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  1. ZDaemon server browser freezing

    I'm only able to use ZDaemon if I join a server, and download all the WAD files before the green bar fills up. If I don't I have to close it with task manager.
  2. ZDaemon server browser freezing

    Hello, whenever I click arouind on the ZDaemon server browser, it does play a sound to signify that there is a dialouge box present, execpt there isnt. Pressing escape closes the browser and pressing enter crashes it. When I first got ZDaemon, I opened a server, it asked me if I would like to find the wads for the server and I said no, and ever since I have been getting this bug. Does it have something to do with that?
  3. ZDaemon server browser freezing

    Hi, ZDaemon is installed in C:\ZDaemon I have tried adding allowing it in the Firewall, (both exes) I have also tried it from another account. It freezes when the green bar in the corner fills up, then I cannot click on anything. The green bar, whenever it fills up I cannot click on anything, but while it is still loading, the browser works fine. ' Fully loaded, not working.
  4. I don't like the flat look of Windows 10. I hate how everything has to be "minimalist" and "clean", why can't we just have Windows Aero back pls Oh, apparently I'm not alone on this one.
  5. ZDaemon server browser freezing

    Whenever ZDaemon loads all the servers that are avalible, it freezes. I cannot click on anything in ZDaemon or on my computer and I need to close it in task manager. I put Doom2.wad in the wads folder, did 2 installs, and restarted my computer. Any ideas? (on windows 10) Figured it out, apparently it was something to do with the wad downloading. apparently this only works if you join a server really fast everytime you launch ZDaemon, looking for more "permanent solutions"
  6. DooM Deathmatch Playlist

    Thank you for avoiding dubstep
  7. GZDoom Builder Hexen format question

    Figured it out, should have been using Door Generic.
  8. GZDoom Builder Hexen format question

    Whenever I am making a door, if I use "Door Open" the door works normally and opens, but never closes. I've tried using "Door Animate" but then the door does not open and I hear no sound. I'm using ZDoom ACS.
  9. Fun DooM mods

    plus it has d_runnin
  10. Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    the whole gba port was a flaw
  11. Doom Website

    Call it Doomworld! Oh, wait...
  12. Can some one Help Me with a pk3?

    If you want to edit the PK3, I suggest using http://slade.mancubus.net/ I used this to get Brutal Doom V20 to run on GZDoom
  13. Best status bar

    This one.
  14. Honestly I don't think the doom community will ever cease to exist at this point.
  15. Doom Zero (Demo)

    Fun mapset! Reminds me a lot of Episode 1 from The Ultimate Doom. I played the first 2 levels but when I have the time I will definitely play the rest.