is the last reasonable thing that you could say about it.
  5. @RiviTheWarlock Recorded you a demo. Not to be rude but for a MAP01, the map that you said should be the shortest and as a sample map i think this ticks all the wrong boxes. Way too many enemies (or way too claustrophobic for this many enemies), no breathing space between fights, too grindy, and generally not what i expected this project would be about. I also saw your difficulty specifications in the google docs link and i'd suggest dialing this back as a moody project rather than a Scythe 2 clone on cocaine. It'd fit the project way better, you wouldn't have to worry about arbitrary definitions/interpretations of high difficulty balancing, and would probably fit everyone's expectations of this premise a lot better. If this project has to rely on overwhelming fights in extremely dark spaces i think i'll be pulling out. EDIT: I think i will be pulling out either way, sorry. The resources seem to be just the entirety of 32in24tex without any trimming down (so kinda overwhelming and not terribly cohesive) and people are probably already working on maps so it's too late to change that.
  6. I hope this project doesn't go... erm... under the dark, since this is one of the more interesting community project premises i can think of this year, at least on DW. I'm hoping it also gets some quality control :p I'm already spread a bit thin with my own projects but i might just make a map for this...... maybe..............] EDIT: Fuck it, i'm claiming map05. I love this first episode theme.
  7. Angelic Aviary is a mod that has apparently been in development for 3 years with 4000+ frames of 100% original sprite animation frames. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but i feel like it's worth a mention, especially for the insane amount of effort put into it.
  8. MattFright

    Amorphous Euphoria - 9 Euphoric Maps to Vibe To

    I'm glad to have made a map for this. I'm not used to iwad textures but it was fun!! :)
  9. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    only for release :)
  10. MattFright

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    A few screenshots of my first now fully completely and detailed map for my community project!! :)
  11. MattFright

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    i, too, love the "AGUA"
  12. MattFright

    Share Your Sprites!

    holy shit.
  13. MattFright

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    I feel like this plagues a lot of games where there's abusive levels of grinding and time wasting, not too different from that seen in mobile games, just out of the notion from a few designers that that's just inherent to the genre (most commonly RPGs and MMOs), without necessarily being predatory. I feel like most of the RPGs and MMOs that i've enjoyed it was despite these mechanics, rather than because of them. I also feel like this drives away people who want something more respectful to their time, leaving only the people who are fine with it or grown to a stockholm syndrome with it, which then spread the notion that those things are the reason people like them to the point that most games in those genres have come to adapt them, and since people who would like them but can't stand the grind think it's also just inherent to RPGs and MMOs and dismiss them as just "not for them". ...This is partially just a rant from my anger in seeing MMOs going from simply roleplaying game spaces actually making use of the fact that there's a ton of players around for its fun, to games that you could probably just play offline and replace most players with NPCs and you wouldn't notice a difference. lol
  14. Was too lazy to update my GZDoom & figure out how to record demos in that port, so i just gave it a very casual shot on smite-meister. I can't give much feedback since, at least without wayfarer's tome, there's not enough ammo to finish the map (and was also scarily low on health most of the time). Two things i can give feedback on, though, is that i feel like the crossbow and hellstaff could be better distributed throughout the buildings rather than clustered w/ most of their weapon and most of the items in that central area, otherwise you feel lost until you reach that part of the map. Another thing is that the phoenix staff secret was a bit just plain annoying to get (and that's with saves!). On the positives though: i loved the texturing! I'm glad to see such tidy use of stalungcraeft textures that blend in really well with plain heretic textures. I also thought the midi went pretty well with the flow and look of the map :)
  15. Hell yeah, glad to see a new release from you :D It's very late for my timezone but I'll definitely give this a shot tomorrow (& record a demo assuming it runs on dsda, though im fine with it if its only gzdoom compatible too :p)