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  1. Test Tickle

    I made a PSX Doom TC MOD Thats even better than the Original

    New users on this site never fail to entertain me i tell ya
  2. Baron's Den from Plutonia uses a voodoo doll to give you weapons when you walk under a skull cube, done by lowering the doll onto the weapons. I don't see that too often.
  3. If i scan this QR code where will it take me?
  4. Test Tickle

    Twitter's New Ownership

    Thankfully I don't spend my every waking moment on twitter so I don't care LOL!
  5. Test Tickle

    What The Hell Are "Virtual Influencers"?

    Why would I wander into Zuck-owned territory to see a virtual influencer when I can stay where I am and watch someone with a sheep girl 3d model play Minecraft on stream?
  6. Test Tickle

    what is the worst censorship in doom

    Probably the worst censorship decision they made was removing the SSG from Doom 1... c'mon guys...
  7. Test Tickle

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    I tried drinking one of those because I found one in an alley somewhere. Doesn't taste good, liquid is fizzy and weird tasting and when I poured it out it was yellow. Wouldn't recommend.
  8. Test Tickle

    favorite video game soundtracks

  9. Test Tickle


    gekyume circumcision
  10. Yume Nikki made in Doom would be pretty interesting, because a shift from top-down to first person perspective would change a lot of how you could explore the dream world.
  11. Test Tickle

    opinions on breaking bad & better call saul

    Better Call Saul is better simply because it has better representation of sunroof defecators
  12. Test Tickle

    John Romero is about to make...

    ...me a sandwich?
  13. Test Tickle

    Whats The Worst Thing Your Pet Has Done?

    My cat yelled out my full legal name, credit card details, ssn, phone number, house address, and bank account details. No one heard it but it would suck if it was in a public space y'know?
  14. Test Tickle

    moments that made you quit a wad

    I quit a wad because i needed to get some sleep
  15. Test Tickle

    Do you ever think of dying?

    If I die, I die because of things beyond my control, otherwise I keep living because life is full of opportunity. I don't really think about death beyond that :p