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  1. Hieliksuslik

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The fish wishes for you to stop with the hooking
  2. I haven't modded too much personally, and out of maybe a small handful that I have made in the last year, I've released one. My issue is figuring out what style I wanna develop, and once I get it, it.... gets messy, so most of them get scratched from fast burnout &/o lack of personal polish.
  3. Work lined up really well, so this could be a first for me on speedmapping. Looking forward to it!
  4. Hieliksuslik

    What are you listening to?

    Love N Hennessy REMIX
  5. Hieliksuslik

    Doom 2 Cyber punk textures PBR

    Looks dope with the few textures so far!
  6. Hieliksuslik

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    Looks awesome so far!
  7. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Version 4 of Broken is up and good to go!! I just got back from a week vacation last night so I finished up the major and minor changes to map02. There are changes to multiple areas, with new ones having been added. Have at it ^^ Edit: Got some feedback from some bros and updated a good bit of awkward bits and pieces like the slope in the pit for map02 and armor.
  8. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Yeah I fully agree with you on all the points you made, those were my biggest fears. By the time I did the cyberdemon area I wasn't too sure it was the best idea, So i'll get that all swapped out soon. For the blue key area I am for sure gonna hit that sucker with more textures to liven it up. More monsters will be added and I plan on adding onto the layout to give more situations for better combat. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!
  9. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    The Final Version of Broken is up and out there for you all to download!! I feel map02 is a bit rough personally, but I await all of your feedback/comments ^^ Update: I have some screenies on the update progress for v_4 of Broken! Enjoy; ==================================================================================
  10. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Alrighty! So after having worked on the second map for this entire time, I think I'll call Broken done at 2 maps. Accidently got myself burned out on it along with not knowing where to take it. But!! Once map02 is released, I plan on updating both of them over time to make both as best as possible. Here's to hoping it's not a mess when released, but with how work is atm I'd say this Sunday will be its release date. I look forward to everyone's input ^^
  11. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Thank you so much for the feedback in the video! Yeah for the second one I've certainly worked on upping the scale of things and including much more wall details. For the stronger enemies I totally agree and that will be brought into the next few generations. My name is pronounced Hee-lick zues-lick, sorry about the struggle on it haha. Thanks very much again!
  12. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Version 3 is out with some fixes on textures, and I'm the process of making a map02 to compliment it ^^ Looking forward to getting in done and posted here.
  13. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Sounds like a plan! I look forward to it ^^
  14. Hieliksuslik

    (First posted map) - Broken

    Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to record a video, it really opens up how others would go through it. So strange that the doors are missing those textures, I'll go in and fix that asap. As for the teeny tiny height elevations I understand how those little height differences can be rather strange, so some bigger changes should be done for later maps that incorporate it. Once again, thank you very much and I will keep working hard!