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  1. I sorted it - turns out I had to use the old_arch models rather than the newer ones.
  2. Any time I try to generate an interpolated model, I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Frank Tiberius\ESRGAN\net_interp.py", line 18, in <module> v_ESRGAN = net_ESRGAN[k] KeyError: 'conv_first.weight' What's going on here, why can't I get it to work like I want it to!?
  3. I'm so scared. Surely we should have learnt from SOPA and ACTA. I can't believe this is all happening again.
  4. Wiw

    WTF [Doom cover art]

    Who cares?
  5. I was watching Limealicious when the news broke. As you can imagine, I'm rather upset about it. :( I mean, I hardly knew the guy, but I knew of him. I guess he had that effect on people. But... Christ, how many more have to die before the scourge of cancer is eradicated?
  6. Wiw

    Things that ruined my entire day....You?

    This. Every single fucking day. Don't forget anxiety. Near-crippling anxiety at that.
  7. Wiw

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    I did play Daggerfall a lot a few years back. Unfortunately I never did finish it. Of course I wouldn't, it's massive, isn't it!?
  8. Wiw

    Kate Fox has passed away

    Christ, I'm... I'm devastated... I hardly knew her, but I'm devastated all the same.
  9. The stories I could tell! A few months ago, I got a BSOD. When I restarted, everything was alright for a bit, until I restarted Firefox. All my bookmarks had gone; downloads refused to work. I kept getting NSIS errors, and if I tried to move or delete anything it said the directories were "corrupted and unreadable"! I ended up having to run things off my mother's old laptop for a bit until I was advised to run Chkdsk and let the machine handle it. That solved my little problem. But after that I tried to cut down on having to use the reset button on my rig. Recently, my CD-ROM drive just stopped. It gave me an Error 19. Restarting didn't help, so I had to delete some things in the registry and reinstall the drivers. It worked afterwards. Then there was the time I completely forgot my password to my user account.
  10. Did someone delete that topic? I was going to give them some good news for a change!

  11. How do I get a custom rank or title?

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      If I were a mod, I'd genuinely ban people for asking that question.

      But alas I'm not, so all I can do is respond