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  1. Hell yeah! Calculators, cameras, refrigerators, hell I bet there is a smart toilet with a screen that could run DOOM.
  2. I would be interested in seeing a "master" list of all devices that DOOM has been played on. Though I would like to see the list make two distinctions. 1: Bear minimum, one level of DOOM. Incomplete map set. 2: Full Game. To qualify it must be a full version of DOOM or DOOM 2.
  3. I'd have to agree. 15M seems way to low. Just like we said, DOOM was estimated to be installed on 10M computer in 1995. Seriously lowball it that half of those computers are shared with at least one other person. (And assuming all of those computers at least one person is playing the installed DOOM game) That's 15M people at least playing DOOM once... and that's in 1995. Ummmmm..... I have not heard of Crossfire either, but for some reason that games has 1B plays?!?! How large is the rock I live under? XD
  4. Eating Fish!!!

  5. Not to divert from the main topic, but this topic has tickled my curiosity. Follow me here... As I stated before, DOOM has been ported to many different platforms. So that brings me to a question. Is DOOM in 1st place for a video game on the most number of devices? Or is there a game that has beaten it? Maybe Tetris? Or even Solitaire?
  6. @LiT_gam3r @NoXion Well... now that I think about it... you guys are right. Maybe 1 billion is a little over zealous.
  7. This is an interesting topic. Considering that DOOM has been ported, re-ported, re-made and everything else in between, the number are hard to imagine. The number of devices that had some form of DOOM is pretty large. (Please add or correct me if I'm wrong) Computer (of course) SNES Sega 32x Playstation (did it ever get release on the 2 or 3?) GBA Jaguar Xbox (and 360... and the one) I'm sure the list goes on and on. Given that DOOM was available in so many different forms, is it unrealistic to think that over 1 billion people have played it? There was already an estimated 10 million computers with DOOM installed on them... in 1995!!! That was 25 years ago and DOOM is still being discovered by new people.
  8. Can I just say THANK YOU!!! I have heard this song before, but I never knew what the name of it was. You are spot on with this one! This, to me, is by far one of the most powerful pieces of music I've ever heard.
  9. Smoothandz

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing Amid Evil a lot lately. The feel of the weapons! Love it.
  10. @Biodegradable I'm one of those people that always tries to understand someone preferences. I'll at least give everything a chance... but this? I'm sorry but I have to draw the line somewhere and this is absolutely where it starts. There is nothing good, tasteful, redeeming or any other word that might fit here about this trash. I'm still dumbfounded that there are people that actually listen to this and enjoy it. I get other types of music. I don't listen to rap, but I understand the effort put into the lyrics. Deathmetal doesn't really tickle my fancy, but the creativity required to make it is awesome. I think you get my point... To sum up my rambling, this is trash... end of story.
  11. Personally I think that a lot of songs kinda follow this style. Slow build up to a climatic finish. Also, this particular video has so much passion in every note. Gives me the tingles
  12. My first response to being choked is whispering "Harder Daddy" It really throws the muggers for a loop.  

  13. Smoothandz

    Post your favorite album art.

    Just a quick back story, growing up my family lived in the backwoods. I mean deep backwoods. The only radio station I could pick up on my little $3 second hand radio was NPR (Nation Public Radio) and they would play jazz at night. This went on for sometime and I grew a liking for it. When I finally moved to a city, I started downloading music. (you know, when everyone was using frostwire, limewire, etc) I always liked to find album covers to attach to my music and I stumbled across this little gem. For some reason, I found it funny. Like his face is all "You see this trumpet? Yeah, this is my trumpet..." You can almost feel the confidence.
  14. Smoothandz

    I need ideas for weapons

    A gun that fires flaming "hot" checks. Downside, if you fire it for too long it "overheats" as in an IRS agent comes running after you to beat you to death with a "check fraud" stick. Edit : Forgot melee weapons. Nothing fancy or special, just a freakin plain red brick. Or... a medkit on a stick. Oh the irony of being beaten to death via medical supplies.