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  1. Smoothandz

    I Just Beat Doom II

    I'll second this suggestion. Doom 64 was a great game!
  2. Smoothandz

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    Duck Hunt for the NES does not work on modern LCD TVs. There is too much of a delay between the screen flash and how the gun registers a hit. Still works with your classic tube TVs though.
  3. Smoothandz

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Amen my brother, preach that gospel!!! I hate the way everything is moving towards "pay monthly/yearly subs"
  4. Smoothandz

    Shower Thoughts

    A pregnant woman swimming in a pool is a human submarine...
  5. Smoothandz

    Show us what you are working with (post your station)

    Yeah, I like it! The color gives the character a "soft" feeling. Or ice kinda thing, that works too.
  6. Smoothandz

    So I emailed John Romero and here's what he said

    Naw, I bought Daikatana from a dude at school in 2004. I had just finished my first PC build and was playing Doom 3 hardcore at the time. Dude at school over heard me talking about Doom and offered me Daikatana for 20 bucks (I think.) Mind you my opinion today might be different (with all the patches and fixes and such) but at the time I became so frustrated with the first part of the game I ended up giving the game away. Funny side note I remember to that story, the dude was selling all his PC stuff because he said... and I quote, "PC is dead, Xbox is going to kill the PC scene." yeah buddy, you keep thinking that.
  7. Smoothandz

    So I emailed John Romero and here's what he said

    It's pretty cool John is still so involved with the community. Ya know, it makes almost forget about that one game... almost.
  8. Smoothandz

    The ULTIMATE slaughter map!

    I'm leaning towards the latter of those two. Ya know, it's kinda funny how that all worked out. OP asked if something like this was possible, and just like you said people with much more experience told him no. After multiple detailed responses, OP just says "naw, this is totally doable." "Experienced Mappers meet brick wall. Brick wall meet exper.... oh nevermind you're not listening."
  9. Smoothandz

    Show us what you are working with (post your station)

    Oh cool, you'll have to send me some of your stuff sometime. I like homebrew kinda art.
  10. Smoothandz

    The ULTIMATE slaughter map!

    @Nine Inch Heels I do apologize if my response put you on the pedestal, that wasn't my intention. I was just throwing my 2 cents in on how the conversation is going from my view. You seem to have a grasp on the in's-and-out's of mapping and there are people that want to argue with you... and I find that hilarious. In the end, if they think they are right and it can be done, then get busy mapping! They can argue with you until the heat death of the universe, but until we see a final product, words mean nothing.
  11. Smoothandz

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    Protip: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.
  12. Smoothandz

    The ULTIMATE slaughter map!

    Captain... take a deep breath, sit down and listen for a sec. No one here is saying "this cannot be done" but a lot of very experienced mappers are telling you "this is going to be a lot more difficult than you think." Combine that with the very same experienced mappers telling you that a map of this type is not going to be popular, you are looking to pour a massive amount of work into a project that most likely will have at best a meh response. This is the part I really want you to think about. Nine Inch has been making maps for years. Nine Inch as also produced multiple quality maps for years. Nine Inch has... ok I think you get the point. Now listen closely to this next part. Not only does it apply to this situation, but is not bad life advice. If you ask experts for their advice, you have two chooses. Listen to what they are saying and heed their advice or grab you bat, step up to the plate and give it your best shot. Either your hit a homerun or you'll strike out. Regardless of the out come, you're still going to bust ass to get there.
  13. Smoothandz

    Favorite band?

    Offspring! Woot!
  14. Smoothandz

    Show us what you are working with (post your station)

    Nothing wrong with that @Nikku4211, though I'm really diggin the large mouse pad. What is that hooked up in front of your keyboard?
  15. Smoothandz

    Show us what you are working with (post your station)

    @Apprentice I like the setup and you'll have to update us when you do upgrade.