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  1. bluegreg

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I foolishly edited the first version. 'Cause i'm fucking dumb and i didn't know that the experiment had turned into some sort of mapping project. Apologies for being stupid.
  2. bluegreg

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Y'all still accepting MAP01 edits? 'Cause i've got one right here. Basically, the doomdude/whatever flips the exit switch [which is actually a secret door], and finds some evil ss guards. After he kills them, he flips another switch, revealing a romero head. Baphomet is trying to use the romero heads to form a new brain for the icon of sin. Doomdude destroys the head, and then he goes on to MAP02. Do what you want with this, i don't really care. you can place the end bit it into the latest MAP01 version if you want to. I had only looked at the first page of the thread when i thought "Hmm... This looks like fun!" [In other words, i'm a fucking idiot.] neg1_defiatron_edit.zip
  3. Hello, People. I haven't really been here in a long time, so i thought i'd share some of this with you. Since 2018, i have been making mods for either DOOM or Duke Nukem 3D. (I'm currently working with the latter) Some of my projects were good, and some of them, well, sucked. Here is a list of some of the projects i have created. Y.E.E.T:Evil Unleashed! (Created October 2018, Cancelled December 2019.) Kasterborous 3D (A continuation of Y.E.E.T on the Build Engine. Started March 2020. Ongoing.) Duke Nukem 3D:Blood And Ice (A mod made up of various Beta Assets and Assets from other Duke 3D Beta Mods with some of my own ideas mixed in. Currently ongoing.) The Scrumpening (Oh boy, What to say about this one? Baby's first fuckin' terry wad. Pretty bad. Canceled, for obvious reasons.) Duke Nukem 3D:The Lost Episodes (Blood And Ice's Previous Incarnation, Made for 0.99 because i don't fucking know! Canceled.) Odyssey:The Tragic Tale of Hollandsworth (Not actually a mod, but a standalone game. Never got past planning, but a few sprites related to it exist.) Eaton's Inferno (Again, Never got past planning. Build Engine.) Y.E.E.T 2:Save The World! (Worked on at the same time as the first one. Cancelled.) Y.E.E.T 3 (Really?) I hope you find all of this interesting. Screenshots Below! Blood And Ice (This level is modified from lameduke's L6) Y.E.E.T The Scrumpening (fuck it, this is all i wanna show) Man, fuck this shit! That is all i am going to show for now. If you want to see more, just let me know- Wait, why am i saying this? Nobody likes me! Bye bye! i'm gonna go away for 2 more fucking years now! I'm gonna go back to Duke4 where i fucking belong! -Defiatron
  4. bluegreg

    The worst doom joke

    He didn't say open up. he said UNF
  5. Hi, I'm some weird 13 year old kid named defiatron. no, that's not a good way to introduce myself not like you give a shit. Anyways, when i was 3 or 4. i had a weird dream. i was in the living room of my house (i don't live there anymore) Except the gravity was kinda fucked! i didn't know why. and for some reason, the room was blue. (I think, i can't remember it very well.) This wad is supposed to be a "Recreation" of that dream. the house isn't 100% accurate. (cause i haven't been there since 2013) anyways, enough of that shit. let's get on to requirements. a zdoom based port (Because the map uses UDMF) Ultimate Doom (DOOM 2 WILL NOT WORK) A Computer (OBVIOUSLY HAHA) Alright, enough bullshit. here's the link. RIGHT HERE MAN This is the only screenshot you're gonna get cause this map is small! I Hope you enjoy this little map. and if you don't, that's fine with me. -Defiatron (also i'm sorry for the tiny ass screenshot)
  6. bluegreg

    Before the Nightmare

    10/10 best wad
  7. bluegreg


    This wad is fucking legendary.
  8. Update:I have removed the download link because Fuck you! you didn't download it, you don't deserve it! story:The year is 2299, The european union is still standing, the UK has exited the union and became the United Republic of britain and northern ireland, the royals and some other people have been arrested because they oppose free speech because free speech haters are bad bad people. Meanwhile in france (and some other places) Portals to the mysterious planet known as shankwank prime formed and aliens leaked out like an old man's bladder leaking out piss. (I just had to put that in there) Also, a chunk of the planet tei tenga disappeared billions of liberals are now supporting these strange creatures from beyond the stars (even going as far as funding them and shiet) A private named victor assmunch (Yes, that’s his actual name) was about to get training, but he said "No fucking thank you mate, earth is in danger." he then Grabbed armor and immediately rushed out of the base he was in to fight the evil shankwanks…. My storytelling is shit. Download link: (REDACTED BIATCH!) for now here are some screenshits Note:the little sprites in the corner of the intermission screen won't be in the final release Awful title screen