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  1. Lorenz0

    My First WAD

    First things first - the file is waaaaaay too heavy. It's probably the heaviest Doom wad I ever downloaded, but it's only one short map. Overall I think the map is very basic, it has basically everything you'd expect from a new mapper. I mean the simple layout, not much detail, only the simplest actions, etc. I have one complaint about the visuals: it's your first map, so I don't expect a crazy amount of detail, but you should at least allign your textures properly. It's very important, and it doesn't take much time. For example, in your first screenshot, the platform with the enemies has missaligned textures. Simply setting these two linedefs to lower unpegged should fix the problem. Now about the encounters; they are not bad, but not good either. I feel like this map overall would be way more fun to play if you had a super shotgun, since there are a lot of high tier enemies, that are a pain in the ass to fight with only the shotgun and chaingun. It takes more time to kill them, so it makes the combat more difficult, but in exchange for it being less fun. Difficulty is good, but as long as it's not too annoying. Also you should avoid making encounters that just rely on standing in the door and shooting everything that comes by. It's really boring that way. Oh, and try not to make your areas so cramped. My biggest advice for you is that you should play more Doom. Sounds weird, I know, but I think that the thing you need the most right now, is to play through some highly regarded community wads, analyze them, and try to implement different mapping techniques you notice, to your own levels. Also don't try to make a megawad right now. It's a very dumb idea. Inexperienced mappers should focus on making relatively small maps, and release them as single level wads. That way you can get advice more consistently and improve faster.
  2. Lorenz0

    The Wall

    About those hitscanners, I didn't mean anything that happened in the video, but how they affected me during my first time playing the map. I took a lot of damage simply because they were basically everywhere, and they took me off guard. It's kind of a nitpick, but fighting against them is much different if you're aware of their existance than when you're not. Also I don't know what triggers that action, but the door behind the spawn opens, and more hitscanners come out that way. So they can hit you even when you're on the other side of the bars. I feel like replacing them with revenants would make for a bit better trap. If you don't want to fundamentally change the area with mancubi, just make it so the player can easily escape with the key, even if they're still alive. So you can make the platform with the blue key be always lowered, so that the player doesn't get stuck. And if you want the mancubi to be always on the sides of that area, not in the middle, where the key is, just set two linedefs that block monsters or something like that. But if you want those mancubi to not be skippable, you could make them teleport somewhere, after the player jumps down after grabbing the key. That way they have to be killed no matter what.
  3. Lorenz0

    The Wall

    Okay, so I played the map, and my impressions are generally positive. Despite being vanilla, the level had a very unique layout, and relatively pretty area design. You made good use of the default textures despite not making the level extremely detailed. I liked how non-linear the map was, you left many different paths a player can take, which is a good thing. The combat was standard, and kinda annoying at times. You went a little overboard with these hitscanners, making them not that fun to fight against. Also the player doesn't feel the need to kill all the monsters, some of them are completely skippable. Also that small area with the blue key and two Mancubi is without question the most poorly designed area of the entire map. You'll see the reason for that in a video I made for you: But overall I think it was well worth the effort, and I can see a lot of improvement potential in you, so keep up the good work!
  4. Okay, so after playing all levels, I think that you did a very good job with this wad. I'm quite fond of small, compact maps done well, and I can say that every map in this wad is definitely done well. I like that there's never too much backtracking, and that most maps nicely loop around, that's a sign of a smart layout to me. I terms of visuals I think that it's an above-average-looking-default textures only-mapset. I know that some of the textures weren't default, but like 90% of them all were, so that just screams ''vanilla'' to me. You did a good job at making all the locations look detailed and pretty. No complaints here. The combat was also done nicely. All the encounters were interesting, and challenging enough not to bore me. The difficulty kinda started to spike after map 06, but that's a very good thing in my opinion. I really liked the usage of Archviles in map 06, I think they made that map especially memorable. So overall I think that you succeded in your goal of making a Scythe inspired mapset, it definitely feels like Scythe, while feeling fresh at the same time. Btw I came up with the idea to record some of my playthroughs and upload them to youtube, so I used your wad to do just that. It was my first attempt at recording Doom, so I later found out that not everything has been set up correctly, but the video is still watchable, so anyway, here's my casual playthrough of map 02:
  5. I had literally the same idea for a wad. And I also wanted to name it Glaive, but damn, you beat me to it haha. I played only a few maps so far, but I really liked them, so I'm probably gonna play the rest, and give you an actually constructive comment later on, since I don't have much time right now.
  6. Lorenz0

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hello there.
  7. Lorenz0

    Favorite Source Port?

    There are people playing Complex Invasion, Jumpmaze, and some deathmatch or survival mods every day. Doomseeker is relatively active, it just a matter of whether you're interested in playing these kinds of mods.
  8. Lorenz0

    Favorite Source Port?

    Zandronum. Because co-op.
  9. I nominate Quake Champions: Doom Edition.
  10. Lorenz0

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Mapping is so fun
  11. Lorenz0

    What are you listening to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uizl_w6Rad4 Modern Masterpiece
  12. Lorenz0

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    You can make every item float by simply clicking on it in 3d mode and scrolling.