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  1. Lorenz0

    Languages thread!

    My native language is Polish, and I also speak English and a little bit of Spanish.
  2. Lorenz0

    Return to Hadron Episode 3 - Idgames release

    Congratulations for the cacoward runner up! I just got done playing the first 5 maps and I enjoyed them way more than expected. The gameplay is tight, tense, and fast all the way through. You're honestly a genius at applying pressure to the player. Being forced to run and gun pretty much constantly, with not too many breaks in between, while not ever feeling unfair is a sign of a well designed level in my book. As someone who focuses on setpiece encounters in my maps, I'm very impressed that you were able to do this with mostly incidental combat. I'm gonna finish my first hmp playthrough, and after that I might just play it again on UV, and record some videos on youtube for you.
  3. Lorenz0

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    To release a megawad :)
  4. Incredible job guys. I just finished playing this wad on co-op and I'm really impressed with how well you managed to use all of the custom monsters and weapons and make great levels with them. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the maps and I wish to see more projects like this in the future :)
  5. Ah yeah, I misremembered the number.
  6. I expected this kind of thread to show up soon lol The obvious picks for me would be standout maps in community projects with varying levels of quality, like map24 of CC4 - Shaman Device, or map29 of Nova 2 - Anaemia. Both really solid in atmosphere and gameplay. One megawad that I consider to be good, but not much more than that is Speed of Doom, which I only played through once, and don't remember much of, except for map24 - Hell's Honeycomb. It's probably not any better than the rest of the megawad from gameplay perspective, but I think it's pretty striking from the visual aspect. I really love the rocky structures in this one, along with archviles scattered everywhere. That makes for some pretty immersive atmosphere, and for me it's the most memorable map from the set.
  7. 10 - Ancient Aliens 9 - Eviternity 8 - Skulldash Expanded Edition 7 - Winter's Fury 6 - Valiant 5 - Paradise 4 - Violence 3 - Disjunction 2 - dead.air 1 - Exomoon I think I gave my scores a long time ago, somewhere in the old thread, but I don't remember what they are. High time for an update.
  8. Very nice mapset. I had some fun playing it on co-op. Ending so many maps with a crowd of archviles was an interesting design decision lol I loved the visual gimmick of map08. Turning an otherwise generic cave into a gold mine with a vault containing gold bars was such a great idea. Top tier texture use right here.
  9. Lorenz0

    Favorite Level From Each Map Number?

    I couldn't do them all, but here's some: MAP01 - Palace of Black Singularity (The Slaughter Spectrum) MAP02 - Acid Jungle (Paradise) MAP03 - Drain (Eviternity) MAP04 - Violence (Violence) MAP05 - Felt (Disjunction) MAP06 - Engineering Disaster (Valiant) MAP08 - Ancient Aliens (Ancient Aliens) MAP10 - Gift of Denial (Ancient Aliens) MAP11 - Oracle's Frontier Town (Exomoon) MAP12 - Magenta Heat (Ancient Aliens) MAP13 - Pathfinder (Eviternity) MAP16 - King's Atrium (Exomoon) MAP17 - Arcane Technologies (Mapwich 2) MAP20 - Inverti in Darkness (Sunlust) MAP21 - Skindustrial Zone (Valiant) and Shaman Device (CC4) (I couldn't decide between the two) MAP22 - Viscera (Eviternity) MAP24 - Gossamer (Eviternity) MAP29 - Anaemia (NOVA 2) MAP32 - Anagnorisis (Eviternity) If every wad I ever played was still fresh in my memory, I probably would've been able to do them all.
  10. Lorenz0

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    A map for Trick and Tear:
  11. Lorenz0

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    Here's my submission: tatl.zip Title: Atrocities In The Dust Author: Lorenzo Music: Deadwing - Shrine Sky: HAZESKY1 by Mechadon Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: None, but I might add them in a future update if there's need The map has to be loaded with the Trick and Tear resources.
  12. Lorenz0

    Unexplored Themes?

    Verse Hopper episode 1 is all about that.