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  1. I hope my pc can run it... By the way, very good looking mod.
  2. DoomCenter which are on available on Zandronum servers (online)... and i also remember one Disco' on Happy Circus 2... At IDGames https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/circus2
  3. Check Greenwar its one good classic dm reference i guess.
  4. Easy, if you don't want to use a source-port try D-fend Reloaded... It's Dos-Box with a environment for emulate the game in other renders. http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/
  5. Well....... Thanks for say it...
  6. Seems a little like a spooky wad with Lovecraft references... Great!
  7. a picture of myself edited and taked by a friend.
  8. how do you convert the .mid archives into .it ones? and how do you compact it?
  9. Not available because of your PC hardware, i know it because i have use true-color setting for an old Intel i have.
  10. Who Dun it and Classic Doom with ZPack. (Almost all the rest BD:SP and that kind of mods)
  11. Very good for hunt...
  12. I hope it run in my PC... By the way... what kind of features have?, like super resolutions, or more of the filter kinds? I will prove it with Strife.
  13. Awesome covers and work man, i hope you do a little more on the future, well, because are very great to hear it will playing. Hexen 20th Anniversary its my favorite by the way. Greetings.
  14. Its now included with more secret "big coins" level's? or still have only three?