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  1. Lorenz0

    Offering playtesting

    Hello, I would like to see you play my latest wad Atrophy You can use DSDA if that's what you prefer, I don't mind any compatible source port. I would like to see a practiced UV playthrough, since I've only seen some people play the map blind. I would like to see if you find the efficient way through :) I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Well if that's really the case and Obake is going to stand by this policy, I'll relinquish my slot as well, since I'm clearly in the wrong place! Good luck to everyone else though, I'm very curious about how everyone handles those themes for the episode. They're somewhat unusual after all. Looking at where they are now...these people are too talented.
  3. Okay, so this was meant to be taken seriously? I understand that it's in the title, but NOVA has always seemed like a beginner wad in name only. I just looked at NOVA III's credits and more than half is experienced mappers. Naming just a few we have antares031, Bemused, Benjogami, Big ol' Billy, DMPhobos, Scotty, sincity2100. Basically all cacoward winners. I'm definitely not an amateur mapper, but when I saw NOVA IV be announced, I thought it would be more like III again, so I signed up. I can let go of my spot and back out of the project with no issue if you genuinely want to rebrand this project as amateur mapper-focused. But 2 and 3 have been anything but that. Above anything else, I'd like it to be more clear what this wad is supposed to be.
  4. Lorenz0

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Late congrats on the Cacoward! When I looked at the idgames page and saw that this wad is co-op compatible, I was overjoyed and decided to play it with a friend. And it was a lot of fun. This is the type of wad that I wish there was more of in the Doom community - beautiful, action packed and brief. I often find myself tired from 30+ minute adventures in megawads, so your commitment to shorter maps was very welcome. I think Muumi's animated skies are some of the best I've seen pretty much ever. That might be because there's not many animated ones overall, but these ones do evoke a special ethereal atmosphere. One thing I found interesting is how many of these maps in the second half of the wad feel like they could be the final map with their imposing architecture and impactful fights...except for the actual final map, which kinda felt like a regular level in comparison xD So I think the order of some maps could have been different near the end because of that. Btw I ran in to the issue where the exits wouldn't work a few times. In map06 and a few other ones. Maybe those were death exits that didn't work in co-op? I played through Zandronum, idk if you tested with a different co-op compatible port.
  5. It's nice to see my Atrophy got into the honor roll, I'm glad you liked it. Your list reminded me how many releases there were in this year of Doom mapping, so I'm definitely going to play some of the ones I've missed :)
  6. Lorenz0

    Favorite album covers?

    This one and it's not even close:
  7. I'm excited for another episode of BTSX, but I'm equally as excited for the release of the texture pack. I feel like once these amazing textures become publically available, we'll enter a renaissance of pwads :)
  8. Lorenz0

    Best Final Fights/Areas and Why

    TNT Revilution, Sunlust and Valiant had good final maps. I can't really think of any other megawads that did it particularly well. I'll edit my post later if I think of any. Edit: I definitely have misread the thread :P One of the most memorable final areas I've seen in a map in recent memory is the one from map05 of Fractured Worlds. Beautiful arena suspended over the abyss with tall structures surrounding it makes for a spectacular conclusion to that level. The final fight of Heartland map06 was also quite memorable, due to its sheer scale in comparison to what came before. The fights kept getting bigger throughout that map the longer you played, and its conclusion was very satisfying.
  9. Lorenz0

    Atrophy - [IDGAMES RELEASE]

    The wad is officially out on idgames! The link in the main post has been updated with the new download. Changes include minor cosmetic adjustments, such as brightness changes, texture alignments etc. as well as new title/intermission music by Arsinikk. I also changed the intermission screen to a pure black one. I hope you all enjoy.
  10. Lorenz0

    Atrophy - [IDGAMES RELEASE]

    Thanks for playing everyone! From what I observed while watching multiple people's playthroughs, I won't need to make any major changes for the idgames release, just a few cosmetic things. One other thing I'm going to do is add some new titlescreen and intermission music. This may be just one playable map, but I think new midis in those places will make the wad feel more immersive anyway. So stay tuned for the update :)
  11. Hi, I know you're busy, but I'd like to watch more people play my latest map. It's boom-compatible, around 30 minutes long.
  12. Atrophy is a boom-compatible map which heavily focuses on atmosphere and exploration. It takes around 30 minutes to beat on first playthrough. Difficulty-wise it should be accessible to most players who've played pwads before, although it can kill you if you're not careful. Screenshots: Download: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/atrophy Credits:
  13. Lorenz0

    WADs with dynamic lighting and stock textures

    Dark Encounters is an underrated megawad that combines vanilla textures with zdoom features pretty well.