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  1. I'm sure you played this and the first version, but to say it wasn't fixed, is incorrect. Not to come out ignorant or anything, but if you played this version of the map, you'd recognize the changes. Nothing, of course, against you, but It is playable. And I understand it might have been better to build on the first thread, but it is what it is. And I did actually misspell Labratory on accident. Didn't notice it that till you pointed it out.
  2. Well yes, I updated it in the same day 12/6/17
  3. BIG UPDATE: Changelog: *Map completely remade *New teleports (for escapes!) *Labelled doors requiring a keycard with the designated color *Al doors previously impossible to open (without noclip) are now openable *Enemies are better paced *Map is WAY more organized *Texture glitches replaced (with working textures) *Map has been completely tested more than once, for the benefit of all players! Id like to thank those who took time out of their day to play my previous (very faulty!) beta map, that really helped me fix this map. I took into all criticism (lightly) and replaced the map with most if not all problems perceived in the comments. Here is the link to the new update to the map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/geiaaoprped35m9/Labratory Fallout.zip
  4. Ok, that makes more sense now. I guess I didn't understand exactly what he was saying. Thanks for pointing that out!
  5. Thank you for actually showing me the problems. And it's very strange that most of the doors were not working, that didn't exactly happen to me when I started testing it. But I'm glad you helped out and made a video, because I wouldn't have seen anything from the actual player's perspective. But I'm for sure going to be making lots of changes to it within the next hour. However, this time around I will certainly be taking all the criticism, and ill be taking more time in doing this. Thank you very much.
  6. I understand where youre coming from, however, this was tested with ZDoom. The map itself was made in DoomBuilder 2, and organized in Slade 3. I am, however, somewhat new to map making and I actually don't really pay any attention to that extra fancy stuff you talked about, but eitherway, I thank you for your criticism.
  7. That was really great feedback, and even more so, knowing that you actually played it. Ive noticed the mistakes made, and will also start retesting and replacing my mishaps. While testing, I never noticed a crusher in the room with the key card, but it did take a few retries and eventually I was able to obtain the keycard. though im not too sure how many times you played it, but I'm sure you understood that this wasn't complete 100% and I thank you for that. I will continue development of the map later on today, and as I said, thank you very much for your criticism and for playing it most of all.
  8. Thanks
  9. This sounds and looks very interesting! I'd l like take part in this. Not too sure if my map design skills meet up to your standards, but I'd love to try. I just need to know if you approve of this, and ill get started right away! Thanks.
  10. This is my second map. I hyope you enjoyed the first one (if you played it), but if you didn't let me know! This newest edition to my catalog, and secret underground lab, filled with demons and failed experiments. You travel through, find all the keys, and escape safely. This map was tested and runs on ZDoom, possible for GZDoom, but if not, let me know. The MIDI used is from the band System of a Down called "The Metro" off their album "Storaged Melodies" if you have any questions or concerns let me know! business email: keeganm163@gmail.com Link to download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aoxaagkba9mglyr/fallout.zip
  11. Im sorry, I didn't understand what you said. Like, what do you mean?
  12. alright, thanks
  13. So, i'm trying to download XWE (eXtanded Wad Editor) for my maps, but i'm not too sue where to find it, Because I've been to the official homepage of XWE, but I cant download any of the mirrors, because they all take me to Verizon for some reason. The only one I am able to download, is mirror#2, that still doesn't even run correctly when I open it. On top of that, I've seen countless videos of people using XWE as well. So I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get the program. thanks
  14. Thank you very much!
  15. So, lately, i've been building maps in Doom Builder 2, and im trying to transition between each of my custom levels like in the actual game. I already know how to exit the level with switches and all that, but I'm still stuck on playing on all my maps in one game, instead of having to exit the wad, and opening the next. Just hoping anyone who uses Doom Builder 1 or 2, can help me out. thanks!