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  1. Lorenz0

    The logic of map flow

    Map flow is very important. Backtracking is one of the most obnoxious things that can exist in a map, and any level that forces the player to backtrack too much is bad imo. Though it can be used well in some situations, which it hardly ever is.
  2. Lorenz0

    Crunchynut44 MIDI Pack

    These midis are seriously amazing. I'm not even halfway done, and I already love this pack a lot. I'll use some of them in my future maps for sure! ;)
  3. Lorenz0

    Bloody Boots - Finalising - Playtesters Please

    So there is an SSG after all. Then I would definitely advise placing it in a more obvious location, so that no one misses it. The same thing with rocket launcher I guess, though I found that one.
  4. Lorenz0

    Bloody Boots - Finalising - Playtesters Please

    I think that you made a pretty good map. It's very solid in terms of visuals. Nothing exceptional, but definitely good. You know how to use the default textures fairly well. The combat is pretty simple, and not too hard, but not too easy either. All the traps were pretty standard, but you used them well enough. I think that now you should focus on learning how to make your encounters more unique and dynamic. Also I felt like the ammo balance was a bit weird. The shotgun had basically unlimited ammo, but I think that the combat would be way more fun if you gave some more rockets and cells at the end. It's really annoying to fight archviles and barons with just low tier weapons. And yeah, giving the player a few more medkits wouldn't hurt. Also you should fix these small misalignments: Just unpeg the linedefs, or use shift+a in 3d mode.
  5. Lorenz0


    Here's my feedback after playing through MAP01: At the beggining I hated you for making me fight so many imps with a pistol. Then I hated you so much more for making me fight sooo many damn pinkies with just a shotgun (and a chaingun I guess). It's fine if you don't want your fights to be very intense in the first map, but low tier weapons + high hp enemies is a very bad combination. To the point that 1/3 through the map I just gave up and gave myself a super shotgun with a cheat. Also I couldn't really skip the monsters, since I had to do so much backtracking. Then came the plain, hellish corridor of boredom, and the chaingun trap, which was way too long and repetetive. After all that I just didn't feel like playing this wad anymore, and cheated myself a plasma gun, and just pressed forward out of sheer curiosity what would come next. And I don't know what did. The teleport just brought me back to a place I've previously been to, and I got completely lost after that. I couldn't even finish the first map. Also fix this: I'm guessing that this is the intended progression instead of the teleport, but idk how to get there. Overall the first map was way too long, boring, repetetive, and annoying. And judging by the monster count, the second map isn't much better. So I think that you got way too ambitious with your first project (if it is your first). It would have been much better for you to keep making small maps, and posting them here to get some feedback and see how you could improve, instead of making a 7-level long episode full of drawn out maps, that probably no one is gonna have the patience to play all the way through. The one positive thing I have to say about your mapping is that the map looked pretty good for a newbie. There was quite a bit of texture variety implemented. So my advice for you would be to try out a few different community wads, analyze how they are made, and what makes them good. Also read some mapping tutorials, tips and tricks. Also make shorter maps, try to think more about the look of each individual room, and the flow of each encounter.
  6. Lorenz0

    hellbound short doom ll wad

    I hope that you don't mind harsh critique, because that's all you're going to get from me. If you want to make good maps, then you should really fix these issues: - Every room consists of like 3 textures and all of them look extremely bland because of that. - The plasma and chainsaw secrets aren't hidden at all. So why are they secrets? Especially since it's pretty hard (or rather boring) to fight many high level monsters without the plasma. - All encounters are very random - you just threw a bunch of monsters into a room, not caring about how fun the combat would actually be. - There are missing textures and misalignments all over the place. - There is literally no reason for the yellow door to be behind the blue one. Remember that usually the fewer doors you make, the better. So my advice for you would be to try out a few different community wads, and analyze how they are made, and what makes them good. Also read some mapping tutorials, tips and tricks.
  7. Lorenz0

    GZDoom Builder doesn't work after updating

    Problem is solved, I talked to the GZDB developer and he changed some files for me to make it work. Apparently it was ''a case of my OS being way too paranoid about executables from the internet''. This thread may be closed now.
  8. Lorenz0

    GZDoom Builder doesn't work after updating

    Yeah, I think the problem was exactly that I downloaded the bugfix version and overwritten the old folder with new files, and that's why it didn't work. But the problem right now is that no matter how many times I delete the entire folder, and unpack all of the files from a different version, into a different folder, nothing ever changes.
  9. Last night I wanted to update GZDB into the newest bugfix version, but once I did, this error popped up while opening it: When I try to open any map, I'm welcomed by a black screen, and I'm not able to do anything. Deleting these files didn't help. The problem is the same in every bugfix version I downloaded, and even in a non-bugfix version (the same I had before too!) Trying to update from an older GZDB version didn't work.
  10. Violence Disjunction
  11. Lorenz0

    What are you playing now?

    Slaughterfest 3 with Guncaster. Mindlessly wreaking havoc is pretty fun.
  12. Lorenz0

    Your favorite weapon mods.

    I started playing with Guncaster recently, and I'm loving it a lot. Also Final Doomer is good.
  13. I just finished playing through the whole thing, and I have to say that it was quite a pleasant experience. The maps were pretty enough and the combat was mostly fun. Though it was a lot more difficult than I expected haha. The only speedmapping project I played before this was the one with aa-tex, and they both kinda encouraged me to start speedmapping. So I'm probably gonna do that once I'm done with the current wad I'm making, and once I learn how to map in boom.
  14. Lorenz0

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    For some reason I'm not able to type in that post once I quoted you. Don’t worry, this is the only map in the wad that looks like that. (also some other areas aren’t as dark) It’s gonna be a 9-level wad where each map will be centered around a different color. So this one’s red, and others aren’t.