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  1. Playing through Dark Encounters on coop. It's very inspiring :>
  2. Okay, so I played it through on UV and here's my thoughts: In the beggining area you allowed the player to go on the ledges on both sides, and it seems like a pretty good place to hide something there. So either add a secret with some goods on these ledges or block off the path completely, so that the player won't waste his time looking for secrets that aren't there. Also that whole area looks boring, since there's like 2 textures used. Everything inside the building looks way better, and I have to say that you did a pretty good job with that, for your first map. But here my compliments end, since everything else isn't so good. The overall layout is bad, because you basically have two different paths, and since you must get through both of them, you're forced to backtrack quite a bit. The path to the blue door is way too simple, and bores you to death with its way too long, empty corridors, which don't even look good, compared to the rest of the inside area. Now about the combat. You say that you implemented 3 difficulties, and I assume UV is the hardest, but every fight was very easy to get through. The beggining area is so open, that you can just avoid every enemy, and go inside the building effortlessly. After that, you have some zombies that you can just kill with one shotgun blast, and after a few seconds the entire room is cleared. There's also one hellknight, but I just didn't fight him. Why? Because I could. You implemented some simple traps in those corridors, but even if I didn't expect them, they posed no threat. It would have been a bit better if you replaced shotgun guys with chaingunners. The final room with the mancubus was also easy as shit, since you just hide behind the door and shoot him from a place where his fireballs can't reach you. But overall it's not a bad map for your first attempt, I've definitely seen a lot worse ones. My advice for you is to play through some highly regarded fanmade wads, analyze the maps you play through, and learn from that. Also use a custom midi, no one wants to hear the default crap. That's it from me, good luck with your future projects ;)
  3. I used Paula Abdul - Straight Up in my recently released map, but I feel like it's not inappropriate at all. I don't see anything wrong with using pop songs if they're not overly cheery.
  4. Playing JPCP with Final Doomer. I'm really impressed by how well this mod works, considering how unusual are the new weapons.
  5. Assuming that they play through Doom 1 and 2 (or at least one of them) first, I would probably reccomend Scythe, Violence, Tribute, and maybe Vanguard. Those are probably the best starting wads, that I know of, since they aren't that hard, and a begginer could get through them with relative ease.
  6. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  7. I still can't get over how good these mashups are
  8. Playing through Back to Saturn X for the first time, it's pretty sick ;)