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  1. Surprisingly mean, little map. The Chaingunner and Imp / Archie waves can really screw you over if you don't see them coming. Visuals are pleasant and the music adds a lot to the atmosphere. Overall, very enjoyable! I apologise for the lack of a demo, I'm a little busy at the moment and didn't set up anything for recording demos with DSDA-Doom yet :c Name: Bermuda Camp Rudimentary difficulty settings included 1 Hour + 15 minutes or so to tighten up some traps Music: "The Machine" from Sonic Spinball, sequenced by King Meteor Custom textures included Tested in LZDoom and DSDA-Doom Description: Not incredibly hard, but with a few potentially tricky encounters. I wanted to pay "special attention" to visuals this time, but I really had to rush some areas near the end. https://drive.google.com/file/d/160mzUQbzOKaT74ycCpNHCB7HrTAfzn3I/view?usp=sharing
  2. It's great that the lower difficulties work this well! And thanks for your finds on map13 & 32 :>
  3. Yumheart

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    I'm probably gonna redo e4m2 as I don't like my old contribution anymore, but I'm happy to see this alive again.
  4. Yumheart

    Are there any German mappers out here?

    I can only speak for myself, but I don't see "being German" as a relevant part of my identity, to the point where I'd probably feel weird making maps for a mapset that's Germany-themed to the extent that 3 houre d'agonie is France-themed. It would make sense for people with the same native language to make something together though, I suppose? Though we might still have very different backgrounds (which doesn't have to be something negative of course), and I have to admit even my irl friends and I usually write English when talking to each other online. Anyways, I probably wouldn't have time to join another project at the moment, but there's usually plenty of low-threshold community projects, which can be very helpful for learning and socialising as well.
  5. Yumheart

    [RC2 Update] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    You restart from scratch every time you die and then fire blindly into walls for me, which definitely seems like a desync. I guess I'll download PrBoom+ and see if that works any better.
  6. Yumheart

    [RC2 Update] Hardfest (Boom Community Project)

    Tried it in DSDA on complevel 13 and it always seems to desync after the first death. Does that have smth to do with saving?
  7. Yumheart

    Post a picture of yourself!

    School trip to Poland. I'm having a good time c:
  8. 1-hour speedmaps will often end up simplistic and / or rough around the edges. It's a cool way of seeing what a mapper tends to prioritise, and it's a nice exercise for developing a style and learning how to map more efficiently. Even if your speedmap doesn't end up that great, people usually won't mind playing through it since it's probably gonna be quite short, and the dopamine rush that comes from creating a map is still there c:
  9. Yumheart

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    It's actually a very common misconception that Doomguy needs to eat demons to be able to survive. VAC scientists have done extensive research on the nutrition of common demonic artifacts like Mega- and Soulspheres and found out that you can get basically everything your body needs from Torch Tress, Big Trees and the aforementioned spheres. In the worst case, the medkits scattered around should contain supplements to keep you healthy for some time. I would honestly advise against eating demons, since there have been cases recorded in which their blood let to third-degree burns. Edit: I don't hate fun, you can eat the Cybee's ass all you want!
  10. Yumheart

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Some new stuff, and some refurbished old stuff.
  11. Oh, looks like I'm a bit too late. Ah well, guess I'll still watch this thread in anticipation c:
  12. Yumheart

    Speed of Doom

    For a long time I considered this my favorite megawad, and it's still pretty high up there. Most maps have a ton of replayability and offer up a decent challenge without overstaying their welcome. Darkwave's maps seem to rely on set-piece encounters more, while Joshy's maps get a lot of their difficulty from resource starvation / management. One would think that the alternating-mappers structure could result in too many long and exhausting maps, but the wad always felt well-paced to me (with the exception of the last like five maps, but that's to be expected). The visuals are also consistently good, especially Darkwave's maps, the second episode is particularly creative in it's blending of themes. If there's anything I wanna criticize: the third episode is pretty bland theme-wise, not really standing out amidst the multitude of red hellish landscapes that we can see in other popular megawads, but that's a minor complaint. Overall an amazing wad, with my favorite maps probably being 12, 18 and 23.
  13. I'd certainly enjoy working a map30 collab!
  14. Yumheart

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I love that outfit, I hope I can come up with something as creative when CSD Hamburg rolls around! Also: A cozy outfit, completely unfit for summer. Edit: Just realized the picture was doubled jc 😓