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  1. Map 13: stronghold of earth This map is divided in two parts, the outer area made of various buildings and caves and the stronghold itself. The progression isn't that obvious, it's something you probably accidentally just stumble across by simply wandering around. The game play isn't too difficult, you fight mostly weaker enemies with handful of mid-tier enemies showing up every now and then. You come across a surprise archvile or two and even a cyberdemon but there is enough health and armor around so you can afford a few mistakes. I liked the boat near the end, I wish it led straight into the next map instead of taking you to a generic end teleport. Map 14: Tyranny You have a fortress, a pistol and a truckload of enemies with tons of health. I didn't think to look for the ssg in the pit so I beat most of the map by grinding it trough with basic shotgun and occasional use of plasma. This didn't bother me too much since killing all the barons or Arachnotrons isn't necessary to exit the map and can be skipped without a hassle. This was a quite straightforward map overall, get the keys, hit a couple of switches and teleport out. Map 15: Blade Runner You get the ssg and the cg right from the start. However, the ammo is very scarce for the 2/3 of the map so using chainsaw to deal with the lesser enemies is probably on the cards. It's a good idea to leave the Arachnotrons alive to infight with the horde that spawns in later. The ammo room you eventually find gives you enough firepower to deal with everything left in the map which is a nice change in gameplay after barely scraping by. The map itself takes a clear inspiration of Industrial zone, you are free to explore most of the buildings in any order you want. There is also a small puzzle involved with the red key. I liked the progression here, you always have a clear objective with the buildings outside the main area.
  2. Map09: Fracture With pistol start the gameplay on this map changes up a bit. You are facing higher tier enemies and your and have to find the secret rocket launcher and ssg to realistically deal with them all. Trying to rush the exit will lead to a nasty surprise in the form of two archviles. I enjoyed the gameplay here. Map10: The Tech Towers I was waiting for this level. The main feature here is a gigantic area with tall towers that connect to each other. The progression takes place inside these towers, not paying attention on what you're doing can lead you to lose the track of the level quite easily. Most of the fighting takes place in quite cramped rooms and corridors. The map makes good use of these small spaces to make them feel larger than they actually are. Exploring the level reveals some extra ammo and a plasma rifle that becomes a necessity when dealing with archviles and revenants in these tight rooms. I really liked this map, it is one of the most memorable levels in the wad for me. Map11: Hello, Cybie! I love me some doom furniture (that treadmill!). Gameplay wise this level is nothing spectacular, rooms filled with trash enemies with couple higher tier enemies to spice things up. The level is quite short too, which is good because it's real feature are the two cybies near the exit (hope you know how to 2-shot one). It's a nice fast level to end the first episode. Map12: Armageddon Valley You start in a crashed spaceship of some sort which was quite cool way to show how you got in here. This short level takes place in a small cave system, at some point two archviles teleport in different parts of level to brighten up your day. Can't really complain about this level, it's quite surprising to see 6 secrets in such a short map though.
  3. I remember this dream I had years ago. I was in a circular medium sized room with hellish textures, a big fireblu pillar in the middle and a stairway along the walls that led up to a door. I remember trying to leave trough the door, only to realize it was locked and the room was being filled with cacos. I tried to frantically bring up the menu so I could quit the game but it would not work for whatever reason. Just when the cacos were about to eat me, the door opened and I managed to escape.
  4. Map 05: substance Quite simple level, it doesn't have that much going in it other than the last big arena. The blue armor comes in handy since the level is full of hitscanners and health is a bit sparse. Map 06: sledgehammer This level reminds me a bit of map03 but this time it has a lot more interesting stuff going on with the small puzzles and finding the keys. There are some quite obvious influences from different stock maps (map24 with that pipewall/console area and map25 with the cage area). This is the first level where I decided to start using saves. Map 07: Lazarus The very first chaingunner is especially nasty without mouse look. With pistol start you have just barely enough ammo to get by until you hit the main arena. Once you get the weapons it unfortunately becomes another dead simple 2.0. At least the spider fight was fun. Map 08: Triplet II I really liked this map, you start in a hub and get to choose the order you go through the level. There are some really nice and creative puzzles here, the teleport puzzle took me a while but I managed to brute force through it eventually. I also grabbed the invul secret too early only to realise there was cybie fight 3 minutes later.
  5. MAP03: The Cup of Wrath UV Pistol start, 1/2 secrets Ammo was quite limited for the first part of the map, you are supplied with a chainsaw soon enough but have little other options to tackle the monsters. The blue key trap almost got me killed but I managed to abuse the tiny line of sight blockers to get the chaingunners stop firing on me. The linearity makes this feel more like a filler map than anything else. MAP04: Divine Judgement UV Pistol start, 5/7 secrets Definitely a step up from last level in terms of fun and difficulty. There are some really well made and tricky secrets here. The yellow key took me embarrassingly long to figure out. I am not terribly fond of not being able to backtrack to the starting room for the berserk secret.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I really liked the presentation of your video!
  7. MAP02: Soldier's Stand Crispy Doom, UV Pistol start Simple but fun map. Standing still in the first fight gets you filled with lead, thankfully the conveniently placed barrels on left of you can be blown up quickly to clear the hallway for safe retreat. The second highlight of the level is the blue key room, rather than having a simple monster closet, the water lowers revealing the new monsters while changing your play area significantly.
  8. I haven't participated in any DW megawad club threads before, I remember playing through Reverie on co-op with a friend several years ago and this is a nice wad to start with. MAP01: Stratos Gate Played on Crispy Doom and UV difficulty A nice opening with some chainsaw action and luring the first shotgunners to kill each other. I died once to the chaingunners but breezed through the map on my second try. There are no real complaints on this opening level, although I do share the opinion on the timed secret (not a fan of it).
  9. I have to agree that the atmosphere in evilution is one of it's strongest points, map14 and map20 are my favorites solely because of that reason and they have very moody midis to go with them.
  10. I have occasionally messed around with doombuilder for two years or so, but never actually finished a map for Doom before these. I made two maps for Sven Coop back in 2008-2010 if that counts.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! The videos are especially helpful since I haven't seen anyone else play these maps besides myself. I'll keep this in mind in future. Yeah, I intended the blue hue to be light in the horizon but it obviously didn't come out that well.
  12. Hello Doomworld! I finally managed to finish something I started. This wad has two small levels I made for vanilla Doom 2. The maps are techbase themed, mostly filled with low-tier monsters but expect to see a couple encounters intended to ramp up the challenge a bit. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me. Name: Mountain Base Map Format: Doom Ports Tested: Chocolate Doom, GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: MAP01-02 Gameplay: Single play Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Build Time: About a week Music: The Imp's Song by Bobby Prince, "Horizon" by Tom Mustaine Textures: Sky texture based on Doom 2 rsky3 Screenshots: Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/5sxnwu20aav30si/MNTBASE.zip